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RemoteCrimson presents totally original critque thread
And with that the queue's full, so me and RC will get to work immediatly!

RemoteCrimson presents totally original critque thread
My colour
My colour
It is crimson, you see? That's why he chose red.
And he chose blue for...I don't know, depiction purposes I guess? That and it's pretty.
It's purple and a e s t h- you know what I mean
Bleeding well I do, anyways onwards to the formalities on how this will be done.

Hello everyone, me and RC have decided to give our own attempt at critiquing and since we were both pretty fond of this style we decided to homage/steal it for our own purposes. First we'll set some ground rules for this thread.

1: No more than 1 character per handler.
2: No asking for another handler's character to be critiqued, it has to be done by the handler.
3: 10 is the limit for the queue.
4: Pregame characters are allowed.
5: Tell us whether we should critique the pregame of your characters as well or not.
6: Don't reserve slots for character that don't exist yet.

Otherwise, have at it.

Ty Yazzie by the empress of plush.
Henry Spencer by Espional.
Pia Malone by \
Brendan Harte by a Prim @}->--
Fiyori Senay by Biki
Carlyle Shotton by U wot m8/Pippin
Cameron Herrig by the Jersey Deamon.
Jerry Furry by ALL MY HATE/MK Kilmarnock
Alvaro Vacanti by joke stealer/Magical Boy Yuggles
Oskar Pearce by The new zealandist elza ~~SANSA~~

General Video Game Discussion Thread
So I've been playing Silent Hill 3 lately, and let me just say that Heather has been the best protagonist in the series so far.

Adopting Ben Fields off, claim him here

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Lex keeps getting hit on the head. :(