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Smoke Screen
Al shook his head.


Well, change the topic to be something more pleasant.

"What book are you reading?"

Al stared at Astrid's weapon. A gun. A gun always meant death. Astrid could kill him. It was like Mia's gun, but worse. Astrid had a reason to just shoot him.

"My book is A-As You Like It."

He was nervous. He stuttered a bit. He was afraid of the gun. But he should not be. He should be rational, cold. Not emotional and weak. Just like back in the scene with Mia having the gun. Get shot and you're dead. There was nothing he could do against that. He could not run. Al did not know. He really did not know. He was confused as to what to do now.

Smoke Screen
((Mr. Prospector continued from Devil's Choir))

Things have changed in the library. There was a new body. Another one.

Steps from a boy moving in echoed.

The Chapel was an experience Al did not want to experience again. He was screamed at, depicted as a killer, threatened, outnumbered. It was scary.

Al eyed the pickaxe. Blood. The reason why the thing earlier happened. Disgusting blood. Blood from Cameron's stomach. There needed to be a cleaner way to reduce the numbers of living people.

Alessio tried to think of a way. A way where he would not need to watch the gore and blood coming from wounds. Traps.

He needed to build traps. Kill people without being there. He'd need familiar places for it. The place where he started, the library. It was big enough to build something out of it. Maybe dig something from the wall. Dig a hole into the ground that leads to a deadly fall. Something. In the cabin he might also sabotage the stairs or something. Al did not know, he needed to try.

Al searched further in the library until he found a girl, reading a book. Astrid.

So, Al decided to not scare the girl reading the book and also picked one from the shelf. That should show her that he had the same intentions as her. He leaves her alone and she leaves him alone, both can read a book. Al can think, possibily how to build a trap. How to kill people without having to personally kill them. How to keep distance from fights like the one that almost had happened in the Chapel. How to stay sane and how to not cry like a baby when putting a pickaxe into the stomach of a living human being. How to stop being a whiny boy.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I return from work and I see no new posts.


Devil's Choir
Michael, bully, dangerous. Just walked into the room and made the things even more heated. Jae was aiming with his weapon at him. Al could be dead.

There was the door. There was the crossbow.

Al chose the door. Staying here with Jae was risky. He could be very dead if Jae shoots. Alessio had never felt more awake than now. Even when he killed Cameron he did not have as much of an adrenaline rush than now, when Jae was wielding his weapon, Michael suddenly joined and Dorothy shouted at him seconds before. He was not wanted.

So he sprinted out of the chapel, scared of Michael stopping him from leaving. But he managed to get out.

((Al continued in Smoke Screen))

God in Three Persons
Ew. Gandalf puked. Darius shipped JonathanxGandalf. They would fit together, since they would be the emotionally unstable puking couple. Perhaps Natalie would not be too bad for the crew, since being a wreck is a thing that Jon was, too. Even though, if they had too many trainwrecks on board, it would get dangerous, since it could happen that one of them snaps and ruins his plan.

"Yeah, we are not the killers of her. You can join us, if you want."

Yup, strength in numbers. If they snap, he can just get the fuck out of the group.

"After you clean your mouth", he added. "It's gross."

Lili also finally let the body hit the floor (floooor). She approached them and Darius looked closer, he noticed the white shoes. Oh, her shoes laces were loose.

"Hey, should I tie your shoes? You could trip."

He moved to the direction of her to kneel down.

Well, hopefully they will get off the bridge soon. There was no time for small talk and Gandalf was wasting their time. Well, perhaps there was enough time for a little prank.

God in Three Persons
"Why we're carrying a corpse? None of your business."

He raised his eyebrows. No, not gonna explain his escape plan to a junior who probably did not know anything about the world. Then, he looked to Lili who seemed to have problems with just dropping Jasmine as if it was a sick bass.

"You okay?"

Then, he turned back to Natalie.

"What are you doing on the bridge, Gandalf?"

If she had nothing better to do than freaking out, she could also help. Yeah, Darius' aching arm muscles liked that idea.

Devil's Choir
Alessio was talked about to be a bad person, a killer, a murderer, a player, a monster. Because he was.

So he was shouted at by Dorothy. He immediately closed his eyes, wanted to forget what had happened with Cameron, wanted to stop the accusations and the prompt for guilt by Dot. Asha's friendly voice did not help either, since it was followed by Jae's command. That was not making him feel safe. This was not a trio that wanted to be friendly and welcome and solve the problems. No, it was three individual people who all wanted individual goals. Disorganised. Not harmonic. And Al, the fourth person had no clue what to do when each one of them desired a different thing from him. Get away, speak up, stay quiet.


That was all he wanted to say. He opened his eyes. Preparing to watch Asha and Dot going to Jae, preparing to be left alone by the girls just like he did with Mia. Karma.

Get out? Speak up? Being stronger was difficult.

So, he added a sigh of sorrow, before he was readying himself to see what was going to happen next. Anything could happen.

Devil's Choir
Lie or tell the truth?

That was the question. Al was not a good liar. Back in Kingman he was usually very truthful and honest. There was no need to lie. There was no point in lying. Lying would never bring you far, that's what the church told him, that's what his parents told him, that's what the school told him, that's what the media told him.

But now? Was there a need to lie?


It was hard to explain the rather simple question who the owner of the blood was. Cameron. His own. Somebody else. Don't know. What was the best reply? What was the best lie? There was no such thing. The seconds passed until Al could even give a proper reply to Jae's question. Alessio looked at the ground. He needed to tell the truth. The truest truth.

"I don't want to talk about that."

He'd rather talk about something more pleasant. Like, cats. Or robots. Or the chapel that looked quite beautiful. Or the flowers in the garden. Or anything else.

Devil's Choir
((Al continued from Shock Me))

Alessio looked at the bloodied, disgusting pickaxe. There were less brutal ways to let the game end faster.

I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole. Diggy diggy hole. I'm digging a hole.

How much time of his life had he wasted watching fucking Minecraft videos? Instead of doing anything worthwhile. His past life was trash.

If he gets out of here, he would aim for a better life. A new life. With new friends. Without bullies like Michael. Without Vanessa. A new life with a new Alessio who will not repeat the mistakes he had made in Cochise. Burn his computer, get out, socialise, fall in love, get a girlfriend that loves him as much he loves her. Happy End.

Yeah...that would be nice. That was not going to happen. He was going to die here.

He mindlessly walked into the Chapel just to see a group of people. And the group of people saw him.

Al still had no idea what to say. He stopped walking in, used his pickaxe as a cane and was confused and scared at the people inside. Then, he used the sleeves of his hoodie to get rid of the liquids that ran out of his running nose. At least he did not cry anymore.

God in Three Persons
((Darius Van Dyke continued from My Human Gets Me Blues))

Walking sucked. Carrying his bag sucked. Touching and carrying a corpse sucked. The weather seemed like it was about to suck. And oh jesus, Lili sighted company at the bridge. Yes, that's what Darius needed. More people to deal with. And Lili even tried to communicate with the other junior.

He stared at Lili. Strictly.

"Hey. I talk."

Who's the leader of the group that's made for you and me? D-A-R-I-U-S Mouse. That's right.

Then, he dropped his part of Jasmine so he could focus all of his attention to the short girl. And, to take a quick break from carrying her. Goddamn, weren't there any smokes on the island?

"Whatcha looking at? Have you never seen a corpse before?"

He shouted that at Natalie with a mocking tone. No need to be indirect.

Shock Me
It was a pretty gross feeling. Was there not a cleaner way to...kill? Pickaxes were used to destroy stone. Using it on human was cruel, even if he would destroy Stone with that hit.

So bloody. So painful to watch. Cameron won't survive that. Al knew that from biology class. He hit painful areas. Vital areas. Everybody in Cochise had a dream. Al wanted to become a vetenerian...and he kills. Cam and Van wanted to become superstars...and he destroyed their dreams. Al was not someone Al liked.

He oddly felt stronger now, though. Feeling that he was capable to hurt, kill. To be a person that is able to remove other people from this island. To let the game progress faster, let the end of the game come quicker.

But he felt regret.

No. Vanessa should feel regret. Van feels the regret.

Cameron was a nice person. But so was Abby. She seemed very nice back in Kingman, very charismatic, in the music store. That's why Van chose her over him.

It's her fault. He's guilty, too, but it's her fault. Why is he crying again? This was not a good moment to cry. He wanted to hide his tears from Cam or Enzo.

There was nothing he could do now, here. Cam was looking at him, shocked. This did not make him feel more comfortable. He stepped on her to pull out the pickaxe. Then, he went out of the Storage Closet. Without a word.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Devil's Choir))

My Human Gets Me Blues

"The radio tower is a nice place. Perhaps we'll see Jonathan on the way."

So the three of them moved away from the Asylum. To their freedom.

It was still hard work to carry Jasmine, though.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in God in Three Persons))

My Human Gets Me Blues
Damn it, she wanted to ask more. Quick, think of a reply.

"Radio Tower, my group's headquarter. I know it's currently a danger zone, but we can move her near the Radio Tower already."

Darius was extremely happy when Lili took her things to come with him.

"So...and once the Radio Tower is clean again, we can work on the corpse with the tools inside. Tomorrow, hopefully."

Yeah, that was plausible for both Lili and the terrorists listening.

"Speaking of my crew, do you want to join us? If you dare, I have to add. We're dangerous and we are in danger. Look, the Radio Tower was declared a danger zone because of us. Cause we are a threat to the game."

He smirked and winked. He of course doubted that they declared it a dangerzone because of them, but it hopefully made his "group" sound more inviting and appealing to her. Or like, his duo with Jonathan.

My Human Gets Me Blues
Darius smirked when Lili used sarcasm. She had a good sense of humor. Unlike Danya. So, he grabbed the other side and began to drag the corpse. There was a difference between touching a person alive and a corpse. Jasmine felt so fucking disgusting to touch. He couldn't tell if that was also the case before she died, though.

"Oh, I had a different idea where to put her. Corpses won't scare killers running around, I'm certain about that. After all, an Isabel or a Kimiko won't stand in front of the door and say 'oh shit I'm too afraid to enter, there's a corpse lying in front of the door. I'll turn around and leave the people inside alone'."

Another chuckle.

No, Jasmine had to be transported elsewhere. Back to the radio tower. He had a theory. They dump her into the danger zone and see what happens. Will her collar explode? If it won't explode it's a sign that it has been deactivated. And then two options would remain. Either the terrorists deactivate them manually when they see someone getting killed or they get automatically deactivated once someone is dead. It would not surprise him if these collars could measure the pulse or anything. Or if they could hear the breaths of a person. After all, since it is streamed on the internet there have to be mics somewhere around them, no?

"Might be a long way we need to carry her, though."

It was a good idea to not tell her where he wanted to drag her. A) She wouldn't have a reason to say 'no, that's dumb, I won't help you' and B) She probably won't ask further. Hopefully. That would be bad, because he had to keep the things for himself so it actually can work.

Also Darius would hate dragging her the whole bridge alone. He wasn't paid for this shit.

My Human Gets Me Blues
"You don't play? Fuck yeah! Congrats for not being a moron."

Darius approached her and reached out for a high five. Lili was not on the announcements, but literally every other idiot was. It was good to see someone he could trust. And someone who talked normally to him. She apparently also trusted him. Her behaviour was non-suspicious. Normal. Cool-headed. She was not an emotional trainwreck like Jonathan. Or a fucking aggressive person like Junko or Samuel...he also died or was killed in the announcements, right? l2p, noob...it wouldn't surprise Darius if one doesn't stay alive long with threatening people with crossbows. Darius was not happy that he died, but at this point he did give less fucks about the lives of people who threatened to kill him.

He looked at the body Lili pointed at. He recognised the face and recognised that he did not recognise her.

"Known her? Nah. And now it's too late to do that, hehe."

Darius chuckled. It was too late. Shit happens. Don't have time to get known to all the dead underclassmen. Shrug. He stared at the corpse. Had he ever seen a corpse before? No. That was the first corpse he experienced live. And he could smell it. Ew. Jasmine looked very much like a corpse with her black metal collar and her wounds and her deadness.

But, she still had the collar?

It was still there, even though she is dead. Why? Was it still working? How did it even work? You enter a danger zone and it goes boom. Probably controlled with something. Controlled by the people watching them on their cams. Now, what was going on with Jasmine's collar? Was it deactivated because she is dead? Or was it still high explosive? Is there a difference in collar mechanics whether the person that is wearing them is dead or alive?

The collars were probably kept on the body as long as the person lives and beyond. Did the winners also come out with a collar still attached? Is it even removable? Bullshit. Everything is removable. Especially once you're out of here.

He crawled his goatee. Staring at the dead body.

"Hey. Wanna help me moving her?"

My Human Gets Me Blues
((Darius Van Dyke continued from Return of the Manatee))

Asylum. That's where that Brendanboy had gone. To kill, perhaps. That murderous bastard. He heard his name, yes. He could recall that even though Kimiko's fucked up kill overshadowed everything else.

As much he hated this building, he had to go back into it to find his allies. Maybe this was the place, where he could regroup with Jonathan, if he also thought about going here. After all, Brendan told them to go to the Asylum.

But there was no Jonathan to find. Fuck.

Creepy like the building was, he went through the corridor into a room.

On the floor, there was a person lying. Sleeping. Not. Standing at the corner, was a chinese girl. Lili.

Did he know her well? No. She was one of the girls he did not do much with. Perhaps just a nerdy, outsider girl. She looked like one. She was an underclass girl as well. But, didn't he smoke with her once? He could not recall. He smoked with a lot of people. If he smoked with her and he lent her a cig, that would be good. Cause then she has to give cigs to him, now. That would be swell.

She was looking.

Up. So did Darius. As if there was a cat in the ceiling. Or a spider crawling out of the chandelier. But apparently there was nothing.


Darius had to be cautious on this island around asian people with batons.

"You friendly?"

V6 Podcast
Knock yourselves out.

Shock Me
A second person. Enz...

and the two talked. Like friends. Like close friends. As if Enza was.


Had Al ever had someone he talked that way? Ice cream husband. Cute term. But no. He did not. He had wasted so much time in school. He had never had a friend so close like that. He had no Enzo for Cameron. He had no Cameron for V.

Al was trying to not let himself be consumed by a tunnel vison, so he stopped. Thinking. Emotionally.

But, he extremely regretted not being friends with more people. Not being closer friends to the friends he had. Regretting isolating himself. Wasting chances. He would die and no one would care.

Rational. These self-depricating thoughts were not rational. But what was now? He could just kill someone. Kill himself.

And there was nothing wrong about that. Because of the circumstances they were in. There were these two options. And other options that lead to these two options. Nancy, Isabel, Alvaro, Abby. They did it, too.

And he? These days he was there? A whiny boy, doing nothing but waiting to die, to be killed by someone. People like him were the reason why everybody on the island suffered. Extending the span the survivor (whoever that person will be) has to be tortured on this island by spending more and more time here. People like him, cowardly running away. Wasting valuable time. Letting the game last for weeks. Months?

How long?

Al wanted to cry. He could not image staying on the island for so long. That anybody wanted that to happen.

He raised the pickaxe and went forward. Steps. He tried to not make them loud. Still, he could not hold his breath and therefore breathed louder the more near he came to Cameron. He wanted to be able to strike it. So he aimed to strike the torso.

Someone is going to regret breaking his...heart? Soul? Conscience? Personality? Innocence?


William "Will" McKinley
Me too!

Though, if I don't get Will, I need to talk to the new handler of Will about a scene me and Danny talked about prior the inactivity!

Hannah Kendrickstone
˙pᴉq ɐ ǝʞɐɯ ll,I ˙ʇᴉ ɥʇᴉʍ ʞɔǝH