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TvTropes Mafia Thread
#Penguin Alien: Their lynch, we only started getting all of this stuff after people started putting their name down for their frankly weird and anti town behaviour, so I'm not that inclined to believe it. Same issue I had with RC and look how that turned out.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
1: The erratic behaviour and hard to read posts

2: defended RC when he was stalling on his lynch, but after he was revealed as scum claims they don't remember why they thought he wasn't.

3: Their play has been pretty anti town and generally unhelpfull imo.

To put it simply I don't get their logic and at this point don't trust em after several opportunities for them to turn it around.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Same Yugi, and honestly at this point they have been playing and acting weird throughout this thread so I'm gonna vote.

Vote: Lore

Newbie or not, they have been stalling long enough.

V6 Facemaker!
I would like one of Serena please.

Serena is rather short for her age, standing at 5'6" and weighing 130 lbs. She has a petite figure, normally standing straight with her hands behind her back, since it's a position she's comfortable in.. She has a small round face, with a button nose, a narrow mouth and thin green eyes. Her hair is naturally brown, with curls that reach all the way down to her shoulders. She brushes her hair nearly every day, so despite her curls, her hair is pretty ruly and easy to manage. She regularly puts makeup on, although it's hard to tell, as she doesn't put a lot on and it's mainly used for her to hide pimples or other blemishes.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Decoy what are your opinions on the previous lynch, night deaths and recent events in the thread? Also your reads would be good to get now.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Seriously thought RC was townie? Even after he started scrambing like crazy?

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Huh, RC and Ricky were mafia, though that doesn't change the fact that Grim is still a null read for me so far reaching scum.

Lore has been pretty scummy this entire time yet has been scating by, though I wanna hear her claim first before voting.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Also in your post RC, why am I listed before Decoy (who barely posts as it is) and Lore (who's been twitchy like crazy these last few rounds)?

And why MK before Lore?

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Apologies for that, school decided to suddenly get busy so yeah...

Anyways! On to the reads.

Town: Slam's been pretty on point, not that argumentive this round.

Turtle too has been on point in these discussions with grim.

Null: Grim is null cause I'm not fully convinced by his claim, but for now he's not suspect.

Flare's been too quiet to get a read on. Same can be said for Yugi.

And MurderWeasel because now I'm conditioned to always be paranoid of you. Same with MKilmarnock

Scummy: Lore has been flip flopping this entire thread and in general just acting as weird as RC is doing which has not been helpfull, at all.

RC plays weird in mafia, but this is time it's gone full fucking weird, and his actions aren't really coming off as townie at all so that's a lynch I wouldn't mind seeing.

Vote: Remote Control


Serena Williams
Name: Serena Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Mormonism, listening to music, playing the piano, playing the cello, singing, watching TV

Appearance: Serena is rather short for her age, standing at 5'6" and weighing 130 lbs. She has a petite figure, normally standing straight with her hands behind her back, since it's a position she's comfortable in.. She has a small round face, with a button nose, a narrow mouth and thin green eyes. Her hair is naturally brown, with curls that reach all the way down to her shoulders. She brushes her hair nearly every day, so despite her curls, her hair is pretty ruly and easy to manage. She regularly puts makeup on, although it's hard to tell, as she doesn't put a lot on and it's mainly used for her to hide pimples or other blemishes.

Serena dresses modestly, and tries to make sure that she doesn't show a lot of skin. What she wears though generally depends on where she's going and what the situation is; if she's going to school, then she normally tries to cover herself up, wearing large skirts and long sleeve shirts. If she's simply going out with friends, she'll be a bit more relaxed with her clothing choices; going for t-shirts and jeans over jumpers and long skirts. On the day of the abduction, she opted for her more relaxing clothing; wearing a pink T-shirt with the picture of a panda slapping another panda with the caption "I didn't slap you, I just Hi-fived YOUR FACE!" and a pair of blue denim jeans.

Biography: Serena Joane Williams was born on May 21st, 1997 to Isabella and Silas Williams. Both of her parents are devout Mormons, having both met each other while on mission in Nicaragua. Isabella Matthews was born in Kingman in an agnostic family, who studied religion in high school and converted to Mormonism when she was in her teenage years. Silas was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, to two Mormon parents. When on the mission, they bonded over one another and once the 18 month mission was over, Silas moved in with Isabella and they married a couple of months later. Serena was born two years after they married, and three years after that Jordan Williams, Serena's brother, was born. Serena cares for her family, and while she isn't actively protective of them, she'll try to make sure that they're safe.

Religion and school had no barrier during Serena's early years, as both Silas and Isabella decided that Serena should be homeschooled for a while, because of an incident that had happened with Isabella when she was in elementary school. During homeschool Serena learned how to read and write, basic maths and english, and how to cook. This was also accompanied with scripture classes, in which Serena read from the Bible and learned about what it meant to be a Mormon.

Religion is a little bit of an odd subject with Serena, since while she is a devout Mormon, she is pretty light on it and generally doesn't mention it unless asked about it. While she goes to church with her family regularly, and socialises with the people there, she normally prefers to go to the Sunday School function rather than stay in the church and listen to what the pastor has to say. She is not planning on going on a two year mission when she graduates high school, something that causes a small divide between her and her parents as they both met while on mission. She's also fairly lenient about blasphemous things, while she won't try to say or think anything that goes against her religion, she's fine with other people doing it, and freely takes jokes against her religion without any offense taken.

When Serena was in sixth grade, her parents decided to send her into the local middle school. She adjusted to the system rather well, and was able to get somewhat high grades on assignments and homework. A place where she struggled, however, was in the social area. Because Serena was homeschooled, she never really got the chance to talk to other girls her age outside of church and sunday school. While she was generally paired up with other students in an attempt by the school to get new students to become friends with one another, she wasn't really able to gel with whoever she was paired with. While she was able to be near people who went to church with her, she didn't really know what to talk about with them and mostly just stayed silent when around them.

Serena was able to pick up a couple of hobbies at this point in her life. One of her classes required her to learn a musical instrument so that she could participate in a class ensemble, and the instrument she chose to learn was the cello. She quickly became talented at playing it, and once the unit was over, she asked her parents if she could pick the cello up as an instrument, and they said yes. She currently takes formal lessons at a conservatorium and is at a grade five level. She is currently doing music for her grade twelve subjects, and is currently in the school band playing the cello.

She also started watching TV at this point, in an attempt to fit in with some of her church buddies. She started watching shows that they would talk about during lunchtimes, and grew an interest in some of them. This grew into an interest for TV in general, more specifically, game shows. She likes these mostly because of the fact that there are real people on the show, and because she likes to root for these people to succeed or fail, depending on who they are and what they're like. Her favourite show currently on the air is Survivor, which she has watched since its fifteenth season. She mostly likes the show because of the combination of strategy and character development, and has tried to buy the DVD collections of past and present seasons for a collection.

In order to fit in a little more, Serena also decided to listen to the music that her classmates would often talk about, to try and be able to talk to people about it. This also resulted in her becoming interested in music in general. She doesn't really listen to a specific genre - being willing to listen and buy anything so long as it's good - but she tends to go towards mainstream pop and rap, with her favourite artists currently including Taylor Swift, Lorde, Little Mix, and Mackelmore. Listening to music also prompted an interest in singing, which she follows a little bit. She's pretty good at it, being able to keep on tune and rhythm with whatever she's singing. She tends to not sing in public, though. The only real public singing she actually does is during church, and she is currently in Cochise's school choir. Other than that, she only sings when she's alone, when nobody else can really hear her.

Due to the picking up of several hobbies, Serena was able to fit in with her church friends in middle school, becoming incredibly talkative towards them. At this point, she was still wary about talking to people outside that group, and was normally completely silent during class or groupwork.

High school came for Serena around this point, and the adaption to high school was easier than the adaption to middle school. Nothing much changed for Serena at this point, but she started becoming more social to the peers outside of the church group. She mostly interacts with her church group and the people who play musical instruments at the school, but she sometimes talks with the more studious people in her school when she's in the library, and she tries to hold one-on-one conversations with any stranger in her grade who tries to talk to her.

At this point, she started to pick up the piano as an instrument. Her brother had done the same music unit that she did in middle school, and the instrument that he picked was the piano. After seeing him play on it, she became interested enough in it to teach herself how to play. She plays the piano much more casually than she does the cello, mostly just finding songs she likes online and trying to play them or their chord progressions. This instrument is something she plays in public, but she doesn't play it for school band unless she's the only pianist there.

At school, Serena tends to get average to high grades. This is mostly because she actively tries to study for whatever assessment or test tries to come up. She doesn't really have any worst subject, mostly because most of her grades are in the B range, but her best subject is easily music, mostly because of her outside experience with playing two instruments. In class, Serena is noted as an excellent but quiet student, who only really talks when told to and doesn't function well with group work.

To strangers, Serena seems like a quiet person who normally doesn't talk to other people much. When she's with her friends, however, she's generally the most talkative person in the room. She's generally regarded as a friendly, outgoing person who is loyal to her friends and will help them whenever they're in need. She won't act coldly towards someone if they're not in her friendship group, but it'll be harder for her to connect with someone and become friends with them if they're not.

Advantages: Serena is friendly to other people, which can help when making alliances, while it would still be hard for her to become friends with a total stranger, she could still work with them with a common goal.
Disadvantages: Serena doesn't have many friends outside of her church or music groups, and while she may be able to make an alliance with somebody it'll be harder for her unless they have a relationship before the game.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Same here, better vote on something that can actually get us information for the time being


Vote: Espi

TvTropes Mafia Thread
The main reason is him voting for someone who's actively prodding people in the thread and attempting to get reads which made him really suspicious to me.

Though a bit of it is also his reaction to the coroner reveal, first is that he tried to use Penguin objection to it as suspicious and then tried to put the reveal itself as a good thing which it definitely wasn't.

I don't have a lot to say honestly that others haven't, RC stating out loud that he knows who the vig is, joke voting after the first day and generally coming off as weirder than usual, honestly if Grim hadn't done all that above, I would voted for RC.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Alright then.

Vote: Grim Wolf

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Why is it too late to joke?

Because at this time all it would do is bloat up the thread with something that doesn't help town in any manner in an attempt to be funny.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the topic of the last few pages?

TvTropes Mafia Thread
So back to square one I guess? All I've learned there might potentially be a vig or there might not be.

Prim are you gonna still stand by that vote now that Frogue has given up on his?

And also

Why shouldn't I joke vote on day 2?

Because after the first phase all it does is add noise, but no substance and it doesn't help whatever discussion is happening.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Are you serious right now RC or are you joke voting?

Because it's way too late to do that now.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
What game is that from?