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Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Oct 31 2013, 01:48 AM
I'll be honest, I'm totally clueless as to why people decided Slam was the vig - was it something to do with flavor, or am I just slow?

Penguin and I threw around a few theories, and I had my suspicions after Day 1 that he was a power role Town due to his defensiveness and seeming reluctance to contribute after getting the hammer in PR Mafia as Town Doctor. When the SK took out MW and the Vig took out AMF, however, I started looking at DocBalance, too. DB I could see kicking himself after leading the lynch on Skraal, and so immediately NKing AMF in order to make up for it, where Slam I pictured as taking a passive seat and picking off who he thought was scummy.

At that point, we cop'd BROseidon, and got a return that he was angry at our study group for some reason, but he fully cooperated with the investigation. I bobbled the ball there, as that's a total Todd tell, but at the time I was obsessed with Annie Kim being part of the game, and so I figured him for a Mason recruiter, or a cultist, or something. Either way, we figured he was safe for an NK or a lynch if we could snag it.

D2, Slam posted once, and Doc was pushing Grim too hard to be town. Going by my earlier logic, I slotted Doc into the SK role and figured Slam for town vig, which was a 70% sure read. N2, we opted to take out BRO, stifle more discussion, and at this point, I wanted to carry Slam to the end to make y'all paranoid should we start getting lynched.

D3's results were that Doc was gunned down by Leonard, which absolutely made the read 100% in my mind. Until then, Penguin did all of our killing. N2 we decided to investigate Slam, to get a final word on him. We tried to jump on the Persy wagon, which in retrospect was a poor decision on my part, but a few people believed it enough so that it wasn't disastrous.

N3 we got the result back for Slam, which was: You did eat all the macaroni. It's messed up that he knows.

So we blocked him hard, took out Decoy - for which dmboogie did the killing in case of watcher on Penguin - and agreed to hopefully speedhammer him down. It didn't really work out that way, but Persy jumping on Mara provided the best opportunity.

I think that about covers it. I know we took out Keaka because he's a strong town player, but also not AS strong as Bro or MW were flashing at the time, figuring that it'd sow a little question mark.

Buffy Mafia Sign-Ups
/in as SE.

I've never even watched Buffy. Hopefully I do okay.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
and Naft was never worse than iffy.

Wow, I thought I was scumtelling far more than that. That's cool to know!

Un-Persona turned out to definitely be the biggest obstacle late game. I really feel like if Town had come out of the woodwork, they could've rallied and taken us on. We just had far too much of a headstart with the doctor, the cop, and two known good town players gone in the opening salvo.

It was a great scumteam with some excellent behind the scenes decision making by P_A, Sickness, and Zab.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
You made the right call.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Yeah, I'm going to be next to useless in Buffy Mafia. I was able to link a few roles to flavours in this game by sheer nerdom, but Buffy?

Seven seasons?

Fuck that.

Still want in though.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
@BRO: Yeah, we weaselled a few out. I know I was planning on claiming Whitman or June, both professors.

Hm. I kept some chatlogs, but they're at home and also incomplete. I can probably fish them out if you guys want.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Oct 30 2013, 12:20 PM
I'm almost sad we didn't get to recruit Pierce, but not really because whatever.
Dude! Called it!

I was hardcore gunning for the "TT is Pierce and Pierce is almost CERTAINLY an alignment changer!" train.

It's unfortunate that we didn't get it, but we played a pretty strong game regardless.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Hahaha, yeah. Sorry if the Winger speech came across as cocky. Scum can confirm that my goal shifted from "winning the game" to "doing at least one Winger speech" before the game was over.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Yeah, I can't speak for the rest of scum, but I figured DocBalance for Vig and Slam for SK at the beginning of Day 2. After a while, I was confused as to who was what. I'm glad that Slam caught Doc out that night, otherwise I would've been pretty confused as to who to block.

Day 3's Un-Persona lynch backfire... Well played, Town. That was not a well thought out play on my part. I was also super impressed with the way Unpy led the town in the last day.

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
I had a really great time with this one, Dom. Persy, you were making me sweat in the last day.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Good game. :)

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Friends! Patriots! Lend me your ears!

Over the last few dayphases, we have scrounged and scrambled, fighting and burrowing, for the privelege - nay, the right to call ourselves the a single, united Greendale! We've argued, and prodded, and poked and pillaged. We've scorned those who did not contribute to the cause, and flamed those who had.

But today, we emerge victorious! Today, after this long ordeal, we emerge champions!

For I, NotAFlyingToy, will lead the charge into the abyss. We've waited long, and we've worked hard, and now, we get our just desserts!

Vote: Maraoone

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Bear in mind we have like, three hours, Penguin.

Swirly's Patent Extra-Extra-Spicy Critique House
I don't wish to back out. Hit me with Hansel if you've got time.

Un Offers His Opinion.
Ciel the only thing you get by pulling seniority is an offer to change your day diaper.

If you could find it within your curly haired self to offer an opinion on Hansel, Mr. Persona, I shall be happy.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, being that Mara is still my biggest scumread and that I'm not entirely confident either way on Slam, I'm happy with a Mara lynch.

Vote: Mararoone

I'd still like him to come in and respond, but I feel good about this one and dislike our chances of turning this around without a scumlynch today.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oct 28 2013, 01:04 PM
Certain-dean, Naft.

Slamexo: NotAFlyingToy, penguin_alien (L-4)
Polybius: Un-Persona (L-5)
TurtleTyrant: Slamexo (L-5)

11 Alive means 6 to Lynch.
One thing that I'd like, too, is an official vote count to confirm beyond all reasonable doubt that Un-P has a doublevote. Dom, if you could comply, that'd be stellar.

Okay. So, in case anyone didn't catch it during my long list o'reads, my four scumreads were Polybius, TurtleTyrant, Mararoone, and Slamexo. I've already asked Mara some questions, and Slam's answering a few himself, so the rest of you are going to get some.

TT's unprovoked claim is incredibly scummy, yes, but I believe it. Why? Because Pierce was sort of known for being at odds with the rest of the study group at several notable times throughout the series, not to mention the meta joke of Chevy Chase being at odds with everyone else on the show. Hardly conclusive evidence of town or scum, if you ask me. The role could go either way.

What I don't like, and what makes me feel even more uncomfortable with TT's post, is the lack of anything solid on it. It feels like the reads are playing it safe.

TT, answer a few questions for me, wouldja? Is there any one person right now you'd be confident in a lynch for? Can you point me to a post in the past of Polybius' that gives an example of his defensiveness?

Now, onto Slam and Penguin.

I guess I got my wish, and Slam came out of the woodwork swinging, but it seems a completely defensive maneuver in the face of more than a few people who have him on their list of scumreads. I like the aggression towards TT, and I like the current back-and-forth between them. At the moment, if I had to pick, I'd say Slam is the scummier between PA and himself, mostly because I hate the fact that he's just shown up now, after three days of shooting in the dark and not catching any scum.

Polybius: You've listed who you think aren't scum. Who is? Why do you feel that way? Can you comment on Mararoone or Slam for me?

Community Mafia: Game Thread
First, this from the reduced activity thread:

I don't have a laptop charger at home anymore, so I'm likely not going to be spending time on the internet/on the laptop.

This is more for Mafia than anything else, really.

Now, onto the recent events.

I'm going to break this into two posts, so it doesn't become a lolbomb of content. First, I'll address Un-Persona and Mararoone, and then I'll check out the Slam/Penguin shenanigans.

First, Mararoone. Un-P has done a decent job of laying out his case against you, but I want to provide you with some actual questions to answer rather than just aggressive play (as good as that is to see, I want to glean more from responses at this point).

Unpy's wagon didn't exactly stall out. I think the problem was when dm voted, he didn't unvote first. As a result, his vote didn't count and we were left one away from a lynch.

This is less pointing at a scumtell, more pointing out a factual error. I didn't notice that dm didn't unvote, which would've made his vote null. Still, Un-P was two away from a lynch when the phase expired. The fact that you got this information wrong doesn't have my back up.

Anyways, if you want my suspicions, I'm not suspecting Naft and p_a. It's still somewhat early in the game, but I'll say this: if you live much longer, then I'll get a bit suspicious.

This does.

Mara, this is late game. As Un-Persona mentioned near the beginning of the phase, this is either LyLo if we're up against a five man team of Mafia, or damn close to it if it's four. As penguin stated last day phase, we're in all likelihood dealing with a mafia group greater than three.

Please treat this as late game, Mara. How does that change your suspicions?

Poly is suspicious because, while he's been as quiet as I've been, his posts don't have much content. Not the strongest suspect so far however since decoy was like that, yet he still was town. I'm also looking at Slam somewhat. Unpy's not really completely dropped off the radar, but he's... on the edge, I guess?

Part of the reason I dropped Un-P like he was hot during this dayphase was to see if he'd continue to point out my suspicions of him. Scum tend to be happy with flying below the radar after someone says 'I don't suspect you anymore', and his prodding at me was a very good sign, and helped me resolve my read on him.

With that in mind, can you elaborate on how Un-P is on the edge? What about Slam has you looking into him? Are you comfortable enough to lay a vote or build a case on any of these reads?

It's good to see you back, by the way. Hope the tests/projects weren't too stressful.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I don't have a laptop charger at home anymore, so I'm likely not going to be spending time on the internet/on the laptop.

This is more for Mafia than anything else, really.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Forgot to include this, but I'm combing through those four links you gave, penguin. Slam still isn't my biggest scumread, but my 'speak more' vote is still on him for now. If Dom could post an official vote count, also, that'd be good.