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V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Keep the dream alive, Town!

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Cake, Vyse - Okay. We're now a trio. The crumbing could've been a false crumb, and I may have taken the bait full on.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Kay, well, we pissed this day away. Sheep boogie and let's move along.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Shange, D/N, and Imehal should pop in.

That's it for me. See you guys tomorrow.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 27 2014, 06:43 AM
Something else that bothered me about boogie's post was how quick the idea of a second mafia was brought up. It made the most sense at the time, and nobody has bothered to use their vote for anybody else. You're all totally free to counterwagon and try to convince the town that there are better people to lynch today.
Also this. Guys, if you don't like it, toss me another idea. You're all just circling the wading pool at this point. Let's get 'er going.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 27 2014, 04:06 PM
Zab, Lynching based on activity does not rob a lynch of it's meaning. If too many people are inactive it can reach a point where it is impossible for town to lynch scum, and that alone makes policy lynching inactives useful.

My point earlier wasn't that lynching inactives is bad it's that the number of posts is not directly linked to activity, but merely correlated with it. Someone with few posts can be very active and someone with many posts may not be(I've seen both happen). Tying activity directly to the number of posts is common, because it's hard to tell how active someone who's not posting is combined with the fact that a low post active scum is easy to overlook, but since we inactive sweep every game the only scum we catch by doing so are the scum that are actually inactive (not that that's a bad thing it's just infinitely less useful than offing active scum). High post inactives often ride to the endgame while doing jack-squat if you inactive sweep based solely on number of posts.
Inactive sniping is more often than not a scum play, but boogie's style, TDS, is to slip under the radar unannounced and lurk in the shadows with a low post count and very little contribution. Hence why he's been singled out this game so heavily. If that hasn't been stated yet, that's the reason for this train and why I like it so much.

Further - examining inactive/policy lynches is a great way to catch scum. They're not robbed of value at all.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Okay, here we go. And I’ll start this shit off with a disclaimer that this isn’t to be taken as my full front assault on Ciel, but more of a shorthand and easy reference point for me should Ciel’s interesting play continue in the future.

I’m doing this because I want to stop skirting around the issue due to laziness and/or stress, so here we go.


This is his joke vote:
I'm sorry, is this a Red Text Orgy or are we planning to get serious any time soon?

Vote: Shangela

Because business and pleasure.

which immediately set my teeth on edge. If we’re talking joke votes and bad vibes, this one makes me raise my eyebrows because of the “Are we gettin’ serious?” then lack of seriousness. Sarcasm hiding truth, maybe.

It’s gonna be way too long if I quote all of this stuff. So I’m just going to link to the posts I find interesting.

ISO 2 - re: my push on Deamon, he sounds almost like he’s flagging Deamon to push forward and give him something to work off of. Could either be town motivated of scum motivated, would be dumb to crumb like that in thread as scum, though, so I figure it’s a clumsy town effort to add on to the push.

ISO 4 - Just… what.

ISO 5 - Displays some more flip-floppiness even when clearing up previous flip-floppiness. Gives Deamon an out - “It would be easy to write that off as Deamon already being familiar with how Naft operates…” instead of waiting for a response from the guy. Everything he says, it’s like he’s covering all bases of operation. “Oh, he could be doing this, or this, or maybe this!”

It reads as someone not wanting to be accused of anything rather than genuine scum hunts.

ISO 12 - Makes good on suspicions of Deamon long after he stated them.

ISO 14 - First post I like completely as town.

ISO 15 Ruins the good vibrations by this ridiculously aggressive post outlining motivations of players Ciel doesn’t really have a bead on, from my estimations. I like me a good aggressive Town, but it seems fake - as if he’s overdoing it to be townread harder. It’s hard for me to peg this as genuine. Decent content here though.

ISO 21 Good post. Solid town vibrations.

ISO 26 More hoop jumping when he earlier admitted (21) that he had never played with anyone. Especially the “You have a suspicion about the way Naft jumped on Bro” when Deamon was my target.

ISO 30

Gonna soapbox on this for a bit.

Ladies and gentlemen, past games are a very, very solid indicator of scumtells and towntells of individual players. I’m sorry if we lose you in the jargon. I’m sorry that you don’t feel up to or motivated to read an entire long Mafia thread looking for scumtells/towntells. But we are going to keep referencing them - though I think it’d be best if we did so with more of an outline of how that game went.

You can always Isolate said member’s posts in the mafia, or we’ll link them for you. But past games are a factor here, since they’re concrete evidence of behavioral patterns and lies/truths told.

ISO 32 - Inactive sheep on Day 1 after his target was Deamon and nothing got answered. Scummy. Redacted in ISO 37 at Slam’s prodding.

ISO 40 - Featuring a random fucking accusation that Doc’s denying the possibility of multiple SK’s.

Then we get into the Vyse stuff. This is where I start to get a bit shaky because my eyes glaze over whenever I read these events. Ciel seems to switch targets and stances rapidly, is not the most informed person, and gets corrected a lot.

ISO 50 - Don’t know what to make of this. He swallows the Vyse claim with an apology and all is cool again. I really don’t know what to make of this aggressive play one moment then puppy dog eyes the next. After apologizing - and stating he wasn’t going to vote for Vyse earlier - he drops a vote but ‘feels bad about it’ in ISO 51

ISO 53 - Softens up to Penguin after all that rageroids before.


ISO 57 - Now he’s feeding me excuses instead of letting me respond. Ciel, if you’re town, please stop doing this. It makes it hard to get a genuine read.

What follows here of note is Ciel targeting me and solely me after I stated that he was my D2 target. I figured that I’d give him a single target to shoot at, and see if he wibbled, wobbled, or fell down during the gunfire.

Ciel paints these… we’ll call them elaborate - portraits on little to no basis or grounds of how situations are going to go/what motivations are. After going through all of this, I’m putting Ciel in a null collumn - this looks, to me, like someone getting their feet wet in their first super active mafia game. Which, if I’m guessing meta stuff, means that he must have a pretty exciting role to be this engaged. Generally, for me, that’s a scum tell - you’re more invested in a game if you’re scum because you get to lie and shit - but who really knows. It’s a weak basis of a case.

I tentatively withdraw my accusations, and leave this here for your own perusals. The full Ciel ISO is linked here. To all those who wished me well, thank you. I’m on anti-biotics and doing dandy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mafia.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Man, I have had Ciel's ISO open for like three days straight now.

I'd like D/N to weigh in. I'm writing this fuckass case and it's kinda awful so I may re-write it to make it less heated.

Got it about half done, gotta get my spine examined in the AM. Naft, signing off for now.

SotF Murdercast
Grim Wolf
Jan 24 2014, 11:26 AM
It was easy to tell which one was Rattle based on the quality of his anecdotes. Better than all of V5 so far, I'd say.
Have my upvote.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.



The muffled clang, the sickening squelch, the deepening thud of his arm vibrating from the repeated impact of steel and flesh and bone. Rust chips flew outwards, mixed with the red of gore, the white of skull, the flesh colour of skin.

He didn’t stop hitting Theo until the wrench just sunk into his skull and wouldn’t be tugged out.

Then, Hansel flopped backwards onto his ass, slid his knees to his chest, and folded his arms.

And stared at the remnants of one of his greatest rivals.

There was no mourning, no questioning of the why’s and how’s, no contemplation of who Theo was and what he could’ve been. There wasn’t a sense of sorrow or contempt or forgiveness.

There was simple emptiness coupled with the acidic taste of bile, a wave of unflinching apathy coupled with an urge to vomit that combined was somehow worse than any regret or remorse he could’ve felt.

He sat, and stared, and wondered, his hand curling into a fist, tightening, then releasing. Slow, steady, to a rhythm only he heard.

His chin was scraped and bleeding, his face, dark red shirt, and arms were coated with an even darker shade. His hat was somewhere near the plane, on its side, gently rocking with the slight breeze. His jeans were ripped in the knee - where the skin stung from being skinned in the tussle. He should take care of his appearance, his wounds. He should resume his scouting of the location, gather supplies, move forward with his plan.

Instead, he remained seated, anchored to the ground.

Instead, he stared.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 26 2014, 03:43 AM
Naft, I understand what you're saying about your strategy, but the problem is, we need to gauge your reaction too, right? ;) I'd appreciate at least seeing this case against Ciel you're talking about, as I'm starting to shift towards a very light townread.
My reaction was 'meh this isn't worth my time' which I figured was decent enough to give you insight to my motivations. But I'll build and supply my reasoning if you'd like.

Most of my scumtells on Ciel seemed to be him misinterpreting/not knowing Mafiascum logic combined with a very aggressive stance.

In any case, I'll do a big ol' writeup on Ciel momentarily.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Why is everyone so skittish about wagoning? Boogie isn't posting and maybe if he's at L-3 he'll be compelled to.

This game is flip flopping between everyone talking over each other and just circling the drain. It's the second/third day of this dayphase and we have THREE votes from people. It's 12 to lynch.

Use your votes.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
@ Naft - Is Un-Persona's supposed bread-crumbing the sole reason that makes you feel comfortable enough for him to be town or is there more to it than that?

Eh, he can go either way, honestly. The crumbing to me means that he's leaning town. Not really confident on saying 'deffo town' or not but he can join the townblock if he really wants.

I'm burnt out these past few days so I'll be sparse. I'm shaking my head at most activity shakedowns since we've had a ridiculously high volume of posts and some people tend to disconnect (like yours truly).

I like the boogie wagon.

vote: Dmboogie

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
As Hansel made his way to the shelving unit, leaning against it heavily, he watched Theo struggle through the blurred tears, the lack of vision. He watched the effort, the scrambling, the failure as the smaller boy fell earthward in his attempt to get him, to keep living, to survive.

Turning to the shelf, Hansel ran his fingers over the various instruments - all were coated in rust, dirt, decay. His fingers stopped at an 18 inch pipe wrench, so thick with rust that the teeth were permanently ajar.

He lifted it off of the wall, turned to face Theo, testing its weight in his right hand as his wrist circled, the handle slick with blood.

Hansel lifted the wrench high, eyes on Theo’s temple, watching, waiting, sizing up. When Theo got to the right height in Hansel’s approximation, he set his jaw, steeled his form.

The wrench came down.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
The first blow had Hansel jerking backwards, eyes immediately filling with water as he squeezed tighter to Theo’s hair, thumbs digging deeper as the hard bone connected with his groin. He just needed to hold on - despite the boy’s screams, despite his own pain. Just a little longer-

The second blow, however, had him releasing Theo to instinctively cover himself and roll off, the breath he’d scarcely regain snatched away again, blinding pain behind his eyelids even as he struggled to get some distance, find something - anything - to end the job.

There were shelves beside them that had wrenches and chucks of all sizes, for quick fixes and adjustments of the smaller planes. Trying to suck in air and wobbling, Hansel rose to his knees, then on one foot, limping towards the possible weaponry.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
As Hansel slammed into the smaller boy, the FAMAS knocking against his shin and making him stumble, landing hard on his side as Theo went down. Scrambling, Hansel dove on top of the slighter boy, his hands grabbing Theo’s temples with fistfuls of hair, pressing his head down as his thumbs covered Theo’s eyes.

He began to apply pressure, gritting his teeth, his pulse pounding as he sought to end the boy’s life.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
When Theo scampered away in the direction of the FAMAS, Hansel quickly deduced his intent. Theo was about to get the gun.

His gun.

Acting quickly, Hansel jumped to his feet, his right fist filled with rust shavings and loose stones from the asphalt he had laid on. Closing the distance between Theo and himself, and knowing that the other boy would reach the gun first, Hansel had only timing to hope for.

As Theo went for the gun, Hansel threw the debris, aiming for the smaller boy’s face before launching into a tackle of his own.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
One minute, Hansel was walking towards the plane.

The next, he was thrown into it, his arms pinwheeling forwards so that he didn’t slam his head onto the metal siding, his palms stinging as he hit asphalt next to the landing gear, the FAMAS skittering away in one direction, his bag landing with a thump to his right.

He tried to roll over, to strike out with an elbow at his attacker, tried to growl a warning, hold on to his intimidation, gain any kind of ground.

What came out was a muffled, pathetic squeak, and his elbow hit nothing but air.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.
((Hansel Williams, If I had known this, I would have put that patch on 35 years ago.))

There was fire, and there was brimstone.

These were the thoughts that accompanied Hansel as he trekked across the Hangar, eyes darting around to try and commit the surroundings to memory. Not too long ago, he’d associated those two things with people on the island that had enraged him and pushed him to a simmering state. Theo, for shooting him and leaving him for dead. Tyler, for being the cause of losing a great deal of his supplies.

But now? Revenge was the furthest thing from his mind. Now, he needed to scout, memorize, get a feel of the island that he was going to survive in. He wanted to know where breach points and sniper’s lofts and places to fortify could be. He needed to find canned goods, supplies, soft beds.

He started with the hangar, figuring it as good a place as any to scavenge and investigate. He stood at the mouth of the building, turning in a slow circle, the FAMAS over his right shoulder as his finger toyed with the safety. It made a pleasant snick, click, clack as he switched it from safe to auto to semi and back. The resistance of the switch, the tiny little sound, soothed his anxiety.

Confident he was alone, he began walking into the hangar, drawn to the rusted airplane found inside.

If I had known this, I would have put that patch on 35 years ago.
And suddenly, she had backup - backup in the form of that deaf kid from Aurora. In less than a half hour, Hansel had two grim reminders of the lifetime ago - when they could claim they were all various degrees of innocent, human, sheltered.

Michael still had that look about him, and though he had a big looking gun and his mean face on, Hansel hadn’t heard his name in the announcements. So, he released his FAMAS, letting it hang from his neck on the shoulder strap, bending slowly to pick up the bag at his feet.

Straightening, he smiled at the boy, the facial expression tight, macabre - more of a grimace than any joyous grin. Slowly, carefully, he lifted two fingers of his right hand, and pressed them to his forehead as he started walking towards Michael and Andi, his gun dangling, stride unhurried, that grin still on his face.

Go ahead and shoot me, he thought, as he closed the distance between them.

And when Michael didn’t, his smile grew wider, wider still until he stood in front of the deaf boy, looking him up and down.

He snorted. Shook his head. Stepped past.

He didn’t give Andi a backwards glance as he started down the stairs and out into the night.

((Hansel Williams, Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.))