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You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Once the word came through that Fury was really dead. Serena felt horrified, and yet relieved. Relieved they didn't have to deal with a potential Alvaro situation walking around, but at the same time, he was truly dead by her hand. As these thing ran through her mind. Matt left, taking most of Jerry's stuff with him and told Bart he could crash with them before bailing. She would have to keep him in mind for the future. For some reason she got a sudden bad feeling about him. Wouldn't be suprised if she heard his name in the future.

Mel had come back from checking on Jerry, back in the jeep and the safety of the backseat as she voiced out about praying.

Praying? For Fury? She could do that. She had taken his life and broken his body into pieces. The least she could do is help him pass on to the afterlife.

Might even ease her mind over the whole ordeal.

After dealing with this, of course. She turned her attention to the boy in front of her.

"Sooo..." She pondered how she'd word this to him, it was not like they could take him with them. She could say with full honesty that she trusted Mel and Aiden with her life, maybe even more than she could say for her friends at this point. She knew where these two stood, but Bart? She wasn't impressed so far, walking in company with a murderer for a day, then acting suprised when he'd try again or someone would come for them? Aiden had the same thought regarding this, she could tell by the face he was making.

"...What are you gonna do Bart?" She tried to keep the distrust out of her voice as she phrased her question as neutral as possible. He'd probably come to the same conclusion as them, just had to guide his thoughts to that point and let him decide on his own. Not like they would be at fault then.


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Mass Effect Mafia Sign Up Thread
Eh, fuck it.

Knut-Inge, Male.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Both looked shocked, particularly Bart. Sad to see the last vestige of home disappear from his face as he pointed to where Jerry was. He was one of the unlucky ones, introduced so late to the reality of it all. But what took Serena's attention was Matt's observation about his death.

"N-no, I killed him." She said forcefully. She was looking him in the eyes as she told him this. Out of the two he seemed more cynical and in control than Bart was "Th-they were just w-with me. For the ri-ride." She was losing composure and that damn stutter. She always got it when she was nervous. And right now her nerves were jumbled as fuck.

Inhale. Calm. That's what they needed now. For all purposes she was in charge, she was the one dragging these two on this silly little quest of hers . Mel more than Aiden. Aiden was more game. More into it. The initial shock of a first view screening of someone get plowed over with a jeep subsiding to justifications, for why she had to do it. On one hand it meant she had someone close by that would go along with some of the plans floating inside her head, on the other it felt like her murder was being abolished. No matter how you look at it, she ran over another teenager of her own free will, no matter how forced her hand was.

Exhale. Calm down. Take the moment to think, She had to choose her words carefully with this next part, she had to sound more in charge. More in control. "He had already killed twice, and looked like he was about to make you number 3 and 4." She looked right at Bart for this, he had to realise this as a consequence right? You don't just travel with a murderer without realising this. "You must have known this when you travelled with him, you saw it back there. He was ready to do it again til I stopped him."

She heard Mel say she gonna check on him, make sure he was really dead maybe? She turned her head to Aiden, hand in front of her mouth. “Keep an eye with her, and be ready with it.” Barely audible beyond a whisper, the boys in front of her didn't need to know about the gun.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
The car skidded to a halt as Jerry made his journey over the jeep. Tumbling across it, onto the windshield, for a second all they could see was his body in the process of becoming broken, violently slamming and launching upwards into the back, disappearing from their view with a thud.

Thoughts circled her mind as the realisation hit her, she had killed someone or the very least crippled him. Either or, she ruined another human being. She felt a slump form inside her. Breathing suddenly felt difficult as she closed her eyes and tried to procces what to do.

How did these people kill so many? She barely even saw him as he pirouetted through the air, as impersonal as can be. And yet, none of it made her feel any better.

She had to do this, right? He looked irrational standing there waving something around like it gave him Power, eyes bugging out like he was a damn cartoon character, he was going to kill again, she knew it. He fit all the criteria.

It came to her that everyone around was talking to her, the two boys outside staring at them, uncertain of their intentions, Aiden furious yelling and Mel curious, no. Worried talk about the boy Fury. All their voices blending in to her, a cacaphony of noise that built up. She struggled to answer this noise. She forced the door open as she said the first thing that came to her mind. "I... I had to do it, it was either h-him or them."

As she stepped outside and saw the two up close, she eyed the gun in his hands. Did this mean there was no need for her to have done this? Would he have taken care of it if the Fury had decided to escalate it that far? She ignored those thoughts, ignorance is bliss in this game.

She put her hand on the jeep as she answered him."D-depot, was the only one there working." She looked over to Bart, he looked shaken by all this, much like her a few days ago. "Ar-are you two alright?"

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
((Serena Waters continued from Electric Dreams))

They had been on the lookout since the last day as per their agreement. A few cases of seeing people and trying to be as incospicious as you could be in a huge jeep on a tiny island, but nothing that required their involvement. As they took a break to nap and plan things out when the announcements came on to blare out more Deaths. The list she had made in her mind were crossing out names as she were listening, Alex Tarquin, Will McKinley, Kaitlyn Green and finally, after days of acting like a borderline monster, Isabel Ramirez. The ones who did that deserve a reward, Mel was right on one thing, if they did what Isabel did they would get hunted down and slaugthered. A morbid thought and one she would have been disgusted at days ago, but that's back when she hadn't seen it up close, what these people have done.

Still left a few on it, Caedyn Miller, Kimiko Kao, Alessio Rigano, and speaking of the devil, Jerry Fury. It wasn't much of a suprise to find that Jerry had gone and killed, he already had several screws loose back home, but here? She'd already seen what this place has done to people who were arguably better set than him, didn't need much convincing of him having gone mad.

They had noticed his little group moving about and had silently followed them for a while. Two people were dead because of him, Toby and Travis, Serena didn't know the two that well, but she knew enough to know both were good people, and that was enough for her to make sure if he tried anything, he would pay for it.

It didn't take long, a brief foray into the gym and back he was suddenly threatening the people he was travelling with. She recognised Bart Cappotelli, a nice guy who was harmless back home, the fact he was with Fury made her wonder about that. The other one she didn't recognise as well. Matt something or other, she knew he was kind of abbrasive and a dick, but not to the level of Fury. They were arguing between each other when the weapons came out, almost like a dick measuring contest, except at the end people die.

She could see the methaporicall fuse being lit, Fury has already killed twice and looked like he was set on doing it again. If not to Bart, then definitely to Matt. A weird look on him as he pointed whatever he had at Matt, almost like a dare. It felt like a sudden flash in her mind to a few days ago as they stood there and watched Alvaro end Irene's life without warning.

Not again.

Before her partners could react, Serena stepped on the pedal and made a beeline straight for Fury. Gaining speed as the engine roared before a large thump could be heard.

Electric Dreams
She sat there once again in silence as she listened to Mel and Aiden giving their take on what she said. Mel was firmly against to the point she wouldn't look Serena in the eyes as she said her feelings on it, Serena wouldn't keep it a sercet that it miffed her, she got why she weren't exactly on board with getting back at them, but she finally had an idea, a purpose here on this stupid island. It was far better than what she had been doing up to this point. Hiding and cowering in fear of the killers.

Aiden was more into it it seemed. He looked at her and said they could drive around, see what needed to be done. She liked that response a hell of a lot more. "Alright then, let's keep our eyes on lookout for these people." Of couse, she would have to keep her mind open for the possibilty. Things were only going to get more difficult from here on and she would have to be ready to pull the trigger, even if they weren't.

She started the engine up as she looked over at Mel still staring out the window, she was miffed by her response, but that didn't mean she didn't care for what she had to say. She was the one who had talked her into the idea of finding him, least she could do is acknowledge what she had to say.

"I get what your saying Mel, and I mean it when I say I don't like it either, but what else can we do? After what happened back there...I can't let something like that happen again." It didn't matter anymore if it was being in the right in doing so, it was about making sure they don't end up having a serial killer go home, like Isabel. If someone was going to win, they would make sure it was someone who deserved it.

((Serena Waters continued in You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!))

The V5 Read-A-Thon
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RemoteCrimson presents totally original critque thread
So this was a thing. If anybody were wondering after months of silence. A few things came up at the time that made it difficult for the project to fully prosper as it should have, work and school amongst other things. However, me and RC had a talk and we're redoing this for V6 proper, and yes. This time we'll actually put out content.

Apologies to everyone who asked for a critique back then, I feel really bad about letting Y'all down, but I promise this time will be delievered.