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The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
She made sense regarding the gun, he wouldn't have done much in a fight. "I am aware of that, does it look like I have the means of doing that to you?" He spread out his arms, as to emphasize this. "I've got nothing to bury her with, and nothing to burn her with." He should have left her where she was, it was a DZ now, fucking hell.

"Unless you've got something I can use, which from the looks of it, you don't." Unless she used that stick to try to cut her to pieces, which Will would shoot her for incidentally, she wasn't going to be much help there either. "There's not much either of us can do for Her." He can't keep Her around anymore, He knew that much. Finding someone in this place is hard enough, to do so while carrying a body around...He might as well be wearing a sign that says shoot me on it.

"But..you're right, I can't carry Her anymore." He looked around the area. It was peaceful, a disconnect from all blood and murder going on. "I'll leave her here, She would have liked this place." She liked the ocean He remembered, a good view and nice wind. God, he was picking out a spot for the corpse of his girlfriend to stay as if She was some piece of furniture, this place was fucking him up.

Aluminum Bicycle Rods
((Serena Waters continued from Thursday's Child))

Their traveling had been punctuated by the silence. An ominous feeling surrounding the area, almost as if all sound had been gobbled up. There were occasions she thought she'd heard something or someone else than Aiden or Melanie, but there was nothing. They kept their distance from the asylum, Serena was fine with that. If she had her way, she would never step foot in that place again.

When they made camp at the cave, they had an agreement for one to guard while the other two sleep, then switch up after a few hours. Her heart racing as it was her turn to guard, praying no one would find their camp. when her turn was over and she went to try to get some sleep, she heard screaming coming from different places. She feared the screams were coming closer. Particularly from the asylum, reminded her of the house on the hill. When it was morning, as she rubbed her eyes, a familiar sound burst through the speakers.

Announcement time.

She pulled her legs close as she listened to the announcements, more classmates and friends killing each other. She noted to herself to keep an eye out for Nancy Kyle, how many had she killed now? 3 or 4? Didn't matter, she was a danger to them all. Same with Isabel and Kimiko.

The next killer...when their name was said, Serena felt her heart breaking.

Brendan killed someone. Fucking Brendan Harte killed someone, what the hell was this place doing to everyone? She looked at the other two, Mel was crying. She was not the only one taking these announcements hard. "I don't get it..." It has to be self defense right? There's no way the Brendan she knew would do something like that. "Do they want to get home that bad? Don't they realise people will hate them?"

She remembered the case of one of the winners, there was a media frenzy surrounding his death. Specially since they never found his killer. He was just like them. Killed and tortured people mercilessly, then gunned down in his own home. They can't win. They shouldn't win.

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
A scowl appeared on Will's face as Nadia replied, she hadn't seen anyone since the last day. Trying to find this guy was going to be a pain in the ass. How many were there here anyway? Hundreds? He better not have gotten himself killed before Will got to him.

It was then she asked him what he was going to with her. He looked at Rea, her body showing signs of decomposing. Should he have left her back there? He couldn't take the chance someone would...rob her is the reason he gave himself. Was this what she wanted? Him obsessing over her dead body like a creeper while hunting her murderer?

"...I don't know." His response was muddled, He truly didn't have an answer for her, so he did the first thing that came to mind, force the issue away.

He let go of her hand and finally stood up, He looked Nadia straight in the eyes. "Why? What's it to you?" He had taken a cursory glance at her weapon earlier, a glorified sharp stick. He had the advantage.

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
Her reaction was about what he expected, not every day you see someone carrying their dead girlfriend around, she couldn't look at her. It was when she asked why he was doing it that made him stop for a bit, it felt like an accusation.

"I left her there at first, where she died, but I..." The words almost got stuck in his throat. He looked at Rea, holding her hand. "I walked around y'know, saw one of the girls from our grade, the state she was in convinced me I had to get her." He didn't know why he felt the need to explain himself, he didn't care what Nadia thought of him. Knowing Rod it wouldn't be any good before she saw him lounging corpses about, but letting it all out felt good in a way.

He looked at her now. "As for why I'm here, well..." The gun was aimed at the floor for now, his eyes narrowed at the girl. "Alex Tarquin, have you seen him?"

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
((Will McKinley adopted from AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH))

Will had spent the second day feeling awful, almost as if he'd been in Limbo. Rea's body was cold in his hands, a part of him felt tempted to throw her out to sea, let her be in peace from all this, but he didn't. Even now he couldn't believe that she was dead, it'd been a day and he was still processing it. He had left her behind in storehouse, but he...couldn't, He had to get her back. He had to rush into the area to get her out, not long after it was a dead zone.

In that entire time he hadn't encountered anyone somehow, which was good. As all that was on his mind was one person. Alex Tarquin. The things he was going to do this prick. He hadn't heard him on the announcements and honestly, he didn't care nor was he paying any attention to them as much as he was fuming on the inside. Thoughts about shooting Alex dead festered in his mind. It's why he didn't notice a certain girl in the area.

Nadia was standing near the edge, Rod's girl. He felt some kinship for her back in Kingman, in his mind neither were fully American, but she was more with them than he was, and besides that was back in Kingman, here's a different ball game. A certain temptation flowed through, but he quelled it, not yet...

"What are you doing here?" His accent rolling off his tongue. He had set Rea down by this point, and was in the motion of pulling the gun out from the back of his pants. It wasn't aimed at Nadia yet, but if she acted up, well, Rod's not here...

Thursday's Child
Neither had an answer for her, that was the worst thing. It's as if everything stopped making sense for Serena, Al running off without her, her classmate in front of her covered in blood that's not his. The dead body of Barry inside the tower, twisted and broken by Alvaro. At least now they knew why the boy ran away so fast, holed up in this place with that at the front door

Aiden lost his temper and yelled out loud, his back to them as he started swearing up and down about leaving. Swearing aside, He had a point. They couldn't stay there, not with Barry...inside.

As Aiden started walking away, Mel extended her hand out to Serena and told her she was with them. She looked at her for a bit, earlier she had told Al to be distrustful of everyone, even friends. You never know, back home Alvaro didn't seem like the type to just...murder someone like that, but what else could she do? Spend a day alone out of paranoia? Or go with two people who had their heads on straight?

"Thanks Mel, I...I appreciate it."

So she did.

((Serena Waters continued in Aluminum Bicycle Rods))

Thursday's Child
Aiden didn't want the jacket, he wanted Mel to keep it. She didn't get his reasoning, if he was caught walking around with that much blood on him, people will figure it's alright to attack on sight. Mel didn't look pleased with it either, Serena looked at the two feeling a bit awkward. Neither looked to be giving up.

Almost as if to break the subject, Aiden wanted them to check out the tower, the reason they were all there. As they walked closer, Mel walked up front and opened the door. It was then they saw Barry, or rather what was left of him.

His neck was snapped, the angle almost made it look silly, like this was all a black comedy and his death was a punchline for people to laugh at.

"How... how could h-he have done that to Barry!?" The words squeaked out after Mel closed the door, she was trying her best not to freak out at them, but the scene of one of the nicest people she knew killed, and for what? So Alvaro could go home and continue as if he hadn't done nothing wrong? Serena wasn't going to stand for that.

She looked at them for an answer, trying; and failing not to cry.

Thursday's Child
Aiden looked surprised at her. He seemed not to realize what she was talking about at first, till he looked down at himself, as if the blood wasn't there at first. His response was almost casual, but then he stopped mid sentence and started stammering. It was the sudden awkwardness, the pause and the look at Mel that told her all she needed to know. Mel's answer was just the clincher, something bad had happened and her question had stirred up memories in him.

"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have..." She looked away, she couldn't look at him. A mixture of blood and regret made it difficult, she looked down at the ground for a bit before looking at the tower, the centerpiece of this area. Just yesterday there were people here ringing the bell, could that boy have been drawn here by it? They can't have been the first ones here, if his response to them outside was to run away.

As Serena was thinking over this, she heard Mel talking about Aiden having to change clothes. She looked over at the two to see Mel taking of her jacket to give to him, she looked away again, face a bit red and said out loud. "Th-that would be good, so uh..people wouldn't assume..." Her words trailed off at the end, she wondered herself why she walked up when he was looking like that, maybe she was too trusting? Either way, it was better than being stuck in a room with someone holding a gun outside.

William "Will" McKinley
Throwing in my bid.

Thursday's Child
At first she felt like a dolt standing there waving at two people she didn't interact much with back home, but when both of them responded in kind, Serena started to close the distance between them. As she got closer, she recognized that the girl was Mel, she didn't know her that well back home though she seemed nice, she looked like she'd been through less than Aiden at least.

"Thanks for being friendly... I need it after the night I've had." she said as she rubbed one of her eyes, both felt heavy after she had not slept throughout the night, a dumb mistake that she would pay for.

Once she got closer to them, she noticed the blood on Aiden looked dry, he didn't look hurt from what she could tell, but it wouldn't be bad to ask right? "Um...are you hurt...?" She gestured at his shirt. "Y'know..with all that..." The word wouldn't come out, it was still insane to her that one of her classmates was standing in front of her; shirt caked in blood, his or someone else's.