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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Mafia game thread starts like always, people who are active like Vyse are active as always. I agree at the lynch > no lynch policy.

Yeah, we should lynch one of the lurkers.

Yeah, I am kinda lurking, but whatever. I'd vote people to get a reaction out of them.

This isn't your average everyday darkness
((Alessio Rigano continued from Blurry Eyes))

Footsteps echoed through the gym.


It was night, the gym was dark.


But the changing room was even darker.


No one could see him.


But he could see no one.

Blurry Eyes
((Alessio Rigano continued from Hang in There))

Alessio questioned whether it was worth it to feel satisfied over Vanessa hurting him. He wondered what the point was. Whether it was worth it to get killed for the sake of spreading his name. Was it really all worth it just to make Vanessa sad? To make her regret it?

Perhaps. It was not like he had much to lose. Just a life that he would lose either way.

Alessio walked through the cove and stared at the beautiful moon of May. His arms, still in the suit. He failed to figure out how to free himself. He needed a pointy point to destroy it. He'll find it, eventually. Or not and die.

Yesterday, he was angry and mad. Today, he felt sad and empty. There was anger, but he had not thought about Vanessa while Michael fucked with him. Being threatened to be thrown out of a tower does not make you think about your emotional anger.

But yesterday everything, everything seemed logical and legitimate to do. It was legimate and logical to kill a person who was already going to die either way for the sake of hurting Vanessa, to get rid of competition, to let the game end faster. But it still went on. It was just 2 people he took out. And this day he did not kill anyone. The game did not feel like it would end faster. Yesterday, his mind was logical, his actions were smart.

But now, it did not make as much sense as it did yesterday.

He wanted to live. He did not want to die by being thrown a tower. He did not want to be killed by people who might want to kill him, because he killed.

He wanted to live, to leave and to leave Vanessa behind.

But it was hard. He can’t forget the pain that was worse than dying she had caused.

The moment of rage only lasts some time, but it also goes away. But it also will come back.

He wanted to be happy. But that ain’t happening while he’s in the island.

He wants to start a new life. Get out, get new friends, move in a different city.


He had a chance for a new life. A life without Vanessa. With someone that loves him.

He had to play, maybe win.

...kill them...start a new life...with new friends...with new memories…

He could try. But he also could decide to give up.

Alessio walked to the water, to look at the water mirror. Al looks himself in the mirror. A beard. He was growing up. When he was outta here, he was grown up. No more this childish look. A small, tiny, chin beard.

That's what he should do.

Man the fuck up.

He wanted to start a new life. He would not do the same mistakes again, with barely befriending anyone. He would live a normal life. A life, where he was more open.

But...would the people out there want to have a killer as a new friend?

Hey, my name is Alessio and I killed two people, do you want to hang out with me? I survived SOTF and am traumatised and need meds to deal with it. I am just a normal teenager who killed two people in cold blood. Let's hang out.

But that was just one side. Alessio really felt like there was a devil and an angel sitting on his shoulders. He was uncertain whether his course was the right one. He had to think about it. Torn between yes and no.

Life isn’t over. He was not in his 20s yet, even. He hadn’t had a job where he gained enough money to start a family. He had a future.

Or he will die.

He was not strong, he was not a killer. He was just a boy. One that is not able to do anything. He had to look realistically.

Man up, become adult.

Alessio was hungry and felt terrible, because he had no food. No bag. No arm. No ally. He should search for one. Food. Ally. Bag. A way to get his arms free.

He should’ve stayed with Audrey. He wanted to, he should’ve. But he couldn’t. He was too scared, But now he’s scared because he’s alone again.

He could not be with someone, because he could not trust them. He could not be alone, because he could not trust himself.

((Alessio Rigano continued in This isn't your average everyday darkness))

Hang in There
The spitted-on killer stood up. Without his arms. It was awkward to not push himself up with his arms. But he might be able to get rid of this weird suit.

"Uh, th-thanks, Audrey."

That was a scary experience.

He inhaled the air of the tower deeply. He had no idea how to process the information of the experience that had happened to him some moments ago. He calmed down. He scaredly looked at Audrey and also went down the stairs. He was free.

He needed to go down, to his freedom. Slowly, to not fall down the stairs. Heights were scary. He should stay low.

Audrey. Audrey could. He did not know what Audrey would do with him. Free him of his suit, perhaps. But no, he needed no one to free him from this suit. He was a grown-up man. He was no baby, he could open it himself. Audrey could not help him. He has to help himself. He's the one responsible for not getting killed by other people.

Audrey probably would want to talk with him.

Alessio did not want to talk with anyone. He just wants to rest, to recover himself and calm himself down. No talking.

Al talked too much today.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Blurry Eyes))

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
watched the manga, read the movie

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I have received my role

Hang in There
What had they done to him, though? Alessio did not know.

He did not know if he wanted to know. He knew that he wanted to not be here anymore.

He knew that 'here' meant 'with Maria and Michael'. Audrey was a cool person to be around, given that she somehow trusted him. Mayhaps not totally, but she wouldn't treat him like Mike.

Him grabbing his jaw. Him throwing him out of the tower. Him making jokes.

He looked down the tower.

Alessio was fully awake now.

He could already imagine falling down. My god, the ground was getting closer the closer he looked. He sometimes thought what it was like to fall down a building. He empathised with people who died at the twin towers by jumping when that was a topic, and he knew that was not an experience he wanted to experience. Feeling air and then just falling on the ground to die.

Alessio did not want to talk. He'd rather die than-

No, he didn't wanna die.

"I'm scared. Please don't kill me."

How long could Michael catch him?

"I had reasons to kill. I had a reason. And I'm done- I'm done with killing."

He blended out the jokes, all he focused on was not dying.

V6 Podcast
new guests!

V6 Island Tracker
In the future I'll leave out the numbers in parathensis, because it's kinda more work than it's worth, because no one checks this to go 'oh, this thread has fewer people in them, I'll join it'. Exception are the threads with just 1 peron in it.

Boom. Headshot.

Boy 23 - Darius Van Dyke - Dead

Bye bye, hell.

V6 Seventh Rolls
Don't take Trav, take a goat instead, just like in the bible.

Get it, cause Van Dyke's a beard with a goat-ee.

“Jesus, don’t Samuel L. Jackson me”

((Darius Van Dyke continued from Kiss the Bottle))

Where did the fucking gun come from? That scared him. And that lunatic shot.

“Chill. Let me just enjoy my meal.”

So he continued to devour his midday snack.

Will was no killer. He was a fucking prick and a huge asshole, but is no killer. He’s an idiot, too for firing off the shot. Now real killers might come for them here.

“You don’t need to be so soulless just because your ex decided to become a ginger.”

He chuckled.

“actually, y’know what? That’s it! Your Irish! You’re into irish people, no?”

Makes sense.

“fucking hell, you incestious motherfucker”

Dariush had to giggle at that thought.

“speaking of mother. Your mother played tetris all day.”

Darius was a master at imitating a blowjob face.

“if it fits it disappears.”

Jesus Christ, a joke streak. Bradley would’ve been proud of him.

“Is that how she died? OH GOD MY HAIR BURNS SOMEBODY PUT OUT-”

Fucking hell. Will punched him. He was so aggressive, although he did nothing. Gah. And he touched him. God fucking damn it, why did he want to grab him?

“Fuck off, don’t touch me.”

That was his initial reaction. But he could talk himself out of that.

“Hey, sorry man. It’s just that I’m hungry, y’know?”

Really, punching someone just for eating food? What the fuck.

“Calm down, dude. There’s no need to be violent and upset.”

Hm, now that Darius thought about it. There probably was.

Will and Rea. Asshole and total bitch couple. Both were terrible people.

“Anyway, how’s it being single? Feels good? Being freed from Rea.”

He chuckled.

“I mean, Rea was an annoying bitch, wasn’t she?”

It felt good talking about something silly and non-SOTF related like his classmates. Just like back then.

It was shitty and Darius walked through the shithole.

He was not alone in the room.

There was a person sleeping in a bed. As a result, they also left their bag unattended. That was a thing. So, he looted the bag and found delicious food. Actually, it was not delicious, but it was food nonetheless. Can’t have too much of it.

Ah, a snack would be cool. So he bit on it.

Oh shit, that guy on the ground opened his eyes. Darius looked at him and recognised that ugly face. He showed him the bitten bread of his.

“Were you gonna eat that?”


Kiss the Bottle
((Darius Van Dyke continued from a terrible science trip))

Darius found alcohol. He drank it. It probably was not good anymore. He did not know how old it was. All he knew was that he knew where to find it.

Alcohol made school trips better. Way better.


He should've been more friendly.


Not survival. No, just being friendly to other people. Fucking morons.

And they did not take him serious. Even though, fuck.

He should've pretended to be someone else. But some people don't want to change. Some people don't want to give up their identity.

And there was no need to be sad for him.

People die here. It's simple. People should deal with that. Darius did deal with it. Fucking pussies like Jonathan did not.

Alcohol makes people hungry.

((Dariush Van Van Van... ...))

Demons Dance Alone
This is what Darius was talking about. This. Fucking. Shit.

'Cut. That. Now.'

Lili coorperated with Raina. Fucking hell. There was nobody here he could trust.

"Fine. Then go ahead and do your own escape group. With blackjack and hookers."

Good fucking luck, Hatsune and chinese smoker girl and stoner fucking Johnny.

"I need to piss."

Darius out.

((Darius Van Dyke. Ragequit.))

Demons Dance Alone
There was a line between confident and arrogant. Raina crossed the line. God, what kind of person is she?

"You just look around, huh? Here's absolutely nothing."

He looked closely at Raina and her ugly blue hair and blue-grey outfit. What an otaku.

"Also what the fuck are you wearing, Hatsune? Did Jesus die for these sins as well?"

He pointed his index and middle finger at her as if it was a gun.

"You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you. But give us your damn rations and cigarettes."

He squeezed his fingers.


Improvisation. He had no idea what the fuck he should do. That must look really fucking crazy on the camera.

He looked up. The camera. Oh wait. How the fuck can a camera work without electricity? How can a loudspeaker work without electricity?



Electricity is nice to have. Perhaps to kill someone, perhaps to disable the collars. Who knew.

Still, Raina and Johnny were not good for his plan. He pointed his finger gun at the camera. "You're next."

Then, he turned his head to Cristo.

"What're you looking at? Pointing guns at terrorists and girls entering my door. This is a typical saturday for me."

Hang in There
((Alessio Rigano continued from Alone Again (Naturally)))

Al's head ached.

He opened his eyes and was trapped in a suit for crazy people. And he saw Michael with Maria. He breathed heavily and spit out water.


He coughed.

He wanted to get up, but was too weak.

He looked at Michael's eyes, then looked back into the distance. A third person. Audrey. A buddy of Alessio. But Al was just confused. He had no clue what was happening right now.

Demons Dance Alone
"Lili, think about it. People are dying and we have more bags with food than people alive. Rations will never be a problem."

Darius sighed. How can one be so pessimistic?

"Really, I'd agree with you, but then both of us would be wrong."

Darius hoped that they would not meet Leslie again. Because Leslie was spooky. He did not want to know what would've happened if she actually ambushed them without failing. Darius probably would be in a place where no Darius belonged.

But then, Leslie came back. She opened the door and wait that was not Leslie. It was Raina.

"Fuck off! Leave us alone."

Arrogant bitches were not good people on the island.[1][2] Nor were weeaboo bitches.[3] Even if Raina was not a player, Darius' group already had too many members, so there was no room for her to join the Van Dyke squad.[citation needed]
[1] Isabel
[2] Kimiko
[3] Nancy-san-sama-otaku-chan

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