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Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Uh, I really doubt a jester win would end the game on day 1...because, well, just from an OOC perspective: Having finally a mafia game after several months break, ending on day 1 would be pretty disappointing. Also, Jesters are lame, there are way cooler 3rd parties that'd make the game interesting, in my opinion.

BTW, I'd like more reactions to accusations of being maf. There aren't enough.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Two votes? Yay, I guess?

Lemme fix this



Vote: General Goose

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread


So...Gianni said "((Joke))", quickly after stating an obvious joke. I assume, that he was scared to get lynched. He's kinda high on my suspicion list. Jumping on the Yugibandwagon doesn't help, either.

Sideliner just...fillered. He's either mafia or useless, so I put my eyes on him, as well.

My thesis with Espi and Vyse, not being mafia partners, stays.

Yugi's probably not mafia, he'd been more careful before claiming. Well, yes, he could be mafia, but he'd not go far with that strategy. We'll see what happens at night with him.

I agree with the activity thingy. We should kill the inactives before the GM does.

Naft voted Espi, his explanation doesn't persuades me. Still, both Grim and Naft try to search scum, actively and might achieve something, if they aren't scum themselves. So I guess, I'll look at them later.

So, my question will be:
Yugi, would you mind to be lynched?

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
After all the silliness Vyse began to be serious.

Vyse asked Yugi why he'd take such long time to respond. That doesn't tell me anything about whether they are maf or town, due to the fact that the question, really is silly. His comment on Espi, however is much more intelligent. Bussing Yugi as maf with that silly argument, is easier than criticizing Espi with a smart one.

Yugi's respond is...null. Espi's respond is much more serious. So I couldn't see Espi and Vyse as mafia partners.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Their interaction don't seem like one, you'd have with your partner.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Okay. I don't get how this debating will help us.

So far, I know that Vyse and Espi couldn't be mafia together, at least.

And yugi seems pretty neutral.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
I got my PM.

Vote: Un-Persona

Don't worry, Persy, this time Vyse won't be the reason.

Espi Draws
Wow, thanks they look good! I'm hyped for V6 already.

Espi Draws
Mmh, your concepts look pretty nice! I think I can think of the visually now. Uh, maybe Forrest.

V6 Concept Flash Prompts
I like love challenges.

Uh, I got a better name, but I copy-pasted from the Concept thread.

Scarlett McAfee likes to play the piano, also tap dances, avid reader of Star Wars AU books and sci-fi books in general, writes sci-fi stories and Star Wars fanfics herself, likes to hang out with friends, is interested in laws, wants to become either a lawyer or a police officer.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Sign-Ups
I'm gonna try it.

V5 Endgame Plastic Hammers
The Plastic Hammer Awards!

The Basics

Handler Name: RC

Your Trademark Character: Victor Danya

Current Status of Trademark Character: Backstabbed by a stuttering tech. Dammit Dorian.

Favorite Character: After thinking about that question, I concluded that it might be Joachim Lovelace. Considering that not everybody's story has concluded, things might change, however. Mara, Hansel and Rosemary are close to that as well. So are probably 148 other characters. I bet it will change anyway during the course of my time here.

Favorite Weapon: Maddie's/Nina's Pistol Dagger

Favorite Scene: Theo vs Hansel - Round II

Favorite Death: Boom. Baxter. Also Joe's and Maddie's were cool.

Favorite Quote: I multiplied. Then I subtracted.

Favorite Post: If I was V5 handler from the beginning it probably would've been the Prologue. Because hype.

Favorite Location: The Amusement Park, because stuff's happening there. Right now.


Best Character Development: Ami Flynn's character development was my favourite one.

Best Game Impact: Hansel for killing fucking 14 people and being indirectly responsible for the deaths of Maddie, Michael and Garrett as well.

Best Innovation: Definitely Tessa Blackridge. Maybe Tyler Lucas. Also, how can I forget Xavier, who's the way better Carson. Also, Pirates and Cowboys. Arrr!

Best Realism: Gray, because it's Gray.

Best Heroic Character: Rosemary, probably.

Best Villainous Character: Hansel for the living ones. Max, Travis, Summer, Miranda and Leona were also cool. And some more. I can't list all of them, seriously.

Best Tragic Character: Mirabellaynard Stronghurst. Maybe Maddie as well.

Best Humorous Character: I'm a RemoteControl. I can't laugh. But Michael attempted to tickle me.

Best Tactics: Matt Vartoogian, definitely.

The Sympathy Award: Uh, everyone. Because I can't otherwise.

The Empathy Award: Mark Little. It's true.

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: Every inactive character. And most rolled characters, but can't change that.

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: To not list a killer: Adonis was a jerk in pregame I heard.

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: Jessica Murphy's death was impressing.

The Stomach-Churner: Summer eating the donuts. And also her eating Naomi. Dude Fortified as a honorable mention. And some of KK's kills.

Best Impact: Mara killing Summer with a boom probably changed things. Gavin Hunter for the corpse party, the reactions to it and killing Bill.

Best Comedy: Travis' goofiness. Also some of Michael's plot. Also Toben deleting Doc's account. And the Naft gifs.

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: I think it still is that scene with Hansel, Virgil, Tyler, James and Travis.

Best Feeling-Inducer: Maybe my reaction to Matt's death. I didn't expect him to die.

Best Drama: Secret rolls was an awesome idea. I hoped my favourite characters would not die. Some of them did. Some of them didn't. But it was suspenseful as fuck. Entire Day 11.

Best Surprise: Waitwhat. Why's Marcus dead?

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? (Bonus points: Not the crash) I'd have given each handler a box of chocolate. Also I'd have made it a final five instead of a final four. And of course, I'd put in a bazooka, lazerguns and more grenades as a BKA.

There are four remaining characters. Who are you counting on to be the overall winner of V5? Obvious choice would be Joeysel Wadolto. But yeah, either of the characters winning wouldn't mind me. All are pretty good characters. As everybody says Mara, I say Hansel though.

How do you predict the ending of V5 is going to turn out? Tracen and the winner will have a nice epilogue. Then the winner will go home. The Epilogue will be finished, just like in V1 and V4.

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V5? I did enjoy not enjoying it.

What do you like the most about V5? The handlers. Awesome guys. And Mimi's art.

What do you think could have been better about the version? More epic fights, more daring things, more memorability.

What do you think of the overall SOTF story? The new terrorists are nice. I kinda wish there was more from them, but yeah. V1-4 already had super much about them, so having a less terrorist but more student-focused is nice, too.

How do you feel about V5 compared to prior versions? Less Epicness, less terribleness. V5 needed more songposts tho.

How do you think V6 will differ from/compare to V5 and prior versions? People will do more things, no more filler characters, epic scenes. Also Naftastic concepts.

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5? Writing the sample posts was fun to me.

Which of your V5 characters was your favorite to write? Victor Danya, obviously. Though I wish I had done more with Melvin Carter.

What are you proudest of in V5? I liked the relationship between father and son I tried to depict. Victor was less insane than before. Oh, also my votes on BKA barely had an influence on who won. I'm a bad sheep.

What do you wish you could improve? Read less, write more.

What is your favorite V5 memory? The hope I had when I bid on several characters. Also, chat. And people recommending me V5 characters to read.

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! Rebirth is a fun game, cats are cute and please don't eat lightbulbs.

Project: Wiki
I like the idea of the weapons! That really is a neat idea. Maybe, we could link the threads they picked it up (or did not) then, too. The big BKA page doesn't really bother me, so I have an indifference between whether it's four pages or just one. So, there's stuff to do while we can't update the wiki, because of spoilers then.

EDIT: There was an edit in V4 when Endgame came. I'm not sure whether it'll be necessary to do that in V5 or not. What are your thoughts on that? I mean, Endgame could be over quickly, but it also could take long. So yeah.

V3 Read-A-Thon
So yeah, Guy Rapide...

His profile was okay for V3. I mean it was pretty interesting, but I heard that parkour was used a lot by other people (But it could be that it was V4, I can't remember). And his profile was written in a different narrative, the first person one. But it was V3 and other characters also did that. And unless eating shit was meant literally, I could imagine meeting him on the street. If it was meant that way however, then it's just weird. I don't know if he's stereotypical, he might be, but I'm not familiar with them. Also it does not happen often that strangers stab kids for no reason, but it at least gave Guy some characterization. He's a coward, with a big mouth and he can run fast. Rapid. I wonder if his name was intentionally Rapide. Maybe. Probably. His profile also was barely about Southridge, which is not as good as if he tells more us about his school life, instead of the street life, I guess. But I think if I was in V3 and read his profile, I could imagine his reputation, and as it was in the first person perspective and how he talks, too. Oh, also, on the island he was nicely described and revealed by other characters, for example Kallie, which was nice, so he had relationships and descriptions despite having no...

Well. Guy had no pregame.

So Guy starts his game at the Small Cottage, a place where something strange will happen later, but let's not mention that. He has a pretty good introduction, without a waking up reaction, just with him meeting the group (But he explains the wake up later). He also was compared indirectly with one of Slacker's V2 characters...however he mispelled the name, oddly. But references are cool, kinda. So he instantly meets his best buddies in the cottage, which is really cool. Darnell and Kallie were his friends, the other people are people Guy barely mentions, but all of them wanted to be peaceful. So, I asked myself: Guy met his (best) friends instantly. Is that good in SOTF or not? Do you prefer to read having people search each other (like Adam and Izzy or Michael and Daniel) or just instantly finding their best/close friends (ala Lenny and Liz or Brook and Jason, who met each other instantly)? I think it worked for Guy, because he splits up with them to join them later to split up again, which is kinda cool in SOTF, as the changing of perspectives is very interesting. I like that.

Like old V1-3 group threads...not much happened. I think it was okay. They just formed a group, then more people joined and then Ken caused drama and paranoia so one member leaves, the others leave, the group is split and new paths open. Thread had drama in it, gave Kallie and Ken and some other characters some real good early-game characterization (although the leadership drama/idea behind the split was not a really original nor an appealing concept to me and I'm not sure whether it was used to characterize them or if that just was a reason to leave the overcrowded thread. Probably the former.). So Guy searches Kallie, leaving Darnell and the others behind. He kinda was attracted to her and is like he was already characterized loudmouthy and perverted in the thread, giving other people information how he's as a person.

Next comes my very favourite scene of Guy! You know, I'm not a fan of accidental deaths, they really can get absurd (dropping scalpels, falling on rocks, sudden exploding), but Alex Steele's death was my favourite accidental death of V3. The thread was a nice introduction to Alex and Guy got a real cool story. I recommend to read it, it really was a nice scene. Guy's reaction also seemed legit and then Alice and Theobaldt and Guy had this meeting. Guy, the short guy, was the heroic guy from the gigantic Theobaldt, who was doing Theobaldt stuff like secretly choking Alice while acting and then leaving. Guy doesn't seem like a villain, despite having that super jerky personality, but not like a hero either. But he seems to be a better person with Alice together. That made Guy a pretty recognizable, not so static, character. It was nice. It was the beginning of a cheesy, cute or cool romance or not. That's a personal matter, I think?

Alice and Guy then left the Mess Hall to find his friends. He actually missed one friend who went to the Mess Hall, but that's just trivial...uh they basically then meet Ken, Kallie and Matt, the first people Guy met. The five of them formed a group, until Guy, Kallie and Alice abandoned the stalker and stoner. Then they met SADD, Maxie and Keith, an important friend of Kallie. Then Alice and Guy left, because it's crowded.

So, Alice/Guy...was not a terrible romance, but not one who grabbed my feelings either. I mean it definitely isn't as good as some of the V2, ones like the Bryan/Tori, Andi/Peter or Ricky/Whitney or Huy/Anna ones nor is it like some of these weird V1 ones, like Wednesday/Chi or Peri/Dorien. I think in early-V3 Alice/Guy and Dodd/Izzy were the most noticeable ones (unless you count the Courtney/Steve/Serenity or Kara/Gabe/Viki/Evan thingy or even the shortlived couples who killed each other). So, it was a romance Oligopoly, maybe? Especially OOC. It was kinda cool and felt a bit anime. At least that's how I imagined. What was your favourite early V3 romance? Or even late romances, which existed quite more often. Inb4 you guys say Lenny/Liz.

Ah, back on the island to the topic. While they were together through the island in some days, meeting people, they created interesting, but not super notable scenes. Guy was being snarky. Alice was being shy. The most notable was probably the scene with Clive and Lilah, because shots were fired and because of the kiss. And then his death. Well, would anybody be surprised if the death is my least favourite part of his story?

I asked myself: Why was that even done? Was it just for the sake of a 72 Hours reference V1-3 already had enough of? I mean, I have to look at the bright side, I liked the idea of retconning who the father of Mary's baby was, I mean, it fit. The knocking out and waking up tied up is also a very nice plot idea. The penis-eating and torture thingy, however, really isn't. It's terrible. Mary could've been characterized different before getting killed off. It was not necessary for her to be batshit crazy and cut people's feet and other limbs, you know? While giving Keith some flashback with Guy is a cool idea, though, it rubs me a bit the wrong way, because Guy mentioning Keith in his thoughts felt random and character pushing. But yeah, I have no idea why people in V3 had a competition for something revolutionary disturbing like that death. This death seems like a way to troll people, really. Also, it was an inactivity kill. Luckily none of our current inactive characters gets treated that way ._.

After he died, he had some impact in the story, by influencing Alice, who School Days-esque took his head and went with it to Guy's acquaintances, which influenced things, until she died.

Well, Alice was in the escape attempt before she went inactive, so I wonder what would've happened if Guy was not inactive. I think he'd have been able to be in the escape attempt and might've escaped. But it also would've been likely that he just would be killed there.

As for the music (this is V3 after all, I can't finish a review without mentioning the songs), I have to admit that the songposts/titles, of the scenes Guy is in, are recommendable to listen to while reading the scenes. It creates a better atmosphere.

So...Guy was one of the better Slacker characters, I could say. He was sane, he was snarky with not much over the top and he did not try to do unique things like BB or Sorenson or stuff like that. While he isn't my favourite Slacker character overall (I might talk about them in the V1-2 Readathon, cause they really were neat), Guy was one of my favourite ones of Slacker in V3.

Should you read Guy? Uh, definitely not the entire thing, like, if you read him just...skip the death, you know? I mean, unless you are into this weird demonic stuff, you can read it, but still. Don't. If you want to read it for the romance, read him (although there are other alternatives). If you want to read it for action, I probably wouldn't recommend it. If you want to get inspired for snarky comments, sure why not. If you want to get inspiration for disturbing scenes for V6, please don't. I beg you :c


Just to get a random thought out of my brainhead I'd ask one thing for discussion. What would you guys wish for the V3 Epilogue? It might be completed. Or that's what I hope :<

My wishes would be that firstly, Arty from SADD would be mentioned again. Then that Adam and Izzy marry and Adam renames himself into Adam Cheung (so he cannot be abducted again). Then I'd like to know what Keith does. I'm not sure if that guy is supposed to die in the attempt or survive. Yeah, some Escape flashbacks would be nice to read. With action and stuff. Oh, and of course song lyrics must be there too, I bet.

Third time's the charm, I guess? Roll me another.

V5 Final Four/Endgame Discussion Thread
Congratz every V5 participant and Naft, Dan, decoy and Vicky!

I'm extremely hyped to read Endgame! Will people get Redemption? Or will Everybody Lose in this Denouement? Bad references aside, I'm curious what the name of this Endgame will be.

I really like the Final Four, it has different people! If all four meet, I think it will be nice situation. Some people there probably don't want to fight, some others do. Some people met each other, alredy like Zubin and Mara, some other have not, like Joey and Hansel. It definitely is interesting. I would predict things, but I can't. The unpredictability makes things even more tensive. I can however try to tell that there might be a fight, so things might get super exciting, maybe. Every Endgame had a fight, right? Also, the location will be interesting, too. Where will it be? The mall or even the hotel? Or somewhere else? Man, I wanna read it.

There are also some interesting Endgame stats. I'm curious how the V5 Endgame will turn out. After all it's my very first Endgame and Epilogue I witness :3

I bet it'll be my favourite main Endgame.