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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
G072 is it then.

Edit: G075's away, too

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
First one missing is B12. Will find other. Will edit this post.

Edit: I'm stupid, cause Bryan's B12. I forgot

V4 Part 2 Mafia Sign Ups
Jan 12 2014, 03:15 AM
If you're making more slots I'd like one, but if not I'm available to replace if activity becomes an issue.

SOTF: The Game
Oh I see, the reservation list vanished. That's going to make it more exciting!
Your Summaries are written very well and interesting and make me wonder what'll happen to them.

Alyssa seems to be an interesting character, because she seems to be an escapist, but I think she'll have a hard time finding allies. And if she finds allies betrayal may occur due to the "not trusting".

I don't really know what will happen to Hazel, maybe she'll be some kind of villain, I guess or she'll be just be misunderstood. But she seems to be awkward for the other character, which could be interesting when watching other characters POVs. I really wonder what other characters think about her.

Oh and Saskia will sure be an interesting character. Actually that depends on the island, because the Claustrophoby could be very interesting, as she'd be in the open in case she avoids closed buildings and would be an easy target. I'd look forward to play her also because of the family stuff.

And the Mason Twins (and every SOTF Version had twins, which is a bit like a trademark for SOTF Characters). I didn't expected twins to be in this anonymous sign ups, but they'll sure be interesting reads plays especially because they are closer to each other than every other contestants. But I hope they won't end up like the Ishida Twins and that they'll meet together (alive) or go far.

Jean is a outcast, but that doesn't exactly mean that she's going to be a player (Especially since she's questioning people's actions). She also gets manipulated easily so I guess what she's going to do on the island depends who she meets on the island first.

Kara's backstory also seems to be interesting, so I'd like to play her, too. But she avoids deep relationships to other characters, which could make her a player. But the fact that she has no goals in life could mean that she finds it while in the game. Or not.

Roxy's going to do whatever she wants to do I guess. If she wants to escape she'll try to escape. And she's "commanding" so she could be a leader, too.
But if she plays I guess that she'll play. I think other characters have a hard time convincing her to something, as she seems to be a stubborn character. But I bet she'd could easily convince anyone else, due to her character traits and friendlyness.

I think Jenny's going to be a heroic character, who'll try to be very lawful. She could play and had probably good chances of winning, but I'd think that she'll try to resist the instructors, because they harmed her and her friends. But because she's sporty I think she'll go far.

Agatha is the brain so she'll definitely be an interesting read, because she'll either have a smart idea of killing someone in case she plays or she'll have a smart idea of escaping ala Liz Polanski. On the other hand she has no deep connections, which could be misfortune for her.

Ellie is a popular girl so she'll sure have many connections, so we'll more much about her from many different POVs, which could be really interesting.
She's also manipulative and sometimes aggressive and icey what could definitely lead to tensional scenes.

Yeah that were my thoughts/predictions. And I really love every character!