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New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Seth Crimson
Dates away: June 28th to July 11th
Days away: 12
Reason for away: Vacation in Egypt with family, will have no access to internett over there.
Characters: Irene Djezari

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Alright, if he's got something then he can pitch up when he's got the time.

On that note, if we're gonna go for people who are generally quiet at this point, shouldn't we go for Bik? Other than the joke phase and the claiming round, he hasn't said anything substantial yet.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
@Aura: She stated several times it was more than just the fact he was not posting much, it was more that he stopped posting after his theories from day 1 didn't make sense after the flip.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
@Aura: So you're not suspicious of anyone here or what, you gotta have something.

@Imehal: I will agree that Doc's play in the last day was off, but I figured better safe than sorry, he didn't come off that well either at the time.

Right now tbh and Ricky come off as town, the rest I'm either suspicious off for not speaking or null for different reasons.

Chat has been really unstable lately, apparently Mibbit is being DOS attacked according their twitter on Jun 8 so some people can barely be in chat for five minutes without getting disconnected.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I agree with Ricky, we should wait with claiming untill a day at least so we have an idea of reads and shit, because all we're doing now is telling them who's important to town and who's not.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Vote: DuckyB

For hint hint/nudge nudging towards implied Shenanigans.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I need to get to playing that eventually, I've had the game for over a year now.