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V3 Read-A-Thon
This is going inactive.

That is bad.

Roll me another one.

Don't let me be sad.

V5 Final Ten Predictions
Feb 9 2014, 08:37 PM
Zombie Carlon Wheeler: Carlon was one of the most interesting heroes of V5 and I refuse to accept the fact that he's dead.
Someone should take the corpse of Carlon to the Endgame Arena, then :P

Yes, this is a serious suggestion.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Mhh, I didn't know Tyson had Pregame threads until know, but I guess I found them...maybe I've missed some. (I wonder why they're not on the wiki :/ )

Tyson's profile - Actually neat, even though it was V3 like (nowdays I guess there wouldn't be similies allowed or something like that). Realistic character, I could imagine him existing in this universe and meet him...well his history was not that realistic, because coincidentally his childhoodfriend Sean entered the same school with him after having not met for years. And they both get abducted. What a coincidence. I mean if there was a logical reason why they joined the same school, I'd have liked his profile more.

Tyson's relationships were both with Namira's characters and other characters (In the Bonefire). And his other Pre-Game/Memories(A Day in the Park, Party Hardy Rock and Roll) gave him a good amount of characterization and relationships. Even though Tyson was more a sidecharacter.

On the Island he was an instant player with the usual "kill or be killed" logic. He aimed with his gun on Bobby and mocked him by saying Bobby already committed murder. Is talking with instead of instant shooting Bobby logical? Probably not. But the talking fit Tyson's characterization. Maybe Tyson wanted to tell himself killing Bobby wouldn't be bad as he was a murderer before. Maybe it was because Tyson's an asshole. Maybe it was because Tyson was stupid. Or because Tyson tried to be badass or witty before killing Bobby. We won't know as Fragmentation was written from Bobby's POV. And the talk wasn't that long as Tyson was about to shoot and close to kill Bobby, so it is probably realistic. Then Tyson was killed and like most Bobby kills they were really cool and interesting. It was a bit graphic and gorey, which was a good thing, because unlike other deaths it wasn't over the top. And it made sense and was just logical, because, you know, Bobby had a syringe as a weapon. And that's faster than punching him to death.

Now would V3 have been better if Tyson shot Bobby? I don't think so. I like the fact that Bobby killed him. I think it might have been interesting if he met someone else than Bobby Jacks. But what would've he done? My guess that he'd have been a dick to other characters and/or might have succeeded killing others, I mean he had a decent weapon (But then poor Bobby would've just had the syringe). So he could've been a potential killer. We'll never know. Would he be original? Not really. He would've been an asshole villain, which happened many times before. Tyson was an asshole and according to his profile a coward. In contrast Bobby was more sympathic and a badass. Therefore it's good Bobby wasn't killed and he was.

What else can I say? Tyson was a fodder character. Now was he, in my opinion, used good or not as that? I can't tell because I can't judge because I have no experience. (Which is a reason why it was a bad idea to sign up for this Read-A-Thon, because I have no idea how to judge a character. And it'd have been better to read a review of Tyson by another handler.) But I'll try.
History Time. The very first kill of one owns character with another of ones characters was committed in 2005 by Jacob Starr who shot Alan Shinwrath with- oh yeah I should stop talking 'bout V1. Okay let's focus on V3. According to the wiki page Tyson wasn't killed for his weapon and was just killed of because it was difficult to RP as him. I think that's a justifiable reason to use him as a fodder, cause you know Tyson could've been killed by another handler, but then he must've been handled. And he'd have been handled more than a Oneshot. It also gave Bobby not only the weapon he later used to kill other people in an awesome way. But he gave Bobby more character, which is pretty cool.

After Tyson's death he didn't only influence and was mentioned by Namira's characters like Bobby and Sean, but also by characters like Terrie or Warren (even though he just mentioned him one time), which is a plus point, cause he has some post mortem impact. (There are fodder characters that died and were forgotten forever/never mentioned again).

Therefore I give him a score of six Bill Ritchs out of ten Bobby Jacks.
Should you read him? Definitely yes. And after he dies you should follow Jacks.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Mhh...I'm probably not a good critiquist, but I'll try a character as I recently finished Day 9 and am currently in Day 10. (But I rarely have read profiles and Pregame)

Let's hope I roll Don Joesi Let's not.

Edit: If I roll Renee, Ken or Dodd do I have to critique their V1 and V2 threads, too?