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Bohemian Purgatory
((Alessio Rigano continued from My Freeze Ray))

Alessio wasn't the Alessio who went to school anymore. He was a man who was dressed in a suit. It didn't fit perfectly, but he now certainly looked better than he usually looked in school. But who did he make himself more viewable for?

Currently, he saw nobody. Walking through the dance floor he smiled to the people who noticed him and greeted them back when they did.

He arrived at the bar and stood in front of the refreshment table to get something to eat, in a place near Cristo. Al couldn't dance. He would accidently hit the feet or faces of other people. But he was glad he came nonetheless. Smiling at Cristo, he also greeted him with a smile.


Then, he took something out of the refreshment table to shove it into his mouth.

Sadness Augmentation
More Cochise people coming to this section of the mall. Great. And the newcomers probably have the intention of trying to defend the poor, innocent Alvaro from the evil, criminal Darius.

Scarlett, defending Alvaro as if Darius tried to get his lunch money. Darius wasn't that kind of guy. He wasn't like Michael.

And did he even need to mention Ben "Spikey" Fields? He's watching them from the back. Maybe Ben Affleck wasn't the next Batman. Ben Fields is. Watching Gotvegetable City.

If they want to play cop and undercover cop respectively, they should go to the fucking donut section, dammit. Geez, was it a donut station for cops? No it wasn't, it was a vegetable section. That's like the opposite of donuts.

"I'm the least bothering person! We were having a civil discussion about how cucumbers can be used as..."

Did he want to finish it that way?

"...eye pads."

Small steps can take you great distances
"Hm. Sounds fair", he said in reply to Bridgette with a quick shrug. Well, it was certainly a thing if you planned for something but didn't attend it. But knowing Bridgette she was not not going because of laziness or lack of support for them. She had a good reason.

"I go with Clarice, of course!"

Yeah, Conrad would go with Clarice and it'd be a nice evening, he thought with a smile. He looked to Emma, still with the smile.

"There are always people who need a partner. Finding one wouldn't be too hard."

One Night Ultimate Mafia Fallout Thread
So the game ends. Congrats for [censored for suspense] to win!

I'll state things that happened here, maybe also add thoughts and then reveal the winners.

Rolled Setup

That was a fun setup, though it was too...clear, I think. Next time I host, I'll put a village idiot in there for sure. Maybe Bik not being able to swap himself would've helped as well.


I hope I was clear in these PMs and did not create confusions. Also, next time I host this, I should probably let the mafia members, minion and mason know their role in the first PM, but know their partners after the Sentinel has been played. It would've definitely be more fun if the shield would've affected a mason or so and then the other mason not knowing the role. This would've made it more fun than dropping information in the starting PM.

Night Actions

I like the night actions of the Witch and the Curator specifically.

End of the Night Setup

That made Poly his only ally. Which could've been good for him, as the chance of there being a mislynch was higher. But Toben made a push on him before the deadline, making it hard for him to win.

Finally, the votes


The winner is


This could've been fun I think by being more chaotic. It was not that town-sided, because of the open roles. Though I wish more people would've lied. The game is more fun if you think you could been swapped with mafia. If I had realised that Bik should've swapped 2 other cards or there was a Village Idiot, everybody would be more insecure about their roles and might've lied more. Maybe I should've limited it to 1 week to make things more tense.

Sooo, thoughts? Should I do another one in the future? Did you enjoy the game?

F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
The mocks did not made Darius feel even more hurt, but it didn't help him overcoming the pain, either. After the devil herself finally left, he slowly walked back to the scene of crime.

That was certainly an experience. Being kicked in the balls for no legit reason. The pain slowly faded away. But it was still there. He picked up his lighter. Hm, it seemed to still work. He put it back into his pocket. Then he stomped on the cigarette to put it out. He coughed and spit more salvia on the ground. He opened his bag.

Opening his first drink, he sipped it while slowly, slowly walking home.

((Darius Van Dyke continued elsewhere))

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Apologies for the late post. Please stop talking in the thread.

Send me your votes via PMs.

3 days deadline. I'll add here a countdown later.

Here's the countdown:

Posted Image

Loretta's Shitposts
I get the pun. Jewel is a jewel.

This thread sums up Chat so well. I double approve.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
3 days voting phase is my plan

Sadness Augmentation
Darius released his hand from the shoulder of that blonde boy. "Glad that you told me that you're currently high", he enthusiastically spoke up while grinning. "That was a necessary information for the well-being of everyone around here", he said with a rather bored tone.

What the fuck was going on with the Alvaro kid anyway? 'Hi' after already talking? Who does that? Maybe he was really high.

"Playing soccer requires energy, though. Is your blood sugar level a basement?"

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Posted Image

Countdown again, so everybody can see.

Plush Wants To Read Your Living/Pregame Things!
I need to improve Conrad. Tell me how.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
As the voting phase will begin in approxish 2 days, I'd like to clarify, once again, how things will work:

The votes will not be made public in this thread, instead you have to send them to me via PM. There will not be talking in the thread.

The person with the majority will get lynched, if there's a tie, both person get lynched. In case you have a special daytime voting role (Hunter, Bodyguard in this setup), the vote will be counted as a vote, but the effect also takes place (the voted person getting killed if you are killed [Hunter], or the voted person not being able to die [Bodyguard]).

You can not selfvote.

I hope I made things clear.

Introduction Thread
Hello Rorick, welcome to SOTF! You've joined at a perfect time with V6 regs already being open. We'll look forward to roleplay with you! ^^

I like the username, it sounds pretty rad.

F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
Darius did not expect Mia to kick him in the balls. As a reaction he dropped both his cigarette and zippo to cover his crotch from another kick with both of his hands.

He was certainly not going to pick up the cigarette lying on the ground, now or anytime soon. He planned to pick up the zippo later. But first he wanted to back up away from that crazy bitch.

After gaining some distance from Mia, he cowered.

"Ouch, fuck."

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. He breathed harder than usual.

"Damn you."

The painful feeling will go away sometime. He really regretted not just having been nice to Mia. But who knew she would react that way?

"That's not. Ow."

Sadness Augmentation
((Darius Van Dyke continued from Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba))

One might wonder why Darius took a picture of a pineapple with his phone. The reason is the irony of spamming a douche with a picture of a pineapple where a hand revealing the middle finger is shown. That douche was called SpongeBot in the IRC and linked him to this virus he managed to prevented from harming his computer. Hopefully.

Besides, he had to buy stuff. Not a pineapple, but bananas and apples, for example. Kingman's shops were favourable.

Putting the phone back into his jeans, he was walking with his shopping basket, where bananas, apples, but also ham were in it. And energy drinks, of course. Darius noticed a known face.

"Whoa, you and food together? I did not expect that", Darius said, before laughing at his own joke. He approached him and pat on Alvaro's shoulder, adding: "You're the opposite of Bart. You should really eat. It's healthy." Darius had to keep a big grin on his face while saying that.

Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba
Dustin Van Dyke walked the hallway towards the direction of the noise that had disturbed him. Hopefully, it did not disturb the neighbours. The Van Dykes never had problems with their neighbours, mostly because Dustin and Pina became friends with them. This made Dustin even more eager to stop the noise.

"IT'S NINE PM", Dustin threatened when entering the lion's den.

((Darius Van Dyke continued from Let's Go Out Tonight))

"Knock!", Darius hurrily warned when turning his chair to the direction to the door. Fortunately, Darius quickly MLG clicked on the minimise button. Not that there was anything bad to hide from. But Darius could remember with anger of that time when his mother walked into the room at a moment when a nasty pop-up popped up, advertising dating half-naked women everywhere in the US. He got mad because of this silly and frustrating misunderstanding resulting in him not being able to play games on his computer anymore, for like a month, until he brought an extraordinary exam back at home. That was before the time Darius used AdBlock. AdBlock, the saviour from all the evil advertisments in the jungle of the internet.

"Why were you screaming?", Dustin then asked with a bit of concern.

"Just leave. Everything's alright", Darius lied.

"Answer me. I am your father!"

"Nooooooooo", he quoted Luke Skywalker.

Dustin then had to chuckle and then sighed. "Okay, but please don't be so loud. Else you have to shut that damn thing down."

When the father left, Darius maximised the IRC chat again with his paw.

There was a reason why he furiously screamed a mix of 'fucking die', 'fuck you' and 'you dickhead' at another person minutes earlier. Because that gentle person on the other side gave him a link leading to a virus. His computer had a virus now. He hoped he'd get rid of it during this night.

Who's the hunter, who's the prey, though. He clenched his claws. A virus can be removed. It will be removed. Maybe Darius will give that brilliant genius, linking him to this poisonous source, something that cannot be removed.

Darius sought revenge. The fact that the person will be reported by him to the mods is just obvious. But he needed more than justice.

Then, Darius stroked his hand through his mane, while thinking of a malicious revenge.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Sadness Augmentation))

Hyperventilation Dance
Before Darius bored himself again with Naruto, he planned to not let himself stop by Raina's leave.

Well, he still had her on facebook, so he could write a message there to her.

It's fine, if you don't like me. Not everybody has a good taste :P

((Darius Van Dyke continued in I Know What My Fortune Is))

The Rising Tide
Bowling was more fun than Darius had expected. He actually cared about the game and scoring and it was way more fun than the Wii Sports version.

Also, Darius expected today be a day where he was bored and had nothing to do. But it was actually a day where he could hang out with a friend. There was no reason to prank the weirdos who went to the Bowling Alley. Darius had fun with Jonathan.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba))

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
In a normal game, no. In this game, yes.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Ooops. Good catch, Frogue. I forgot to include that little detail of the role of Troublemaker in the current game :/ Apologies for the screw up. Imagine I would have never written that in the sign-up thread. If I'd host another game with the troublemaker, I won't screw up, I promise. Anyway, it is not a big deal.

Yeah, role changes are not informed, which is why the goal of this game is to find out what role you currently are.