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Community Mafia: Game Thread
Hello, Ello Ello Ello, Oi

Ebwop: Howdy doody, Hello, Greetings

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Vaughn.

On to more serious notations:

Vote: Skraal

I'm in agreement so far on Suspicion of Skraal. While a lot of what she says can be ascribed to not leaving the joking phase of the game, I think that it definitely sticks out as a lot of useless information in the midst of some fairly serious discussion. As Doc said, better than I could've:

This seems like it could be some kind of weird lyncher gambit, or a fairly successful fool gambit. Either way, it's not really productive.

Let's hear from ya, Skraal!

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Sep 30 2013, 12:32 AM
NotAFlyingToy, why the soft push on Un-Persona for the volume of posts? Do you think Un-Persona is scum or not?
Call it elementary thinking, but the entire barrage of posts reads to me as someone attempting to establish themselves as 'quirky but safe' in the opening rounds. Further, if he had a role that established "X posts means win", this would be a great time to eat up a chunk of those while we're still in the "oh it's joke voting *eyeroll*" stage.

But, seeing as the theory of him having such a role was blammed, coupled with BRO's assertations that Persy is just a high volume poster, I'll stand by my original soft push. He reads as someone who's establishing himself as town, and this early that seems a mite curious.

By the way, MW - that question link is linking to Mara's post, in which no question at BRO was asked. Another link bork up?

Swirly's Patent Extra-Extra-Spicy Critique House
Mara was next, I think.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Role confirmed. Use the boost to get through.

I see Persy's already burning through the voting process. Anyone ever heard of a role where something special happens after x amount of posts?

Community Mafia Sign-Ups
I'll join.