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Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
The new activity rules are awesome.

TwelveFourtyFive joins before Greedo does

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
I think one of my kids, presumably Darius, would be convinced by Skinny.

School Band?
Al plays the tuba, so if there's a school orchestra or band, he'd probably participate.

While Scarlett also plays the piano, I think that she'd probably not be in a school band thingy.

V6 Concepts Thread
Oh yeah, feedback. I should do that.

Jonathan Meyers...I think I have talked about him, haven't I? Well, apparently I did not post anything. Well, he's a cool concept with being a jerk outside and not a jerk inside. I think it was very well done in that Ciel prompt you did. Is there anything else to say? I'll surely look forward for that.

Marco Adams is a Naft challenge and therefore is very interesting to read automatically. Well his cheering up and catching attention would be very interesting in pregame, however if he receives bad news about a week before pregame, he'd be probably be bitter about that a longer time then. I think you meant abduction, I guess?

Danny will probably the character of yours who I'll look forward most to read. The concept of him dating people and then breaking up just has to be really cool in V6, as other people will have another impression. Also, because of ballet (and I can tell V6 pregame will have lots of ballet). And of course his prompt of him waiting for that girl was also very cool.

Clarice's activism will be fun to read or her reaction to other people. I mean, her pregame will have a guaranteed cool scene where she's showing her opinion I bet! And aggressive characters are sometimes fun to read, so yeah. Also her hobbies will probably be cool.

Lily seems like an interesting introverted character. I also think we had never a pony lover. I don't know much about knitting, but it sounds like a cool hobby. I think some people will look differently at her in pregame, maybe people will underestimate her. It certainly will be interesting.

Elle seems pretty interesting with the competetive nature. I think reading about her family might be interesting for me. I also like rude people! Also, I think we had not many drama people in V6 yet, so that's very cool.

Cassie's relationship with her brother will be interesting as well. While her hobbies are pretty cool, the coolest interest will be probably the partying/socialising in combination with her "I don't want drama" attitude. Probably because I smell V6 IC drama, or I hope at least something along that line will happen. Also, I haven't read an eating disorder character, iirc. So I hope it will be handled well. Also your sig looks cool.

The Mafia Waiting List
Uh, what about V1 Mafia? Might I try to run it?

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
so 4 people voted Seth yesterday. Naft, boogie, Vyse and Toben. It obviously means that at least one of them has to be mafia (because why the hell would mafia not vote the tracker?).

Seth voted Goose, but it seemed like a sheep rather. I think possible scum teams might be...

So boogie and Vyse vote Badb, meaning that they probably do not buss. So it could be that they're the same aligment. Badb's statement don't seem town at all, it's appealing to emotion and stuff, without much evidence.

So, the people I suspect most in a random order:

1. Badb
2. Naft
3. Gianni
4. Toben
5. boogie
6. Vyse

So, this lynch is most likely very important, meaning it could be lylo. However the fact that 2 people voted Badb should actually make me think that mafia must've voted her. However, in lylo a no lynch would result to win for mafia either way. Meaning, I'd rather lose lynching an innocent, then losing by not lynching at all.


V3 Read-A-Thon
Lucille! Please come back where you belong.

So, Lucy Arber was a satanist who hates Christians and causes trouble in school, but did not get thrown out, because "The teachers couldn't fail her though, because she would show up on test days and beat the crap out of the exams."

I'm not sure if that works.

So yeah, she hates some classes and was good in math and outside of the satanist thingy, probably a teenagy girl that could've fit in a school setting. Or well, a fantasy RP. I dunno. The conflict between her and her parents (and society) is interesting, though.

But yeah, her profile is very V3. It wasn't formal, but it was subjective (like a narrator...or rather she wrote it herself or so), so I could know how she thinks and speaks and so on. Interestingly she is not antisocial, but apparently a smart individual who thinks other people are sheep.

She dresses also attention-catching and has braces. And tries to violate the school dress code, because why not. The first paragraph of her first post also goes in detail about how she looks and so.

So, what is totally worth mentioning that she just appeared in one day. In character. And out of character she just lived 12 hours!

During this time, she had very nice, fast, intense postings with Cyco.

She wakes up, met Dennis with a "hail satan" (because she's a satanist) and she pisses him off. She did have no pregame (which isn't a bad thing, because V3 pregame was insane), but she had a very, very interesting background story and relationship with Dennis, that basically replaces pregame perfectly. In her profile she's also friends with Lex.

So after Dennis leaves, she throws a rock (this rock did not kill) and Dennis and Lucy had a cool fight scene. Then, Lucy kills Dennis. And then there's a plot twist, which was a pretty nice idea.

Lucy appeared to mock and bully Dennis for no reason or just for fun, but after the revelation for her reasons she became a bit more understandble. Well, the reason did not convince me that much as it was a bit too kitschy for me, but the idea was just awesome.

Then Harry Tsai came, another quick dialogue/fight scene and she got killed by him, therefore was the first player Harry killed. Yeah, Lucy was a cool villain/player I think. In her first post it was directly stated that the satanism isn't the reason she played, but because she wanted to survive in that game. She was not evil, I think, if I ran into her I'd be annoyed of her and also scared. But in the end she was a bit understandable. So, she's not a batshit-insane villain. And I liked that she was kinda an underdog villain, who barely had any impact, because I think that diversity in kills is cool. I like the fact that she just had 1 thread. Neither Dennis or Lucy felt very wasted, the scenes did not feel forced. But I have to admit, that the fact that Lucy just interacted with 2 characters, who both shared one handler made it look like a "cannon fodder scene" for me. But yeah, the plot is what counts and not the OOC stuff. And that certainly was nice. It felt very complete to me and not so foddery.

Although I'm not sure whether it'd be good or bad if she lived longer, though. It could've been interesting scenes, as she had a pretty strong built up and achieved much and got much character during the short time. I mean, she also could've met Lex or met other people. She also was landlocked's fave character, iirc. But we'll never know.

Well, she was not somebody that I felt was super realistic and her concept is pretty strange for me (I have no experience with satanism. Maybe she was written well or not, I don't know.). But outside of that she totally fit in the school setting, which is very cool in V3. The satanism did not bother me that much that I hated to read it and it wasn't that terrible. She was an interesting villain. She might've been evil, but at least after the plottwist she made more sense. And I think she wasn't comic-villainy...although I'm not really sure about that. Actually yes. Or no. I'm not sure. But I'm not gonna break my mind about that. You can just ignore that and she'd be a cool villain.

In the end she was a good short V3 character: lots of plot and stuff happening, no filler. I really liked that the scene was written very quickly! And despite the short time she probably has more character in 12 OOC hours than some characters achieve in a day, probably. Or not, I don't wanna compare. Anyway, she had a great story in these few posts.

Should you read her? Sure, why not, it's pretty short.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Welp, he's ignored my questions from days ago, so I wouldn't mind Goose.

Welcome to New V6 Pregame Staff
Yay, so that means V6 will be the next version!

Congrats for SlaMadDeaTre!


Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
I'm not sure whether we should lynch anybody, considering that the numbers go down and 1 role is gonna be inactivity killed.