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Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
A.Zoe Walker Critique please.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Maxwell Crowe spends most of the game looking out for his friends and helping his allies as much as he can, but outside of that, he did not really do much of notice. His main character trait is that he's a nice guy who helps out and it shows, in several of his threads he frets about trying to help people, but after a while it can get boring to read. There’s also bit a of a language barrier problem with his posts, nothing major, but there's enough of it to be noticeable.

As with Yossarian's other characters he goes inactive and ends up murdered by Teo, his death is very fodder like and doesn't get that much attention in his death post.

Can't really recommend him, his story arc is very static and gets a bit boring to read after a while.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Corbin is similar to Neil Sinclair, another one of Theseus characters. He tries to take up different ways of fighting the system they've been put in, but there are several differences between them, for example Corbin's more thoughtful of his actions and what could happen if he and his allies start trying to escape while Neil could come across as nearly fanatical in his attempts to fight back. At the same time Neil outright refuses to play the game while Corbin has tried to kill others. These difference are best shown when he and Neil meet up in Lilacs and Lolita.

After joining up with SADD, Corbin ends up having to share the rest of his narrative till his death with Neil which has the standard problems of two characters one post, though Theseus is good at making sure neither of them get neglected.

His death thread is the thread where SADD fights and kills Blood Boy, BB manages to hit Corbin with his poisoned sword before being killed and he ends up dying of poison while the rest of his group has to run away as the area turns into a danger zone.

I would recommend him, there are some annoying stuff there, but it is mostly minor.

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V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Teo is similar to Aaron in his villainy, manipulating others to do his work for him, but at the same time he's more of a physical villain than Aaron, as he's more willing to threaten others to get what he wants. At the same time throughout V4 he adheres himself to pragmatism which ends up with him acting ruthless and alienating the people around him, which results in nearly everyone he meets to pretty much ditch him.

A very good example of Teo being ruthless is his reaction to Nick losing one of his friends to suicide in his second to last thread and it is to abandon him, thinking he's a dead weight and that is after he spends nearly the entire game in a partnership with him.

His death is bothersome though, as it feels like it's more for the benefit of his killer than himself, other than that he's good

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V3 Read-A-Thon
Elizabeth went through a couple of handlers before Theseus took control. First was Supermom who wrote the profile and the first post before Baby_g adopted Elizabeth for a bit before. Theseus had to GM her a ton before just flat out adopting Elizabeth himself, which does add the problem of a handler writing two characters in one post problem, But Theseus is pretty good with it and usually tries to give Elizabeth her own thoughts and character rather than just focus on Lenny.

However, eventually Anna and Lulu kidnap Elizabeth which gives her more focus than when she was with Lenny and is arguably the best part of her story. Eventually she ends up murdered by Gabe McCallum as revenge for a murder Lenny commited.

Some problematic elements such as the "nanny Tabitha" part of the profile, but for the most part, she is decent.

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V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
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Arguably what Richard Han is most known for, his "Swan song" per se. As a result it's what everyone thinks of when they think of Richard.

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That's his character throughout V4, a sort of class clown who makes lame anime jokes that only a few present are gonna get while the rest of his team are trying to come up with ideas for escape. What makes him above other "comic relief" characters who's jokes we're supposed to laugh at, but often fall flat? With Richard it's a part of his character, with deliberate jokes that's more to show that Richard's kind of a dork and to light up the tension with the rest of his team wether they wanted him to or not.

A mediocre character with a very memorable death.

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Relationships for Someone not as terrible
Man, I should have responded to this ages ago, apologies everyone!

@Bowser: As Seth tends to hang out with people who have similar issues as him, he would try and befriend him

@Deamon: Emily and Cameron would get along fine.

@DuckyB: As said above, similar issues would befriend, that and their similar interests.

@Fenris: Emily would flirt back a bit, but not much beyond that.

@Pan: I agree, Seth's a major history buff especially if it involved wars so him and Jack would get along fine.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Aaron Hughes is one of my favorite V4 villains and is quite a contrast to some of the other well-known V4 villains that are brought up frequently(Maxwell, Reiko, Ema) and that is in comparison, his villainy is a bit more understated. He's a jerk who manipulates people into doing what he wants rather than going all out murderer, which is funny because he starts off with a goal that could be considered one of the more "heroic" options and that is escape.

Another contrast is that while people like Ema and Maxwell were villainous mainly due to the nature of their murders and how over the top they could be, Aaron's more about how his manipulations of his allies start sliding him more and more into becoming a slimy backstabber who throws his friends under the bus to save himself. The best example of this is when he starts vilifying Tom Guthrie after allowing Nick Reid to kill him in the tunnels to get the rest of his group to bond in grieving.

It's only towards the end Aaron decides to get his hands dirty and start killing, but it ends up backfiring on him when he picks a fight with Ivan and he ends up dead for it.

Overall a good character and is greatly recommended!

Another please.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Since I still have to write up an appearance for Emily, I thought why not have Zoe get one.

Zoe Walker

Also Fenris, your sprites are really cool and rad.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Shows a lot of early SOTF isms, for example his profile is written in a weird kind of third person like it's an interview and his hobbies and interests is written in a long paragraph when it could have been done in a few sentences.

His first thread has him start in a pretty crowded building with his friends Kallie and Guy who both bail after KenBurton Larris makes everyone paranoid and suspicious at each other. It's around this thread where we notice Darnell's first problem and that is his posts tend to be on the long side to his detriment, as it just seems to be long for the sake of being long without substance to back it up. It also doesn't help that he tends to end up in thread with Handlers who are known for being a bit longwinded in their posts and it can come off as being a bit too much.

In the thread right after, he ends up in a weird fight with Eduardo Trinidad-Villa which is defused when Darnell messes Eduardo leg up and Boxer walks in on the scene which ends up with Laz writing two characters in one til they both exit together and Darnell leaves for the airfield.

In this thread, he ends up accidentally killing Simon Wood by impalement after Simon attacks him thinking he's a player. I didn't really like it as accidental murders feel like a contrived way to give "good" characters a way to get a kill count without outright becoming a player or getting a weird sort of dissonance with their narrative, but it often feels like a cop out and I felt it was this time.

Afterwards in one post Daniel Brent walks in and picks a fight with Darnell and ends up decapitated for it. This one feels very much like handler cannibalism in a way as Brent is killed off to further Darnell's story and is very much like his previous murder, accidental and with a sufficent claim to self defense.

And then Eduardo comes in again and start picking a fight with Darnell, he ends up with a claymore to the chest which ends up as self defense as Eduardo attacks him then Boxer walks in right after and get's in a bit of argument with Darnell before they leave.

This thread was a bit hard to swallow, three self defense murders right after each other is a bit hard to believe and it comes off as giving Darnell a number to his killcount without making him a direct player.

He makes his way to the Jailhouse where meets up with kallie(again) and Keith and lagre amount of drama is made of his murders and then Alice walks in with Guy's head and whole thread kind of erupts (There's a lot of people in this thread and it reads very much like a clusterfuck) they run off after it turns into a danger zone.

He abandons Alice to the squads in this thread and runs off eventually making it to the escape group.

He then makes it to the escape thread where he gets his collar taken off and starts a standoff with Adam Dodd basically accusing him of being the reason the terrorists kidnapped them in the first place, he starts making a speech in the middle of it about Guy and how good friends they were and it kinda contradicts his first thread.

It's established in the first thread that he doesn't really care for Guy Rapide and only hangs out with him because he's friends with Kallie and Keith, and yet in this thread he's suddenly bemoaning the fact he's dead and how horrible he went (he went out in admittedly a very horrible way). I read on the TV Tropes page that Darnell was originally going to survive and that could have been very interesting to see, but that didn't happen. TBH got banned around this time and Darnell was inactive killed alongside Bill Ritch, John Sheppard and Jessica Jones in an explosion that took out the armory and the surrounding area.

Darnell isn't bad, there's some good writing here, but unfortunatly for the most part he's a mediocre character who has some bad pratfalls along the way who dies a pretty cool death.

Another please.

Resource Thread
I have been using this resource for a long time and it's been pretty helpfull, so I thought to share it with you guys here.


It has tons of great stuff on it (though I used it mainly for the spell checker which has been pretty reliable).

Un sketches V6. And V5. And Mini. And Stuff.
Sneaking in while the coast is clear.


Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
Considering some of his friends are pot users, Seth would get in on that shit.

[Help!] I Forget Who I Have Relations With (´・ω・`)
Since Seth's very big on gaming, he would get along well with Scout, that and their similar in the social aspect. Though he would get very annoyed with Jazmine (as he has big problems with racism, unintentional or not).

Sean would find it hilarious though ( he finds it funny when people make fools out of themselves). He would try and make fun of her as well as Scout.

Emily would avoid Jazmine as much as she can, though she would try to interact with Scout (though she would be weirded out by her).

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Sneaking in on the wagon again.