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League of Legends Mafia! (sign-ups)

V6 Q&A
Mar 24 2015, 04:40 PM
Mar 24 2015, 04:37 PM
Will Handlers be able to submit ideas for BKA rewards?
Kinda branching off of this, will the BKA/BDA structure of food and weapons to BKA winners and a scrolly quote for BDA winners stay the same for V6?
Will DuckyB be up for 'Sexiest Handler' again for V6?

V6 Q&A
Will Handlers be able to submit ideas for BKA rewards?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
It's definitely worth writing up an outline as to how you'd think it'd work, RC. I'm not sure what the Mini Staff's plans are re: individually run AUs yet (it's not something we've discussed at any real length) but it never hurts to get feedback in terms of how the AU would run.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
I'll throw in Hansel.

The Mafia Waiting List
She's all yours, Ricky.

HIMYM Mafia Sign-Ups
Also, just to tell you guys what type of game you were going to miss:

I was going to hand everyone a modified X-shot SK role - some would be commuters, some would have a few roleblocks, some would have investigations - and toss a single survivor into the mix. The flavour was that it was a masquerade of Ted's old girlfriends, and they're all trying to find him and kill him.

Ted was the NK immune survivor, who was trying to last the night.

I was going to watch and adore seeing everyone freak out. :P

HIMYM Mafia Sign-Ups
Hey, guys. I can imagine that a few of you are wondering when the HIMYM mafia is going to start, since I promised a start date rather sooner than 'never' initially.

Unfortunately, due to some fairly exciting news on my end, I won't actually be able to run the game or devote time much to SOTF as a whole, so I'm passing along my Mafia runner rights. Sorry to anyone and everyone that's disappointed/put out/enraged by my flakiness!

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Something kind of cool: I've just accepted a four month contract to do some writing for BioWare as a freelancer.

Something less cool: I won't have time for SOTF a great amount in the coming months. Don't expect much out of me! I'll still hang out on Mini and chat now and again. :)

Yugi's critique thread????
Hey, Yugi! Cool to see a new critique thread.

I'll toss this guy your way. Feel free to move him to the very back of the queue and don't be worried at all about offending me if you can't fit him onto your plate - he's got a lot of miles on him.


Fenris does sprite stuff!
Mar 14 2015, 08:01 PM
I'll add the broken and bleeding version to the queue though. :D
Ooooh - Where did you do the top ten?

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
Thinking on it? The best move would've been to swap out Vyse and I. If he had bussed me early and he was godfather, he would've been able to do some super damage to Town.


Fenris does sprite stuff!
Dougie looks fantastic, Fenris. You're a star.

Can I request (because I love giving you little challenges) one Hansel Williams, but one without his wounds and one with them?

Descriptions below.

Hansel's Pre-wounds

Hansel's Hurties

HIMYM Mafia Sign-Ups
We've got enough to run the game! I'll leave this up for a few more days before launching.

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
It was NAFT that primarily got people to push it through.

Nah! That was probably mostly Unpy. I'd say Deamon and Fenris actually really rammed that push through - they played up the confusion and chaos after his claim damn-near perfectly. I was also fairly vindictive at that point because I'd just essentially murdered Vyse (though Doc didn't leave much choice), RC had cockblocked my first day kill, and someone needed to go down.

The thing was, there was 100% no guarantee that Turtle was town based on the fact she got a save. I was using that shoddy logic to later jump on her (if I had survived the day phase) and it was especially hammered home when Bowser revealed that he had saved Doc in later phases.

Brandon, you bussed the Godfather?! That was a brave play, and I almost would have liked it to work out.

Yeah, I made a lot of bad calls this game.

V6 Tabletop Crew
What about a Firefly tabletop campaign? That way they can be SUPER hipsters!

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
Also, I was blushing hard at deadchat - especially how much Cake wanted me dead.

Love you, Cake <3

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
Fenris did a really great job.

HIMYM Mafia Sign-Ups
Mar 13 2015, 07:15 AM
Eh...I'm currently focused on an MS game, but if you don't mind that, I'd love to join. :)

(I shouldn't be a lurker, but I probably won't be posting near as fast as Star Wars.)

Incidentally, if you give me a Mafia PM, I am going to strangle you. If it doesn't have Investigation Immunity, I'm going to strangle you twice. Just FYI. :P

(I can live with a BP & Investigation Immune SK, though.)
VOTE: VysePresident

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
I'm not! I got really turned off of MS when a 'rookie game' or whatever they call it was filled with insults, hatred, and poor modding. I've been considering giving it another go recently, though.