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Lord of Lunatics
((Will McKinley continued from Inner Animal))

Ever since the storehouse, there has been a foreboding feeling of danger in the air. Darius might have been a complete asshole with no filter, didn't mean he didn't have equally stupid friends out for his blood. People like Michael and Jerry. If they were annoying to no degree back home, lord knows what those fucks would do around here.

A familiar building came into view as he continued his trek. Conflicting feelings came forwards as he came closer and closer to his destination. Ben and Penelope could still be there. After what he'd done could he face them? Look them in the eyes and be honest about it? At the same time he figured he'd find him here, the thing responsible for all this. If it hadn't taken her away, then all of this wouldn't have happened.

He stopped in his tracks as he looked over the building once more. Noticing more and more details in it with each trek. This was the second time he'd come here and the unwelcome feeling it gave off was tenfold what it was last time.

Memories of his crime still fresh in mind, he had forced himself back. A part of him felt a need to do so. Whether it was to apologise to Darius's corpse or kill somebody else. It didn't matter. He was here now.

As he walked inside, he decided to check the downstairs this time. Going up gave him friendly faces and a time of reprieve from all the bullshit going on. Downwards would be hell he figured. Just what he deserved.

As he found his way down, he noticed someone had set up cans around the area. A way to warn them of others entering. Will had to admit it was pretty smart, Whoever did that isn't stupid enough to walk around unarmed either he figured. He would have to be on his guard here.

He carefully walked down the hall, trying his best not to disturb the cans. With the way it was set up made the place feel like a lair in a way.

He stopped in his tracks. The sound of water splashes echoing out with footsteps as someone marching around the ground as he realised who it could be. He hurriedly got his gun out. There was no mistakes to be made here.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Sorry to add to your backlog, but better late than never. Would you kindly draw Serena Waters?

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
So the plan was simple, get to the depot, find the car inside, use the car keys, drive around wtihout a license and find Jeremy. Sounds simple right?

Not when some asshole with stupid glasses decides to kill someone.

Irene Djezari was someone she'd seen around school. Despite their different hobbies and circles, they got along fine. She could blunt as hell towards people, but she was a good person. And now she was dead, another statistic for Alvaro's personally tally. He'd already taken Barry's life, and quite clearly wasn't content with just his.

One could argue she provoked him into killing her. Bullshit. He'd already shown his true colors when he took Barry and turned him into the mess left in the tower. Sympathy was a far gone prospect for someone like him.

As quickly as the gunshot erupted, it entered her mind that he could quickly turn around and kill her, Mel and Aiden. She wouldn't allow it, not when they've gotten this far. Not when he's profitted off of people's deaths. So she did the first thing that came to mind once she saw Irene go down.

She ran across the room and dove for the gun.

She crashed aganst the wall, clinging to the gun as her life depended on it. She hurriedly pointed it at him, she had no idea how to use it properly, but her finger was on the finger and hopefully that'd be enough for him.

"Ge-get out! O-or I'll...I'll shoot!"

Inner Animal
((Will McKinley continued from (งಠ_ಠ)ง))

Will had left the asylum at this point, he needed to get away from what he'd done. Off the beaten path and into the forest. When he went to sleep in the office he had hoped to be alone with his thoughts in peace. And now He was. Or not in peace rather but silence. Too much silence. It gave it time to fester and grow. The thoughts in his mind wouldn't leave. He'd done something unforgivable and he knew it.

Sure one could argue that he was provoked into doing so, that he was too stressed out and tired to deal with the insane bullshit Darius was spouting out, but that would be the coward's way out of owning up. The fact of the matter was he killed someone for pissing him off. This wasn't like Alex who'd stolen something special to him that could never come back. Who killed Rea for no reason whatsoever. Didn't mean Will was better. He killed Darius for a reason, a shitty reason. Even now Will had besmirched her name, him insulting her was the justification, the trigger to it all.

He wondered how his family back home would take it, William McKinley shooting some drunk kid up over an argument, probably already disowned him for this shit.

He'd be lucky if they even bothered to pretend he existed.

He stopped at this point and realised where he was. The Storehouse, where Rea should have been before he fucked it all up. Blood splatter on the floor. Looking around the area showed nearly no change, without her body there it was almost like nothing had happened, the blood being the only reminder.

"I'm not making it out of this." She had told him before Alex stole her life. Words that haunted his dreams. Before Darius woke him up, there she was, she wanted him to stop. To turn back and help them. Ben and Penelope. he argued with her, "This is all for you." He'd say to her, she just looked at him like a monster children would spout fairytales about before Darius woke him up and it all went to shite. He should have proven her wrong. She deserved to live more than he did.

She had time to give him her goodbyes, maybe even come to terms with it. Darius was dead long before he hit the ground. He didn't get any goodbyes, poignant last words or a last hurrah. Nope, shot dead after pissing off an angry scott with a gun. Sounded like something from a black comedy, cept nothing about it made him laugh.

Maybe he knew it before he stepped in the room he'd die? He didn't have his bag with him or a weapon, maybe he did all this so he could die without killing himself?

Will shook his head, now he was rationalising it. He'd already done so with Alex, a murderer acting like a glorified high school serial killer version of Phantom of the Opera, but Darius? Acting like a shit didn't mean he could kill him.Would he be on their lists now? Darius was a known asshole sure, but Will McKinley, token scottish prick who hated Cochise and everyone in it sounds like a perfect story for them to spin, to band against.

He looked at the blood, examined it; seeing the small details left in it. Burning it into his mind his failure over the last few days. "I'm sorry." What had he done the last few days? Nearly lost his damn mind, threatened a girl near some cliffs, got the hopes up of the few people he respected before ruining them just hours later with a murder.

And now he was staring at his girlfriend's blood muttering shit that stopped meaning anything since this "game" started. It felt tempting to put the gun next to his temple and let it glow, just for a brief bit.

But he didn't, he remembered talking Penelope down from giving up, he'd be even more of a hypocrite if he did himself in over his mistakes. Maybe... he could still make it up to her, he just had to find him and be done with that. afterwards?

Who the hell knows.

((Will McKinley continued in Lord of Lunatics))

There are split second decisions that come forward at the time seemed like the best option, then you realise oh wait, I fucked up!

Will just had that moment, Darius was a fucking asshole no doubt, but was that any reason to shoot him? Wouldn't this mean he was just like Alex?

Darius fell over slowly, almost spasming around in the movements it made towards the end. Will remembered this being the case with the westerns he watched as a child, one shot to the head and the body spasmed about as if it was possessed.

Will noticed there was no bag with Darius, so that's why he tried robbing him. It made him almost feel sorry for the guy till his words replayed in his mind, his endless insults against everything Will cared about.

He turned to look at the crumpled form of Darius Van Dyke, dead by his hand. If anyone thought Darius smelled bad before, it would only get worse the next days. A mixture of alcohol, sweat and blood filled the air. Almost made Will gag. He quickly zipped his bag up and hurried his way over to the door before stopping. There were many things that could be said, dumb regrets, that he didn't mean for this to happen, grovelling apologies and yet, the only words that came out were…

"Fucking cunt" And just like that, he walked away trying his best to keep his mind off the boy he'd just murdered.

((Will McKinley continued in Inner Animal))

The warning shot didn't work, the contemptuous little bastard just went on and on about his bullshit, this was not something Will was ready first thing waking up.

He was ready to fire off another shot, closer to Darius so he'd get the message and fuck off to whatever shithole he crawled out of when he just wouldn't stop talking. The constant jokes about Rea just wouldn't stop...

A budding cocktail of rage, tiredness and hate boiled over and hit breaking point.

Even here he decides to push his luck? Fine then, fuck him and his fucking stupid smug face, thinking he can get away with this shit, fuck this!

This time, there was no warning shot. Will aimed the gun at Darius and pulled the trigger.

Oh for fucks sake! It figures it’d be fucking Darius Van Dyke stealing his food. If there was anything Will knew about him back home, it was that he was a complete asshole and everyone knew it, course he’d be one those thieves. There’s no reasoning with those types, they’d just backstab you and go right back to stealing from someone else.

He loosened his grip on him and shoved Darius away, creating some distance between them. “Not in the mood for your bullshit Darius, now get the fuck out of here!” There was the distinct smell of liquor in the air, was the shithead drunk or something? Just great.

And now he’s making cracks about Rea, fucking great, fantastic even. Why was this the first thing he had to deal with tonight? Whatever the reason this jackass thought it’d be funny to pull out the girlfriend card, Will reached for his hidden gun

“You should quit while you’re ahead Darius, you could get shot for that shit.”

To emphasize this and get him to shut up, He pulled his gun out and fired off a shot, not far from Darius. Hopefully then he’d get the message.

((Will McKinley continued from Haunted Reality))

There was a lingering sense of regret leaving Ben and Penelope behind, both off playing hero while he was off skulking on some revenge quest. Maybe he should have stayed with them, at least make sure Ben used the damn bandages and not get himself infected, stubborn bastard. Too late for regrets now, he'd already seen the state that gets you. So here he was, trying to sleep when something in the room woke him up. When Will picked this place to sleep, it was with the hope of being left alone, to be away from everyone. So of course it figures the first thing he sees is someone eating his food. It was one thing to wake him up from sleep, another was to do so while stealing his food. He couldn't tell who it was yet, but he would make them regret ever doing so.

Groggily, Will got up on his feet, checked if his gun was still on him, and when he noticed the thief turning to look at him, punched whoever it was across the face. He then grabbed him in a choke hold.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Slam's Creativity Thread
No boiyoiyoiyoing -10/10 stars wouldn't read again

Haunted Reality
Penelope stood up and seemed better. Apparantly their better at this than Will thought they would, as far they knew anyway. They didn't know what's going on up top. All they had were assumptions and loads of false hope. She was now up to doing her plan and Ben was on board apparantly. He wanted him in on it.

Fortune favours the brave who dares. Will wasn't brave nor daring. He was out to kill someone for revenge, that's all he'd been doing so far. No, Ben and Penelope. They were the brave and the daring. Fighting the system.

And It was true! Will never liked Cochise, hell, the faster he got away from there the better. And most of the people there pissed him off anyway, but he wouldn't have met his friends or Rea if it wasn't for moving there, so there was that at least.

He looked at the hand extended to him, Penelope's hand. It was tempting, oh so tempting to just take it and leave this revenge quest behind. Rea would have wanted that, but he couldn't, just the thought of Tarquin winning, going home while acting like a glorified B-movie villain. It was a selfish, stupid reason. He'd known that for days, but Will just couldn't let him go unpunished for this.

"I wish I could, I really do, but there's someone I have to find." He almost didn't know what to do, holding some of his supplies that was for Ben in his hands. Probably looked like an idiot for the folks watching this shit."I'm Sorry." Sorry, a word that by now had lost almost all meaning. Too many times have that word been uttered or thought and yet meant nothing. He was going on a revenge fantasy while the two in front of him were trying for decency, trying to prove they were better than this game.

"I'll try and tell people of this, might get them to stop." An awkward compromise or a stupid way to assuage his guilt? Could be both. "Though since it's from me, they'll probably tell me to fuck off." He wasn't popular around Cochise, part of the reason he hated the place. Not his fault he preferred Scotland to a shithole that held them down and couldn't stop shit like this from happening.

"Oh, and Ben?" He looked over at him; and shoved the supplies into him."Keep it and use it. I better not find you dead because you think you're beneath my supplies, counts for you too Penelope." A small amount of good he can do, he'll probably find a way to fuck it up later.

He started walking out the area when he turned to look at them for a brief second. "Good luck to you both, and hopefully I won't hear either of you on the announcments." Afterwards, he continued his search for his target, who seemed to be further and further away the more he looked.

((Will McKinley continued in (งಠ_ಠ)ง ))

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
Mel's qustion lightened up her mood a bit, she had these two with her for the last days or so, unlike Al. For now she would just have to ignore him for a whie, and focus on them. They had given an idea for what to and willing to help, might as well show them she was gratefull.

She held the keys upfront in her right hand." They gave me this for a weapon, pretty shitty I know, but I think it was no coincidence." She pointed at the vehicle depot with her right hand. " I think they gave it to me so I could use it on something inside, otherwise..." She didn't finish that sentence, it was osmething she had dreaded for the last few days, have they been messing with her from the start? Only one way to find out.

"Anyway, I tried getting here earlier, but the danger zone stopped me. It's why I ran into you guys actually." She scratched the back of her head, a sly smile on her face. "A bit of an happy accident you could say." She felt her face turn a bit red after that and hurried her pace over to the buidling. "A-anyway, let's check it out."

When she got there, she noticed someone on the floor, someone who looked like they have been through some shit, someone who looked like Alvaro who was on th-

Oh for fuck's sake, really? She just got here! She wasn't going to leave if this fuck started shit, she'd been after this for days and had to know.

Beg, Barter, Steal.
A sly smile found it's way on her face as Jeremy mentioned last episode's ending. Jeremy had found one of the pitfalls of reality tv, one of your favorites getting targeted and taken out. Survivor in particular could be brutal about that, specially in the later seasons.

"Ah yes, the worst part about being a Survivor fan" A favorite of yours getting kicked always sucked, especially if you hoped they would get to the end. "Been through that myself when Malcom got voted out back in philippines, it sucks."

She could see that the questioned bothered him so she thought of the best way to hopefully lighten things up after that, and hell you never know. It could happen.

"He might come back for a later season?" They always brought back those from the seasons people rave about, even some of the unknowns got new shots that made them more known to people. "They always do good in those."

Haunted Reality
In an ideal world, that plan could've worked. Get everyone together and I'unno know, sing kumbaya till the terrorists blew them all up. Be all hippie like and unity and shit. Too bad the world they live in take those ideals out back and old yeller'em. He wasn't about to say that of course. The last thing these two needed was a dose of pessimism.

Ben talked to her now, somewhat stilted as he tried to talk her out of giving up. Not exactly the most comforting words, but what can you do? Neither were exactly good at those, maybe building a connection could work?

"I know that feeling all too well." He said looking right at her. "I lost my girlfriend the first day here to Alex Tarquin and... things haven't been too well since..." He left out the part of finding and shooting that fuck in the face, not the time to indulge in masturbatory revenge fantasies.

Why did he care? Maybe there was some part of him that wanted to do good before fucking it all up with Rea. She had gone through the same, only worse. He at least got to say goodbye to her. She just had to know from that fuck on the announcements.

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
((Serena Waters continued from Aluminum Bicycle Rods))

Time had gone by them fast as they made their way over the island. A suprisingly uneventfull timeas they had seen no one on the way. Considerably luckier than her friends from the sounds of it.

Along the way she taken the keys out, her plan was to tell them when they got there. Hopefully it works and she could find him with ease. Hope of course, had been lacking in quality lately so it could easily be a shitshow. Regardless, she had a potential advantage over the rest, better to make the best of it. If not...

Well, she'd just make something up.

She hurried along the way, reaching a place she had tried to get to earlier. The Vehicle Depot. As she looked over it on the map and realised she was there, she heard the familiar crackle in the air.

Aaaand the announcments were on, lovely.

She tried ignoring the man's chatter as she continued her way to depot, but one name made her pause. A name she hoped she wouldn't hear on them. She had hoped, no, prayed he would be there as dead

Alessio Rigano. You fuck.

He'd gone and killed someone. Al killed someone. First Brendan, and now him. What the fuck? Was this his plan all along? get out of her sight so he could kill? The man's chatter droned on while Serena stood completely still. Her hand balled into fists as she heard him once more mention Al. For a brief moment, she hoped it would be as dead so she wouldn't have to deal with whatever the fuck he was doing, but nope. killer yet again.

She felt something familiar to the other announcments as tears welled up in her eyes. She tried her best not to just scream. Al's lost it. That coward had left her behind and then gone on to kill two people. She was regretting dragging him up from the library, he was obviously not in a good shape, but to do something like that? She was now indirectly responsible for both of their deaths. names ingrained in her mind. Cameron and Henry.

Serena looked down at the key in her right hand. She had told him about her plan with the car and the key. Would he be staying here waiting? No way, not even he would do something like that...right?

"God damn it Al." It just flowed out of her, almost like a whisper. She was tired of all of this. If she met him again after this...

She rubbed her eyes of tears and turned around to them. Right now the only people she could trust.

"This is the place."

Haunted Reality
Ben didn't want it, or rather like he felt he shouldn't take it. And he wasn't telling him what had happened to his arm. Ben could be stubborn about things to a irritating degree, even so, this felt like a far cry from the Ben back home. But! He is Will's friend, and he will be damned if he was going to let him get himself infected or killed.

"Ben, you need it more than I do." Something had shook him badly, obviously getting shot fucks you up badly, but there was somethig else. Something weighing him down. Will knew the feeling, a sense of failure that refused to leave. Ever growing and festering as the hours went by and more regrets added to it. Made you feel like utter shit, but he was going to stop that. He'd already lost someone to this horrible game, He wasn't going to lose more.

Ben turned his attention over to the girl, Penelope was her name. Will stopped rummaging through his bag as he listened to him speak. Talk of a plan, probably what they were talking about before he came here. Will had no interest in any plans escape or otherwise that was not the one he already had, but Ben obviously was and he wasn't going to leave him hanging. He kept quiet, waiting for her response.