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My Friends Are Assholes
((Darius Van Dyke continued from Genki Shojo Nancy-Chan))

Darius was pissed. But the piss was a mix of worry and anger. The anger was directed at himself for being irresponsible, but also partly at the other people for not stopping him for being irresponsible. The thing he was worried about were all the tracks he had finished and that he couldn't play the tracks he had anymore.

That night, music was stuck in his head. Now, music was stuck in his head as well. That night, it was party music, this time it's saxophones. Damn it, Detective Conan, you're such a weirdly good anime. Just the ears being located at the necks was shitty.

Detective Darius had to gather the witnesses. It was the only thing that troubled his mind right now. And getting it back was the only thing that could ease it.

He was in the school, the witnesses he had lure were also here.

Waiting at the picnic table, he planned. He had seen Fiyori today, where was she? He'd find her.

Anyway, Darius pulled out his phone and messaged somebody, not Fiyori. A person who was also there, at the party. Caedyn.

[Hey please come to the green belt. Im waiting at a picnic table]

Caedyn had to know what had happened to his baby.

So Darius waited at the picnic table to wait for Caedyn, until he saw somebody. A tall girl. It was Fiyori? Or was it? How many tall girls are here at Cochise? For fuck's sake, he had to go to her. She was there.

And with that he left the picnic table to search for Fiyori, who he thought he'd seen.

The Melody Haunts My Reverie
((Alessio Rigano, Memory One-Shot))

Alessio was gonna earn money.

Because this was how the world worked, people have to gain money to survive.

But the best way to earn money was to find a job that was fun to him. Music is fun, music is really beautiful.

So young Alessio was going to be a musician.

Not instantly, though. Just for fun.

So, the young musician went with his guitar case through the streets of Kingman. Al found a place where he could sit down, unpack his guitar and place his beanie he intentionally wanted to use as a donation collector.

He could, but he didn't. The reason? The people. There were people, who'd watch him. It wasn't Bullhead anymore. It was Kingman. Kingman was small. People could see him. If anybody saw him that knows him, he'd be known at school as the weirdo who busks.

And it wouldn't be an outstanding performance either. It would be average. Or worse. Alessio was no Moondog, he was no Rod Stewart. He was not talented.

Al decided that it was a bad idea and that he should turn back to home again. Dumb idea. Really dumb.

Luckily, there was nothing suspicious of a kid who walked with a guitar case back home. He had guitar lessons, if anybody ever asked.

But then his jeans vibrated. Or rather the cellphone that was inside his jeans pockets.

He checked what happened. 2 missed calls.

"Oh fuck, I'm dead."

Turning his back to Nancy, he moved quickly out of the park.

Hide his cigs, think of an excuse and get home quickly before things escalate.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in My Friends Are Assholes))

F is for Friends who do stuff together
All of these sound extremely awesome, especially the flower in the hair thing! I agree that Conrad and Lani would be swimmingly good friends. And I supposed the choir and the orchestra would do stuff together. Darius might be friendly to Lani, especially when he gets to know that she likes gardening and flowers as well.

F is for Friends who do stuff together
My swimmer character Conrad, would probably know Lani (and might be a social media bird) and my fellow cat lover Alessio, would probably try to befriend with Juniper.

My character Darius is interested in gardening, but is a mean one. So I'm not sure how Lani and him would react to each other.

How does that sound to you? :D

General Video Game Discussion Thread
What really is also amazing about MGSV is how it's written. The writing. o-o

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I too have to agree that MGSV is good and awesome.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
If Doc was mafia, it'd be a bit too imba, right? So we can confirm him to be town and our only worry will be that he might become cult.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Theory: If Ducky is working against us, and shooting him will not be in favour of the town, it could be that he's converted to the cult and shooting him might've stopped town to kill the leader? Other than that, I don't know why shooting Doc would be a bad idea.

Introduction Thread
KV=VT confirmed.

Also, welcome to the site, Mihau! I'm glad that we could convince you to participate in V6. I hope you will have much fun in pregame, I'm looking forward to read your characters :D

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Well, then either Doc has a secret drawback or the mafia has a strong role, too.

Or, you know, the role treestump is a role to balance out the fact that we have a cult against us.

Either way, Doc's role seems believable to me.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Bastard mafia, a game where there are bastard roles.

A tree stump which can vote? Bastard role.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 24 2015, 08:04 AM
Prim and Aura doing the exact things I disliked about yesterday.

RC providing too much summary and not enough analysis.
Uh, I pointed out that the lacking nightkill is bad for us.

Nobody stated that before.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Welp, nobody dying is actually for 2 reasons:

-no information
-cult has 2 members now, presumably

So yeah.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to the site! And have very much fun here :3

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 17 2015, 06:18 AM
Dec 17 2015, 06:12 AM
Town -

-Deamon - Tone & style.
-Flare - Thought process.

-Slam - Either Town or changed style massively. (+ Murder voting)

-Frogue - Helpful, gets small points. Weak.
-MK - ^ Quieted though.
-Bikriki - Style + silly reads against him.
-Pippin - Role claim + setup spec + Murder throwing shade.
Posted Image
there ya go, youngster

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
So, right now there is just 1 cult member. So they could just convert confirmed people. Lynching cult now would get rid of the cult problem.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dea, what do you think about the fact that Vyse thinks that you'll be the target for the nightkill in night 1?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
These are the most amusing mafia pages I've ever read. I love them. The pic choices are genius.

Maybe we should sometimes make a mafia game with just pictures. I'd love it.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
The lack of Yugi reacting makes me think that he is in fact lying. Maybe he just thinks 'damn, my plan didn't work', right now. He did not expect the goose.