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Naft makes SotF related images
In celebration of Mimi's completion of another wonderful image of everyone's favourite maniac, I thought I'd give my own interpretation of Tyler. Here he is, teaming up with a pop sensation:

Posted Image

Naft makes SotF related images
Sliiiiightly less comedic this time:

Posted Image

Naft makes SotF related images
In memory of island jesus:

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Naft makes SotF related images
Going for the obvious joke here. Happy belated valentines!

Posted Image

Naft makes SotF related images
Speaking of Mara, presented without comment:

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Naft makes SotF related images
We now bring you to a Zubin/Mara thread! Zubin can be forgiven, though: it's hard to think around nekkid.

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Naft makes SotF related images
Hey hey hey, sports fans! Your friendly neighborhood Naft here, dropping a pipebomb of "purposely" bad photoshopped images related to SotF.

I won't be taking requests or anything - this is just a thread for me to dick around with images that I find pertinent and/or funny to SotF as a whole.

To start, here's Joe Carrasco, an image that I find rather fitting after his last thread:
Posted Image

Keep it going, Joe.

Also, since Joe has a similar name to another figure, I thought I'd highlight the similarities between the two:

Posted Image

I'll pick on someone else next time.

Project: Wiki
Wikia is down, looks like! If you need to post an edit or something, just hold off until the service returns.

Edit: My source. Keep checking this bad boy.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Wasn't a big fan of Will, mostly because he shared the majority of his story with another character from the same handler, Christian. Christian and Will are best friends. The reason that I know this is that Oliver takes the time to remind the reader of this whenever he gets a chance. Oliver can write pretty well, and is pretty long winded, but I really felt that he should've split these two guys up at some point.

Big thing I'm starting to notice, too - there are a lot of these monologue, long winded speeches from Oliver's work that kind of force people to sit and listen. I also wasn't a huge fan of Oliver's tendency to group up his kids - at one point he had Will (who I assume was a flagship/favourite) disarm and beat up another of his kids (Victor) who had just murdered someone while yet another of his characters (Christian (who was Will's best friend)) lay on the floor bleeding - and the three all got together in the very next thread too. It's frustrating to me because he had to split the focus between three different perspectives, culminating in all three of them being far weaker.

I think the main thing that would improve Will is subtlety. He explains a lot in his narrative rather than leaving it up to the audience to decipher, and I feel like I'm being hand-held through the read. That all said, I don't hate the character - he had some pretty good moments, like when his best friend Christian (who is his best friend) died, and again when he himself met his demise.

Definitely a cautionary tale about grouping your kids, though.

Roll me another cold one.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
The shirt felt odd in Hansel’s hands, too soft against rapidly drying blood and heavy calluses as she knelt before him. He didn’t visibly react, merely lifted his uninjured shoulder as he wiped at the dirt and blood flecked across his skin, smearing the filth onto the shirt.

When she asked him to strip, he paused, face buried in the cloth, before slowly lowering the shirt to meet her eyes with narrowed ones. When he saw her rummaging through the kit, though, he didn’t protest further - unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off. His body was blooming with bruises - his ribs, one right above his hip - as he dropped it beside him, leaned backwards on his hands, and stared at the ceiling.

He listened to her story - sharks don’t eat other sharks - and grunted in affirmation. It was a sentiment he could get behind - allies, not friends. He wasn’t obligated to give a shit about her, and she wasn’t obligated to give one about him.

“Okay,” he said, flicking his eyes back to her, the bruising and light muscle of his chest blending together, broken by that curved line of crimson. He let her do her thing, earn her keep.

The bottom line was that he was tired. Tired of running headfirst into fights - or fights running headfirst into him - and getting hurt, putting himself in harm’s way for a stupid plan that yielded no fruit. Tired of having a constant fight, day in and day out. Tired of having shit thrown at him.

Just tired.

“Sharks don’t eat sharks,” he muttered, closing his lids, the image of Theo’s caved in skull burned into the back of his mind.

“I like that.”

V5 Character Themes
Brandon Baxter:
Bastion Original Soundtrack: Percy's Escape

Hansel Williams:
Mumford And Sons - Little Lion Man

Your Dead Kids
Feb 14 2014, 02:21 AM
Natali's likeness is uncanny
Man I was super worried everyone would think it was off.

Your Dead Kids
Hey guys!

So, I notice that a few of you guys have Mimi's wonderful portrait of your kids in signatures/other media, and looking at Rugga's and Mimi's signatures got my thinker thinkin'.

Why not create 'dead' versions of each kid?

With Mimi's permission, I give you: dead portraits of each kid so far. If your character isn't on this here list, is dead, and has a portrait drawn by Mimi: Post below! I'll get around to making you one.

I'll order this eventually. Until then, scrambled portraits!

Dead V5 Kids

Originally drawn by and posted with permission from the lovely Mimi. Shamelessly edited by me.

Edit 1: I accidentally put Dave in Alex's tab as well as his own tab. After smothering the urge to replace them all with Dave, this is now fixed.

The NEW SotF Minecraft Server!
This is a NAFTCO PSA!

Posted Image

Don't squat! Don't dig holes in people's floors! Don't set up shop in someone else's house!

And only you can prevent creeper craters.

V5 Final Ten Predictions
'Kay. My top ten, and going by this strictly ICly. Which means a few people missed the list because, although they're among my favourites, I can't see them going far if we look at 'em logically from an IC perspective.

  • Andi Victorino - Paradigm shift, lots to live for, and she's motivated. She's also athletic and seems pretty springy. Problem here is that she's under-equipped and seemingly joining a shaky alliance. It all really depends on how badly she wants it.
  • Paris Ardennes - If nobody figures him out as a conniving, strategic, manipulative character, he has the opportunity to make it far. It hinges, mostly, on how smart his current group is - and seeing as Sunny's pretty well under his wing and Joachim's had questionable motivations, I think Zoe could be the ace that knocks the card house down.
  • Katarina Ksomethingpolish - She's well equipped, better fed than most, and has a definite plan in mind. She's very clinical in her dispatching of enemies, so I can see her in a good position. Her disadvantage right now is that she's a loner, and can probably get overwhelmed fast.
  • Deanna Hull - Manages to keep her head down a bunch, avoids a lot of conflict, and has a strong tie to at least one other person who has her back. Good, better, best. Disadvantage being that she's a bit under-equipped and also seems like a generally nice person.
  • Kyran Dean - Same as above, really, though slightly better equipped and more fit. The big downside is that I can see Kyran in a hero mold which makes it difficult to see him being able to kill. And he may have to.
  • Finn Grant - Solely because he's survived two dangerous situations, and that's two more than most kids get on the island. Dude is shitting horseshoes right now. His disadvantage is not having anyone at his back so far, and that may need to change as the loners begin to group up or are picked off.
  • Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer - Of the softball girls, Iselle strikes me as the most pragmatic and down-to-earth. They're also in a group, clearly have each other's backs, and are as tight knit as they come from my perspective. The reason that Iselle makes it and the others don't, is that I see her surviving ahead of them because of her level-headedness and the fact that she's tasted death once before, and has proven that she's not above it. She also has a killer swing.
  • Ian Williams - Because people are bound to under-estimate him, and he's proven that he has some grit after Paulo. Ian's yet another kid that's under equipped and alone after losing his group, but here's to hoping that he'll be able to turn the boat around and get back in it. I expect surprises from him.
  • Madeline Wilcox - She's got smarts - enough smarts to be a serious underdog winner. She's also got a steely sort of approach to things, and has a solid ally - or the potential for one - in the machine gun toting R.J. Her undoing, however, is that I really don't get the sense that her, nor RJ have the 'sand' to truly become a winner and go the distance. She'll come damn close, that said.
  • Joe Carrasco - Another underdog. Joe's not yet proven himself as a determined person, but his latest thread has him really coming out of the shell that he's slowly been shedding since Jason. I think he could be a fine addition to Maddy and R.J, and make them a power trio that'd be hard to crack.

The streak is broken.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
Footsteps drew Hansel’s attention, brown eyes moving to stare at the sneakers as they approached him steadily, the cautious, quiet gait causing him to tense and turn stiffly towards the newcomer. As the words fell from her mouth, his gaze was caught in no man’s land, unwilling to let the corpse out of his sight, unwilling to meet her eyes, trapped in the middle and staring at the plane that he’d been forcibly thrown onto.

Right near where his bag lay, there was a red smear on one of the jagged, rusted edges - where he’d felt the impact of being caught between a body and old aluminum.

As if seeing the blood on the rust awakened his nerves, a pang of pain registered below his left pectoral, one that urged him to lift his right index finger to probe, the skin coming up red with wet blood.

Another scar.

In response to Andi, he shrugged, a careless movement of his shoulders, before looking back at the wrench sticking out of Theo’s skull. The shrug encompassed all three of her statements; a catch-all answer.

He lifted his right hand to rub his palm at his tired eyes, the still fresh blood smearing at his temple as his index grazed it. If Theo had been smarter - if he had been stronger, had a better weapon, had more time - he would’ve been seated here, and it would’ve been Hansel with the wrench embedded in his skull. Hansel had won by being stronger, and that wouldn’t be the case every time.

Just when he thought he was making progress, someone had to lift his tires off the ground.

The gash caused him to hiss out through his teeth as he pressed his hand firmly over the wound, finally snapping his eyes to hers, determination and steel lacing through them.

“We aren’t guh-honna be p-pals,” he said, his tone carrying a warning.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread

Also - was super flattered at what some of you guys said in the top ten thread. It's put a perma-smile on my face.

What Could Have Been
I keep thinking that I've posted here before. Few of mine:

Baxter and Hansel have opposite arcs: This was my initial, very first plan when I created Brandon, other than having two characters to represent different aspects of myself in various ways. I wanted Hansel to be a villain, but a sympathetic one, one that people could look at and go "Huh, poor fella" on some level, where Baxter would go full hero mode but be a constant jackass fuckwit about it. The idea was that a murderer could still be someone you could root for and a black-and-white good-guy could still be someone you loathed.

I mostly blame Rugga for that idea, seeing as it was after reading Ethan in full that I went to work on Baxter, and that was where the idea stood.

Brandon vs. Cody: This is an idea that I didn't even run by Ricky, because Mimi and I started to chat and realized we were soul-mates. Essentially, I was going to have Baxter hang with Cody (and TBH's Mike, too) and basically be a thorn in Cody's side. Anything Cody'd suggest, Baxter would antagonize, just to get that conflicting Alpha-male story that I rarely see in these kinds of things. While I'd still love to see a competing alpha male storyline, I will never regret what Mimi and Summer brought into my life with the arc that we got to play out, and it remains one of the best things I've written.

Baxter crashes multiple threads: I joked about this in chat a bunch, but I seriously wanted to pull a Han and run through three different scenes on the island, tying them all somewhat chronologically together. Horrible idea. Do not do this.

Dogtown: This was an idea that is still fresh in my mind, and I might enact it for TV-V2 or something. I wanted to take what Kilmarnock did with Bloodgarden - that is, a long thread involving multiple characters and arcs - but flip it so that it was 'heroic' rather than villainous.

V3 Read-A-Thon
I love that Dominica is like this tack-on mention in whatever thread she appears in. I had a good time thinking "A new challenger has arrived" whenever she'd pop in. Also, it's really neat to see a young Ciel on the field!

All and all an average to good read. She got bogged down a lot with the 'delayed conversation' that kept happening, and there's all kinds of formatting wizardry that either hurts her or slows her down pretty heavily, but I thought that she found her stride after her sixth or so thread.

The end to the story is... well, incredibly unsatisfying. I didn't really like the whole "hey I'm insane now!" aspect but the entire last thread was so hard to read in between these walls of posts and stuff that my eyes kinda glassed over, honestly. It was mostly fun to see someone who I've admired in V5 in a younger, more fledgling stage of their roleplay ability.

Roll me another cold one, barkeep.

V3 Read-A-Thon
What the assfuck (I love that word, D/N) did I even just read. Evan's filled with awful - writing, roleplaying, activity (dude went inactive after two posts) and just sucked all around. Even his deathpost via inactivity was super tryhard amusing.

0/10. Would not recommend.

Roll me again.