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Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
I'd like to sign up twice, please.

This was almost worse than the shouting, the fighting and the pain. This was almost more unbearable than fighting for your life or arguing to live or facing a loaded gun. In those situations, Hansel had always been able to react appropriately, act in time, push past the obstacle or defeat the opponent or do what was generally required in order to live.

But these? The quiet moments, the heartfelt moments, the moments where you have no choice but to talk to someone and face everything you've been through and try to quantify, qualify, analyze? The moments when you had to admit that there wasn't a clock, or a time limit, or where shooting and fighting weren't an answer? Hansel didn't know what to do with those.

There were no room for them on the island.

Now, there were two people, and only one could walk away. A simple manner of subtraction. She asked him what to do - she told him she thought he knew what to do to escape, get away, retreat.

The way out.

She thought he knew, and deep down, he did.

He kept his eyes closed and towards the sunset as he lifted shaking hands, peeling back the gauze around his mouth and jaw, freeing up aching lips and shredded skin. The smell was instant in the midst of the gunfire - brimstone and fire and putrid air that filled the space where his cheek should be. He was skeletal, skin, bones, blood and bandage, and he kept his gaze hidden, expression neutral as he swallowed to speak.

"Yuh," he started, then stopped. Took a breath.

Take your time with these, Hansel. They may be your last words. No stuttering, no dicking around.

You can't be wrong.

"What would you change," he croaked, "if you could do it all again?"

His head felt like a bowling ball as he nodded, a slow, steady up-down motion that - somehow - sent fire to his stomach, tendrils of pain reaching towards his hip. He eyed her, the putrid, coppery scent of blood and stench of moisture fermenting from his mouth and the gauze that wrapped him tight.

He wasn't sure if the SMG was still in his hand, had to glance towards it to double-check. The way he was stretched against the bench of the picnic table, he'd need to fall from his position in order to shoot up at her. The idea was familiar - compromising his dignity for a shot at survival - and one he'd chosen before, easily, with no hesitation.

He made the choice this time with careful thought and a cautious eye towards her, watching her bowed head, her grubby appearance, the purple smoke billowing and lingering around her, like she'd just walked out of a fire.

She had, he realized.

They both had.

He made the choice, tossed the SMG to the side, and leaned his head back against the wood, exhaling towards the setting sun.

It was difficult to keep his eyes open, harder still to keep himself upright. A clubbed, gauze-wrapped hand gripped tight to the picnic table, his arm shaking with effort as his torso lay draped against the wooden bench. He couldn't gain his feet, the distance between himself and Zubin's corpse seeming insurmountable, and so shifted, dragging his back across the wood until he was fully facing Mara.

Zubin's last gunshot had hit home, and a sudden and terrifying coldness was stealing over his ribcage, flooding the gauze already present with more scarlet. The thunder and lightning of the bullet joined the remainder of his wounds in an immaculate chorus that sang in tandem, vibrating across his body and making his eyes heavy, limbs weak.

It all seemed so inevitable, now. His ability to get up after a fight, soldier on, carry the weight and drag it with him had abandoned him, a tool that was overused and improperly maintained collapsing under itself. Hansel made peace with that fact, let it steel him for what was to come.

She - Mara - started towards him across a field awash with a sunset glossed in a purple haze, and he prepared to accept her.

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
Jan 30 2015, 06:24 AM
Jan 29 2015, 03:28 PM
The first rule of Mafia club is don't talk about Mafia club never trust anyone, ever. Especially if they tell you to trust them.

*side-eyes everyone*

... By my own logic, Naft is the most trustworthy person here.
S'about right, yeah.
...This was my 1000th post O_o

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
Don't ever trust me.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Can I request a Brandon Baxter - before and after he died?

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Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
Jan 28 2015, 03:51 PM
Mean site.

I'll repeat: Yay! I'm in.
Vote: Imehal

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
Yeah, shit was totally crazy.

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
Vyse you magnificent son of a bitch. Well done.

And here I was feeling bad that Murder wasn't going to win it based on a technicality. I fucked up so much during this game, but I definitely wouldn't have seen a Vyse as scum flip coming a mile away. Really good show.

My goal was to hit scum and have them think twice about hitting me the last phase, trying for a false WIFOM type maneuver. I figured I could pull it off if I left boogie alone as the sole scum role, hoping on his general indecisiveness when it comes to Mafia to have JUST enough doubt so that he'd try for Vyse or Goose instead of me once Toben got hit.

Didn't really work out how I wanted, though. All in all, a very fun game - albeit plagued by inactivity, which is kind of the norm nowadays - and I wish I'd dedicated more time to it so that I could be properly flabbergasted when Vyse spanked me.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread


Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
To clarify:

1) If there are two scum left, Murder just outed himself and his possible partner, as the only way he'd know for sure Goose was town (signifying a scum win if it's at 2-2) is if he himself was scum.

2) This means that Boogie is his partner.

I believe this could be checkmate if we move fast enough.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Dark Lord Bunbury
Nov 23 2014, 08:23 PM
Unvoting is required. If I notice double-voting or have it pointed out to me, I will ask the player to re-do the vote before it is counted.

Hammer it.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
...It actually isn't, I think, because Vyse didn't unvote.


Vote: MurderWeasel

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Re: My first day play not adding up - Yeah. I decided early on that the best way to play beloved leader was to make myself an aggressive town target. When Espi flipped town, I adapted my strategy to seem like hardcore scum. Compare this game with Community mafia, where I did literally what Goose is doing - just enough to be a contender and not enough to be truly gauged as either town or scum - and V4 Mafia, where I was aggressive and hardcore while having a Doctor role in my back pocket.

You're taking the word of someone you can't get a bead on after it's five people left and an accomplished town backstabber over an obvious choice for scum due to misplay. It's been great play by both scum for sure, but I need you to take a risk to even have a chance at winning this.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
No, it IS game over if I'm the lynch.

Vyse, you're flat out making a big time mistake here. The only chance we have is to net another scum. I'm finding it incredibly frustrating that you're looking at nothing to gauge Goose or Boogie on as more town than anything else - a classic scum move is to say enough to be considered active but not enough to get a read on.

Goose is classic coasting scum, tossing in peanuts now and again to stay alive, but not contributing anything.

Change your vote, mix it up. If I'm wrong and he flips town, we lose hard. But if you lynch me, we lose even harder.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Well, I'm going ahead and voting for Goose.

Vote: Goose