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Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread

Calling one Gianni to the stand. Your thoughts? You've been a fairly reliable voice thus far.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I think it's more because there are generally two town roles that involve watching/tracking, and with Yugi 'out' they may have been worried about being caught in the crossfire. Probably also why Turtle didn't get hit.

To be honest, though, I'm not exactly sure we're dealing with a super experienced mafia. Cake and Siege getting hit is a head-scratcher, and Vyse being lynched speaks to a mafia group that doesn't know how to derail a lynch.

I’m just curious why you haven’t made a vote yet with so many potential targets available? Leaning Town, but would like an answer to that question.

I feel like I've made my suspicions more or less clear without throwing a vote down, but I can totally VOTE: SLAM if it makes you feel better. ;)

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Do you think there would've been anything to gain from keeping RC alive?

Um, yes. We'd still have a doctor. I find that pretty significant. Also, having him on roleblocker lockdown would also be useful considering that we'd then have the ability to watch him and see what shook out.

We were in a position when I went on last day phase where our doctor was at L-2, there was no possible way to salvage the lynch in a few hours, so I made a judgement call to save what I could.

Main point being: An alive confirmed Doctor is still better than a dead confirmed doctor, scum roleblocker or no.

Also, your reads, sir.

Sure! I think I got confused between a Nurse and a Bodyguard, as I think the latter dies if they succeed no? I got my wires kinda crossed, and I think I made no sense.

Yep! Bodyguards tend to die quick when they successfully save.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
See, Slam, you're waving away what RC was saying as stalling tactics and general shenanigans without giving credit where it's due: He claimed under pressure (and his reasoning for not wanting to claim Doctor was fairly valid) and in doing so basically gave us confirmation that Turtle was targeted on N1 and that Yugi is a pro-town role. In the face of both of those nuggets of information, you continued to hand-wave and call for a hammer.

You understand why I'm suspicious due to this, yes? You also understand that "following your two lynches from start to finish" when both lynches were the only heat the entire respective dayphases isn't exactly a compelling argument.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Slam: Who are your reads right now?

Espi: Who are your reads right now?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I actually think we might have a second protective role, though Bodyguard still doesn't make sense, given the flavour text MurderWeasel gave us, and especially given that only Townies died.

I'm not tracking, Imehal. Can you clarify what this means?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I doubt that mafia has two kills every night. If anything I'd guess that they have a limited number of extra kills they can do, like maybe a 2x or 1x hitman along with the regular faction kill.

If this is true, this is even better for us - they wasted one of their limited shots (maybe something that pierces protection?) on a standard VT. I'm still scratching my head about it, but eh. I'm also a fan of the theory that we have three mafia roles left - maybe four with a few goons thrown in.

Espi wagon is good.

Can we talk about how desperate Slam was to get RC lynched in the face of some pretty sound evidence, or...?

Can we also talk about how Unpy's still managed to escape the long arm of the lynch despite some dreadful play?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 24 2015, 04:33 AM
We've got a fair few lower-but-not-mute key players in that pool, which is kind of odd when you'd think the mafia would start charging the bigger names now that the doctor's dead. Concerned about bodyguards, maybe?
I'm... surprised by this, too. Cake was definitely useful as a townie, but he wasn't the most active poster - maybe there was a concern for what could happen if he stepped up, or maybe he was close to something. Alternatively, maybe it's misdirection.

Siege is a little weirder, because he's not as talkative.

We're actually doing really well. I don't understand the vig kill on Deamon, but it netted us a roleblocker death so I'm not going to complain too loudly.

Gonna go through Cake's/Siege's posts and see if anything flags, but I doubt that will yield much. Also have some questions for a lot of you, so I'll write those up when I wake up.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 21 2015, 07:35 PM
Feb 21 2015, 07:28 PM
Turtle, there is literally no risk to reading you as town from the very beginning. If he's wrong, then you're not going to call him out. If he's right, then whoop de doo, everyone else is reading you as town. Just because he's going along with everyone else means that what he's come up with at the last minute doesn't become more valid.

RC being a doctor doesn't put him in a position to give inveistgations, he claimed to have investigated you, ergo he's lying to buy himself more time. This is on top of the rest of the stuff that he's done to make himself so juicy to lynch.

Can we please hammer him already.
Yugi collaborated his action. RC is saying he healed Turtle, and no one died, ergo Mafia targeted her.

I don't agree with his reasoning, but we know RC targeted Turtle, which lends a lot of credence to his claim. It's not as cut and dry as you're making it out to be.
Slam's logic seems to stem from frustration/tasting a lynch. Noting this for next phase.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Two or one - well within hammer range.

We're not getting another lynch target, and we can't NL - not when we can confirm beyond reasonable doubt two townies.

Yugi, we need your information next phase. Park on a potential scum and see what happens.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, for the sake of confirming two townies (Yugi and TT) I'm going to UNVOTE VOTE: RC

Let me be clear: This isn't because I don't believe RC is town (He's closest we have right now, and this discussion has been great but needed to come sooner) but when he flips we can guarantee that TT and Yugi back him up. Which means that we have another two people to add to the townblock of voices we can trust.

RC didn't play the doctor role well, and I sympathize. But we can still salvage some from it. Next phase, I'm looking towards Bowser, Espi, and Un-Persona as candidates.

We've already hit a scum, guys. The ratio's still on our side. Let's get this out of the way and hit the ground running next phase.

Bananas Draws Sometimes
This shit is dope.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I'm not 100% on board with this one, solely because I still feel Un-Persona is scummier than RC. I like both lynches, though.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Multiple scum were on the Vyse train? That's unlikely. Where have you gotten that?

Why do you think it's unlikely?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Fenris: Cake's a dude! That's the only pronoun you skewed. Wow, what a rhyme I made, too!

The Dungeon of Doom!
There were many things that Bernie loathed about humanity and humans in general, specifically those that her kind snarlingly referred to as town-kin. Humans had grubby little hands that smelled of all the foul things on the earth, no matter how much they dunked them into drinking-pools. Humans had no fur to speak of - the greedy little parasites actually resorted to stealing wild-kin's skin and donning it over their useless, defenseless, gross bodies. Humans also locked wonderfully smelling slices of wild bison and boar and various other delicacies into various store cabinets that Bernie's large paws lacked the dexterity or strength to break into.

But the worst of the humans - the very, positively worst - were the human-cubs who had filthy mouths and sticky fingers and enjoyed burying them into one's fur. One would have to then stand, biting back the urge to sink one's jaws into the nearest limb while one was subjected to a revoltingly sweet smelling spray and cold water.

Bernie's yellow eyes drifted to the human cub as he crept closer, and her hind quarters quivered with the instinct to dance away from her. She needed to be good, now. Her free wild-kin dinners and tasty monster eating would all go up in smoke if she bit another human cub.

As the man droned onwards in words that weren't commands (and so Bernie felt no compelling reason to listen) she felt fingers bury themselves in her fur, between her ears. In defiance of this unwelcome touch, she kept her ears ramrod straight and pointed towards the mayor, refusing to acknowledge that the touch was hitting a very satisfying spot.

Another of the party - a curious human who wore a fake face - made a spectacle of himself. Someone urged the party onwards. The human-cub crept closer.

Bernie lay down, crossed her front paws, and heaved out a sigh.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
That's what he wants you to think.

Also on that note it's time for bed. >_<

The Dungeon of Doom!
Way to be a tryhard, Slam.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I'll end this spam-posting session with a question to Cake:

You've given your thoughts on Imehal. How about D/N?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 18 2015, 11:41 AM
I hope I can get back to you all as soon as I can, but for now - reasons.

Ah I'm sorry Ime. I'll leave you be for now.


I'll bite with D/N's justification and Goose and Slam make good points regarding the last few people voting being suspicious.

As for who I'm going to target now: I really, really do not like how Yugi has been acting. He has 26 posts and basically none of them have any actual analysis or content to them. This screams "scum trying to hide under the guise of being active" to me, and again, I really, really do not like it.

VOTE: Yugikun
I actually put Seth Crimson and RC under this heading as well. Not necessarily scum, but definitely hiding via noise smoke. It's sort of wigging me out.

Seth: If you're around, I'd love some input on Cake's reads/defense, as well as a list of reads from yourself.