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V3 Read-A-Thon
Anthony's profile is bad, really bad, sudden italics out of nowhere, his advantages being literally two sentences, the most redeeming thing about it is that it's short.

This is a good example of a bad advantages/disadvantages.

Advantages: Being a good athlete would obviously mean good physical prowess. He's fast and fairly strong.

Disadvantages: The biggest problem Anthony has is his ego. Though he is intelligent academically, he can be rather lacking in common sense. He's the kind of person who would stand up and fight when any sane person would get the hell away. Also, because of his abrasive personality and general assholery, most people would probably prefer to kill him dead just on principle. Another problem would be the injury to his shoulder; though it's practically healed completely, it still can give him trouble if he exerts himself too much.

This is my biggest sticking point with the profile, and it's how it's LIama is just piliing in as many negative traits as he can to justify why Lyn is killing him in that thread.

Anthony has only one thread and lives only for one post, but it's a bad thread in my opinion and it hits a lot of bad points with me.

This is gonna have a lot to do with Lyn as it is Anthony.

1: Bullying used as a justification for killing.

2: Two characters sharing a narrative which weakens them both.

3: LIama killing off Anthony in one post with his flagship(Lyn) to jumpstart her as a killer.

Anthony's death is muddled, not helped at all over the fact he shares a narrative with Lyn and it's very obvious who LIama prefers.

Conclusion: A bad fodder character created solely to jumpstart LIama's flagship.

Another please.

V3 Read-A-Thon
The same as with Dane's profile, a few tweaks and it could fit with the newer versions.

Raven 's first thread had him interacting with the Priestly twins which was a pretty interesting thread in my opinion, but afterwards Raven gets in a thread where he gets attacked for no reason by Joseph Cande and chases him off with fork.

In his last thread Raven gets trapped in a cottage by Leo Curtis where he gets a concussion and dies from having his throat slit.

Raven had a very interesting first thread with the Priestly siblings, trying to turn Elisabeth against Lenny, but his other threads are mostly him getting attacked and fighting back.

Conclusion: A mediocre character with a good first thread, but he unfortunately peters out towards the end.

Another please.