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Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
There was no response from Al, his cube was back in his pocket and he looked to be in thought, could he trust this person? He looked over at Serena as if she had the answer, she would have to be blunt and tell him she had no clue what to do. All this situation did was remind her how poorly thought her idea was, first person they meet and they're terrified of them without even seeing if their good or not.

The voice rang out again, asking if there was something and then stating they were going in. There came a tense feeling over the room as the seconds starting going down, would this person take no for answer? Would they leave them alone if told so? She couldn't shake the feeling of distrust inside her. The video from earlier was repeating itself in her mind, the man said they were friends and yet one killed the other with barely any words said. There's always more to a story than what you're shown, but she had nothing else to go on. If they let this person in and trusted them, would this be like the video. Them walking in, killing them both and then walking out without a word? She was determined to make sure it didn't happen to them.

Serena walked over to Al and whispered to him "From the sounds of it they aren't looking to fight, I won't blame you if you trust them, but let's be cautious." She took a quick look over at the door and said out loud "You get in once you say who you are, who you're with and what weapons you have." Blunt and short, exactly how it should be.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Please do Serena Willia-I mean Serena Waters.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Zoe Walker. would you kindly?

I wanna be king of the pirates!
New Session! In which Pink and Lex fall into a buddy cop movie.

Also Pink is gun crazy and I vote to forbid him from holding one anymore :_:.

Serena Waters would you kindly?

Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
Al's responses left a bit to be desired, his eyes barely left the cube as he spouted his support of the plan, it made Serena wonder if he was actually on board with her plan and not just saying things to appease her, it made her conscious of questions that she had been conveniently ignoring.

They had a route and a plan now, but what about when they get there? What if there is no jeep and she just wasted their time? These thoughts stirred around in her mind to which she had no answer, she had hoped to come up with something along the way rather than focus on it before they had even enacted on the plan.

She decided to push these thoughts away and leave, staying in this place was affecting her in some way, something about it's oppressive atmosphere. As she was getting up from her chair however; a voice came out from the hall, Serena felt herself tense up as the voice addressed Al, it sounded familiar and whoever it was wasn't threatening them, but it didn't make Serena feel any better about it.

Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
As she mapped out a route to the depot, she could hear Al walk in and sit down in one of the other chairs. She briefly looked over at him to see what he was doing, he was playing with a rubix cube. She didn't mind whatever he did so long it kept him from breaking down. Then he asked if she knew were to go, not taking his eyes off the cube.

"There's a bridge not far from here, if we follow the path and cross it we'll be just about there, just a tiny walk left at that point." She turned the map around and traced her finger along the path to show him. As long as no one has bombed the bridge like an idiot, they would get there in half an hour or so.

There was one more thing that needed to be said. "When we get there, you have to be ready." She pointed towards his weapon, their sole defense. "We're likely to meet others there, there's no guarantee they're gonna be friendly." It was a grim thought, but a necessary one. There are always going to be people who kill, this has been happening for years and there were always stories of good kids turning into monsters during it. Better safe than sorry.

Even so there was one thing she wasn't sure how she would react, it was the thought of one of her friends doing so that made it feel like a knot was being tied up inside her. She tried to shake that thought away, there was no way they were gonna do that, Alice was a shy pacifist, Abby wouldn't hurt a fly and Jeremy was... Jeremy, she couldn't picture him killing people, but the thought still lingered in the back of her head, festering.