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Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
((Serena Waters continued from She Swallowed Burning Coals))

Looking around the building confirmed Serena's suspicions, they were at the asylum's library rather than the library near the depot, which meant they would have to cross the bridge to get there. She felt a sense of dread about it, a small part of her had hopes that this would just be close to it and they wouldn't have to worry about traveling outside and potentially getting attacked, but she would have to put aside any fear of that if she was to get there with Al.

Wandering the asylum was uneventful outside of talking with Al. Finally they reached a room that had seen some action in it. One of the chairs were broken and a foul smell emanated in the room. Something bad had happened here. Al walked in first with his weapon out and asked what the room could be. With how the chairs were setup along with the sofa and TV, Serena had a pretty good idea.

"Looks like a lounge." She walked into the room and sat down on one of the chairs and looked over her map, trying her best to ignore the smell. If they were gonna travel safely, she would have to plan out a good route there.

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She Swallowed Burning Coals
Serena wouldn't have to worry now about leaving Al behind, he walked out of the room after her. She was glad he had managed to get himself out of his funk, the thought of him lying there having given up on everything wasn't the way his family would want to see him. It was the least she could do, give him some hope.

It was then he decided to ask her if the key would unlock the collars. Serena couldn't help but stare at him for a bit. It was one of those questions that made you stop and just wonder how the other person thought that wasn't obvious. She shook her head at this and said:

"No, it doesn't."

It came out somewhat roughly, it was clear Al was desperate, the collars around their necks were constant reminder of where they were and what was at stake, but there was no way the terrorists were that dumb. At this point she started briskly walking down the hallway, map in hand and hoping the way to the depot was short.

"Come on Al, let's go."

((Serena Waters continued in Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said))

She Swallowed Burning Coals
As the bell tolled away in the background, Al gathered his things and looked at her and asked her what they were going to do. It's a weird thing when someone looks at you and asks that question, Serena wasn't used to that. It reminded her how it was back in school where you get planted in a random group and they look at you expectantly as if you had all the answers. Lucky for Al, she already had something planned.

"I think we should get to the depot and look around there, there's got to be something there I can use the keys on." It was a short term plan, nothing concrete afterwards and probably would get done within a day, but it would give them something to focus on and in Serena's case, kept her mind off what they wanted them to do.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't know where they were. Kind of a big problem if you're planning on going somewhere. "First things first though, let's look around and find out where we really are." She went and picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder and started walking out the room before turning around towards Al. "Are you up for this?"

She Swallowed Burning Coals
At first it looked like it had no effect on Al, Serena was about to kick him again when he started getting up on his feet. He looked groggy and his eyes were red from crying, a far cry from the Al she knew back home. He looked around and asked where they were.

"In the library." She held out the map to him and pointed at it. "It says on the map it's on the left side, but I'm not sure this is it." He had stopped looking around as she was talking and now was looking at the floor. He was still having difficulties dealing with all of this which she was fine with, people cope in different ways, but if he tried to go back to lying down, Serena would drag him out if she had to.

She was about to ask Al if he wanted to give her plan a shot now that he has seemingly decided to not give up, when she heard something that sounded like a bell.

"You hear that?" She saw on the map that there was a bell tower on the island, but why would anyone ring it?

She Swallowed Burning Coals
Sometimes, your friends didn't want help. Sometimes, they just want to lie down, cry and not think about anything. Serena would be fine with if it was back home, but they were not at home, they were in Survival of the Fittest. Her smile dropped when there came no response from Al, She thought it would help his spirits a bit or at least get an reaction.

It made her feel a pang of anger towards him, here she was planning away and trying to help him, and he's just lying there ignoring everything as if that would help. The feeling of nothing being accomplished crept up on her. Maybe she should leave.

But she didn't, even if Al was frustrating her to no end right now, he was still her friend. Since telling him of her plan didn't work, She could try a more direct approach.

"I'm not going to let you waste away in here, now get up!" She punctuated her demand by lightly kicking him in the back.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
There came an awkward silence as she waited for his reply, what if he just ignored her and carried on lying there? Would she have to leave him behind to make sure she had a chance? The temptation to leave was eating at her when he finally looked at her and talked. She was worried that he was going to ignore her and continue lying there, but his reaction gave her a brief feeling of hope that he would follow her up on this.

"They've got a vehicle depot on the other side of the island." She held the map upfront and pointed at it. "I was given car keys for a weapon, and I believe they have something there we can use it on."

There must be, they wouldn't just give her keys and not have it be useful for something, would they? She looked at Al with a hopeful smile waiting for his reaction.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
An asylum island, lovely. The whole thing seemed more and more as a joke as she got her bearings.

The island was sort of claw shaped with the asylum on the right side. According to it the library was on the left side, but she had a feeling that this wasn't it. A library in the asylum maybe? Something in particular caught Serena's eye. A vehicle depot on the other side of the island, it would be a long shot, but they had given her keys and it was better to check out than staying holed up here.

She looked over to where Al was lying, he had changed position. If she was going to make it out there she would need others for help, you never know who had snapped yet and deciding killing was worth it. Al wasn't the type to do that, she could trust him. She took hold of the map and walked over to where he was lying. She started nudging him with her foot.

"Al, get up! I got something good here."

She Swallowed Burning Coals
No response, usually when it's clear the other person's not willing to talk Serena would leave them alone. This wasn't anything near usual though and it was Al, she couldn't just walk off leaving him here alone sobbing to himself. She got up on her feet, walked over to her bag and started looking around in it.

Shuffling past the food, first aid kit and the "weapon" they had given her, she found what she was looking for. She grabbed the map and made her way to the nearest table; setting her bag under it then setting her map upon it.

She didn't know where she was or anything about this area, first order of business is finding out then planning out what to do.

"Hey Al... if you don't want to talk, that's alright. I'll be over here if you need anything." She eyed his bag, the thought to check it to see what he had just entered her mind, but she shook her head and focused on the map, studying it and putting that disturbing thought aside.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
Sometimes, just sitting and crying your heart out felt good, Serena would do so back home, just getting the emotions out without bottling up and exploding later. But it didn't feel good now, nothing did. No matter what she'd do now, they'd already won. Might as well have screamed her lungs out.

Probably would have felt better too, now at least.

It was then Serena heard crying. At first she thought it was her own echoing through the room until she looked over and saw a person lying on the floor, a boy. Her first instinct was to run for her bag and take off and she was about to do so, till she looked closer and recognized who it was.

"Al? Is that you?"

She Swallowed Burning Coals
Waking up to find yourself not where you're supposed to be is a nightmare scenario, Serena had to pinch herself to check if everything was real. It was. And then she remembered where she was. Survival of the Fittest, Something the government were supposed to have shut down years ago.

And the only way out; the only way home was to betray everything her parents and her teachers had taught her growing up. And the weapon they had given her to do this... were keys.

Lying down and crying felt like a more attractive prospect by the minute.

((G019 start))

G019; an odd number; superstition places such numbers as good for luck. Normally Serena wouldn't care much for such things as luck, but it kept her from thinking about her friends; her classmates hunting each other down and fulfilling what the terrorists wants. And the teacher who was killed just to show they meant business.

She looked around in what seemed to be a library of sorts, rows upon books covered in dust filled the room with light shining down from the ceiling. It had an odd smell to it. Looking closely Serena could see several books that they had them read in school, she liked those assignments. She didn't have to depend on anyone to get it done, but what used to be something comforting and fun were now just a reminder of home and how far away it now felt.

She grabbed the first book that caught her eye and looked at it, Catcher in the Rye. She liked this book, obtuse and old it was, but she enjoyed it. She continued looking at it before throwing it away as hard as she could, then walked over and proceeded to kick several chairs over repeatedly till one broke. Then she sat down at the wall with her head down on her knees, she wasn't going to let them get the satisfaction of seeing her tears.

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