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Better Than Nothing
Thank you for replying, everyone.

Kalopsia, thanks...I guess.

Persy, It's a pleasure trying to help you. I'm looking forward to read the RJ posts that I haven't read.

I don't know why there are errors for you, swirly, though. Maybe you should retry it after an hour or something like that.

Toben, I also tried searching on
But there were no screenshots of September

boardreader seems to have more than this, because when you search for the thread title they show different segments before searching, so I'd really suggest SOTF should definitely PM them if they have more content.

Finally a full complete missing post(Of Cobbler...or SOTF_Help):

Here are some other links:

There are too many missing posts for me to search all on my own, so I won't find them all. I'd suggest to do it yourself.
Here's the site:

You can search the thread title, so you might find it. For example this(note that there is a missing segment shown that wasn't in the topicprofile):

Under the post there is a green SFT. Press on the F you get to the profile of the site(SOTF_V2), if you click on the F you go to the profile of the Forum(Top Floor) and if you press on the T you get to the profile of the Topic:

I think that's a good explaination how I find them.

So yeah other two threads I've found...both One-Shots:

So what should I do? Should I search all threads or should you do it yourselves?

Better Than Nothing
Hey, It's me, RC.
I have links that lead might have some of the lost sentences of the crash, I know it is not much as the posts were really large, but I guess it's better than nothing. It might help rewriting things.
Well I suck at writing introductions so I'll just go ahead.

First one is "Don't Panic" by Pippin and swirlythingy:
Posts 1-12 are still here on the board, but Post 13-15 are missing. So yeah as I said there are no complete posts unfortunately.

Now we come to "Fowl Waters" written by CondorTalon:

2005 Thom Chuck and Woody Woodrow were cruelily slaughtered by the trio Shinya Motomura, Peri Barclay and Stevan Hyde. 2012 Ray Gilbert...I don't know what happened to him to be honest as I haven't read the thread before it vanished:

No I just don't know why the name is this weird and I can't find the thread, but when you scroll down you can see 3 Espi posts(Nemesis,All our Days and a conflict of interests. The first one is not a missing post though):

This link might lead to posts to some lost Harbour posts:

And here's RJ:

There weren't many Meanwhile posts, but there were some:

SOTF's page, because I'm a bad researcher.

A meanwhile thread of a boy whose hat everyone will miss. I hope:

Round and R:

Another Theo thread:

And another one:

Yesterday...All my datas seemed so far away:

Paris', not Persphone, private thread:

Just realized something: They might really have our full posts:

Yesterday was Carnival: Catus Carnival:

Well I'm too lazy to have a comment at every posts so I'll finsih by just blantantly copypasting:


Okay...to be honest I'm getting a bit demotivated and I think this post's going to be a way too long so I'll just submit it now. I'll post again for more links...probably.
I really hope either boardreader have our posts or zetaboards will give them us back. I'd like to suggest messaging boardreader if they have the full versions.
Sorry for the randomness and poorliwrittenness in this post, but I'll post more in this thread later maybe with a more clear mind.
And would there be not another way of restoring data? Couldn't we kindly ask Google or the NSA? Or isn't there someone who copypastes the posts?
As I said I'm not a good researcher so I might have not found everything, so you guys might also give it a try finding the data.
These were just some sentences so I might not be really useful but it might help structuring the rewriting or something like that.
So yeah I'll probably post sometimes more links I've found.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Sorry for inactivity, I was busy.
So yeah here's a long post where I answer all questions.
But before doing that I'll simply UNVOTE because voting him doesn't make sense anymore.

How should I defend myself? Pointing out towny things I've wrote would do nothing as mafiosi also can write towny. To be honest the mafiosi try to towntell more, cause they already know scum, don't they? I can't tell that I'm town cause it doesn't matter if I look towny or scummy, I just have to scumhunt.

Cheating? Why should mafia be able to cheat when they talk through PMs?

Yes I have mafia experience, else I probably wouldn't have joined.
You're right that if I had partner's they wouldn't have control over me, but you know: People need strategies to win. So I'd have asked for a strategy.
It was more than 24 because I am more busy. I had time to "lurk" and just read and attempt to post, but I had no time. I have now more time for mafia, however next week I'll probably will not.

I won't get lynched so I can keep my foses for myself. Mafia won't target me because I'm an easy scapegoat. Well if Vig tries to target me, he can try.
However if town really wants to lynch me and the majority is on me, I'd out my foses obviously. And no that is not a good reason to vote me. Don't forget:
More deaths+more deaths=more reads. So I'll wait a few days till I out my foses, if I survive that long. But day 1 foses are not really good, even though your ones are useful.

Yeah, also sorry that I am unable to quote right.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Nov 4 2013, 03:36 PM
Well I'll probably not post another 24 hours
Well...I just want to answer MWs questions, before I make a break...

So first one:
Everyone else randomvoted, so I did too. What else should I have done? Just no-lynched? Or don't vote at all? If that was the case wouldn't I have been voted too? Would there be a difference?

Second one:
As I already said one cannot scumread on day 1 unless you can meta. I have never played with anyone of you mafia so I have no reads. I'll need dead people and more days to have reads. So I have none yet. I have no Persy scum read, neither do I have a town read.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Nov 4 2013, 03:47 PM
Nov 4 2013, 03:36 PM
But think: If I was mafia wouldn't a maf parter prevent me to post something scummy?
Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone, but aren't mafia only able to talk to each other during night phase? So no, there's no way that a mafia person could give you the heads up that you appear scummy other than to do it in post which is kindda obvious.
Apologizes for instant replying and not waiting for others to talk: But can't mafiosi PM each other normally? Why should they just be able to communicate at night?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Don't worry I'll post now.
I posted 24 hours ago and now there are 5 sites of voting and unvoting me.
Well I have to admit I haven't read previous mafia threads here as I assumed this would be mafiascummy.
So people voted me and I'm currently the most voted one,so I have no doubt that one of the voters are scum as I am an easy townlynch. However maybe one unvoter might be scum who tries to gain my trust as they think I'm a newbie. That wouldn't make much sense when I am getting lynched.

But think: If I was mafia wouldn't a maf parter prevent me to post something scummy?

What is the purpose of Daystart except that people can speak before they are killed? We gain no information unless you can scumread day 1 which is impossible, except you meta hard.

Well I'll probably not post another 24 hours and in case I get lynched I can say you won't lose somebody useful and it'll certainly won't let the town lose. It's bad that we don't know how many mafias are here, but I doubt it'll be mylo on day 1. So I just assume there are 3-5 mafiosi and maybe some third parties.

So...what else can I say? I keep my vote as Persy keeps pushing on me and I see nothing towny in him yet. And no it's not omgus.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Well...so the best strategy here is randomvoting.

VOTE: Un-Persona

so a majority might be reached. We want someone to be lynched, right? Else we could just no lynch.

Buffy Mafia Sign-Ups
I'll join.