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Aurum Fuscum
Conrad was confused. Why was he an asshole? Conrad looked at Tara for a few moments before chuckling and raising an eyebrow. This situation was absurd. What.

Conrad shrugged off the accusation of being an asshole and turned around to go to his car.

Aurum Fuscum
After biting a few more times into his apple, he took the the money and put it into his jeans pocket. Ugh, money was dirty. Conrad had to remember to keep using his left hand to eat his apple and not to touch it with his right hand, which touched the money. Wait no. Left was the other side. Derp. He had to keep using the right hand to eat his apple. That's it.

"Oh, thank you very much, Taranis."

The sandwich. Yeah, Conrad recalled. He looked a few more seconds to Tara to look whether she had anything else to say or if he could go to his car.

Aurum Fuscum
Conrad turned around. When 'Harrod' was said, it was him, who was meant. Well, him, his mother, his father, Deborah, Henry or Robert. But as he was the only Harrod around, Conrad knew that it was him the familiar voice wanted to address.

Oh, it was Tara, the girl from the Gas'n'Go.

"Hey, what's up?"

A grin on his face, after he bit into his apple once again.

Luz Interpretation
That was...a really great idea! All problems solved.

"Yeah, we don't have to rush there, we have our time."

Scarlett was ready to go back home. "Can I help you carrying the yoga stuff?"

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
"It's Jonathan!", Darius shouted to Jeremy, after he wiped the snow off his clothes. Oh, and Michael fell. Ouch.

Darius picked up another snowball. Geez, how could Jeremy forget Jonathan's name? How long was Jeremy in the same school as Jonathan? Darius didn't need to be a social butterfly to remember names.

"Forgetting names, Jesus Christ. Whoever shat into your brain, Jeremy, that person must've been secretly an elephant!"

Then, he threw his snowball over the car to the direction of Jeremy.

"Uh, what's your name again, uh, Frasier? Guy who isn't Nathan, Michael, Jonathan or Darius? Geronimo Frasier? Am I right?", Darius said with a laughing voice.

Luz Interpretation
Hmm. Going to her place? A bad idea. Scarlett wasn't sure whether she'd disturb her father. Assumingly, yes, she would.

"Oh yeah, I recall."

Scarlett said nothing for a moment.

"I'm not sure. My father wouldn't be amused when we'd go my place in an ungodly hour."

Scarlett, however, couldn't think of an alternative.

Luz Interpretation
Scarlett reacted to Lizzie's laugh with laughing with her. In Scarlett's imagination, Lizzie beat the hell out of the old, poor VCR. Poor, old, rusty, film-veteran VCR was also probably dead, as Lizzie stated. Hah. Scarlett joined the giggle.

"Nah, I don't do yoga stuff."

Scarlett touched her chin, thinking like a philosopher.

"Maybe we can find yoga stuff on the internet?"

"Thanks, Samuel", Jerry said while waiting for Samuel to give him his pen.

And the other people talked about Jeremy's writing. All focus was on him. That was nice, Jerry could just listen to the conversation and chill.

And he hoped that the teacher won't come in.

We could also replace the characters who don't exist?

Aurum Fuscum
((Conrad T. Harrod continued from For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat."))

When Conrad exited the school building he had his first bit into an apple. Yummy.

Student council meeting was kinda exhausting, so eating a shiny red apple was refreshing for Conrad. The tall boy went to the direction of his car. But no.

His laces. Funk them. They opened up. With his apple in his hand, he wanted to tie his laces together, without throwing his apple away. As he also didn't want to touch his shoe with the apple or vice versa, he bit into the apple, hoping to keep it in his mouth long enough. Then he bend over to tie his shoe laces. When he finished the task, he positioned himself back in a straight position. However, when he got back up his long, blond hair was in front of his eyes, annoyingly. He repositioned his bangs with the back of his hand. After that, he cleaned his hands on his brown shirt, just to make sure that no dirt from his shoes would go into his mouth later, when finishing the apple. He was ready. Conrad took the apple out of his mouth with his hand, took another bite and was about to go to his car.


With the final apps being set, I hope that we should do this thread :D

Fabulous and Opinionated
Alessio was scared of the awkward silence and was relieved when she replied. And she talked. She talked a lot.

In contrast, Alessio wasn't that talkative for a reply.


What to say? Photos was stuff Alessio wasn't interested in. Like, he was the live the moment kind of guy. Not the capture the moment. Though there was something aesthetic about photos.


He breathed the air out of his lungs and inhaled again.

"Can you read Ita-"

No, dumb question. No need to point out that he's Italian. He coughed into his hand, then cleared his throat.

"What do you want to submit? Do you have a...plan? Concept?"

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Michael and Jonathan came, that was nice. Well, as long the two of them were not intending to hit him. Because, honestly, Darius would definitely not like a snowball to the face by Michael Crowe. It probably would be a boxing-punch in comparison to the sock-ball-throws Frasier does.

When Jonathan went to his hiding spot behind the car and asked him whether he'd mind them helping him, he replied:

"Sure! Otherwise it would've been a bit unfair."

And then he saw how Jeremy tried to hit Jonathan with a snowball. Darius' reaction was to turn away from Jonathan in case Jeremy actually managed to hit. He didn't want to get exploding snowball fragments to the face.

Darius might come a bit later or so, as he's in another thread. And if he doesn't come at all, he probably did forget the meeting.

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Darius had formed another snowball and kept hiding behind the car. Instead of standing up to throw the snowball he threw the snowball over his shoulders, while ducking.

The chances that he'd hit anything was rare, but it would be fucking awesome if he did.

Darius mouthed a 'what the fuck', then turned to the direction of Nancy to face her.

"Heh, hey, Nancy!", Darius said, pronouncing the last syllabus, cy, with a soprano, making it sound a bit high pitched. He grinned at her.

Nancy apparently broke her personal record of doodle jump by playing it 12 seconds without dying, it appeared, as she was holding and looking at her phone, when she yelled as if the whole world suddenly decided to accept her weird taste of clothes and as if every american would start wearing Kimonos.

Doodle Jump, Hearthstone, Flappy Bird. Whatever she played: Nancy was such a hardcore gamer, Darius just couldn't keep up with her gaming skills. Handhelds are for losers like Darius, cellphones are the best consoles.

Or, maybe Nancy is happy about something else, like a facebook post. New season of Harem Anime 47 came out. Singer xy released another J-Pop single for an anime opening. The endlessly-boring Bleach manga was finally cancelled. Whatever it was, Darius wanted to know.

"Whatcha doin'?"

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
That seems like a fun challenge, to write modern internet horror via linguistic mechanics into SOTF. You gave me an idea, TBH!

Fabulous and Opinionated
Oh noes, she looked at him again.

"Yeah, I don't need anything."

It was a weird situation. A weird eye situation. Just like when these dang young kids stare at you in the bus. Constantly.

Alessio however should under no circumstance turn back to his computer. No, he couldn't do that. Nadia would think he's a creep. And then, she might tell that somebody else in a conversation. And it could spread. And somebody specific could also receive information about how that italian dude stared at Nadia. Her. That should not happen.

No, start a conversation. A conversation that overshadows the looking at each other. How to start one?

"Uh, what are you doing?"

RC's uhm V6 relationship thread!
Darius needs some more friends, so I think he and Michael will be good ones :>

RC's uhm V6 relationship thread!
These also seem cool!

(Man, I don't know how to reply properly to these :C)