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70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Maria demanded to keep her weapon.



Alessio did not need to risk Maria suddenly attacking him when he would have moved to her. Besides, Alvaro had a gun, which was extremely useful anyway. There was no need to a sword. Also, Alvaro was the person who shot in another room? That was fine to Al. What would not be fine to him was if someone else had shot, which would mean that a dangerous person is down below.

So he went to his bag, ignoring Michael, not even attempting to look at that bastard, took his bag back and went out of the room.

He grabbed a full waterbottle, took a drink and washed his mouth, spitting out water mixed with blood on the ground.

There was a lot to talk about with Alvaro.

((Mr. Prospector continued in Alone Again (Naturally)))

Official V6 Away Thread
I thought the answer was Pippin :c

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: RC
Dates Away: 9/1 - 13/1
Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: Seminar
Characters: Al and Darius

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Alessio was saved. Maria unarmed herself.

The debate who the bad guys and who the good guys were was silly. All that mattered was that Alessio could run to Alvaro. So he ran towards his saviour.

"Thank you!"

Al screamed. He did not know why he thanked very loudly. Perhaps he really was glad that he was still alive. Yeah, he was. Alvaro saved him.

"Let's get somewhere safe."

He looked back at the playerhunter duo.

"They can have my bag. At least they don't have my life. I just want to go away from them."

God, Alessio felt alive.

Good news! Your music tastes don't suck!
It depends on whether I have time and motivation to do that once V6 is finished. Perhaps I'll start doing one for V6 once we hit the midpoint.

Anyone else is also free to compile the songs.

"Well, then let's go ahead and find our crew."

He looked back at Natalie.

"Take care of our stuff while we dispose the body, cool?"

Darius was happy to leave this area again to dump the body and he expressed that outloud to the girls.

"Man, I'll be glad to get rid of this fucking weight. Then we won't need to carry corpses anymore, hopefully. Then we'll just have to do pleasant parts of the plan."

He grabbed his part of the corpse with Lili and the two of them moved out of the reading circle to leave the room. Going from bookshelf to bookshelf, out of the center, nearing the door.

But whoa, there was a movement. A sound. No?

"Lol, I think there is a person here."

Fuckfuckfuck. If there is someone here, they are here to kill them. Why would someone hide in here and be friendly? Darius did not want to be killed so close to escaping.

"Lili, I'm sc-"

He dropped the body and raised his fists. He was ready if they came out of the dark.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Al gladly took the water bottle, ignoring the comments Michael made at him. He then looked at it, unsure whether he really wanted to wash his mouth with something Michael had drinked from. But he did not need to decide anymore, because a saviour came, with a gun. Al dropped the bottle.

Alvaro. He was alive?! Al just could recall him being killed by someone after the first announcements. An athlete boy killed him, Al could swear that he heard that. But somehow Alvaro was alive.

"Alvaro! Help!"

Blood, yes, the blood Michael had caused.

"Michael beat me, that's why I'm bloodied."

He stepped further away from Michael's range.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Welp, that was his bag.

God, Michael looked at the straitjacket as if it was a tool to torture him. What's what Michael said some minutes ago? Al will have half of his teeth and half of his testicles less? Someone save him from that.

Still, it was his bag. Mike used Al's first-aid kit. No problem with that. But at least let Al have something for himself. To treat his wounds from the scuffle. His wounds that was the dirty and hurt feeling.

"Give me a water bottle."

His mouth. He wanted to wash it.

"Please", he added.

He walked towards Michael hoping him to give it.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Alessio remembered that he might be on the announcements tomorrow. Till then he's innocent. Till then Vanessa doesn't know how much she fucked up.

Until the announcements Maria and Michael will believe him. Or not. Did not matter. He did not need to reply to them. Did not tell them his story.

They also wanted his bag. Share his supplies. Whatever. As if he had a choice now. They were going to take it either way. Al's possessions were not important for them on the island.

Alessio did not reply to the demands of Maria and Michael. He did not need to justify anything to them. He also did not need to lie to them or tell them a fake story. He also won't tell the truth. Won't talk his heart out. No, his experience and pain was none of their business.


70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
"Got it."

Al took Maria's hand to stand up. Michael tried to shoot him with the fake gun. Kicked him in the groin and monologued as if he was some judge.

"I did not kill anybody, Michael Crowe."

Perhaps Al did not. Perhaps Cameron survived the lethal wound, perhaps Astrid was not killed by the bookshelf. Perhaps Henry could bandage himself instead of bleeding out.

But there was no point in thinking pessimistic. He had to think realistic. He had killed.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Al wanted to wash his mouth. It was so disgusting. He did not swallow his drool that was probably dirty and perhaps infectious from Michael's dirty hand.

Whenever he's able to drink water again, he's going to clean his mouth. Now, all he could do was to let the drool escape from the side of his mouth.

Al stared at the background behind Maria's face. Couldn't look at Maria, couldn't look at Michael. As usual. The blade was scaring him. He was dying. He did not want to. But he survived the hits of Michael as well. He had endured much pain. He was strong. He wanted to live. He did not want Maria to think that he's a threat.

"Uhhh, I won't move."

Then Al coughed, letting his bugs escape.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
It was sad that his gun was fake. Because Michael was being a huge idiot who risked his life. He went all-in with his life, but he also had a Royal Flush.

Al wanted to pull the trigger, but just stumbled backwards as Michael rushed to him. Michael hit Al's knee and Al dropped his gun to use his fists more effectively. Namely, to underline his pain in gestures.

Michael was a bully who made fun of other students, made fun Al, made fun of Al's friends. Fuck him, he insulted him just seconds ago, he taunted him.

That asshole needed no empathy from him. In school he liked Michael a tiny bit, he was sometimes funny. But now Al disl- hated him.


Mike's hand was fucked up, so Al fucked it up even more by grabbing Mike's hand and grabbing it tightly. No, fuck that, he can't build much pressure with his hand. Al's jaw was much stronger to rub salt into the wound.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Ten seconds. Al felt no blood in his face. He took a step back. He should leave. They were armed with knives.

But no. He had a weapon as well. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Michael. He took a step forward.

He should have said something. A demand, what Mike should do to not get shot. Al did not know what to say, though. He just did not want them to go near him to strike their weapons.

70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre
Good choice. And she smiled. And she held a window in her hand. He couldn't recall the name of the band. He could just recall the window.

He was missing her.

((Trend of linking previous threads not at the start of the post continued from the darkest corners of SOTF))

Alessio stepped out of the hallway and then pulled the door open to enter the room. He was not going to leave the Asylum while it rained. There was no way he could properly treat a common cold on this island and he was not suited to go out. He already felt sick and getting both physically and mentally sick was not a pleasant state.

Hand in his pocket, where the gun was hidden, he went into further into the room to see who the people inside were and if they were armed.

It was Michael again, but this time he had a girl with him. Apparently they were searching something.

Welp, Alessio could not help them finding anything, so he just awkwardly stood by the door, not saying a word of greeting as usual.

((The Ken Mendel Experience continued from God in Three Persons))

Finally, they could rest from carrying that disgusting body. Darius was looking forward to rest.

They went to the Pub. Then they noped the fuck out, since there seemed to be people inside. People who were alive.

Here, in the library, was nobody. Not even a dead person. Even though it smelled very terrible in here. As if there could be a corpse for them. Huh, for them? What a weird wording.

Well, it would be another free collar for them. Hopefully they could find it. They were competent enough to find more corpses or objects to use.

"So, who of you wants to help me to throw this corpse into the Radio Tower?"

The group was a good one. Everybody had a job. Darius was the leader. Jonathan was not the leader. And Lili was not Jonathan. And Natalie was also there.

"Also, let's see where Jonathan and the others are, after doing that."

He announced 'the others' as if he had an army.

Io Vivro
((Al continued from somewhere))

Al thought about what it was like to be a dead person. A person that was about to die. A person suddenly, dying. Al had to put himself in the situation of people who were facing death. He had to think about their last moments.

Starring down a barrel. Seeing things underwater before drowning. Just a sudden pain before you die. Not being able to breathe.

Al imagined being JFK, John Lennon, MLK. A soldier in a World War. Blinded, but hearing an explosion before not feeling anything anymore. A student who was previously already killed in an SOTF. A person who died cause he got cancer. A person who was killed in war. A person who was killed by terrorists. A student, killed in a school shooting. A person who died at Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Tschernobyl. An old person dying due to a stroke. A fly that flew into the wrong house. A cat that was drowned by the owner, because they already got too many kittens.

It hurt.

He imagined what it felt like to die, how everything went black.

It hurt.

Empathy hurts.

But he needed to think positively, look at the bright side. Alessio was alive and he was glad that he was.

But he still thought about how it was to be Cameron. What kind of pain she experienced, if she could have stopped the bleeding. He thought about Astrid, seeing a bookshelf before being knocked out. Henry. Poor Henry. And what about Cameron? What were her last thoughts? Cameron and Henry and Astrid were great persons. If Al did not love Vanessa so much, would he have spared them? Talked with them? Cam was also beautiful, but not as beautiful as Vanessa, who is beauty itself. Would he have crushed on her if he had not crushed on Vanessa? What kind of pain do you experience when you bleed out? What is it to die in your sleep like Astr-


Empathy hurts. Alessio needed to distract himself from overthinking. He needed to distract himself from regretting anything. He needed to stop himself from being an emotional pussy.

He was strong and old and experienced and dangerous.

So Al leaned against the wall and put out his rubik's cube. That was a good way to distract himself. He was into the game of solving the cube without giving much thoughts about his victims. Focus on the cube. Alessio just solved with his left hand, his right one was still bloody and not comfortable to use for solving.

But then, after just a couple of minutes, he was bored with the cube, he did not want to solve it again and again. He was nervous, he had time pressure. It felt like it was getting dark, as if the day was going to end. As if he was not productive and wasted time he could use to survive. To do something. But instead he distracted himself from the very dark situation he was in with a silly cube. He put the cube back into his pocket and eyed the room.

He needed to scavenge for useful stuff to kill with. He had no weapon. He just had a fake gun. He needed to build traps. He needed to kill safely. Yes, his wound at the right hand is not bleeding anymore, but if he had a gun, there would have been no blood in the first place. Or rather, his blood.

There was an item that was extremely interesting to him. A straitjacket. He could use that to trap people. Shove them into a dangerzone. He had no clue, he had to try. He had no idea what to do with it. Use it to drown people. That's a possibility.

Yes, that was a plan. He grabbed two jackets. Looked into his bag. It was like Minecraft. He needed to clear his inventory. Transfer Henry's items into his bag. Put the straitjacket into his bag. Made sure he had everything he needed to have.

Alessio felt clean and organised, even when bloodied. Now he needed to find a good location to execute...something or someone.

((Al continued elsewhere))

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
It hurt. His hand. He dropped his weapon. He swiped the blood off by rubbing his hand palms against his hoodie, making it have more strains of red in it. He left Henry to die. Running out of the room, grabbing Henry's bag.

Henry's sounds wanted to evoke empathy from Al, but Al knew that empathy hurt. Empathy was no good for him. Al did not want to think to be Henry, who probably was in pain. Al did not want to think to be Cameron, who was dead. Dead. Al did not want to die. He did not want to think about being dead. Al was Al, Henry was Henry. Henry had awful pain, Al has a sting from the cut in his palms. Facts.

He left to a location that was much more peaceful. The hallway. It was empty, but he spoke.

He killed Cameron. He killed Astrid. He killed Henry.

"I'm not a monster."

But he just becomes one.

((Al left.))

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
Oh no.

Astrid's. Gun, it said something. He read it out loud.


Alessio did not think about the Astrid situation back then, did not think about the fact that Astrid threatened him with a fake gun. He just thought about Henry and Henry's panic, which lead to Alessio panicking.

Henry escaped. Al was scared of Henry escaping, he did not know why. He felt like Henry should be dead after having pulled the trigger, but Henry was alive and ran away and he looked so scared and Al saw Henry at the door.

He jogged to Henry while putting the gun back into his pocket.

He grabbed Henry, pulled him by his shirt, wanted to keep him here. So he shoved him against the window. But the window was already broken. Al had no control and no clue what to do with Henry, until he saw something.


He grabbed the shard tightly and his hand hurt and probably bled, but he did not look at it since he was too focussed on using it as a knife, or a pickaxe he could inject it into the stomach of Henry, who also had his important organs in them, just like everybody else on this island. And Al had to repeat stabbing. And his hand hurt.

But god fucking damn it. Using a gun was easier. Godfuckingdamnit. His hoodie used to be white.

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
Jae. Grr.

Henry wanted to see Jae. Al had seen Jae. Jae was not good. Jae was not somebody he wanted to see again.


God, what should he say? Should he lead Jae and Henry together? Tell him to go back to the Chapel. Perhaps let Jae kill Henry? Or perhaps lie to him, save him from Jae? Avoid being bothered by hyperactive, overcurious Henry who would ask how Jae was, if he looked injured, if he still has his jacket or whatever Henry would ask.

Did he also need to justify himself for having a gun? Henry saw Al's gun, saw that he was armed and explicitly said that he was not.


But there was no need to think about these difficult decisions when he already had a simple solution. He could stop himself from doing it, it was not the decision that he wants to make. But he should, it was the rational choice.

A gun always meant death. That's why Al left Mia. That's why Henry should have run away when he saw Al's gun. But Henry did not run away. Henry was naïve. Henry would die on this island. If he was not a victim on Al's list to show Vanessa how much she had fucked up his life, somebody else would do it.

Henry's face was hard to look at. Especially when he pulled out his gun to point it at his face. How did Cameron look like when he killed her? It was not pleasant to think back. Will he get the image of a feared face out of his head when he leaves this island?

So Al shot.

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
((Alessio Rigano continued from Smoke Screen))

And so Al went through the Asylum. He now had a gun. A clean way to kill fast. There was no need to build traps now. He can kill from the distance.

He got rid of the blood on his pickaxe by getting rid of the pickaxe. But that still would not change the fact that he killed Cameron, that would still not change the next announcement, where he will be announced as a killer. Well, then he will be announced as a killer and it will be fine for him. In fact, he hopes Vanessa listens to the announcements and regrets leaving him all by himself. He hopes Vanessa will also listen to the next murder he was going to commit and the next one and he hopes that she will want to stop him and perhaps talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen to her and then Vanessa gets emotional and hugs him and Al hugs Vanessa and Al will be happy and can stop killing and can die happily and perhaps gets a kiss from her before he dies while she survives, maybe wins this thing. This was fucked up. But it always was fucked up since they woke up in this nightmare and he wants to end it, since it's been dragging for days.

But perhaps he wins. And receives a new chance to have a childhood, a youth in a different town. But who would want to befriend a murderer?

Alessio did want to cry, but resisted as he saw a new face in a new room.

A boy in the room. Henry. Henry was nobody he thought about. He almost forgot he was there, too. He thought about Vanessa, about Isabel, about Cameron, but totally forgot that there was a Henry on this island as well. And if he had not seen him, he probably would have not recalled that. Damn, how many days ago was the trip?

Henry was alone. He probably hid from other people. He was not on the announcement, so Henry would outlive Al. He won't be remembered by anyone.

Al put his gun into the same pocket his rubik's cube was and stepped into the room. What if he misses Henry? Al had never shot a gun before.


He had to get closer.