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The Resolution Thread 2014
Submit TV2, REvo and V6 Profiles.

SOTF: The Game
Boy(if free, I dunno because so many ppl post)

SOTF: The Video Game
Ah, thank you for answering my answer. I look forward to get to know more about this project.

So you said you can control the character and you're able to interact with the scenery and the other character, but how much can you decide? And are there even right and wrong decisions? What are the consequences of decisions? Will it result to death, to know more about the characters, different story arcs or injuries?

SOTF: The Video Game
I really love this idea :)
And I'd like to support this game by either creating a character or compose songs or whatever I can do to help.
I'd really love to play that game. But I've got a question: Can you choose between one of the 20 characters at the beginning or do you have to unlock the characters? Because you wrote you'll only see the Endgame if you have already seen every character. But what if you choose the winner or runner up?
Also will your beautiful artwork be in the game?

Social Network?
Have you ever heard of Battalia Royale?

It's an philippinese live-action theatre performance based on Battle Royale. It basically is an interactive Battle Royale, the characters are inspired/based of BR characters. The audience can go around the arena(which is the school) and watch how the actors kill each other. They cannot interact with the actors, but at the end they can decide who wins. There are different storylines in different areas and...I'm a bad explainer, I'd suggest to check it out yourself. Here's the link to the website. It is really awesome and I am really impressed by it:

I hope there are enough things that explain it. If not you can easily google "Battalia Royale" and you might find reviews of it.
I think it was an awesome project and I'd have loved to see it.

But why did I tell you that? The thing is that the actors wanted to give each character a personality and on the website you can see the profiles of every character and - that's why I wrote this - every single character has a facebook page where there are scripted posts, likes and whatnot. So those also described the personality, likes, dislikes and relationships between the characters, which is pretty neat.

So I asked myself if I'd be a good idea if the SOTF characters (in main and/or the Mini's) would be in a social network, too. I mean Jared also had Twitter. It doesn't have to be Facebook it can be another social network, or we could create an own website/forum.

Yeah I'd love if you'd check out the website, because it explains it well...

Obviously this would have Pros and Cons, so I've listed all Pros and Cons I could think of:
-It'd strengthen the Pre-Game
-The internet and social networks are used often in the generation the contestants are, so it'd make it more realistic
-Characters can develop more
-We don't actually need it as we already have Pregame
-Having Profile Pics, and pics in general would be hard, as there are no persons who act them. The only possibility would be drawing them.
-Too many characters(On the other site not every character has to be in a social network)
Yeah if more Cons/Pros come into my head I'll edit them in...

So...what are your opinions on that?
Apologizes for my terrible english and the inability to describe and explain it interestingly enough