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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
in a setting that prizes character interaction over masturbatory navel-gazing, an overt fixation on realism can be detrimental to the overall purpose.
I'm a large advocate and fan of shooting down the idea that SOTF is a realistic or has realism as themes, but I'm also a big fan of equating dramatics and trauma with contrasts to the real world. A peak moment in a character's story (ie a sad moment) is only truly effective if the reader has a contrast to compare it to - a few threads ago, ol' Jack Newton was happy, and now he's sunk super low!

That's also, to go on to a bit of a tangent, what makes certain villains successful/'realistic' in popular opinion - they had moments where they weren't being total toolbags and reducing other characters into fleshy fluid sacs, and the reader can draw contrasts. That's where setting and grounding a character in realism can definitely come in handy to relate to an audience, and I think there's a definite parallel to some of V5's more enjoyable reads to how realistic they managed to exist within a real world setting.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
I can be sound guy/audio assets as needed. I can also ppaytest.

You can use any of my characters.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I was trying to not toss a new kid into your super sizable queue, but I really really want one from you because these are simply breathtaking.

Could you do Hansel Williams? Here is the link!

Don't Call it a Comeback
"Oh, I was just wondering at the complete ridiculousness of these," Asher could've said, "not picking them out for myself. Talk about an eyeful, huh?"

He didn't.

"No, I'm not. I mean the shorts. I'm - I was just braving them. Getting them. No, I wasn't- I mean-"

Asher's eyes slid to the floor, the stupid, stained, slightly crusty yellow shorts dangling from his fingers. A nervous chuckle bubbled from his throat as he ran his free hand over his heated neck, taking a two-step, far too large shuffle backwards, before tossing the shorts onto the rack closest to him and spinning around.

"I need to- something."

((Asher Glas, elsewhere))

Asher and Nate should be bros. I missed out on bro time with you last version. Let us bro time.

Pick me up from Mom's
It wasn't the first time Asher had looked up at his ceiling tiles and wondered if they could hold the weight of a human being, letting his imagination wander to the point of almost being able to hear the beams split and groan, the wood protesting mightily against the human body hanging from it.

Upstairs, mom and dad were arguing - the type of hissing, hushed fight that was designed to be quiet but carried far more weight than a yell. Asher had long since stopped pretending to listen in, and Aaron had joined him - both of them sitting on the small couch, FIFA '10 paused on the PlayStation, slow pans of a green and white pitch and a faint, distant roar of the digital crowd the only sounds filling the room beyond the argument above them.

Distinctive, like a leaking balloon. You always knew the sound when you heard it, though maybe not the origins.

Asher felt like he should say something to Aaron, maybe a word of encouragement, a big-brotherly type of wisdom that would make it all seem okay, but he didn't really have anything to offer. He'd never been in this situation before - and Aaron was experiencing everything he was, anyway.

So he was relegated to staring at the ceiling, and picturing whether or not it could hold human weight.

It wasn't morbid - not really. Asher had always had a passing curiosity with death and what it would be like to be missed. It wasn't like he was planning his suicide or had a to-do list for a funeral, or anything fucked up like that. He just was interested in the after - after you were gone, who'd show up, what kind of obituary would be written for you. There's only so much you can experience, after all, with mortality.

He'd talked to Aaron about it exactly once, when they were younger. Asher had asked how Aaron would've wanted to go - pills, electrocution, car being turned on in a garage, what.

"Why?" Aaron had asked - demanded.

Asher explained that he was just curious, and hadn't Aaron ever thought about it?

"No. You have? Don't bring that shit up to me," his little brother had demanded, in all the fresh aggression and violence of mid-puberty adolescence.

He was just asking, Asher had said, and Aaron didn't have to be such a little bitch about it.

"Fuck off with that shit. Nobody normal thinks about that."

Well, Asher had replied, fuck you too. And Aaron had left to go play some stupid computer game, while Asher briefly fantasized about not showing up to Aaron's fake funeral.

Now the hissing had died off, some, and Aaron hit the resume button as the screen door shut with all the softness and gentleness of a parent leaving without alerting the household - the kind of quiet that reverberated around the room, stung everyone's ears. The roar of the Fifa crowd grew louder, the announcer that had once been cut off mid-sentence began to boast of the amazing play unfolding, and someone - mom, probably - moved into the bedroom.

Asher looked at the comic book in his lap, then opened it back up.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Also, the whole post there is a great example of what's setting me off. NAFT made a massive wallpost--bad news; we both know those murder activity. He did not make any attempt to justify stalling. His quotes are unattributed except for one, meaning that they'll be nearly impossible to follow for anyone glancing in. There's a ton of appeal to emotion here aimed specifically at stuff that sets me off too. I just do not buy this at all.

Pot, meet kettle. I didn't realize that unattributing quotes was a scummy scum behavior considering I've done that for my entire SOTF mafia run. Sorry, oodles of inactive people just glancing in who will be inconvenienced by my lack of quote attribution.

If you think this is my scum game, Toben, I'm super offended.

Anyway - I'm Shaco, the serial killer. I've been playing shittily because I don't have NK immunity and it's only been a matter of time before I done got shot.

Do what you must, fine people.

Don't Call it a Comeback
((Asher Glas, pregame start))

He'd been standing near the men's shorts section - comparably tiny when you looked at the racks and walls of women's clothing in this particular store - when he'd heard the familiar voices. Actually, he'd been holding a pair of yellow shorts - tiny, tight ones - when they floated towards his section, prompting an embarrassed red to steal up the back of his neck and the shorts to ball in his fist.

He'd been looking for some new soccer gear, having just been reminded of it by a commercial for FIFA 16 a few hours beforehand, reminding him that his old practice shorts were getting pretty scary-looking from constant washing, wear and tear, and general abuse. He'd passed the store with his iPod in, figured might as well, and started perusing.

The shorts had wound up in his hand out of morbid fascination - how did anyone wear something like this - when he'd heard Fiyori mention something about being nude in a hat. That's when the blush began to threaten.

It came full force when he realized that the three girls were two or three racks away, and he was standing there holding what was probably an inch and a half away from a dong thong. A bright yellow dong thong, at that, with a few suspicious stains around the thigh region.

His first instinct was to turn and flee - throw up the hood of his sweater, take off, buy shorts some other time - but it seemed an extreme reaction. They were classmates, after all. He knew them somewhat - recognized the voices. He shouldn't run from every social encounter he wasn't ready for.

But he had stuff to do, too, he reasoned. He had to study for that new term quiz in Chem, had some paint drying on a birdhouse for Aunt June that probably needed a second coat. He also had just bought The Raid 2, and that wasn't going to watch itself. Busy night, potentially. So he could probably leave - it wasn't really running.

They probably didn't care enough if he just took off without saying hi. It wasn't rude - not really.

Set in his course, Asher turned to leave, heading right past the hat display. He was so wrapped up in his rationale for why he wasn't retreating that he didn't really see Nadia until he was nearly walking her down from behind her, forcing him to twist his body, skirting around her without cutting his speed.

"Oh," he said, pausing to apologize, reaching a hand out in case he jostled her, "sorry. I um, wasn't..."

From his twisted fingers, the tiny, stained, bright yellow booty shorts dangled.

"...paying attention."

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
I am almost certain Frogue is scum, mostly because of the oddly inconsistent and very opportunistic behavior but also the fact that I'm pretty sure that Ricky wouldn't put Teemo into a League Mafia game as anything but scum. BUT, Frogue can wait because I really want to see how NAFT flips and because he seemingly challenged me like he did.


I mean, sure, if you're willing to allow someone that you're sure is scum skate through another round. I was pointing out opportunistic behaviour and potentially scummy play, not slapping you with a leather glove.

There's a train forming on someone who you think is scum, and instead you're laying votes down on someone currently voteless. That's like, literally the exact same thing you're reading her as scum for. Why?

I'm not following. I think you're both scummy - but she's following an opportunity for a train (on you) and I'm laying a vote down on someone I like as a better scum lynch than you. I'd rather see VT lynched than you lynched, which is why I'm voting for her rather than you. Not sure how this follows as opportunistic - perhaps you jumped a gun a bit on your planned argument?

VT's a great vote for you - she has the same rank on MW's scumlist as you do, so it's your best shot at pulling his vote off of you. I don't think you're going for an actual lynch though, but rather complicating the whole lynching process by throwing in a third candidate, to drag things out, prevent us from getting a lynch again and keep around a player that a bunch of people are scumreading so that I can keep drawing attention away from you and your sinister mafia cohorts can keep on running about, killing people at night and refusing to claim your roles.

Noted, I guess? Not really sure how to respond to that beyond "I'm more sure of VT as scum than you as scum." Are you looking at everyone else who hasn't claimed in the same light?

I'm gonna put my foot down. In a game that wasn't having this magnitude of activity trouble, this would not be my strategy of choice, but it is what it is. My vote is on NAFT. If he doesn't claim by the end of this phase, it stays there until he is lynched or confirmed town beyond the slightest hint of a doubt. Don't care what he claims later. Don't care how the game progresses. Don't care if we get better scum picks according to the cop. This is an issue for me, and I will stand on it. I am going to make this my hill to stand on and my personal project for the remainder of the game.

Noted again!

See, here's the thing: you guys have already locked in your votes, and made your minds up, so I'm not really going to persuade you one way or the other. All I can really do is go down swinging, which is what I've been trying to do.

I will respond to this:

NAFT and I chat mafia theory a ton, pretty similar to how you and I chatted last game. His style is very much one of prodding the pot. More than that, his activity has been the special sort of intermittent where he pops in to defend himself but doesn't actually push things.

I've already stated - in two games, now - that I've changed up my style somewhat because it didn't yield positive results and was blatantly exploited to the detriment of town. Two games. I'm getting pretty fed up with stating this.

My lack of pushing stuff probably stems from frustration regarding inactivity and general disappointment with a very specific crowd of mafia players who sign up for most games and then sit on their laurels for the entirety, making this whole thing a slog for all of us to continue to work through. I was pushing and generally trying to help town steer for the first few phases, but at this point it looks like we're going to cut a swath of inactivity and generally sweep out our numbers to the point of oblivion, so I'm very much in an apathetic mood as to how this game shakes out. Hell, our claimed and unopposed cop never showed up this phase to discuss what he found out last night. How is anyone supposed to operate under these conditions?

Your hill to die on is not moving your vote until I claim. I'm not budging until I get a night phase to do some swinging at scum - that's mine.

Asher Glas
Edit log 1.3:

--Under parental stuff, added a sibling stuff thing.

--Put a picture of Deamon in my wallet to take to the movies with me.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
-I'm curious what you think is off about Naft this game, besides the claim deal. (And to be honest, I'm just meh on the whole thing.) I'll go post-by-post if you want, but I do like his play so far. I don't consider waiting on the flavor to be a big deal at this point - I'm going along with it more due to not really being worried about it. I don't actually expect it to be useful.

More or less, this. I'm not really surprised at the developments - what mostly surprised me was VT's hopping on when Toben and I have been 'guilty until proven innocent' pretty much the entire game. It reads as somewhat opportunistic for her to join the charge on Frogue when one of her two consistent soft pushes has a train forming.

I absolutely 100% am stalling, and it's to test a theory I have regarding my power in the night phase. I don't think we have to worry about everyone else claiming - frankly, this is a five person game right now to my eyes - and even if we did, a mass claim is just going to draw out all of the safeclaims.

Toben - you mentioned that every role will have a power, or mentioned the belief of that fact. Wouldn't it also stand to reason that some powers will be borderline useless, regardless of town/scum? Also consider this: Vyse has had the strategy in the past of being scum, defending a town player, and when they flip green it confirms/further confirms him. Perhaps this is his strategy this time? I'd tread a little warily regarding this vote.

Vyse - I believe we have at least two mafia players that are going to die in the inactivity purge. I also believe that the majority of those talking are scum, to dodge said purge. Bikriki and you are my only two town reads, so I'm basically setting all of the others (Yugi, VT, Toben, Frogue) to my scum-end of the game.

AS for my vote:

Vote: VoltTurtle

I haven't trusted your play all game. You've been very much 'follow the leader' while throwing shade in corners, and I dislike it greatly.

Asher Glas
Edit log 1.2:

--Removed "obnoxious" from the belt description

--Added "With" to shoe description

--Updated Emily's job to reflect present-tense

--Added a few sentences on his building things hobby - line broke to isolate the Judo portions of the profile from the arts/creation paragraph

--Pre-emptively added "Woodworking" to hobbies and interests

--Added a few sentences further developing Asher's comic book geekiness

--Paused to admire Deamon's picture on bedside table, sighed lovingly

--Clarification regarding level of enjoyment of his job

--Clarification regarding his position/skill at "Football".

--Snipped Aunt's death shenanigans. Aunt is now alive and well. Go aunt.

--Snipped need and want to help others. Asher now 30% more selfish

--New paragraph: Parental relationships. Let me know if you find this in an awkward place - I moved it around some and can't really find a better spot for it.

--Judo re-vamping/clarification: two paragraphs now, details on his sensei, details on why Judo was chosen, new paragraph on competition/complications.

Thanks again for the time