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SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
Ten years, and we've only spun off in an official capacity once.

That's pretty atrocious.

General Video Game Discussion Thread


Also Gwent from The Witcher 3 is a card game that I'd buy and play.

Nobody Reads Meanwhile Anymore
"Well," Lucky said, leaning back from his computer screen as Amaranta Montalvo lay in Hansel Williams' lap, her grimy form curled almost inticingly around the heavily broken body of the taller boy, "that's all, folks."

He rolled his chair backwards a bit, glanced around the library, and began to rebuckle his belt.


"She won!" blurted eighteen year old Chance Mayview, highfiving a girlfriend - a slap of flushed palms and red nail polish. They squealed with joy as the exhausted teenager lay in a pool of dried blood and soaked earth, hugging one another.

"I told you! I told you she'd won!"


Twenty-two year old Chad Rogers scrolled through Reddit, scrolling past Amaranta Montalvo Wins (Gifs/Discussion) to click on Seven Places You Didn't Know Existed In Skyrim


Mark Dowager - thirty - shrugged, thinking that he'd never see that two dollars again after putting in for the SOTF pool at his maintenance job.


"The stream is over," a man in a black suit murmured into a microphone, turning to signal frantically at two similarly dressed men, sending them running from the room.

"Close her down, boys. We expect the survivor to be on our shores in a nine day period. Start the media blackout."

The man clicked off his headset, leaned back in his chair, and sighed.

"And wait for the next one, I guess."

Introduction Thread
Hi, I'm Naft.