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Divorce Bread
Beds were more comfortable than floors. Conrad knew that, at least. Okay, maybe it was good to sleep on hard surface. People did that before beds were invented, after all. And Clarice was also a bit a native american and they had no beds in their tents either.

Clarice seemed to be sad and confused, as the 'walking thing' was apparently a lie (surprise!). She escaped her house without her parents knowing.

"Yeah, sometimes they shout at each other. Everybody does. I mean, if you live with a person for a long time, it's normal to get into fights."

Hmm, but now that he thought of it, the last occurence of his parents fighting was some time ago. What was more common...

"My parents don't have time to shout at each other, though. They are too busy at shouting at me and my siblings."

Hmm, did that help?

"Uh, and you get used to it, I suppose. That's a way to stand it. Though it's absolutely annoyyying."

He tried to smile. No, he smiled to try to make her less sad.

Divorce Bread
After scooching to the side, Conrad listened to Clarice.

She didn't want to call her parents. But he really had to tell mom. Or else she'd be mad if she found out that somebody went into his room without her knowing.

So Clarice suggested either to call the parents later, or for her to sleepover.

Conrad had no idea what to do, as he never thought of this happening. Home intruders, yes. But a friend of him coming to his house during the night? Definitely not.

"I guess...you should do whatever you think would be the best idea."

He did not want to be mean by sending her out of his house, but he didn't want her to sleep on the floor.

Floors aren't as soft as beds.

"I mean, if you want, you can sleep in my bed and I could sleep on the couch in the living room."

Divorce Bread
"I am watching James Bond!", Conrad happily exclaimed. He offered a pillow next to him for her to lean on. "Come, sit here!"

She apparently...jogged? Walked? Now? Conrad doubted that. He could not believe her to walk at this time alone. No sane parent would allow that. At least he wouldn't as a dad.

Oh, kidnapping. Right, yeah it was not safe in Kingman to go out at this time. His dad said that people kidnap people to steal organs to sell them. That was mean and greedy. And it was a horrible thought of it happening.

He did not look at the TV any longer, but looked at Clarice instead. She was lost and couldn't find home. He had to tell that mum and dad, then!

"Maybe we can tell my parents to call your parents, because. Because you are lost."

Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers
"Hello, Alvaro! Sorry for the lettuce there", he said while he attempted to make a :/ face.

Replying to Juniper, Alessio turned to face her and said with a smile: "Both Michelle and Massimo probably have fun right now."

Al wanted to ask, how Juniper's cat was, but he couldn't remember the name. Something with S?

As Lily sneezed, however, he knew that she was sick. He'd have offered a tissue, but didn't, as it looked like she was currently taking one out of her bag.

"God bless you!"

Divorce Bread
Conrad was leaning with his blond hair against the wall, while sitting on his bed. His eyes were fixated on the television. His back was supported by his soft pillows.

Time passed as he watched and nothing unusual happened, until he heard knocks from his window. He was shocked, scared, for a second. Mama warned him about robbers, about bad people, breaking into their house. Never let a stranger into your house, when they knock on the door!

But what about windows? Conrad knew what to do in case that happened. No, not violence. He wouldn't take a book and smash it into a stranger's face. He knew that a kid wasn't as powerful as an adult.

He dreamed, that if something this surreal happened, he would not run away or scream like a baby. No, he would persuade the robber! There's always the good side of people! They probably need money to survive, robbers are probably poor beggars who steal to buy food, to not starve. Conrad could calmly talk to robbers. He could counsel them and maybe, if mum allowed him, lend him money so they can buy food. There was no need to be mean to thieves, when they just did the stealing out of necessity. They are broken people who need help and Conrad would love to help them.

But, fortunately for Conrad, he recognised the voice and it was no stranger at all. So it was no home intruder. He looked at the window...


Opening the window to let Clarice, whose face was on the window, in, he was confused.

"What are doing? Why are you here?"

Conrad attempted to set the ball back to Trav, but the volley ball connected with the top of his fingers, resulting in the ball bouncing behind Conrad. Turning, he walked towards the ball and dunked it while replying and returning to Trav.

"I think we just have to warm up by playing the ball with a partner."

When Conrad looked for Parkinson, he saw how he and some other students were about to take a net to position it at the center of the gym hall.

"Should we help?", Conrad asked, before once again setting a ball to Trav.

Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers
Oh, why was Alvaro's chair here?


Oh. He was sitting on Alvaro's chair!

"Sorry! So sorry."

Alessio then sat up and moved to the chair next to him, while taking his burger and thermos with him. A salad leaf however fell on Alessio's former and Alvaro's current place. Alessio noted in his head to clean the table with a serviette when he has a free hand.

"Sorry, will clean it later."

Then, he took another sip.

My Friends Are Assholes
Crossing his arms, he realised that Caedyn and Fiyori made good points.

"Really? Randomly accusing Fiyori to be a thief?"

Darius looked skeptical about Jeremy's claim. Jeremy's points seemed to be pulled out of his ass.

"Wow, stop being so racist, Jerebear!"

He liked the nickname. Jerebear. He had to managed to pronounce it without laughing out loud, but with a big grinning face.

He really was tempted to pat Jerebear. So he reached with his right hand for Jeremy's hair to rub it, to ruin it, to make it chaotic.

Also, did Jerry say something? Darius thought he heard something, but he wasn't going to ask Jerry to repeat what he said.

V6 Siblings
Thank all of you! :3

Yugi's Arty Thread!
Wow, v6 is complex 0.0

V6 Siblings
I'd like to add Celine Luz to the family, but I'm not sure where she should be in the family tree!

Conrad let the ball bounce on the floor before it jumped back up to his hand.

He had in fact played volleyball before. Some time ago. But just beach volleyball. Fun times, though it was not in the gym and just for fun.

"Yes, I have!"

However, he cannot remember the rules anymore. What he did know was how to set and bump. Conrad then threw the ball straight in the air, so when it came down, he could set the ball to Trav with his fingers forming a triangle.

My Friends Are Assholes
Well, then it was not Mario Kart 8 but Mario Kart 7. Guh. Details. Numbers. Wow, such a knock-out argument.

And who cares about what the wrestler's called? Bradley's wisey wisey wisdom correcting was obnoxious. Bad Bradley habit.

At least Bradley pointed out, that Frasier was bad at defending himself. Let the pros do the talking. Another thing was that Caedyn and Fiyori were witnesses.

"Well, looks like you're caught, Frasier".

And Jerry...

Let's not further discuss Jerrestler's conversation. Conversation? Monologue? Soliloquy? Was there a hidden camera anywhere?

Turning back at Jeremy, he wanted to conclude this dilemma.

"So, where is my 3DS? Tell me. Did you steal it? Did one of your friends do it and you didn't want to backstab them?"

Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers
Both Lily and Juniper claimed to be fine, which decreased the size of possible topics they could talk about. That was until Juniper pointed out the deliciousness of the veggie burgers, as she pointed at her tray. Alessio looked at the tray and then back at his burger he hadn't bitten in yet he hold with one hand. On the other hand he hold the thermos with the coffee he sipped from until having stopped and having placed it on the table.

"It's coffee! Tasty coffee. I'm alright, though I'm a bit sleepy and tired. Though this coffee helps me."

Hm. So, hopefully the burger wasn't as bad as Juniper claimed it to be.

Bite. Chew. Taste. Swallow.

"This one's alright."

Maybe it was just the veggie burger that tasted bad.

Alessio quickly repositioned the burger so the stuff inbetween the bread wouldn't fall out.

Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers
((Alessio Rigano continued from Fabulous and Opinionated))

Burgers. Actually, burgers are usually delicious. But, it was the cantina.

Probably healthier than McDonalds, but not as tasty. Still, it was better than nothing. Alessio's tummy was rumbling. He needed energy for the next classes. Alessio, waking up late, was not able to pack lunch for school.

So he had to go to the Cafeteria to get something edible. Having grabbed the hamburger, he searched a place to sit down.

There were not many choices: Empty places or places that were already taken. And a place next to Juniper and Lily.

Juniper! Well, that was an easy choice.

There was an empty chair on their table, so he sat down on it.

Alessio would have asked whether he could sit down there, if it wasn't Juniper and Lily. Talking to strangers is difficult and overall a weird act. But talking to the two of them was wayyy easier. He can talk to them smoothly without awkwardness.

"Hey, Juniper, Lily! How are you?"

Lily looked a bit less Lily-like, though. Maybe sick, maybe tired.

Alessio looked at the table he sat at. He inwardly shook his head. Yes, the food in the cafeteria was bad, really bad. But it still was rude towards the cafeteria workers to just leave food on the table when leaving. At least place it somewhere else.

Al, of course, did not notice the bag of Alvaro behind the chair.

Despite not having packed lunch, Alessio managed to take out his cup of coffee from his bag and drank a sip of it.

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Hah. Got Jeremy...or not. Darius had no clue how Frasier could dodge it. He was like Neo.

Then, he was hit from the back. Jonathan betrayed him, apparently, according to Michael's voice Darius heard. Well, you've gotta be prepared for everything.

And Neo grabbed another snowball and hit Darius in the face.

Ugh, and some of the ice went down his cleavage. Not nice. Ice is not nice.

And then some people left and said goodbye to Darius while he lied on the ground. After recovering, Darius stood up and realised: Not some people left, but everybody did.

Fabulous and Opinionated
When Nadia revealed that she had decided which pic it should be Alessio was relieved.

He might have been a helpful person to her.

Alessio then browsed on the internet to find cool games. He aimed for free or cheap games, but could not find any that interested him. Thus, he turned off the computer and left when he was finished.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers))

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Jan 14 2016, 12:55 PM
Jan 14 2016, 10:28 AM
Jan 14 2016, 10:04 AM
Surely you should read them yourself to get your own opinion though?
'quickly' read v4 characters?

Edit: Also, my opinion's not always Toben's opinion, obviously. But it helps me orientating. Imagine if there was not a comment of each character in v4. The wiki would be pretty empty and you would have no clue or directions.
Never said anything about it being quick.

Like reading a couple of posts or a thread should be able to give you an idea of whether you want to read someone or not. Going solely off someone else's opinion isn't the best thing to do when the material can be as differing in style and theme as a version can be.
Well, yes, reading the first thread of a character from the beginning is almost always the way I read characters.

But then I've already decided to have read the character. After having read posts/threads, I can decide whether to continue or not.

There are lots of characters in V4 and if I get interested in them, I read them. If somebody tells me via chat or in this case through wiki comments 'this character is good'/'this character is a villain'/'this character is an escapee' and I get interested, it is a good way for orientation.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Jan 14 2016, 10:04 AM
Surely you should read them yourself to get your own opinion though?
'quickly' read v4 characters?

Edit: Also, my opinion's not always Toben's opinion, obviously. But it helps me orientating. Imagine if there was not a comment of each character in v4. The wiki would be pretty empty and you would have no clue or directions.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
*thumbs up*

I like Toben's review on every V4 character, which is very helpful when stumbling upon a new character. Then I can look at the comment and see whether I wanna read them or not.