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Aperture Science Mafia.
Also, it's funny how MW was just preaching that he'd lynch Deamon regardless of my flip and suddenly is tying it to me again.

Aperture Science Mafia.
I'm town. Just loopy from painkillers and wanting to play Mass Effect.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Get it tomorrow!

Vote: NAFT

Aperture Science Mafia.
You seem fun.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 20 2017, 02:32 PM
Frogue is also in this number, but I'm shakier on them because either they're attacking any and all in order to shake the game up due to their aggressive style of town play, or they're scum trying to get their digs in while replacing in.
i assume you got your definition of "attacking any and all" from the same dictionary that you used to define "consistent pressure"? i struggle to see how i've "attacked" anyone. ive mentioned that you, deamon, mw and zetsu are suspicious, as has... literally every other person in the game, so i'm not delighted about you singling me out here tbh.

i've no idea why you're so intent on portraying me as attacking people, but it's transparent and tiresome. hows about you answer my questions instead of perpetuating bullshit? wouldn't that be fun?
You're very defensive.

Here is where I defined my usage of consistent pressure. Of the questions you've asked, two were sarcastic and I answered the other two therein. If you'd like me to stop classifying what you do as attacking, I'd love for you to stop classifying what I do as avoidance - you asked, I answered.

Tackling Zetsu and MW. Tackling brackie. Also note: questions you asked that weren't answered.

I'm pretty fine with my definition of attacking. May be a harsh word, but you're still doing it, so.

Also, I singled you out because I singled everyone else out - that's what a list of reads is? Singling people out?

Aperture Science Mafia.
Empress Plush
Mar 20 2017, 02:07 PM
@Mods is there anyway we could rig the site up to start playing "Give Us The Rope" during every lynch flavor reveal because that would be like, the most baller thing any of us have ever accomplished
That's my thing, Paige.

Don't steal my thing.

Aperture Science Mafia.
I've never been good with deadlines.

Herein you'll find my (doped up but proofread) reads of all players currently playing. Following my read list, I'll play myself out since it looks like Vyse doesn't allow a GG post after the lynch (or Random chose not to make one)

Zetsu is quiet today, and I really don't like it. I've been not-so-subtly plugging him as our second lynch (when actually MW probably takes up this spot) because I'm pretty well sold on him as scum at this point. Zetsu's got some inconsistencies as a player, and currently I'm reading his play thus far as scum trying to avoid past mistakes as well as not get panicky - hence his muddying of the waters last night. He's had several opportunities to drive the rack against me and hasn't in favor of 'putting people into the spotlight'. He's worth looking into for sure.

EP, RC, and Flare are the only players currently that are good for the townblock, with EP playing really strong town voice and RC and Flare doing town-things for each of them. Frogue is also in this number, but I'm shakier on them because either they're attacking any and all in order to shake the game up due to their aggressive style of town play, or they're scum trying to get their digs in while replacing in. Yugi's play trends more scummy to me personally, but Frogue's done a good job so far.

If MW flips town, I think we need to look into Frogue. I'm not super sold on the narrative that Deamon is scum if I flip town, and I agree with EP in that lynching MW now means lest time for him to formulate a plan with scum partners. That said, either is an acceptable lynch from where I am sitting.

I like decoy for town, and I like boogie for slight town - he's still under the radar, though.

Goose is slightly scummy for me, and nobody has really asked him anything in terms of reads. Make this a priority in Day 3, I think - we need to see how he reacts to pressure.

I think that's everyone. Random, I'm so sorry that I ruined your first at-bat at Mafia, and I might retire my Day 1 strategy after this game because of it. The object is to go hard on someone early and force town into lynching them as an info as soon as I'm sure they're scum, and I was like 95% sure you were based off of your wriggling on the line.

Thanks for having me. Lynch it.

Aperture Science Mafia.
If I've got you, Deamon, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Frogue and Flare so far.

Aperture Science Mafia.
I'm not self hammering. I only do that as scum.

I have more to add but I'm all fucked up on painkillers right now, so if we could hold off for another 12 hours at least I'd appreciate it greatly.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Re: consistent pressure - was more a note that you were going after MW, not refuting his reads (on myself and Deamon), coupled with the single comment that led me to believe it was consistent peessure.

Re: not including myself - I dunno. Just didn't include myself.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 18 2017, 09:45 PM
gonna respond naft or no?
To what?

Aperture Science Mafia.
We've got three days to form a lynch, and I actually like that priority order quite a bit, Paige.

I'm still waiting on Danny.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 01:10 PM
excuse me? the scumtell you predicted was someone who "seemed to expect to survive the night", past tense. someone saying, after the fact and after you announced that it was a scumtell that maf didn't get a nk night one is not at all what you predicted, and would seem to be a considerable stretch

none of this should be read as any sort of endorsement of the towniness of naft or deamon. both of them are also suspect.[/
Found it for you.

Aperture Science Mafia.
It definitely deserved an answer from the man himself.

Aperture Science Mafia.
The fourth option is MW himself, which sheds a better light on frogue, EP, and Deamon, so take that for what you will.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 17 2017, 01:21 PM
And I still don't feel like I understand why MW is going so hard in the paint. It feels like a very short term strategy of "GET THESE PEOPLE LYNCHED"... and then what? What's our endgame? Where do we go from there? These are things I feel like MW usually addresses by now...
It stems from the fact that I basically forced Town into lynching random as an information lynch. EP (and yourself) both pointed out explicitly that it could be a scum bus from me that sent him to the grave, so this is the natural fallout from that.

I think Deamon's a little less informative of a lynch at this point, strictly because he's basically done some form of combat with a few different people and it's hard to point to any one person that he's explicitly buddied. The only thing I can really see being of value at this point with his lynch is that it'd shed a lot of light on MW's play so far - while I might be the person to bus at the top of a dayphase, MW isn't that person on a scum team, so if Deamon flips scum we can basically confirm MW.

Whereas with Zetsu, we'd learn about MW, Brackie, and EP to a certain extent. He's informative because there's a lot to unpack in his posts from these two phases. If Zetsu's scum, we can look at brackie harder (being backed off late during a lynch is not a good look, especially when you have Zetsu looking to muddy the waters and brackie unvoting due to what could be seen as an opportunity to change the lynch) and it's a better (though not as complete) view of MW's alignment.

My lynch I think is the most informative, because you'd then learn about yourself, EP, frogue had some consistent pressure, Deamon looks better though not perfect, and MW looks better if I flip scum. You also learn that I'm the worst Mafia teammate of all time. If I'm town, same deal - you can side-eye a few people and test their defenses a lot.

Basically, MW wants a lynch. It's not an inherently scummy thing to want a lynch, and he wants to keep stuff focused - either to control the narrative or to get stuff done.

MW, feel free to add anything I've missed.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Also, Toben: I'm not defending myself because I don't care to. It's interesting to me that you've given shit for telling stories about my play, and then proceed to ask me to elaborate on my play when it's questioned? I've done enough defending of my Day 1 stuff and you guys will learn much more when I eventually flip town. Serves no purpose to rehash shit from last phase.

Regarding Deamon: I'm not seeing where something's changed in my read of him. It went from null to slight scum to slight town after his bandwagon hop. Any of those things could be town misplays or scum misplays, though the edge for me is still town at this point. I'm reading it as genuine frustration with you - understandable genuine frustration, I might add - with your vice-like grip thus far on day 2 discussion.

I love what I just saw from boogie.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 17 2017, 08:03 AM
Mar 17 2017, 06:55 AM
Before someone jumps in, he did not give me a vote of trust either.
Well thanks for confirming to scum (if you're both town) that there's two less people floating around with possible power roles.
Yup, I already did this in my very first post of the dayphase, likely a mistake. Deamon was just confirming what I already said.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 10:50 PM
That's fair enough! That said, I've not seen much offered--just questions and denials. There's not engaging with an argument and then there's going "You flatter me but no!" and not elaborating further.
I don't give a fuck. Be as harsh as you want.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 02:42 AM
Don't tell us you're town; show us. If an argument's not worth hairdressing, don't address it. Saying you won't deign to is mugging for the peanut gallery and attempting to deflect.
Specifically, this.

So I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for (beyond out of context snippets you can bury me with) and in any case, I'm not seeing how defending my playstyle will help town any more than giving reads/commenting on the goings on.