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Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Sorry I've been so quiet lately. The holidays have kicked my ass.

Don't have a ton of time because a beautiful lady is staring at me while I write this and waiting to get on with watching Archer, so I'm going to cut it short.

Vote: Un-Persona

Because I'm willing to see where this leads us. If it's a fakeclaim, it's fairly convincing, and Toben's play this past day has really hurt my scum-suspicions on him to date. Also PR info might explain why he's been pretty relaxed about certain reads.

In a way, it felt more right to be waiting for Zubin to appear then to seek him out. He'd been the instigator so many times during his time on the island, been the pushing factor and the motivator for so many confrontations. In a way, it was settling to be able to drop to one knee next to a picnic table, shifting his weapon to either side of the gazebo in turn, waiting for Zubin to poke his head out.

And when Zubin did, Hansel was the first to fire, though he knew the second he pulled the trigger that the shot was wide, slamming into the gazebo wall. He fumbled with the gun, the pain in his chest suddenly blooming, KK's knife wound making itself known and fighting against him. It was almost as if she was suddenly there, throwing her weight against his arm, making the act of cocking the hammer again seem herculean.

All at once, he felt like the lives he'd taken, the people who'd fought and died by his hand were pressing in on his lungs, his chest, his shoulders - the burden overwhelming, exhausting. All at once, his left hand sang with pain, fire spreading up his throat, blooming at his face. The wounds - superficial and emotional - began bleeding again in a crimson harmony that made him sag against the picnic table, rifle uncocked, eyes drooping.

All the while the recognition of what was happening, the crisp, clear certainty of mind battling against failure of body, wracked through him.

I can't, I can't, I can't as he sagged against the picnic table, his eyes locked on Zubin's as he dropped the rifle, KK's chest wound forcing him to hunch over.

I can't.

Dungeon Master Namira would like to battle!
It makes me hotter in your eyes, don't it?

Dungeon Master Namira would like to battle!
I'm not in because GMT.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Slam: More talk is better than less talk for town. Why wait?

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Reads and good detail on them:

Slam has been playing a very good town game so far, saying the right amount of stuff and backing it up with sound reasoning. He's also very confident, and a net gain town voice.

Vyse is either very lucky scum or the better of our two confirmed town voices. He's waffling, but in ways that are totally respectable and reasonable - his wavering on myself and Toben seem to be about us being active rather than him seeing us as less scummy, from what I'm reading from his posts yesterday.

Those two are the only two that I can say I have as town reads. Null-town would be Sideliner and Gianni, but both of those individuals haven't said much - but what they have said didn't smell funky or weird.


Un goes here - but with the caveat that his play feels WAY too safe when compared to his other town games. He's in that realm of 'too town' that makes me uneasy in a vague, foreboding way - saying just enough to be in the running, but not enough to really spark a discussion and be a contributor. I've got my eye on him.

RC leans scum for me, but I could be cutting him slack because again, language barrier. He's also made some pretty dumb moves if he's scum and called unnecessary attention to himself. The most scummy thing about him so far has been his putting Decoy at L-2 and saying it was a sheep.

dmboogie was town at the beginning but has since grown silent when we desperately need more town voices. I... don't like that. I need him to speak more before I weed out whether or not he's only town/null because he took advantage of early game to skate on late game.


Decoy is scum, I think, but I think he's a low-priority scum. His post this day-phase just reeked of sheeping public opinion without having a case at all. I'm minorly upset that we didn't get him to L-1 to force a claim, because that might've TRULY shaken things up a bit, but avoiding a hammer is good, too.

My feelings on Bik are the same as last phase - he's getting inactive slammed this phase (potentially) so I really don't see the point on lynching him. That said, I do think he's scum.

I actually laid out quite a decent chunk on you last phase, Toben - here, in fact. This all holds true, with suspicion mounting every day. Call it a gutread with a decent amount of thought behind it.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Back in black.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
@Vyse: I'm actually more inclined to trust my gutread of Toben from last phase - he was very happy to bury the game in walls of text when he's more than capable of keeping points concise and clear (the last mafia game we played comes to mind) than to lynch Decoy. Decoy's a scummier inactive than most, it's true - he had some weird statements last day phase that led me to believe that he's either selective about how much information he retained or he didn't read with any attention to detail - and building an opinion with either of those reasons as your basis is shaky.

I also would be okay with lynching RC, but honestly I think it's just a language barrier that's having my read on him be either too forgiving or too harsh.

So, yeah. I actually like the Toben lynch idea the best at the moment. Something's off and it gives me the jeebies.

VOTE: MurderWeasel

@Decoy: Just to be clear, I am not backtracking on my Espi lynch logic. I stand by the fact that he was acting scummy and it was the best lynch we had D1. But I will admit to having tunnel vision and his flip as town has resulted in shaking my confidence when scumhunting.

I want to hear from dmboogie this dayphase, as well as Sideliner. To those people: Thoughts on Vyse, Un, Goose, the Yugi night kill, MW and RC.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: NotAFlyingToy
Dates Away: Sunday, December 14 - Tuesday, December 16th
Days Away: 2-3
Reason for Away: Personal issues and a bum technology situation resulting in my having to take a sabbatical for a bit. Mostly for Mafia/Mini because I doubt it'll be my turn in endgame before I get back - and it won't be for very long if it is.
Characters: Hansel Williams

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
If that's the case, what's to be gained by targeting Yugikun? Wouldn't us mildly suspecting him mean that Scum would want him around a little more?

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Firstly, what's the difference between an elite bodyguard and a regular one?

What Could Have Been
So, since Endgame's upon us, I think it's time to kind of 'show my hand' as it were with things I've done with my more popular (or at least, more publicised) character throughout V5. It's absolutely crazy how many ideas I had - fully fleshed out and partially mused upon alike - and I've been nearly bursting to tell people. I know endgame isn't over yet, and Hansel's fate is still not disclosed, but I can sit on the pandora's box no longer.

-- Natali becomes a super hero.

This was the best of my ideas by far in terms of theme. Natali's story is one of taking the backseat, masterfully woven by backslash, and I felt that the best way to capitalize on the seeds she'd sown during her original (albeit mournfully undershadowed by my own writing with Natali) run of the character by crafting a narrative in which Natali would burst out of her shell and become the hard-bitten, tough as nails girl that looks up to Vasquez and any lead played by Michelle Rodriguez. It largely fell through when Natali was rolled, though, and when backslash wrote her death three months before I adopted her.

-- Natali's Family Runs a Wake

The Greers were such a well-fleshed out and remarkably nuanced family that backslash was able to craft a vivid image of them without a single word written from their perspective, leaving the reader to basically imagine literally everything about her home life. This made them the perfect outlet to write a mass funeral for all of the V5 kids' parents, where Natali's mother with perfect hair and a kind soul who's well liked by everyone would write a moving speech read by her sensitive but strong father who wore glasses (not because he needed them, but to make him more approachable to people) who would cry during it. It was a nice bit, but I had to scrap most of it when I discovered that Natali was black, and I'm not comfortable writing black people.

-- Natali Buys A Horse In The Afterlife

This idea was fucking dumb and I hated it the second I thought it up.

-- Natali Gets Her Period

I was finally going to show my chops writing a female character by having her paint her nails, watch The O.C, and run out of tampons. This sequence of events would really highlight how I have grown as a writer from 2013 to now by showing how diverse I could truly be. It was scrapped, though, when I couldn't fit the sentence "Scarlet Moist Secret Napkins" into the story without re-working the entire concept.

We're currently writing in a medium that has one key difference to other creative writing outlets: our writing is very visibly shaped by other people's input, feedback, and additions to the scene. This impact can't really be planned out or anticipated with 100% accuracy, because people are changing their minds and reacting organically to things in scenes all the time. While this certainly has it's drawbacks, when done responsibly it can be very very good.

So, if you've hit a block in your plot or feel burned out and burned down, I'd recommend being that person that forces people to think about their character and how they'd react. Pick away at boundaries. Attack things from an OOC angle if IC isn't working. Ask yourself: "What do I want my impact on these stories to be?" And lay the foundation for that impact.

Sometimes you'll fall flat, other times people will be dissatisfied, but you can ALWAYS say that you tried something new and went down swinging, and people will usually say nice things. Even if the nicest thing they say is "Well, they tried something different."

V4 recommendations
To add to this list:

I think Daisuke and Raidon are both really good reads (and fill a specific niche that seems to be very alluring in every SOTF and are examples of it being done well (to a point, in Daisuke's case)) and I'd recommend reading Kim as a winner that has, in my opinion, no real downside. She's very good consistently throughout the version in a very Gray Emerson way (or Gray is good in a Kim way) and she's my third favourite Toben-kid.

V4 recommendations
1. Julian Avery
2. Erik Laurin
3. Nick LeMonde
4. R.J. Lowe
5. Nick Reid

All four are really good, high-quality kids.


Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Meaning, to further break it down re: Bik: I have a feeling he's lurk!Scum but I want to get evidence before a lynch is reached based on that gutread.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Those too, MW. :P

AtE is popular in SOTF style play - it's something that's hard for me to swallow when trying to do reads. I've adopted some of it in my own play style, too.

And yeah, staying away from the Bik lynch because - while I do actually feel like Bik's scum, my gut isn't great this game apparently. Couple that with the fact that he's getting a warning about inactivity and I don't feel super inclined to leap on him.

I have a mild Gianni case next dayphase that we'll get to. I'm also going to take a closer look at MW to see if I can find evidence to back up my heebie jeebies in that area (It could just be paranoia)

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
@Toben: Appeal to Emotion!

Smoke billowed around them, seeping through the park with creeping, deep-coloured tendrils that whipped into the air at an astonishing speed. The smell of sulfur and ash clogged in Hansel's throat as the spectacle caught his eye for a fleeting moment - there, in the distance - before he re-focused on the task at hand, crouched in the shadow of the gazebo. Listening, he felt his ears burn slightly as Zubin's taunt floated, seeming to dissipate on air.

He wasn't sure where the other boy was, and didn't have sight on him - the gazebo loomed over him from his crouched position, blocking the view - but he found the statement trite, hollow. To him, it sounded like a bad line from a production, something that was just unrealistic enough to take the audience out of the script and explosions and make them realize that they were sitting in a theatre, watching a screen or a stage.

Slowly, it dawned on him that Zubin was... his father would say 'touched'. Hansel didn't know if he was more dangerous or sad because of it.

He backed away, still in the crouch, keeping the gazebo between him and where he assumed Zubin was, the gun at the ready as he eased his way towards a picnic table. Under his hands, the trigger was slick with sweat, the bandages constricting his breathing slightly, absorbing the rancid odour of his breath.

Three more, Hansel. You'll be free after three more.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Dec 8 2014, 07:31 AM
Also, out of curiosity: why the town read on Un? Grim's death could very likely have been due to him taking a bullet for someone else, making speculation on scum targeting him really shaky. Un was quite eager to defend Yugi and NAFT, and didn't really contribute much of anything besides that. I'm looking for something to read him off besides the defenses and Grim, and am not finding much, and I can't see how either of those things could read in a positive light.
There wasn't an answer to this on Vyse's end.

Kay, done posting now. I'll try to get back online tonight but I can't really promise anything.