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On the Run
((Serena Waters continued from Open Your Eyes and Look North))

It didn't take long for her to reach the asylum, running in a combination of hysteria and rage with a potential psycho behind her with a shotgun had gotten into her something fierce, but even as she reached the inside of it and the relative safety within she didn't stop. Which turned out to be a bad idea when she stumbled upon the steps of the asylum basement and made a tumble down the stairs with her bag flying down the hall and splashing in the distance.

Serena just laid there on the floor, she didn't care anymore how she looked like to whomever watching or how bad it hurt. Lying on her side with a blank stare on her face as she wondered on how she'd gotten to this point, she was on a halfbrained quest to get a reward from people who had kidnapped her and in a way, gotten her to kill someone. She had left Mel behind at the jeep to do so, would she listen to her and leave? Or stay and confront Matt? She should have stayed and made sure, instead she ran. Yet another mistake to the pile.

Hindsight being what it was, saving Matt looked more and more like a mistake. If he was willing to do that to someone who had gone out of their way to make sure he was still alive and well, then god knows what he'd do to people who'd done nothing at all. There were warning signs back there, the halfhazard way he waved off Jerry's death and left Bart behind. They should have seen it. Instead they just moved on, satisfied with what they had done. Damn it all.

She got herself up against the wall and looked at her right hand, a cut across her palm. Must have gotten it as she fell down. She forced herself up holding her right hand close to her chest as blood came out while holding to the wall with her left, stumbling along the hall til she saw it again, submerged in the dirty water. Picking it up with her left hand and got into one of the closer rooms she saw. She forced the strap of the bag over her shoulder as she made her way to the door as she inadvertedly kicked something.

Oh, hello there corpse of... Audrey was her name? She was two years younger than Serena, was in one the drama club and... that was about all Serena knew about her. Seemed nice, wasn't on the announcements as far as she knew. It looked as though her collar had gone off, such a shame.

She hurried down the hall, ignoring the heavy doors. She wasn't about to camp out in a room with a corpse in front of it. For a second though she swore she heard a bang or something coming from inside, probably just imagined it.

She started feeling unnerved by the area around her, there were cans hanging about and a corpse lying in the hallway, if she hurried up, she could get out of here quick and never come back. If what the man on the announcements said was right, it was the water treatment room. As she walked down the hall, there were occasions she was sure she heard something down there with her. Like a voice speaking out her name and out the corner of eye someone standing down the hall when would make a turn. She was starting to lose it. That was the scary part to her, it was not the death or what they would do to her body that made her so afraid during this game, but the idea of her mind falling apart, reduced to lunatic frenzies and murdering people. She had heard stories of people who had cracked while on SOTF, hell she was sure to have met a few. That was something she wanted to avoid, even more than death.

It didn't take long before she found it, the water treatment. As she ventured inside to get her prize, she found even more corpses lying around. Sanford was someone who was in art club and a few others. He was in her year and yet she felt she didn't know him at all. Poor guy had died early, one of the ones to have died by Nancy Kyle's hand. His face was a mess along with a bad wound around the stomach area. She turned away and continued to her prize, neatly setup on a bench for her. What looked like a machine gun lied there for the taking along with some food. What was it again? Currywurst? She believed it was called that. It had some fries on the side along with a bottle of sprite.

She felt her eyes widen as she looked over all this, this was hers. Did anyone else have a gun like that? She hadn't heard anything about it on the announcements, that placed her ahead of her school mates quite a bit.

She sat down beside it and got her bag open. Getting the alcohol wipes out along with bandages. She forced pressure onto the cut as blood came out, when it stopped she put the antiseptic wipes on it feeling the sting on her hand as she cleaned her cut, afterwards placing a bandage on it. She held it up infront of her eyes and gingerly checked to make sure it stuck. After finding it did so, she turned her attention away as a smile found its way to her face as she grabbed for the currywurst and ate away. Days of living on bars had made her hungry as can be and though she was sure she would regret it in the future, the hunger was just too much. When she was done and looked over the rest, she still felt the hunger knawing at her, but that didn't matter, she had promised them that she would bring back food, the fries were Mel's. The sprite too, if she wanted it.

Her attention then turned to the gun, she made the grab for the manual tucked neatly away with it and read away. It was called the FN SCAR and was classified as an assault rifle. She remembered having seen this in a shooter her brother would play when their parents were out, one of the little secrets he liked to have from them that she knew about. The thought of him watching her claiming this thing and taking lives with it gave her a pause. She turned her attention to a camera nearby watching her, like a voyeur.

"Jordan, if you're watching this... first of all, you're too young so you better not even be thinking of doing so!" Another secret of his. While their parents frowned upon violent entertainment, her brother would watch it in private behind their backs. Serena knew about it when she stumbled upon him watching Halloween, he desperately didn't want them to know. She knew that feeling all too well now. They meant good, but sometimes they could suffocating in how they want things to go at home."T-the same goes for you too Mom and Dad, Seriously, don't!" She looked at it as her words came out, her parents hated violence and any program that they thought would promote it. They were likely not watching.

"But if you are...I-I'm sorry I couldn't have been better to you guys, you deserve better than someone like me." There were many more words forming in her head, things that needed to be said, clarifications to be had. And yet none of them came out. "And just, please, forget all about me." She walked away from the Water Treament bag slung over her shoulder with the gun inside, fries and sprite in her hands as she stumbled her way through the halls of cans and met the corpse to the side again. "Hi again Audrey." For the second and hopefully last time she thought. She kneeled down as she closed the eyes of her corpse, it didn't make look her anymore peaceful in death.

"Not gonna loot your bag, just gonna let it be. With the way you died, it would just be an insult to you." For a moment silence filled the room as she turned to leave and the only sound coming forth were the splashes of her footsteps, but Serena swore she heard something else. She felt coldness sweep at her as she got to the stairs and briefly turned her head to see down the hall and saw her. it was only for a second, but she saw someone standing there just looking at her, that's when the sound of banging was heard down the hall, like the heavy doors from earlier were being violently ripped apart. Serena turned tail and ran as if her life depended on it.

((Serena Waters continued in Waiting for the End))

Open Your Eyes and Look North
They had a plan, get the reward, roll around in a jeep and make sure none of these assholes get home. She thought they had been on a roll to this point, invicible, couldn't be touched. All of that was crashing down around her as she watched Aiden's crumpled form. Mel was talking about carrying him and saving him, but she knew there was nothing they could. Not with this much damage to him.

And that was all she could do as her friend of the last few days slowly died, he spoke out, speech slurred and almost incoherent. She could make out words, Matt, gun, on his way.

Matt did this? They just saved his life the day before and this is how he repays them? She felt tears form as she looked over Aiden's destroyed body. The upper half looking less so than the lower, and all of this because of her. If she didn't drive to this place, Matt wouldn't have had the chance to get the jump on him, if they just went along with him, maybe he wouldn't be dead, maybe that fuck would have been the dead one instead.

She watched and held onto his hand as Aiden breathed his last before finally, mercifully dying. She felt the tears forming in her eyes as she realised his stuff was gone, Matt must have done this because of the gun. Just like that, this is his repayment for that. They should have let Jerry have his way with him. Goddamn it all. "Aiden? I...I'm so sorry."

Her hands shook as she let go of him, they shook as she closed his eyes and as she forced herself up on her feet and took a few steps away from his corpse. "I...I'm gonna go pick up the re-reward, take the jeep and get away from here." It came out shrill and hard, it was all so difficult to say, a lump had formed in her throat and she didn't dare look Mel in the face as the words spewed out, They were all supposed to be in this together and now she was forcing her to leave without her. "We'll meet at the depot, now go!"

She ran now, tears streaming down her face as she left them behind at the tower, she looked like a mess and felt like a mess. But she felt a new resolve form in her mind, one that would have made her pause a few days ago. Make sure Matt never gets home. No matter what.

((Serena Waters continued On the Run))

Yugi Ranks 50 SotF Characters Chosen By You
Gonna throw in Zoe Walker and Will McKinley into this.

Open Your Eyes and Look North
It didn't take long for an answer, Aiden was up for it and pushed for it, even saying someone could go with her for it, make sure she was fine. She was touched by that concern he had for her. If there was any good of this hellish experience it was getting to know him and Mel, even when they disagreed heavily on what they were doing.

There was no answer from Mel though, not like they had listened to her in the past. Probably figured it wasn't worth trying to convince them of what they were doing is foolish and playing into their game. She jsut hoped she could convince her otherwise, if there anything she didn't want to do is have to goagainst her.

Aiden then left for the top of the tower while she got herself ready for a run, it was decided then. She would go for the award.

"Take care!" She yelled after him as he wandered up the structure they had met outside of just a scant days ago. Jeez, had it really been that long ago? Even though it was just a few days ago, it felt like an eternity.

After a while she decided to get her things in order, but as she gathered her bag to do so. She heard a sound, not unlike when jerry was hit, but harsher and like a splat.

She turned to look and saw Aiden. It was not a pretty sight.

"A-aiden?!" Her legs moved faster than her brain as she ran towards him.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Here you go.

They're a bunch of self concerned jackasses, Shepard ... You saved their lives, and for what? Apologies that boil down to "maybe later." If we don't figure something out, "maybe later" will be an epitaph on a mass grave of eleven billion.

Posted Image

You are Councilor Donnel Udina. Yo may be an asshole bureaucrat, but you're an asshole bureaucrat who genuinely cares about his constituents to the very bitter end. Unfortunately, everyone else is doing the obviously important work, so you're just a TOWNIE. You have a vote and a voice, so hey, it's not that much different.

You win when all threats to the Citadel have been eliminated.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
I'm fine with that.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Forgot to put in the freaking vote x_x

Vote: Murder Weasel

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
This is the closest to anything getting done this day, and honestly should have happened first day considering the circumstances.

I apologise to people for my lack of participation lately, I've been dealing with personal issues and computer problems that hopefully have gotten fixed. I'm gonna try and make up for it.

V6 Fifteenth Rolls
I'd appreciate a hero at this time, as I feel I've finally gotten Serena's story going. If not send me some ideas.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
May 14 2017, 07:20 PM
Humble request to not use bold red text unless we're voting for somebody.

#2. [MW] was basically begging to be lynched (though he never did vote for himself like he said he would, if it meant a lynch.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

(Quote modified to omit MW's real name because we're supposed to be doing that or did everybody forget)

MW responds to this with 'I saw there was a hammer and then ignored the thread' but at my count it was still L-1? Am I taking crazy pills or does my memory just really suck? Anyway, I thought it was flaky as fuck that for all his proclaiming that he'd rather be lynched than have a no-lynch for town, he didn't hammer himself. Also flaky about trying to find this weird scumread about Turtle just because she said that LOSING OUR COP AND OUR FUCKING VIGILANTE IN ONE FELL SWOOP was 'not good'ud for us.

Other than 'not good' being the understatement of the goddamn year, I find nothing contestable about the statement and this is just striking me as a witch hunt.

The person making the most sense to me right now is Grim... and that's a low goddamn bar people, so shame on you. Grim pointed out that town's only real weapon now is the day phase so I agree that trying to rush it is bad news bears, and anybody trying to do it or lead us in that direction should fall under scrutiny. That is the only reason I'm not ending this post with 'Vote: MW' in big, red bold letters.
You quotes the wrong person there. Fairly sure that was Kermit.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
welp, that's what happen when you write a post in the middle of the night. sorrya bout that.

As for this Zetsu train, why are we stepping away from lynching MW?

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
No, Paige was the vigilante.

Open Your Eyes and Look North
((Serena Waters continued from You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!))

Another night had gone by without incident after Fury's death back at the gym. After that Serena decided laying low was the smartest thing they could do. Well. As much as they could with a blood covered jeep with bulks in it courtesy of the afromentioned Fury, as well as come to terms with what she did, and what they would have to do forward.

While they were supposed to take shifts to guard as the before so they'd actually get some sleep as they have done in the past, but sleeping had become next to impossible for her after the previous days events. They laid heavily on her mind. Whenever she closed her eyes and dozed she'd be taken back there, to the gym and see the cracked and ruined body of Fury before waking up in the jeep, over and over again. She put her head onto the window of the door to the jeep, the cold felt nice for a change and would at least keep her awake for the time being.

And then the announcements came on with it's signature screech, no longer having it's prior effect on her. Days of listening to people she was familiar with slowly kill each other off removing the factor of empathy. Which as it turns out was ill-informed as she sat up in her chair and listened and was shook to her core when the words hit her.

Jeremy was dead. He had killed then been killed. Serena put her head on top of the wheel doing her best to not scream or cry at the news because the one person she wanted to see was dead at the hands of fucking Caedyn Miller. It figures that bitch would still be alive while people like Amanda, Hannah and Jeremy were killed. If there was a mercifull god in this universe, he certainly wouldn't have let that happen.

The shock continued as the voice spoke out about her murder, apparantly it was to the terrorists sick fancy that she ran someone over enough for them to award her then left it in the water treatment. Where the hell was that? She looked over to Aiden and Mel and forced out the words to them as she felt the anger in her rise. Years, she had waited years to tell him and in one day Caedyn ruins it, just as she tried to do years ago. Fuck her. "Wh-what do you think? Worth it or not?." If she wanted to get it, she would have to go there.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Well, it look like people are deadset on this one. If this results in some good infor for town then I'm all game for it.

Vote: Murder Weasel

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
I'm keeping my vote for now, leaning towards Toben though the Kermit unvote seems very suspect considering things they've said. I know it sounds very sheepy of me, particularly since I've been very quiet since like page 29 or something like that. And that's honestly because I've been having trouble keeping up, gonna do a reading of the last pages in case I missed anything suspect.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
She listened to him as he stuttered out his plans, of which there were none. There were people still running around with no idea or purpose it seemed, like him, at least till he blurted out about his friends. Aiden had the answer to that. She knew what he was getting at. "Might be better for you to retrace your steps then and find them." There was a part of her that wanted to say screw it and tell him to come along, but she couldn't afford it, trust was a valuable commodity and she wasn't about to hand it out willy nilly to anybody she could "save". Maybe not even her friends at this point.

"Take whatever you want from his bag Bart.... good luck." She said before she walked over to where the dead Fury laid in the grass. An up close view of his broken body, ruined to pieces. It was almost amazing in a horrible way, how much damage hitting someone at mach 10 would do. As she got down on her knees beside him, she noted he looked disturbingly similar to Barry. She tried her best to ignore it. There was a complete different context t it, Barry was a victim. Fury was a murderer. And yet, they looked remarkebly similar after death. Didn't matter what you were in life, it all ended the same.

She turned back and set her hands together, and prayed. She prayed for the broken boy in front of her, a good passage to whatever afterlife he believe in, but it would be a lie to say that was the only thing. She prayed for Aiden and Mel for the road she had dragged them along, willingly or not. But she saw it as the lesser of two evils. It was better than hiding about crying their eyes out and bemoaning their fates. They were not going to be victims of a wannabe winner.

She will keep them alive. Even if it meant getting more blood on her hands.

((Serena Waters continued in Open Your Eyes and Look North]]

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
That was what I was getting at, yeah. Anyway, it's something to keep in mind for the next days.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
So in Mass Effect there's Reaper indoctrination right? That could leave mafia with like recruitment roles I think. Like Cult right.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
So with toxie's being a confirmed town, I think we should keep an eye out on any suspicious behaviour after this day/night, if only for the potential recruitment, if they make it past it that is. He could be a prime target for mafia to get rid of as well.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Sorry for my lateness, y'all started while I was sleeping. Role pm received and all that.