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Taking Requests for Character Art
Thanks! I love it!

For a brief moment, Serena had him. If she had just hit him the neck, she could have killed, but instead she hit him in face over and over again. She wanted him to hurt, to feel what his victims felt when he took their lives like it was nothing. But then he took a killer grip on her hair and dragged her down to the floor. She felt the weight on, but she never stopped swinging at him or screaming for that matter. It was all about the hurt now.

And then the punches rained down on her continuesly, her face was bludgeoned over and over by him. Her eyes went to black as he punched. She felt her mouth go numb and her nose broke and teeth loosen.

"Sto-" She tried to say before a side hit to the head stopped her. He just continued and continued. Her mind felt like a haze. She needed to do something. She tried stabbing with the scissors, but he wouldn't stop. Panic spread through her like wildfire.

there must have been something she

If she just





Serena Waters deceased

He lunged at her like a madman. Eyes filled with hate and murder. He tackled her to the ground; wrestling for the gun as fiercely as he could. She crashed down hard on the ground, the pain in her leg becoming unbearable. The feeling reverberated through her as if to say you fucked up dumbass. Eventually he yanked it out of her hands and stumbled over her trying to get up. She saw that her bag had flown off into the doorway when he hit her. Realising this, Serena did the first thing that came to her mind.

Serena hurriedly crawled over and zipped open and flung her bag's contents onto the ground. She made a grab for the two first things she could get. The can of sprite and some scissors. Once Matt started getting up, his head turned towards her with the gun in his hands, Serena threw the can at his face, nailing him around the eyes before forcing herself up and lunging at him with the scissors, wildly stabbing and slashing at him.

More shots came flying down. Serena could barely count her luck on how she hasn't been killed yet. She had slumped into another room as the shots echoed all over. Boom. Boom. Before the sound of clicking came instead. He shouted once more. That's all they've been doing since they found each other. Must have sounded; hell probably were insane. Him mostly though. Not her.

"Because I thought there was some actually humanity in you back then! If I knew what I know now, I would have run you both over!" Oh, if she had known, if only she had known. Then both Aiden and Mel would have been here and not this horrid excuse of a person.

She heard the sound of something hitting the floor and it clicked in her mind. Had he gone out of ammo? She can get him right now and he's done for! She hobbled outside the room and used the wall for support as she edged closer to the door of his room. It was difficult as her right leg almost gave out on her and the spikes of pain, as if someone were peeling out the insides. She held a firm grip on her gun with her left hand, her right hand on the wall. It would all be worth it.

Once she got close enough to see the inside, she could see the hint of flannel to the side. She fired into it, her hands shaking so much that her aim was going all over the place. Her beathing erratic as the pain in her leg started pounding at her. "Just give up Matt and I'll make it quick!"

She heard the sounds of footsteps and whispering down the hall, her hands were shaking as the shots came down the hall. He finally showed himself, firing from his hiding spot, calling her crazy. Like he should talk.

One missed, but the other hit her leg. As it hit she let out a scream as she fell on the ground. She supported herself onto the wall with her free hand. She put her back to wall as her hand took hold of the hit area, she saw the blood on her hand and felt sick knowing it was hers.

"I'm crazy?! I'm not the one running around beating people to death for their food!" Her voice was hoarse as the words flew out. Everything felt terrible. Her left leg felt numb. Her hands was shaking. Her entire body was, but that was not going to stop her from letting him have it. She would let him know in so many ways how he deserved to die.

A brief flash again, A boy lay against the wall at the end of the hall looking at her, his legs were a mess of blood and bone. Mumbling incoherently as he thrashed in place. She pointed her gun and sprayed down the hallway.

“You think your family's gonna want you back after all you've done?!” Was that really his goal? Just to get home and ignore the consequences? He must have known they would never want anything to do with his psycho ass if he did get home.

Beg, Barter, Steal.
Sometimes it felt like Jeremy was deliberately trying to make her pout or frown at him, even with the goofy smile on his face as he started talking about Malcolm. So She did, Sure she was one of those sad at the time when he went out, but she was definitely was not one of those fans who cried when it happened. No siree.

"He definitely will. You've seen the way Probst looks at the guy. He loves those types of players." He really did, it was hard not to notice since he never shut up about them. Although Serena would grudgingly admit, many of them were good at the physical challenges. Malcolm was one of the rare ones good at the strategy part.

"Eh, that season wasn't that good anyway. It had Philip and that creepy Hantz guy after all." At least, that's how she thought of it. for a season named fans vs favorites, not a lot of favorites people would admit to liking in the slightest, least of all Philip.

She noticed that he'd scooted over for her to sit, which was nice. "Thanks" She said as she sat down and looked at him, serious in the face. "Seriously though, why Jeremy? Guy kind of spent the whole season acting like he was the only smart one there and was kinda whiny, you know?" He was one of those super fans of the show, which could make them a bit insufferable regarding certain aspects of it. She certainly felt that when watched that season. A coy smile came to her face as the follow up question came to her mind, a bit teasing. "It's not because you both have the same name, is it?"

((Serena Waters continued from Thnks Fr Th Mmrs))

The screaming from Matt had stopped, but it didn't take a genius to figure out where he went. Wasn't exactly inconspicuous when he ran away, and even when the screaming stopped, his booming footsteps did not.

Back into these rooms again. The sounds emenating from the rooms were still there, but lower and with a faint drone to it. Her ears were ringing as she stepped down the halls slowly checking the rooms. One by one.

"You afraid of me Matt?" It's no use hiding, you coward!" She fired a burst into one of the rooms, as a measure to see if the pressure would get to him. Adrealine was still surging through as she screamed her words out.

"You see those corpses Matt!? That's you in a minute!" She crept closer to the back as she saw a brief flash of someone there in one of the rooms, wasn't Matt. It was someone with a messed up neck and a shit-eating grin. Serena fired at it.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Somehow he managed to dodge, barely and hid behind refuse. Another shot flew through the air and hit the wall. More dust floated through the air as gunfire blaised between the two. She took aim once more when she heard him call out for them to talk. She had to raise an eyebrow on that one. 'Talk', right. And she wa-OH SHIT HE'S RUNNING AT HER

Suddenly a screaming Matt ran into her, shoving her over and flew out of the room and down the hall, Serena got herself up and hurried down after him. Gun at the ready.

The coward was not going to get away this time.

((Serena Waters continued in Autoscopy))

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
She'd finally got him by surprise. And by the sounds he was furious. Funny, first time she'd heard him like this, it honestly felt great. After how he acted at the tower and the beach, dragging him down to her level evened the field between them. She had control.

She heard the shot hit the wall next to her. Hell, she felt it. The sudden sputtering of splints and dust in the air as Matt tried to get to his feet. It all felt exhilarating, like a surge of adrenaline going through her. She took a few steps into the room.

"Not so fun when they fight back, huh!" She screamed at him as she pointed her gun at him and burst fired once more.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
((Serena Waters continued from Waiting for the End))

She had been running for a while now. Nose bleeding, eyes seething with tears and a feeling of failure perpetuated through her. She'd had him. She could have finished it all there. Instead she ran, like she always did. The slightest bit of resistance and rather than finish the job, she ran.


She continued running till she tripped over something, the sudden force dropping her on her face. She laid there as the throbbing in her face continued when her free hand felt water, she quickly dropped her grip on the SCAR and started cupping water into her hands and splashed it onto her face. She did this several times until she could see at least a bit, blinking rapidly as she tried to get her bearings together. Everything felt terrible. She didn't keep her promise, didn't stop Al, didn't stop Matt. She slammed her left hand down on the water, splashing it around. She felt her tears come back as looked at it.

It was puddle, dirty and inhabited by dead insects floating on the surface. Serena stared at this puddle for a while, not at the puddle itself, but what it reflected. She hadn't gotten a look at herself for days to see how badly she looked, but she didn't expect this. Her eyes were red from tears and stress. Blood had dripped from her nose to cover her mouth. As she rubbed her eyes in a desperate attempt to make her eyes feel better and shakily got herself up on her feet, she realised she was back at the tower.

She looked up at the giant structure as she wandered closer and closer to where Aiden laid on the ground. She sat down beside him and took out the fries in her bag. She took one after one as she looked at him. She didn’t say anything as she sat there, just ate the fries in a small moment of peace. Staring at a corpse of a friend.

Her thoughts drifted back to Matt, she had seen now what he was doing. He didn't care about what they'd done for him or Bart. He just cared about himself. Calling her selfish for calling him out. He couldn't be allowed to go home. He'd just pretend nothing happened. That his friends had been all obstacles to get out of the way for his eventual heroes welcome. Fuck him and his bullshit.

She gripped her gun as she trekked across the area, Matt had left earlier during her confrontation with Al. He couldn't have gone far. She had a chance at fixing this. The asylum was the closest area to the cove, she had taken a quick look from the top of the tower to gauge the area for him, but no sight of the bastard anywhere. He'd probably slipped inside to make a trap or hide. People must know he's dangerous now so he's taking it safe, just scrambling together equipment for the end.

As she entered the accursed building once more, she felt shaken to the core. Nothing good has happened in it, in the past or now. She tried to keep her mind off the experience in the basement, but she kept eyeing over her back as she started looking around, terrified something was going to walk up and attack her. She kept her breathing calm as she ventured towards the right side of the first floor.

The therapy rooms could be best described as a graveyard, like something out of those pictures of serial killer's houses. There were bodies in every room it seemed, like someone deliberately made it so. Serena counted upwards of eight in this place alone. Just how many were there? How many of them were dead in these forgotten halls?

She walked from room to room, seeing scenes of dead bodies in varying forms of decomposing, with the horrid smell and the dried blood. Recognisable faces she'd see in the halls like Tina from the Luz family, sports kids like Jasper or Mitch, some with a unique fashion sense like Henry. People she didn't exactly know, but knew off. All dead.

It was here she found Abby. How long ago did you die, Abby? Day 1 or 2? It felt like ages ago. Sure looked and smelled like it. Serena felt herself gagging. A sweet girl like her dying here and the way she had, it seems like it would have been inevitable with hindsight. Wouldn't have hurt a fly. Cristo died too around then. Did that push her beyond? Serena wished she knew, she wished she'd been here to stop her. 'I'm sorry I wasn't there for you' was all she could say before she turned away to another room.

In the group therapy was Alvaro, looking much like he did that day except for the bullet hole in his chest. She felt that same feeling she had back at the cove with Matt and Al. A hate that was hard to describe, but there was something about them that really nagged at her when her thoughts drifted towards them. It could have been the cowardice of theirs to start taking lives to save themselves or the lack of responsibility they had over what they were doing. In a way they were victims like the rest of them, but in Serena's mind they were no better than the terrorists themselves for what they did. She stopped herself short from spitting on him. She had better things to do than desecrate corpses.

Then she found Jeremy.

It was a scant days ago you died. Spent my entire time looking for you and then you died on me, because of Caedyn. You'd told me about her, not surprising she turned into a monster like she did…. did you know how I felt? Or did I hide it too well for you to notice? She got down on her knees and looked at him. "I loved you Jeremy, I really did. I just wanted you to know before..." She couldn't finish the word, it was a thought that had crossed her mind a few times, but she had tried her best not to focus on.

As she looked at him she noticed something on him, a list of things to do. Her name was on it.

Find Serena. Make sure she's safe. She blinked a bit at this, only a few of the things listed were crossed out. He'd been looking for her too, huh. And he'd ended up like this. How many others had been trying to find someone but never found them? She put the list back to him with a certain item crossed out. It was the least she could do for him.

There was one last person in these rooms, art therapy. Slumped on the ground a way th-oh.

"Hi Mel." It didn't take long to turn her body over so she could look at her and Serena almost regretted it once she did. Her neck was slick red with bits sticking out of her throat and bits of the collar. "I see you're dead too. Sorry about the fries, I was saving them for you, but it just got too much." She took the sprite out and showed it to her. "I had hoped to give this to you though, to make up for it, but well....you know." She heard a distinct sound of clanging in one of the other rooms, but she ignored it. "I had hoped I could have been there for you, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Not just you, but so many others! Abby, Jeremy, Aiden, you. None of you deserved this. None of us did." She swallowed as she looked into Mel's eye for a moment before staring back the ceiling, the tears brimming up made it hard to notice at first. "I'm just tired of it all, you know? Of all the death and blood and bodies and the smell!" She grabbed hold of her hand as the words just kept pouring out, like a switch had been flipped on her. "I just want things to be like they were before, when I didn't have to worry about being killed or random classmates torturing people or having to ration my food or having my gun at the ready. I want to go home and see them again."

"But I can't, can I? I know after what I did to Jerry, after what I did to you and Aiden, there's no way I could go home. I just hope wherever I go it's-" She felt something tightening on her hand. Mel's head was suddenly up, staring at her. Sneering, unlike the Mel she remembered.

"None of us are going there, you of all should know that."

Shocked, she felt herself trip backwards to the wall as she stared at her, the girl's head was on the floor again. Once more staring at the ceiling. No indication that she had moved or said anything. But Serena knew she heard something. She wasn't crazy. the sounds in the other rooms continued, growing in intensity. Clanging and banging on doors. Screams and moans through the hall. Something was terribly wrong, but it couldn't be with her. It was the lack of sleep or the food they'd given her! Probably laced with something to make her hallucinate. She hurried out the halls to main floor. A part of her told her to leave. Leave and never come back to this evil place, but she had to look.

She couldn't let him go again.

As she ran upstairs she felt that same feeling not a long time ago. Just ignore it she thought, just ignore it and nothing bad will happen. Her breathing running ragged as the bodies piled up, as if to remind her just how many have been gone. Hundreds right? Wasted away in a week and if Matt has his way, she would be joining them. She heard more noises downstairs, movement. Occasionally screaming and eviler noises would be heard, but ignored. Everything outside of finding him was.

She reached a certain room she hadn't seen so long. All the way back on the first day, when she was with Al. It was her first lesson on this island. No matter who your friends were, they would change and leave you behind for the worse if it benefitted them. She opened the door after almost tripping over another dead body with her gun out.

She saw semblance of movement, someone going for cover.

She saw the hint of red flannel flowing.

It was him.

Serena opened fire.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Would you kindly draw James Mulzet?

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I'll draw your character when I'm bored
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I'll draw your character when I'm bored
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