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Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia Sing Ups
Sign me up shtick stealer.

Also not played the game at all and know little to nothing about it.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Aw yes! Just got Yakuza 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance in the mail, now I know what I'm gonna this summer.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
It's an infuriating habit I'm glad has been phased out completely, there's no better way to make me lose my investment in a character's story than a screeching halt with a post that screams " Eh, something's going to be here eventually" then it stays like that, forever.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot

Throughout V4 Nathan's part of one of the more stable groups with Brook, Jason and Maf as their group is well armed, have a good level of trust with each other and stay relatively sane, that is until Jason shoots Tiffany and all goes to hell as Brook wanders off to his infamous thread and the rest run off to the escape.

It's at this point his story takes a bit of a downturn, for some reason he joins Jason and Maf to go get Liam, despite being right in front of the escape boats and knowing it's a suicide mission, and I think his story should have ended there with escaping as it feels more like a natural conclusion to him.

It is now he ends up in blood garden on page 12 and throughout it, he acknowledged that Brook's far gone and that their mission to get him was pointless, especially after getting to his "garden". He ends up mortally injured by Brook and has a nice death, but it feels like his story stretched out longer than it had to at that point.

(Another thing, placeholders are the worst, since they tend to be left there and as such usually leaves an awkward hole in the character's history)

I have trouble recommending him as his story up until the escape is great, but afterwards it feels contrived and forced, as if he had to do it due to rolls.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
I'd be fine with you using Zoe if you want.

V5 Recommendations
Same gist as last time, you can list character you feel are underappreciated or a good read for newbies.

I'll start off by recommending Xavier Contel and Carlos Lazaro.

Xavier is one of the few genuinely good people on the island in V5, he doesn't even entertain the thought of murdering his classmates and wants to save people, this in contrast to a lot of kids who are antiheroes at best and outright assholes at worst, although the anime references could get a bit much, it's a minor part of a character I feel gets overlooked.

While there are a few iffy parts of Carlos [The watching sotf while cross-dressing in the profile and his death in general] but I feel for the most part that Carlos is a good read and a great example on how an adoption can improve a character. Ciel does a lot of interesting stuff with this character and his partnership with Alice and Casey was very good.

Who did you guys feel are good, sufficient reads in V5?

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
A Zoe Walker picture, would you kindly?

By the way, loved the one you did on Seth!