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Introduction Thread
The discord is a link you click in the Discussion and Support section - just navigate back to the main page, scroll a bit, and you'll find a "SOTF Discord Server" link.

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Hit me.

Rank (Your Own) Characters!
1) Squirrel (REVo)
2) Hansel Williams (V5)
3) Dougie Sharpe (TV2)
4) Brandon Baxter (V5)
5) Matthew Weiss (TV2)
5b) Oskar Pearce (V6)

Oskar Pearce was an excellent concept from Sansa that he let me run with, and I will be forever grateful. I wound up hero'ing him off due to my girlfriend's escalating health issues and also went inactive as they exacerbated. I still loved him, though, even though we were together a short time.

Matt Weiss was an experiment to see if I could tell a narrative as well as poke fun at common SOTF occurences, with his death thread resulting in a series of opinions I mined from the community. It was mixed site-side, but I adored doing it and would do so again.

Baxter's complex. I think I wrote a good story and I also achieved some pretty satisfying things with him - ruining Laurels' favourite Journey song is definitely an accomplishment in my book - but when I look back, Baxter left too early, I think. I don't regret hero'ing him but if I were to do it all again I'd make some definite changes to his character. He was very safe for me as a writer, no real risks.

Dougie is sort of my lost kid in that I almost prefer him to my most popular kid, with one huge exception. Dougie was an exploration of telling more by what you don't say vs what you do say, and the jury's out as to how successful I was. I got to write with a fantastic partner, butted heads with Toben 3 seperate times, and wrote a death post that I was super proud of. The one glaring spot about Dougie was that I went inactive near the end.

Hansel is basically a no brainer. I don't feel as if I was consistent with him - upon re-reads I actively grimace at myself - but he was a character that I absolutely adore and spent so much time with him. I'm 100% satisfied with the way his arc turned out, and though I would likely caution a younger Naft as to the pace of his writing, I wouldn't change anything. Not a goddamn thing.

The squirrel should be obvious. I bamboozled you. All of you. You all were bamboozled.

The V2 Read-o-thon
Song version of a writeup. Here you are, Ohm.


Mott's Fruitsations
Edited with 2 more kids, a fourth on the way.

Jimmydalad catches up on Version 6 and other things
You poor bastard.

EDIT: Here.

Fenris & Yugikun Do Sprites!
Does this thread mean I can finally request SC2 version Baxter?

V6 Final Four Congratulations
Gratz boys