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Let's Kill Chat Pimping!
As a new member to SotF, I've read things like this and the Private Threads pledge you mentioned with great interest, wondering what the 'faux pas' was in regard to these two items. Honestly, when I clicked this thread, I considered it a bit extreme.

But after reading your well-worded explanation, I understand the issue at hand, and I most definitely appreciate the sentiment. It's good to know the effects certain behaviors have on the game at large beyond your own characters, and it's noble to strive towards bettering that.

That said, I don't think that I can take up a pledge and promise it'll never happen. Instead, I can promise you that I'll do my best to ensure that I don't perpetuate chat pimping.

DocBalance, I love you. Love you so much that I'm going to admit to being the one who sold your sneakers on eBay to myself for over 7k. That's how much I love you!!!11!1!11

Reason below:


Actually, we managed I'd be moderately okay with not lynching, if we can't turn up any decent leads.

Are you yankin' my chain, kid? Are you really sayin' that this late in the game, a no lynch is at all a good idea? That's not something you should be okay with. That's a town death sentence. If next phase is a no lynch and a kill goes through on the town, we're down to 20 people, 9-10 of which are guaranteed scum. If there is still a wackjob recruiter, that number shoots up to 10-11. There is no situation where a no lynch is good for us. None. If we don't start reliably hitting scum in the next two phases, it's a lock-down. Either you're not thinkin' this through, or you're sellin' us up the river.

Posted Image

Vyse, you're officially on my radar with that one. As MurderWeasel plainly stated, and DocBalance reiterated we cannot afford to no-lynch.

We have a decent lead. Two of them; Decoy and Deamon, and you yourself admitted it here:

In regards to Deamon and Decoy, neither really cuts it for me. Deamon, you're not being pressured for defending yourself, your being pressured for not posting EXCEPT to defend yourself, and I have to agree with Murder for suspecting you.

Decoy's attempt to dance around claiming a power role really 'as me suspicious of 'im, and 'e's probably the best to lynch at this point.

Further, it's been established that MK Kilmarnock has been role blocked every night so far. Thus our current plan: Get the vig to target Dom and vote to lynch Decoy or Deamon. Your options open up if we can take out the scum roleblocker, but as it sits, MK Kilmarnock isn't going to be of much use.

Extremely Late Relationship Thread
Aha! Perfect. That sounds awesome. 'Enemies' would likely be too strong a word, but I can see them putting each other's backs up.

Thanks, Skraal!

A late topic for a laid-back philosopher
Hey, Doc. Late reply to your late topic.

Hansel's my guy at the moment, and I think we can drum up some negativity, here. His link is in the description, but essentially; Hansel's a sheltered, right-wing catholic, home-schooled by very politically opinionated and religious parents. Because he hates talking for extended periods of time due to a mild stutter, he'd hate debates even moreso - he'd see them as attacks against his stance and probably become very heated.

It all depends on what you'd want; I just saw 'debate' in Garret's profile and figured that since Hansel has firm stances on two hot-button topics, we may be able to roll with it.

Let me know your thoughts.

Before we begin, I would like the thread to know that I own EVERY piece of stray hair that Fioriboy has left behind in their life. All of them. In a jar. Smelling them before I go to sleep helps me dream of the day I get to meet them. SQUEEEEE!!!!1!!1!1!!ONE!!11!!!1!1!1!!!

First, I'll address this @Mararoone:

I like flyingtoy's reasoning. Dom and Deamon are both very scummy. Deamon sticks out far more to me than dom, since as others have said, he only defends himself. He only contributes when pressured. But why would you vote Dom, flyingtoy? If these are the two people that stick out the most, I think it'd be wiser to vote Deamon. He's the scummier of the two. I don't know if you've read last game, but just in case you haven't, I'll bring up Mimi.

Well, Mara, for the simple reason that a bold red vote gets attention. I wanted to get my crystal clear reasoning for voting for Dom across to the rest of the players, since if anyone is at all like Ruff is - posts get skimmed over. And the reasoning was addressed consequentially by both MurderWeasel and penguin_alien - namely, vig kill dom and vote Deamon.

This is by far the most solid plan we have, with the only divisional being decoy73/Deamon split that I forsee. Now, the reasons for lynchin both have been beaten longer than a pinata, so I'm going to go ahead and cast my dime in the Deamon pool. Mostly because, as per usual, Deamon, you haven't actually pointed at anyone. Just pointed at the one time you offered a meek suggestion and then promptly sat back and watched again.

That doesn't cut it, my man.

Vote: Deamon

...And as I type this, Fioriboy snags a place in front of me. I have a few thoughts on that, Fiori, and most of them lead us in dark directions of de-railing the conversation. I will say that from my standpoint, the most analytical of the group - MurderWeasel and penguin_alien from where I sit - are definitely up for consideration, as what appear to be seasoned vets who could really swing the game their side's way. A third would be MK Kilmarock, because of the cop-role.

All speculation from me at this point, however.

Extremely Late Relationship Thread
Hansel and Timothy may get along based on their mutual like of keeping to themselves - sort of a loners band together ruling. They could also dislike each other for much the same reason.

Link in signature. Thoughts?

UNVOTE: Ruff Desperado

Ruff Desperado, you are seriously the greatest living person this side of the universe!!!!1!!1!1!! I am your BIGGEST fan. Can you... CAN YOU LICK MY PUPPY!?

Also: Heading out, will post a lengthy reasoning/new vote when I get the chance. Just wanted to strike my vote from the record.

Oh my god, MurderWeasel! I saw that I would be posting after you and I, just, EEEEE!!!!! I am your BIGGEST fan and I just - can you please sign my baby!? CAN YOU SIGN BOTH OF MY BABIES!?!?!?!!!?!?!11!!11!!ONE!1111!

Okay. Whew. It's going to be hard to post a first impressions post of all 40-odd pages of this game that I've read pretty thoroughly - especially when my adoration's post will be sitting just above mine - but here are my initial thoughts and analysis.

Personally, there are two people that stick out to me and make me raise my eyebrows, one of which I've had a niggling untrust-ing sense throughout the entirety of the game.

First off, Ruff_Desperado has been giving me bad vibrations for the majority of the game, either by not adding anything relevant, yet posting and remaining active. This reads to me as someone keeping up their activity and just kind of hanging around to see his side win. I can only see that paying off in any broad way if he was scum - let the comrades do the work, vote on the night phases, and hang out to see the world burn. This strategy would be much less fun/interesting if he were town. He flags as either outright scum or early convert to cult, if I were to take a stab.

However, MK_Kilmarnock's justification for this does give me pause.

MK Kilmarnock
Getting Dom to forcefully productive won't work. The more he's strongarmed, the more he's Y2J'ing it out of here. He did this last game (sure, he was scum last game, but it doesn't actually MEAN anything).

That would satisfy me, but with the emergence of a cult and the very real possibility of us townies getting nailed to the wall by being outnumbered, I'm casting my vote early this round.

VOTE: Ruff Desperado

The second person is Deamon, because it follows the same sort of logic as Ruff's, but it's a little more active. Where Ruff's 'strategy' boils down to "never say anything worthwhile", Deamon keeps a more active role, if barely. Keep low, don't contribute to conversations, don't help the town out and yet vehemently defend yourself when your name comes up.

I strongly advocate removing those who aren't going to help narrow this whole thing down. As MurderWeasel said, at this stage in the game, we're in a tight spot. Ruff hasn't contributed anything to the discussion other than stating thus:

Ruff Desperado
in the continued absence of any better ideas, i feel that i am playing an incredibly legitimate strategy

om nom nom rat flail

Not a great town strategy, no matter which way you slice it.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
By Jove, he's right!

Further, Purple is Blue and Red mixed together. Did I just blow your mind? I hope I just blew your mind.

Post Restriction Mafia - sign ups
I would be delighted to pop in, if you're still in the neighborhood for replacements.

Introduction Thread
So, hello, guys!

I'm NotAFlyingToy (Often either called Naft or Leez) and I stumbled upon SotF in... jeez, 2011? I was led to the Wiki via TVTropes (I am a shameless troper) and through that, followed much of the action in random spurts of creeping the site during V4. Now that V5 is starting up in a few, I've decided that I've either become a better writer or a more fearless person, and stepped up to the plate.

I'm a 21 year old Canadian that works as a Producer and a UX/UI Engineer at a small company in Toronto, Ontario. I'm a lover of Mass Effect and Battlestar: Galactica, and I've been roleplaying roughly ten years or so.

I've already said hello to the people over on the SotF Chat, so I thought I would stick my head in here, wave. So...