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It felt weird to talk abut, she had never mentioned it to anyone, family or friends. And here she was admitting it to someone she'd only known for a day. it was then she caught what Mel said it was.

"Tr-true love?" She hadn't thought of how she felt about him like that, she had hoped it was something that would go over after high school, not ruin what they had going as friends. And would it be true love when she was fairly sure only one of them felt like that? Another thought popped into her head as Mel suggested to her that they find him, how would he react? She'd known him for years and yet she didn't know...

"Follow my heart...if you do-don't mind then..."

She put her shoes on and hurried over to the cove, there was only so much time on their hands, and if she wanted to find him then she had to hurry. She grabbed her bag and started rummaging through it for the map.

"Aiden wake up! We're moving out!"

((Serena Waters continued in How Can I Take Off This Mask))

Haunted Reality
He followed the voices to their location. Sounded friendly, but he didn't take his chances of anything. He kept the gun out, but pointed at the floor for now as he came closer to them.

When he saw him just standing there talking he thought for a second that Ben had gone crazy, but then he got closer and saw the girl in the room. It was a weird sight, a far cry from the talk he and Nadia had earlier, no concealed hostility between them, just two tired people looking for peace.

He looked over at the girl first, he remembered seeing her around school, but not much about her. Ben seemed cool with her, he was sitting with her, talking with her. That's as good as friendly at this point. She didn't look too good though, must have been through her own fair share of crap. For now he wouldn't bother her beyond a nod and turned his attention to Ben.

Ben was not in good shape, to say bluntly. He looked like shit and the words just came out of him, bottled up from days of avoiding death and carnage. "Do-don't man." He didn't know what he went through, he might have other regrets, but he wasn't going to make him feel responsible for what happened to her, it's least he could for his friend. "Listen, whatever happened, it's not your fault."

It was at this point he noticed something that caught him off guard, the shape Ben's arm was in. "What the fuck happened? Who did this?" He gestured at his arm, it didn't look good. He brought forward his own bag and started rummaging through it, he could have some of his supplies for that.

Alan Banks is homeless and alone
Fuck it, throwing in a bid.

Beg, Barter, Steal.
He drew out the hey when he saw her, he always did that with people he knew. He had these quirks with friends, They had known each other for years at this point, so it was hard not to notice. funny enough was one of the music classes that got them talking in the first place. And here they were, chatting before a performance. Just the way she liked it.

He made a joke regarding his absence, she laughed at that. It wasn't that particularly funny, but it was better than leaving him hanging. He then asked if anything happend while he was gone.

"Nothing much really...it's why it's good to see you back, things are less boring when you're around." She punctuated that with a smile, things tended to be more interesting when Jeremy was around, sure somtimes he'd say or do something that made it feel like they were in The Office or something like that, but he hit more than he missed, for her at least. She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, didn't seem so.

"By the way, catched up on the last season?"

Beg, Barter, Steal.
((Serena Waters: Memories start))

Typical performance day for the club, everyone getting ready and finding their seats, practicing or pretending to at least, there was an hour to it so not everyone was gonna sit down and wait the hour out. Serena herself had her cello ready. She practiced a bit with the strings, it sounded good. It always felt good to play music, whatever instrument she used, it felt like she was in her own soundscape, with the sounds of the cello filling the air, she could close her eyes and picture it for herself.

She stopped when she looked over and saw him laying back in his chair with the violin in his hands. Jeremy was a weird guy, saying and doing things that were funny to him, but maybe not translate that well to others. Even so Serena found he could be charming and nice in his own strange way, it's why they were friends after all.

They had an hour till the performance and they didn't have to spend the entire time practicing. A chat wouldn't be out of line. She stood up and walked over to him and waved with her left hand.

"Hey Jeremy, what's up?

Aluminum Bicycle Rods
Serena followed her out to the sand, taking her shoes off as she reached it. It felt good looking out at the sea, almost as if she wasn't there, she wouldn't have to worry if her friends were dead or if a killer was around. She could imagine herself away, so far away...

A thought pushed it's way into her mind as she stood there. What would her parents say if they saw her now? Standing at the edge of the beach, would they fear she would kill herself like Abby did? And Jordan, what would they tell him? She prayed they wouldn't watch any of this. Remember her as she was, not what she became.

She felt the water hitting her feet, cold as can be, but nice. Sand sticking to her soles as she wandered close to Mel, taking in the scenery around them. It didn't give off the oppressive feeling the other places did, like no one had been there in a long time. If only Jeremy or Alice was here, she could show them this place...

She listened as Mel talked about wandering around the island, finding something beautifull to draw or paint. Serena could only nod at the thought, it was better than whatever they were supposed to do. Better to take the piss out of this stupid game than play it.

She had turned to her, asked her if it was her thing, Serena assumed the art part. She shrugged at that

"Not really. I was never good with painting or taking pictures. I'm better with other means of expression." She hadn't sung since she got here, if she saw them again then maybe she could...

"As for what I want? I want to find my friends, make sure their alright and...there's one in particular I have to see, tell him something before it's too late." She felt her face redden afterwards, it was something she hadn't told anyone before. She just hoped she would have the chance.

Haunted Reality
((Will McKinley continued from The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead))

When he left Nadia at the cliffs, He didn't have time to think of home or any plans aside from one. Will figured it'd be best to cover as much ground as possible, even retrace old areas he's been in the last day to make sure, now that he no longer was distracted. He made his way across the bridge to the other part of the island, he'd seen the asylum on the map and figured Alex would make his way there, with the way he was acting all Phantom of the Opera back there with Rea. He'd definetly setup shop there.

It felt eerie standing outside the entrance. Like, there was a foreboding sense of danger about the place, Will had heard about the abandoned asylums they had in America, locked down and out of public eye for mistreatment of patients and general inhuman conditions they would have. It didn't look any better, fuck if what he'd heard on the announcments were true, then it was going to look way worse.

As he entered the building he noted it somehow looked worse on the inside. The outside looked stable to a degree, the inside was something else. It looked like a fucking graveyard, fitting.

Will decided to check the second floor first and work his way downward, he had his gun out at all times at this point. This was a risky endeavour he was on and any encounter could be a fight. Nobody was going to get the jump on him, not again.

He ascended the steps and looked around the top area. One that caught his eye was a particular corridor, he quickly went down it to find the gates to what looked like Solitary. The gates looked like absolute shite, and in the case of one rusted away. He made his way in.

As he walked down the halls he heard a familiar voice, He tensed up looking behind him as though someone was there before he hurried his pace over to where he had heard it.

"Ben? Is that you?"

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
Will listened intently as Nadia spoke of her plans forward. It wasn't much of a plan really, just laying low and not dying. Then again with how the days have been going that's probably the smartest idea he's heard yet.

"Your plans to lay low then? Probably the best option we've got." All you do killing this early was come off as psychopath, not much of a victim card you can play when you've murdered people nearly every day. They'd get a wake up call if they got home, and that's a big if.

"Personally, I would love to do that. Just hide till the end and hope for the best, but I can't chance letting Alex get close to winning. He has to die." Would people hunt him down if he did kill him? Will knew people didn't like him much, he didn't mind that as they left him alone most of the time, but if anyone tries their luck...

"As you said you've got people back at home waiting for you, probably plans too if you do get out of here." He attempted to spin the gun in his hand, just like they did in the westerns as he talked. "Me? I've got nothing, furthest I've come up with is drinking myself to death because I'm dramatic like that, specially since the original plan got fucked."

He was rambling now, he hadn't talked to anyone over a day since he left Sabrina back at the Depot. And since a corpse wasn't a good conversation partner, not much he could have done the last day. He laughed to himself, place was making him sound mad. "Sorry about that, you're the first person I've seen in a day. Haven't had a good conversation with anyone in a while."

He holstered his gun at the back of his pants and grabbed his bag, made his way out of his area when he stopped and turned to her. "Either way, you've got a good plan for youself. Take care Nadia, and good luck to you." With how things have been going lately, she would need it. With that said, he continued his way out the area.

((Will McKinley continued in Haunted Reality))

Aluminum Bicycle Rods
She listened as Mel talked about why they did this. it made more sense to her now. You take something away from someone, it was natural for them to want it back.

Serena knew she couldn't do it, ignoring everything her parents taught, what she'd been told in church, in school. She would be giving up for them if she did.

But what if her friends did? Could she look them in the eye and accept that? They were out there surviving just as she was, she just had to find them, make sure they were all right.

That's what she was going to do, to hell with winning this crap.

She looked at Mel now, just like at the tower, she was moving onward despite it all. She had barely known her back home, and yet she had helped her all the same, it brought a smile to Serena's face. Shame she only got to know her now.

She got up on her feet. "Yeah, Right behind you guys.." She wasn't in the driver seat which she didn't like, but she trusted them somewhat, neither wanted to kill. And everything's a better alternative to that at this point.

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
She was talking about burying her at sea. He chuckled at that, something he should have done yesterday than dick around. Hindsight's 20/20.

Like when some cunt from the drama club loses his shit and stabs your girlfriend and you couldn't do diddly dick about that? That kind of hindsight?

"I've ruined her enough, she deserved better." His grip on the gun loosened for a bit, he started stepping away from Rea, letting her rest. He had carried her around like she's some thing...it wasn't supposed to be like this. She was supposed to be alive, get to the end and go home, and he''d waste away in hell. Not this shit.

He stopped in his tracks and looked over at Nadia. "What about you? What are you going to do?" Why did he care? Will didn't know, but it was always good to ensure their interests didn't conflict.