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Challenges for V6
Hello, my name is RC and I got a challenge from you. A bully, cause I'm a dick to my own characters and should become more a dick to other ones, I think. I forgot the reason, tbh.

Anyways. I accept it.

And I approve this idea/thread. V6 will have awesome characters.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I recently read through this thread. I like this thread.

So, V5 is almost over, so I wondered which V5 scene might be showed in the V6 Prologue. I personally want to see the Theo vs Hansel fight or some Summer scenes in it, but as the V3-5 Prologue teasers all had the theme "Betrayal"/"killing an ally" in it (Matt and Sera, Emma and Riz, Josie and Sierra) I think that in V6 Prologue there either will be Gray's kill of Sean or maybe Joachim's kill of Paris. I dunno, maybe Ami and Ruby, too. I currently can't think of other scene.

What do you want to see or think will be shown?

Birthday Threads and Security
I guess I'll just change my birthday to February 30.

But yeah, I think it is a real cool idea, Toben! Due to the reasons stated above.

However, I personally would actually prefer just 1 general birthday thread where people can post and congratulate whenever somebody has his/her birthday instead of having thousands of threads in a forum. But that's just my opinion. I'm curious how General Discussion will look like without the Birthday Threads. I bet I'd discover threads that nobody has ever seen before. And then Fun and Games suddenly won't have 9 pages anymore o_o

Trope Game
Oh, yeah. Wade Wilson isn't mine and I oddly have no permission for him. I just kinda assumed any dead V3-5 character would count. Maybe just replace our Doddpool with Rosemary then I guess?

Also yeah, I agree on these tropes, they are fitting. I'll try to find out some things if they even exist on tvtropes.


Titled After the Song: Non, je ne regrette rien

Sole Survivor: In Non, je ne regrette rien. But then she dies.

I Regret Nothing: Non, je ne regrette rien. Literally.

It May Help You on Your Quest: The seashell and flower she received from Takeshi.

Bearer of Bad News: "Juhan. Takeshi. Francis is...he's dead."

Only Known by Their Nickname: Cause well...she's more known as Bella than Mirabella, right?

Trope Game
Wade Wilson.

Cause I have no characters.

And because I know no tropes. But AxCrazy seems appropiate.

BDA Quote Nomination Thread #10
What if Michael just quoted RJ Lowe and we never noticed?

Yo, dude. I'm Michael. Safety in numbers is probably the truest cliche around, so whaddya say to sticking with us?

or maybe

Just me, alone. A man against the world. Surviving against the odds.


Do any of you know where Hansel Williams is?

...or something else I can't think of.

Which version would be lacking of bios? V2, 3, 5 and 4? I wonder if the Minis will be also featured or not.

As for the setting, maybe a hospital like in every version.

Although I have 0 clue about Wrestling, I'd like to help in some way. Anyways, good luck and a yay for the resurrection!