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V6 Spotlight Thread
Right so, I've decided to write a short piece about Alessio Rigano. And how he is one of the more interesting characters in V6 currently due to a slow transformation that's been going on in all of his threads. He goes from a somewhat nice guy in his very first thread to someone who's not afraid to kill people to keep himself alive. Al has a selfish mindset to him that's a bit more understated at first because of his fear of the game and people around him that grows in prominence until it's basically the reason behind a lot of his actions. It starts with small potatoes like abandoning his partner to not understanding why Vanessa wants to be with her friends and not him. It's after his first kill that it permeates more and more with him along with cowardice and a cycle of self-justification.

When compared to the other killers, he is rather unique. Not just due to varying situations that he gets himself into, it's very clear RC willing to try out new and different things with him, as shown with his two other characters as well, but the difference in execution as well. This is something Backslash pointed out to me not too long ago, and that is Al's never really in control of his encounters. Compared to say Isabel, Al''s kills are often more spontan and random than planned. And it plays really well into his story arc. Despite boasting a large amount of kills, it doesn't make him feel any more intimidating or scary, he never drops the general pathetic disposition of his. Writing wise, this helps as Al's often written rather simply. This is not a knock on RC's writing, but rather it feels very consistent with Al's actions and thoughts throughtout his threads. It elevates him rather than holding him back.

Of course there are criticisms to be had of Al, for example the amount of oneshots he's had and the fact that until his first kill, there isn't a lot happening in his threads. However, he's a solidly written character who's handler is not afraid of experimenting with and, in my opinion, one of the best examples this version of a character changing because of SOTF. Very much a must read.

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
Of course it didn't go smoothly. Nothing around here has ever gone smoothly. Ever since she woke up in that fucking library it's been one thing after another. Alvaro still had his gun, and fired it off as she was getting ready to end this. Then of course he took off running, the coward. She fired off after him, giant ass boom as the gun went off, almost flying out of her hands. She really shouldn't be the one holding this thing. Mel followed after him.

Silence permeated the room after the encounter. The thoughts of what they were really doing flowing through her mind as she processed it all. they'd almost killed him here, holding him down for execution with Irene's body and the camera's as audience for a grotesque display of vigilantisme. It really were the people holding the guns around here who were in charge. She quickly turned to Aiden, who was also processing this as she went over to him and forced the gun into his hands.

"It's safer for us both if you have it instead of me."

She then looked the depot, throughout the whole debacle she almost forgot her keys, their very reason for being here. She could now find out if it was good or not. She had two options here looking around. A car with broken windows and dents in it or the jeep that looked almost perfect in comparison. Knowing how these people played, she was tempted to try them out on the car, but decided to test her luck on the jeep. She walked over to it, climbed her way into the elevated jeep and put the keys in. She stopped for a second, her breathing was heavy as she finally could find out if this was all worth it.

She turned the keys.

Lord of Lunatics
With his attention away from him, Will gave Michael the hardest kick he could. And not long after it connected, Will immediatly set about beating the shit out of him, a flurry of kicks and punches that set about rearranging his face when he felt a shock to his throat that forced him down, gasping and coughing for air.. He heard the little bastard started yelling again when Alex made his move.

Sometime during their struggle he'd gotten his hands on a axe when it was brought down on Michael's face, well deserved Will thought as Michael screamed from the pain. Should have thought better than to take someone on with a knife as he went down. It was then Will saw it.

He was too distracted by the screaming lunatic to notice him, excellent opportunity. He forced himself on his feet , rubbing his throat all the while, he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to let him know who did him in. He finally caught his attention when he noticed the gun was again pointed at him, and for a brief moment. Will thought he saw a hint of fear in his eyes.

Just as it should be, it felt like the first day all over again, as he looked him in the eyes. He kept his promises.

"Looks like you're lucks out Alex, say hi to Darius for me."





Click click click clickclickclickclickclick

All air felt like it was sucked out of the room, dead silence other than drips of water and the rapid sounds of Will trying to fire his gun as both of them stood there staring at each other. Will started slapping the gun as they realised what had happened. The damn thing's gotten fucking jammed by the water, shit! Will realised this meant he'd lost his weapon for now against him. So he did the smartest thing he could at the moment.

He ran.

Sprinting away to the door, he noticed Michael crawling his way there. Fuckface had caused enough problems for him so he decided to leave a parting gift. As he ran, he stopped for a brief moment to give him a hard stomp on the back. "Enjoy dying to him Crowe."

There was a pervasive thought in the back of his head, to stay and beat the fuck dead instead with his hands, that he didn't need the gun to kill him. He forced that thought out as he ran, he had other promises to keep, some he'd broken already by proxy, but Will decided then and there that he wouldn't die just yet.

He hurried his way out, disregarding all the cans and such as he ran as fast as he could, away from the two psycho's.

((Will McKinley continued in Say You're One of Them))

Lord of Lunatics
When he had kicked Michael in the face he had hoped that Michael would fuck off after, but of course not! And now he was screaming shit aga... Darius? He's being a fucking nuisance like this because of fucking Darius?! Fine then, Will decided he was going to send him to hell as well, keep Darius in company.

The screeches coming from him were unbearable and so were the shocks. 1, 2 before he shifted over to Alex, back and forth. 1, 2.

It hurt like hell, but he was not going to give Michael the satisfaction, far from it. He was going to ruin his day.

He felt Alex release his grip and heard him roll away. This was his opportunity. Ignoring the shocks the best he could, he got up to his feet, mustered up his strength; yelled as loudly as he could. "Fuck your cock of justice" As he sprinted towards him as fast as possible, with a kick aimed right for the dick. Two could play at that game.

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity
This is interesting, hit me good sir!

Introduction Thread
Hello there and welcome to the site!

Right now V6 is nearing halfway unfortunatly and that means adoptions are off, but we got a game starting up on Mini called SCdos, check it out if you want! And don't be afraid to stop on by the discord, we don't bite.

Lord of Lunatics
And of course, it all went to hell. Both literally and figuratively.

Alex had decided to take a third option and be even more of a pain in the ass than he already was. Trying to grab his gun while Crowe screams his fucking lungs out.

And it was then Will felt sudden pain down below. Fuckface Crowe just hit him there with the knife. Repeat, he’d just gotten low blowed with a glorified knife taser. Will had felt zaps before when he'd touch doorknobs or a wire. Never had he felt such pain magnified right to his dick. Even so, his grip didn't let go of the gun even as Alex was grasping for it. Hell, his grip tightened around it as he knew if he let go, there was no coming back from that.

He jerked from the pain emanating from the knife and saw him in the dark, Crowe. Stabbing people in the groin like the sick bastard that he was. Will did the first thing he could think of and kicked him as hard as he could in the face.

Lord of Lunatics
"Alright then, I'm as bad as you. I've killed and so have you." He held up his finger as he started going into his point, fucker trying to guilt trip him regarding the shithead, even beyond the grave Darius managed to find ways to piss him off. "But there's a big difference between you and me." He didn't know why he felt the need to justify himself to Tarquin, known murderer and wannabe villain in training, but something about what he said pissed him off enough to do so.

He shrugged to himself before continuing. "I'll enlighten you then, he tried to rob me while I slept, didn't stop when I woke up and told him to fuck off and acted like a shit the entire time."He twirled it once more in his hand as if to compound his point before he continued. "As for you, Rea didn't do shit to you, she was as innocent as can be and that's why you're gonna die." He cocked his gun and aimed at Tarquin once more.

And that was all fine and dandy till some fucking lunatic with shitty hair ran in with a knife screaming. If anyone ever wondered what someone snapping sounded like, they would just have to look back at this.

Michael Crowe's lost his damn mind

He only saw the knife being lighted in the dark before deciding fuck that, and fired off into it.

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
He was giving her the excuse answer. In a way putting the blame all on them scaring or some bullshit like that. Of couse that's why Barry looks like he does now, or Irene just a few feet away.

"Figured you'd say that, just take responsibilty for what you've done asshole."

It was then Aiden asked that question. The one thing she wanted to avoid the entire time she was here.

Should they kill him?

"...We can't let him go, he'll just kill again." She couldn't believe this was happening, they were just there to get a car, not act like glorified vigilante's, but Alvaro's already shown himself as unstable. He can't be trusted, not after everything he's done.

She was tempted to tell either of them to take the gun from her, just take it and end him while she looked for the car, but that wasn't fair to either of them, they'd already been through their fair share of horror.

How would they back home feel about this? She hoped to god that they didn't watch her do this. She looked at a nearby camera, That was staring straight at them. Getting the best view of it all as possible. A lump formed in her throat as she forced the words out. "Mom, Dad, Jordan." She stopped for a bit, looked over at Mel and Aiden before continuing. "I'm so sorry, please don't watch this." She had to do it. If they let him loose, then what? More people die and it would be on them.


She steadied her aim at him, gun feeling like it became heavier and heavier as she asked him. "An-any last wishes or words you want out Alvaro?" Whatever he said wouldn't stop this, he had to know that by now, but it was a courtesy, even if he'd gone out of his way to not deserve it.

Lord of Lunatics
As the shot went off, he could hear the sounds of scuffle as a tub was kicked over. Dirty water spilling over the already flooded room. As they both fumbled away with Michael crashing into a sink, but Will didn't care about him. He was secondary right now to the real piece, the boogeyman that haunted Will's thoughts since that first day.

As Will moved towards them, Michael bolted like a bat out of hell, out of sight and out of mind for Will. The sounds of him frantically searching through the lockers was compounded by the familiar sound of the announcements coming to life. And the voice he'd come to think of as pure evil rattled off the tally from yesterday. Including his very own murder of Darius. His mistake. He couldn't let that stop him though, not when he was this close.

"You heard him Tarquin, I've killed before and I ain't fucking afraid to do it again!" It wasn't long till he saw him up close. He looked like utter shit. Not at all like he was that first day. Will thought it was fitting for him, and it'd be even more fitting once he had a bullet in the head.

"You gonna get up and die like a man or lie there and die like a worm?" He punctuated that question with a twirl of his gun, they always did that in the movies to show they meant business. And right now it was all business. "That's the only choice I'm going to give you, more than you gave her, remember?” It would all be over soon.

Lord of Lunatics
Will continued his way down the hall carefully. Whoever picked this place to hide out was a smart one, cans all over the place made it difficult to be stealthy, same with the water. It's what convinced him he was down here. It'd fit how he acted back then perfeclty.

Clinging to the walls, he followed the sounds till they stopped, for a second he wondered if he had heard him until he could hear something faint as if someone else was there with him. An ally perhaps? With the he was acting that day, no way did he have any. So someone else out to take him down? You'd think that would have made him happy, instead it made Will hurry along the path, still taking care not to disturb the cans or make too much noise. Tarquin was his kill. Nobody else's.

When the faint sounds became more and more clearer. He peeked his head around the corner and saw him. The one he'd been looking for, he'd been right to check this place out, his hiding place. His lair. He could finally make things right again.

No more mistakes.

He walked out from his spot, he didn't know or care whether he had a gun at this point. If he was going to die, he was going to know Will pulled the trigger.

"Tarquin." He had his gun out aimed right at him. He noticed there was someone else there as well, Crowe. Hard not to notice with that shitty hair. Looked like he was about to try and take him out. Fuck that. With both hands around his gun, he fired at them.

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
She wasn't the only one who acted quick after Irene got shot. Mel jumped him and held him down to the ground as Aiden checked on Irene. A good gesture on his part, but there was nothing they could do for her. She was gone. He turned his attention around, asking out loud if she knew how to use the gun. Serena didn't have a clue, not like Alvaro needed to know that.

"Ye-yeah, I do!" she had trouble keeping her voice anywhere close to calm, she had listened to the announcments each day, seen bodies strewn about b her classmates, but this was different. A full front viewing of what they were really doing. Of what they really were up against.

She looked at Alvaro as Aiden went to help Mel hold him down. He looked pathetic as he lied there, it was hard to imagine this guy killing people. And yet, he turned Barry into the mess at the tower, shot Irene for being angry with him and who knows how many more. So here they were, two of them holding him down and her pointing a shotgun in his face. She just wanted that car dammit, not this shit.

But this was different. He was not leaving anytime soon, and they needed to know. She had to know.

"Wh-why Alvaro? Why did you kill them?" He was not leaving here without a good answer, and she had a feeling he couldn't come up with one if he tried.