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Asher Glas
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-Added 'grade' section

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
I'm happy to claim my full role first thing next dayphase - I want to test something in the night phase first to fully confirm my role, and I suspect I'll be a pretty decent target once my flavor's outed to scum.

Asher Glas
Name: Asher Maurice Glas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Judo, soccer, comic books, woodwork

Appearance: Asher stands at 6’1”, and weighs a little over 210lbs. His face is round, an oval in shape, and is cropped by a close caesar-style haircut. His eyes, a light blue, are slanted and small, resting under a brow that’s wide and defined and straddling a nose that’s very noticeably bent to the right. He keeps a very short beard, but dislikes shaving with a razor, and so maintains it with a pair of clippers. This leaves his neck and cheeks with a visible stubble more often than not.

Asher’s hair is sandy brown and is a dull, flat colour. His beard contains many shades of brown, but most noticeable is the patch of dark blonde that juts from his chin. His teeth are kept very clean and show out as white, contrasting his lightly tanned skin. He has defined abdominal muscles and keeps his frame in very good shape. Asher prefers zipped hoodies and has a collection of red and black ones depicting abstract art that he cycles through, usually with a white t-shirt beneath and jeans. He tends to wear cheap “Skater” style shoes from Wal-Mart, and cycles through shoes every five to six months or so.

On the day of the abduction, Asher was wearing an Arizona Coyotes baseball cap, a red and black checkered zip-up hoodie, a light blue t-shirt, jeans, a black belt with a skull buckle, and black shoes with worn-through soles.

Biography: Born to Emily and Patrick Glas on October 7th, 1998, Asher was the eldest of two siblings from the couple. Emily runs a home daycare, utilizing word of mouth and contacts from her volunteer work at the local elementary school to grow her client list. Patrick works at the ISCO distribution center as a shipping/receiving coordinator, where he’s worked since he was a young man. Asher’s younger brother, Aaron, is three years younger than Asher, and more favours his mother, as opposed to Asher being a near mirror image of Patrick.

From an early age, Asher was very interested in using his hands, and displayed a remarkable attention to detail. He was most focused when coloring or making crafts, and liked to build things, a characteristic that Asher continued all throughout school. Woodworking was Asher’s favourite, and he often carves or builds trinkets for family members at christmases and birthdays.

Asher and Patrick also shared a love of martial arts films, which translated into Asher wanting to practice one in his youth. Though his parents were by no means wealthy, Asher’s desire led Patrick to sign him up for Judo lessons after a coworker described the Judo lifestyle to Patrick, then revealed that he could offer a discounted price at a local dojo from a cousin. Since signing up, Asher has dedicated two nights a week to Judo from the time he was twelve. However, Asher struggles with the offensive side of the martial art, finding himself reluctant to throw or advance upon opponents. The defensive side - shifting weight and escaping holds - he finds himself very comfortable in.

In randori, Asher does well against similarly unsure opponents, having both the strength and the balance to overcome most assaults. However, he struggles with the follow-through, a weakness that can often be exploited and one that leaves Asher frustrated with his lack of progress and prone to falling even further back into a cautious, scared style. His sensei has repeatedly tried to coax or rebuke him out of ‘rabbiting’, as he calls it, and has taken Asher out of regular competition temporarily to try different teaching strategies. Asher currently holds the sankyu rank, and is finding himself feeling alienated, having just moved into a more senior class of Judo.

Comic books are an interest that Asher’s fostered since early grade school, when a friend brought a few issues of the Fantastic Four to school. Asher was taken with the style of drawing and the fantastical element of the lead characters, and asked for comic books or graphic novels at birthdays and Christmas from that point on, making a name for himself as being a very adept Marvel universe expert at school, preferring the company’s single city continuity and darker stories in comparison to the “Vanilla” stories told by DC. Of the many series, Asher prefers Daredevil and Captain America, though he also enjoys Luke Cage, Deadpool, and Spider-man. As he grew older, however, the hobby became something that he didn’t publicise often, becoming embarrassed by his collection. Asher still purchases and collects comic books, but he keeps them in a series of large plastic bins that he stashes beneath his bed.

To support his love of comic books, Asher gained employment delivering newspapers on his bike when he was twelve after his parents told him that they were no longer going to loan him money to buy them and that he had to earn his own money. He worked only in the summer, as his parents didn’t want anything to interfere with his schoolwork.

When Asher was sixteen and looking for more money than the paper route could provide, his father and he went into the distribution plant to acquire summer work. Asher worked as a pick and packer for the first summer, after which he worked as a loader of product onto transport trailers. He found that he enjoyed the work, and also enjoyed the atmosphere of a warehouse, finding that he could come out of his shell and be more loud and boisterous around his coworkers than he could around other kids at school.

In grade six, Asher found himself playing soccer with a group of kids every lunch break, and when many of them tried out for the soccer team, Asher followed suit. Asher plays left defense, and enjoys the exercise and the team environment, but doesn’t prioritize it over school or Judo, being known to skip the odd practice if there’s a schedule conflict. Asher’s physicality helps him when he plays, and he’s quite good if somewhat unpractised - though his lack of commitment keeps him as a substitute rather than a starting player.

In Asher’s first year of high school, Emily and Patrick’s marriage, having always been somewhat unstable, began to show cracks. Patrick began golfing after work in the summer three times a week, sometimes not coming home until four to six hours after his shift was over. Emily, feeling cooped up at home and disliking her role as a stay-at-home mom, left Asher and Aaron home more often than not to volunteer at schools, churches, shelters - anything to keep her busy and her mind not on the troubles at home. The tension was felt by the two boys, who both reacted in their own ways - Asher worked harder at school, at practice, and dedicated more time to taking long walks with his iPod.

Asher demonstrated an aptitude for courses that involved memorization and mental work - math and sciences, specifically, were his forte. He’s proven himself very driven in studies, though socially he tends to opt on the shy side. While not unfriendly, he makes very little effort to hang out or socialize outside of work, school, or Judo. Asher does make a pointed effort to be as friendly and conscious of others’ problems as possible, however.

Asher feels closer to his father than his mother, spending larger amounts of time with him watching movies and going to and from work, and he views his mother as somewhat of a bearer of bad news and a bit tightly wound. Patrick has never missed one of Asher’s soccer games, even taking off time for work now and again to see his son play, while Emily often has scheduling conflicts and after school volunteer events to plan for and attend during Asher’s games. Both, however, make time to watch Asher whenever he competes in Judo.

Asher’s relationship with Aaron has evolved considerably from when they were children. When they were younger, they were very close - but as both grew older and the age gap became more and more apparent, they drifted apart. Aaron spent a lot of time with their mother, volunteering with her and taking an interest in playing with the children Emily watched, while Asher preferred to hide in his room or roam around town to watching TV or playing hide and seek with them. Because of the recent marital strain, Aaron has become somewhat of a mediator between Patrick and Emily, while Asher has retreated from the situation as best as he can.

Asher’s plans for the future include going to university for a science, but he’s unsure which major he wants, more looking to leave home than further his education.

Advantages: Asher is very physically fit, and has knowledge of Judo as well as a working understanding of various martial arts related to it. He’s a level-headed, kind individual who prides himself on diffusing difficult situations.
Disadvantages: Asher fears his own aggression, and won’t even consider violence as an option unless taken to a very far extreme. Asher is shy and hasn’t made many lasting friendships outside of school, place of employment, or dojo, and will have a hard time counting friends among those that he trusts.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Shaco is also the closest thing I had to a main character in LoL. He's fun.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Frogue - if I'm a leading town voice, you're the president.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
On my phone so I can't really weigh in too hard, but claiming the BP is a pretty safe claim from where I sit. Of those that have come forwards with protective roles, I believe Yugi to be the most suspect.

Apr 18 2015, 05:09 PM
I'm kinda good at ADC sometimes
That Viktor though.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Apr 23 2015, 03:03 AM
Apr 22 2015, 05:07 AM
I'm also very much betting that we have more than one defensive PR considering League's meta (in that laning tends to take place with a supporter as well as a damaging role) so please, please, don't mass claim just yet.
I'm a bit curious about this. You think it's the case even though we have effectively two anti-nightkill roles claimed? Another protective role would mean at least a quarter of the game could be a bad hit on any given night.
Yes, I do think so. I'm willing to bet we have a bulletproof and some kind of 'bonus' hit to make up for the Anti-Night kills, something like an Inno child or similar.

Re: 'enough people to balance it' - giving us two investigative cops is hugely unbalanced in Town's favour for a game this size. The vig theory makes sense.

Re: Flavour claims - I'm much more amenable to that. Do you think Scum have safe claims set up?

*flies through the gates of oblivion with characters*

Okay. :(

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
@Naft - do the inactivity rules not make your votes all kinda redundant? Going by MW's estimates, Unpy, Espi and Boogie have two, one, and zero meaningful posts, respectively, across two phases. If they're all likely modkill targets, isn't it better to look elsewhere?

Sure, it's better to look elsewhere in terms of who to vote for! That's why I said I'd be happy with lynching any of them/all three, and didn't change my vote. I'm not gunning for them to grab the noose, I'm just stating that I wouldn't be opposed.

That said, I notice Espi lurkin' around. Got anything to say on Bowser's claim, Fenris' breakdown?

Re: Fenris - Yeah, Caitlyn also has a flavour partner - IIRC she's called Vi - who could be a deputy in this case. They also have a sworn enemy, Jinx, who could be a scum role. Also a potential for a flavour cop as well as a role cop, though I'm doubting that in this setup - not enough people to balance it out scumside.

*flies through the gates of oblivion with characters*
Namira, can we be friends? :)

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Apr 22 2015, 02:24 AM
Apr 21 2015, 07:15 AM
That all said, Toben's pretty keen on softpushing my way, which could make this a WIFOM idea. But it doesn't sit right with me.
Nothing soft about it beyond my mental state at 2 am after ten hours of schoolwork. :)
I'm interpreting most pushes without a vote 'soft pushing' due to the term's infuriating catch-all definition.

Gruh. Not down for the mass claiming thing - if everyone in our setup has a power, it means that roles could potentially come to light that can cripple town's dayphase (eg innocent child etc) if targeted. I'd like to wait until Day 4 or so before we consider that in seriousness. Right now, we've got a claimed cop which I'm... inclined to believe, and we can focus our defensive powers/trackers towards them for the night phase and see what shakes out. I'm also very much betting that we have more than one defensive PR considering League's meta (in that laning tends to take place with a supporter as well as a damaging role) so please, please, don't mass claim just yet.

Re: Bowser - My vote on Dmboogie was for the reasons you stated - he missed an entire dayphase and popped in late with a "yeah I'll post soon" which is 100% boogie's M.O. in terms of Mafia games, and I'm personally a little grumpy at letting it skate by game after game.

I'd be happy with an Un or an Espi lynch as it stands - with Un being prioritized over Espi - with dmboogie as a tertiary choice. Un's a handy card for scum to have in their pocket

Backslash's push is... hmm. I dunno. Too little, too late for me. There's lots of reasons that she could flag as town but actually be scum. I'm not ready to bite based off of a claimed cop's flip so far.

@Mod: Can we get an update as to time?

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Also, another thing to note here, which ties into why I don't think MW and Vyse are scum this game (also why I'm harping on Doc dying)

Essentially, we four (meaning Doc, MW, Vyse and I) are generally considered (not always, mind you) 'good' scum players. Meaning that the longer we're around, the more paranoid we make the Town just by our presence still continuing. We can see evidence of this already via Bikriki and VoltTurtle.

We four are also most likely to exploit this (See: SWM Deadchat, where Vyse was pleading with Scum to keep Doc alive to crank up the paranoia, and OotS Mafia's last days, where Vyse, MW and I were alive near the end, confusing Town incredibly between the two options) which makes Doc's death an indicator, to me, that none of us are scum.

That all said, Toben's pretty keen on softpushing my way, which could make this a WIFOM idea. But it doesn't sit right with me.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
What I expect is that MW dies in a few nights, if he is town. The primary protective role has been slain, and he is like Doc and experienced and competent player who would massively bother scum, sooner or later. Since I personally see no other clear voice whom people seem to regard as strong town, this would elevate you to be the only one "town leader" lesser-active would follow, giving you an even greater degree of manipulative power.

Iiinteresting. I'm actually only really seeing Vyse as a strong town voice at the moment - Toben could be scum for many of the reasons he's tossed for his suspicions on me - and as VoltTurtle pointed out, the source of Toben's power comes from the fact that his voice is always a 'helpful townie', as opposed to Doc's voice (argumentative) and Vyse's voice (spotlight snagging) which have more variants/more things to analyse.

Toben: With Doc's death, do you still feel like those options are the best leads?

Vyse: You're assuming that Yugi's claim is legitimate, then?

Espi: What do you make of Vyse's current reads on Bik? What about Toben's four person theory?

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Apr 20 2015, 06:21 PM
oh yeah

there was a mafia game

that I signed up for

I'll need to reread everything but I swear I'll actually have a contentpost in the near future

Vote: Dmboogie

Re: Toben - The last game I played as town with that sort of style led to sinking the town with a misaimed two lynches in a row. I'm shaking up my town game this time around, seeing how it works for me. Generally speaking, my previous strategy of "zero in and attack" was more or lucky than skillful, and the big drawbacks are that pushback for scum is really, really easy - see Vyse skating by most of the game by riding that initial faux-Townread.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Oh I'm still very suspicious - especially since his power isn't one that I've ever heard of before if he's fronting all the facts. Also, I don't think Teemo was outright claimed.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
<3 love these drawrings

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Utilizing this guide, I ISO'd DuckyB's posts. Here's what I dug:

- His big pushes were at Frogue and Bowser, with some backlash on Vyse and I for reading Backslash's push on Bowser as scummy while not commenting on his push on the same.

- He consistently made references to "nefarious purposes" and "running" the game

- Townread Toben, Bikriki, and Yugikun in his only reads post - fairly early in the game.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Further breakdown of what we know:

- No vig kill
- No third party kill
- We're down a healing role

Regarding the "Doc was a strong town voice" discussion - I don't really buy it for a reason to shoot him early, unless we're dealing with a somewhat inexperienced (at least in the ways of SOTF Mafia) scum team. That, or a team who saw his play in SWM and grew unsure.

The claims so far:

- Vyse is a PGO with the ability to switch between odd days and even days when his power is used, making him a very very shoddy target for Scum (if the claim is true, and I've stated previously that I believe it is)
- Frogue claimed commuter, which isn't a super useful townie role (but is good for an NK absorption)
- Yugi is some form of mimic/JOAT? I'm not super clear on it.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
See, Toben, I was actually thinking along the same lines - one of the 'core' group of players that has experience with SOTF specific Mafia and how most people think/react in these situations - coupled with a tendency to 'lead' the town - but since Doc died on D1, that has me re-thinking things. You have a history of scumreading him regardless of alignment (as do I) so keeping him around would've been in Scum's best interest in order to have us confuse the pot by trying to stir it.

Having him die day 1 feels counter to that strategy, so I'm re-thinking that idea completely. I don't trust Turtle at the moment - she's trumpeting the old 'you're pretty good at being townie so I don't like whatever you say' card, which is an easy sheeping point - but I like Frogue as scum more than TT.

Re: Yugi - I dunno, seems in line with his SWM play where he jumped the gun on a claim. Don't think it's very scummy - just somewhat ill-advised regarding the early nature of the game.

Re: Confirmed town usefulness - It'd make me feel marginally better, but it's also the type of thing that I feel like we can reveal as time goes on. No need to burn potentially limited shots on powers in order to rush into confirming Vyse - his specific roleclaim is good enough for me at the moment.