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SOTF Halloween Movie Night
i would like to take that moment to say, that I hate all of you who voted Poultrygeist.

Thursday's Child
As the two stood close to the tower and talked to each other, neither of them looked armed, so Serena walked closer to the pair. It was a dumb idea, it went against everything she had told Al earlier and one of them looked like they had been through some shit, but Serena didn't care, after the night she just had, she needed to talk to someone.

It was then someone burst out the tower, running away fast enough Serena could barely tell who it was. A boy, she'd seen him around school sometimes, she blanked on the name. Whoever it was, something bad must have happened to spook him so badly. It gave Serena second thoughts about being here.

The pair looked suprised at the retreating boy, before talking to each other again. She could have left when the boy ran out, hell she probably should have, but she didn't. Instead she raised her hand and waved at them, trying her best to come off as friendly.

Thursday's Child
((Serena Waters continued from Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said))

She had lost him, some-fucking-how she had managed to lose Al. She had spent the night looking for him, wandering the asylum building, if the building looked eerie during the day did not compare to how it looked at night. She stopped for a bit rub her eyes when she heard a crackle in the air as loudspeaker started. A familiar voice echoed through the halls as he ratlled of his speech, the same man that shot their teachers and told them to kill each other.

Abby was dead. Sweet, dear Abby who wouldn't hurt anyone, dead at her own hands. the only thought running through her mind was why would she do that? Something horrible must have happened to her for this to happen. The thought made her eyes well up. And not just her either, Scarlett, Barry and Harold were all dead too, good people snuffed out for this sick game.

And the names continued, Isabel Ramirez came up twice. Already they had someone who's decided to kill their way home, no one kills two people by complete accident.

The worst about it were the jokes. The macabre things this person were spewing out about people. It shook Serena to her core. It wasn't enough for them to force them into this, they had to sit back and joke about it the entire time.

And a final kick to her hopes were administered, he announced the only danger zone for the day, and of course it was the supply depot. Serena reacted to this with calm and grace, she threw her bag on the floor and screamed out obscenities in the hall. She stomped on her bag for a bit before slumping down near the wall and let the tears out, her friends were dying or dead and the plan she had was stopped as easily as them snapping their fingers.

After she had calmed down, she got on her feet, grabbed her bag and started walking again. No destination in mind, no plan for now. She just wanted out of this place.

The announcments were a wake up call for her, she knew people would die and people would kill, but it still took her by suprise with how many she knew were just....gone. The only comfort she had from it were that more of her friends weren't dead. Jeremy, Alice, Al...please be safe. She thought as she looked around for an exit. Every noise she heard echoed through the building making hard to tell where it came from. Sometimes it looked like something or other moved in the dark, as if they were following her. Eventually she flat out stopped walking and ran.

The asylum was getting to her. She had to get out.

The instant she saw something that looked like an exit, she ran straight towards it and burst through the door. The feeling of fresh air almost felt foreign. The asylum was old and felt like it, the very air inside gave a sense of deadness to the whole area. With what's going on now, this whole place is going to feel haunted, moreso than it does already.

At this point she noticed the tower, maybe where all the noise came from earlier? She decided to make her way there, get a proper lookout over the area. However, getting closer she noticed two people.

Aiden was a very distinct person to say the least if not in appearance, then certainly in personality. He liked giving nicknames to people she's heard, a bit weird in some respects, but he was always nice to her whenever they spoke to each other, maybe she could try and talk to him and his friend. She stepped in for a closer look.

Annnnnd she just noticed that he was covered in blood, great.

SOTF Halloween Movie Night
Will this be hosted on Discord?

Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
A gun? Just their luck, first person they meet and she could kill them both in an instant, Serena thought as she stepped away from Al while looking at the door. Sure she didn't sound like she was going to, but she wasn't going to get a chance, better safe than sorry.

Which made it more shocking when Al just walked out the room with his bag and weapon with nary a look or sound. Serena stood there staring at the door, she probably should have stopped him, but she was dumbfounded how Al who was so afraid earlier to the point of lying down and refusing to acknowledge anything would just walk out.

There was no sound of a gunshot and a thud, just the sound of Al's footsteps down the hall growing fainter and fainter. Serena grabbed her bag and ran out the room after him. The concern about the two girls out there was shunted to the side after Al left, he's going to get himself killed she thought as she ran down the hall where she hoped he'd gone.

"Al, wait!"

((Serena Waters continued in Thursday's Child))

I wanna be king of the pirates!
A new session, in which I might have accidentally stabbed a missile.



I'm covered in beads!
Knowing you, you might have already made it, but my request for this is Kefka Pallazo from FF6.