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Marvel Heroics campaign
Whoops, my bad. Fixed now!

TvTropes Mafia Thread

In all seriousness though, the concern I expressed was referring to what Christian was kind enough to outline. Scum can not only bus their own team, but potentially screw over the enemy mafia, which is partly the purpose of a multimafia game in the first place.

That said, I don't think we should try to stray too far from the normal gameplay. Just be a bit more suspect of people who jump on a bandwagon, which is already something to watch, so.

Marvel Heroics campaign
So I brought this up in a couple Skype chats and there was some interest but not a lot of conclusive "yes". So I figured I'd open up to a wider audience.

Marvel Heroics is a tabletop gaming system designed for superhero roleplaying. If you are a regular patron of this section of the boards, you might recognize it as being the system used in the One Piece campaign, which is where I learned about it. It's ostensibly for superheroes, as I said, but can be modified to function well for many different setups. I really like this system for it's flexibility. While technically it was designed with premade superhero "datafiles" in mind, you can make your own characters for it, which is actually a pretty simple process.

As you probably guessed by now, I want to start up a game using this system. Here's the details:

-3-6 players ideally, though I could swing for more if there's a lot of interest.
-We'll need a DM, which in this game is called the Watcher. I am willing to fulfill that roll if nobody else is interested.
-Setting will be a modern superhero theme, with specifics up to the Watcher.
-You don't need to have experience with the system to play or act as Watcher; it's really a fairly simple game to pick up, and after a couple games it becomes second nature.
-We will proooobably play on Wednesdays, but I can swing Thursday and the weekends if need be, so if that doesn't work for you I don't know if we'll be able to play together. Sorry!
-You'll need to have a roll20.net account and Skype. If you can't/won't talk, that's okay, but it's really useful for quickly communicating stuff. The game itself will be fairly roleplaying-heavy, with a focus on chat roleplaying in the roll20 chat. My other games do this and it's a really good system for it.
-I'll provide character templates and the rulebook once we've got sufficient interest. Or, you can grab it from Ricky's One Piece thread.
-One last note: I am going to be kind of picky with this in that if you've played with me before, you'll probably take priority over other people just because I know that we mesh. Otherwise, I'll try to be flexible with who plays.

And that's it!

Interested parties:
-Me (Espi)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I think it's important to note that, according to Vysr's first post, this is a "Multiball" game, which means there's multiple mafias or multi-scum parties. Therefore, I suggest caution when judging based on the past actions of someone towards a current lynch, since they could just be different factions.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
As for actual content, I'd say Lore's comment is more reflective of their newbie status rather than attempt to come across as anything in particular. Not sure what else to note.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Like Turtle, I'm also going to note that I tend to be pretty quiet on Day 1, especially early on since there's so little to go off of and my style tends to be analyzing what's already there.

Yard Sard
Dogs! Jane was a big dog person. They were so happy all the time!

"Aww." Jane crouched next to Mia's Pepper and patted it on the head. "Who's a good boy. Er, is it a boy?" She asked, not particularly inclined to check.

Someone walked out of the house, probably Nathan's younger sister judging from her age. "Oh, hey. Not much, just looking around." Jane smiled and started browsing the various tables, looking over the goods. It looked like a lot of old clothes, a bit dated, even, but she kinda liked that sort of junk.

Picking up a light pink sweater, Jane looked it over. "How much are these?" She asked, looking over to the others.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I do have my role, luckily.

Reagan Wolfe
Name: Reagan Wolfe
Gender: Female
Age: 18
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, student government, track and field, stuffed animals, healthy cooking

Appearance: Standing at a statuesque 6 foot even, and weighing 164 pounds, Reagan stands out in a crowd. She is fit and muscular, with a slender frame, though she does have curvy thighs and an average-sized bust. Her pale blonde hair is kept in a ponytail knotted at the nape of her neck, though her bangs are meticulously trimmed straight and generally worn to just above her eyebrows. Reaganís hair is naturally frizzy, but she uses a number of care products to counteract this. Her eyes are ice blue and almond-shaped, and Reagan wears a small pair of glasses to correct her farsightedness. Reaganís eyebrows are delicate and arched, her nose is small and pointed and her ears are unremarkable. Reaganís face is reasonably attractive, if not stand-out, with a pointed chin and a heart-shaped face. Ethnically Caucasian, her skin is tanned from her time outdoors, and her skin is kept clear of blemishes with various beauty products.

Reagan primarily wears comfortable and practical clothing, preferring long sleeve shirts and jeans. When abducted, she wore a red turtleneck and blue jeans, black converse shoes and a heart-shaped locket on a silver chain. Other than that, she wears no makeup or jewelry, since she doesnít care to draw attention to her looks. Reagan is right-handed and has excellent posture.

Biography: The eldest of David and Cara Wolfe, Reaganís early childhood was defined by her home life. Her parents were young and well-off, her mother being a stockbroker. Unfortunately, in 2001 the Enron scandal broke, and in the collapse the family lost a massive amount of money, and Cara was laid off.

As a result, both were unemployed, David having never attended college, and were living off of welfare. Both proud, Reaganís parents lived in a poor part of Kingman and refused financial support from their families and only took government money reluctantly. The two had been financially devastated by the Enron scandal, and were unable to find work.

At 4 years old, Reagan was forced to move from her suburban house to a small apartment in a shady part of town. In addition, her parentsí relationship became strained, as their low economic standing was a source for spats and quarrels. Thus, Reagan spent most of her young childhood out of the home, and by age 6 was a frequent visitor to the local library. She loved the sense of discovery books provided, and was fascinated by all different genres, especially mysteries and romance novels as she got older.

When Reagan was 6 years old, her mother unexpectedly became pregnant and was soon found to be carrying triplets. Giving birth to Mark, Drew and Lisa was straining to Cara, and this coupled with her stress from bills and raising four kids caused her to develop a chronic conversion syndrome, experiencing impaired vision which, despite treatment, led to frequent hospitalizations and a general inability to get work. Meanwhile, David worked several temporary jobs before getting work at a grocery store. The family managed financially, but still received government aid.

Because her mother was ill and her father was working, it often fell to Reagan to take care of the infants and the familyís apartment. By the time she was 10, Reagan was the cook, cleaner and babysitter for her younger siblings, and her desire to care for them was genuine, though she resented her parents for heaping responsibility on her.

As Reagan got older, she spent most of her time reading when she wasnít caring for her siblings or doing school work. Her quiet and studious nature at school meant she mostly avoided attention, and what she did get was mostly the occasional teasing and bullying, which she responded to with calmness. However, she never let the negative attention phase her, and ironically being treated badly gave Reagan a bit of an ego. She felt that bullies and those who would abuse someone like her were simply unintelligent or inferior to her. She did have a few friends of those with similar interests, though she struggled to find time to spend with them outside of school.

As she aged, Reagan got lonely; she was a social person by nature, preferring to be around people. She wanted to have a life outside her home and school, and over time gradually opened up. She started being more social, acting friendlier to others and working to give herself a positive image. When she got to high school, Reagan joined the track team as a sprinter. She was not an exceptional athlete at the time, but she wanted to stay healthy and thought itíd be a good social experience to meet new people. While not the best runner by any means, she is skilled and is in good shape from it, though she can often become overly invested in winning and struggles to deal with defeat.

Another aspect of Reaganís life was influenced by her desire to stay healthy and keep her family the same; cooking. For a long time, meals at home primarily consisted of either frozen dinners, fast food, or whatever she could make, usually simple foods like toast or eggs. As Reagan matured, she realized that this was not a good habit, and started looking online and in her motherís old cookbooks. She started practicing and preparing healthy meals. While rough at first, her skills were honed by regular practice, and Reagan is now a solid cook.

As people got to know her better, Reagan became more popular, as she strived to polish her image and act personably and polite. While not exceptionally cheerful, Reagan has a level head and a good intellect, and is good at making conversation. She took advantage of this when she became interested in student government; an ambitious person by nature, Reagan wanted to prove herself, as well as to make what she saw as necessary changes. Starting as just a member, she managed to get elected to treasurer. She made a point of signing up for every election and every volunteer project in school, and campaigned hard, aiming for the position of student council president. She takes pride in her work and strives to do things well, but often struggles with nerves when she's concerned about how well she will do on it.

A softer side of Reagan has always been visible in her love of stuffed animals. Born from a deep fondness for a teddy bear, given by her mother, named Mickey, Reagan has slowly built up a large collection of stuffed toys. She keeps these in her room, proudly on display; she has no shame in this hobby, and merely dismisses any mockery she might receive. These are often a source of comfort when she is struggling with doubt or anxiety, and she's been known to use them as an audience for venting about her self-doubts.

A calm, if somewhat cold person, Reagan has always been mature for her age. She is goal-oriented, hard-working and intelligent, and rarely loses her temper. She has an arrogant streak, though, and tends to look down on less ambitious or people she feels donít work as hard as her. She tries to not show it because she knows people wonít respect her if she openly dislikes them; instead, she keeps feelings like this bottled up. It most often came out on the track team, where she often pushed herself to exhaustion training, fearing failure and inferiority.

However, when she doesnít care about someoneís opinion, she rarely treats them with full respect, and is often passive-aggressive in her disdain, thinking of them as inferior and criticizing their flaws. Reagan is extremely ambitious, but has a bit of an inferiority complex; she looks down on others, but she fears being like people she dislikes, so she constantly strives harder and harder to achieve more to prove sheís good enough. Reagan has struggled a lot through her life, and she doesnít want to let people down.
With consistently excellent grades, Reagan is a star student; she favors English since she gets to read in it, though she has no subject she particularly hates and works extremely hard on all of them. She has a modest social circle, since she tends to put on a faÁade of friendliness towards people in general. She has a few close friends whom she trusts and cares for deeply, and they are some of the only ones who generally know how she really feels. Reagan has plenty of enemies, however, mostly people who she doesnít like and who have subsequently received her ire.

Reaganís siblings are very important to her. Lisa, Drew and Mark look up to and respect their big sister, though they prefer to play with friends their age than to interact with her socially. Reagan is more like a motherly figure than a sister, and she treats them with a firm but gentle hand. She loves the three deeply and is very protective of them, especially Lisa, who is more gentle and quiet than her rambunctious brother Drew or bossy Mark. Reaganís parents are still distant and temperamental, and Reagan regards them with suspicion at best, feeling that she has been forced to deal with their mistakes. She likes to think sheís done a better job as a parent than they have, and is prone to arguments over how to do certain things.

Reagan intends to attend Harvard to study law, become a lawyer, and hopefully get into politics, though for now the latter idea is just a daydream to her. She is ambitious, though, and thinks one day she may achieve this. For now, though, she sees few options besides staying home to care for her siblings, a situation that she has opted into which nonetheless frustrates her.

Advantages: Reagan is fairly bright and good at taking charge in situations. In addition, she is fit and tall, and may be able to overpower less athletic students. She is good at diplomacy and is skilled at staying cool in arguments.
Disadvantages: A judgmental and occasionally rude personality is a major turn-off for most people, so people who have seen this side of Reagan is will often dislike her. Many people donít think as highly of Reagan as she does, and this may be her downfall. Most importantly, Reaganís self-doubt and anxiety, while repressed, could come up at a critical moment.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
in which ricky liquefies a guy.

You're nothing if you're just another
(Later, at Jae's house)

Jae's house was nice, nicer than Henry's apartment complex for sure. Jae (the other boy's name was Jae, which was a pretty sweet name, not that Henry minded being a Henry, after all there were like 2 dozen King Henrys) also had two parents. Henry was used to seeing that, but it still made him feel a little sad. Both of them were very accommodating, asking if he needed or wanted anything. Henry just smiled and said no thanks.

Henry had been excited for Jae's idea since the start; he'd get to try on a bunch of different makeups, so he'd definitely know what he'd like. It was really nice of Jae to help him out like that.

Jae's room was pretty nice. It was upstairs, too; Henry wondered what it was like to live in a two-story house, instead of an apartment complex. Going up and down the stairs to get from the bedroom to the kitchen was probably a hassle. Henry liked his apartment; it was small, and some of his neighbors were loud and rude, but it was quaint, somehow.

"So, what do we do now?" Henry said, bouncing on the balls of his heels. He was excited to try out these eyeliners and stuff, having never had the opportunity to do so before. There'd never been any makeup in his home, so he was even intrigued by the bottles and names. They all had cool-sounding names like "Quicksilver" and "Pewter" and "Night Echo". He didn't actually see that last one, but it sounded cool!

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Luckily it seemed Alice's presence was helping Bryony feel better, even if it was a transient, brief respite from whatever plagued her. The question now was, should she press the issue, inquire deeper into Bryony's troubles in the hope of forever putting them to rest, or leave it be and simply try to provide support without invading the other girl's life?

Alice smiled. "You're welcome. Horses can be tough, I don't do animals a lot so whenever I try it ends up looking malformed." She chuckled softly, but her smile vanished after a moment as she came to a decision.

"Bryony, I know you've been kind of worried about something lately. What's up?"

There, she did it. She pressed the hot button. Maybe she could help her friend now. Hopefully Bryony didn't suffer in the process.

You're nothing if you're just another
Henry brushed aside an errant strand of hair back into place, reinforcing the totalitarian empire of asymmetrical bangs that had ruled his face for about a year, forcing the pore farmers to sell their harvest at unreasonably low prices, causing mass starvation and other bad stuff. Wait, was Henry's face that depressing to live in/on? Hopefully not. Henry would feel guilty if his face inhabitants were being mistreated by a communist regime.

He also shrugged in response to the other guy's question. Color was nice, but Henry liked grays, blacks and whites best. He wasn't big on purple or orange or yellow. Blue was nice, but Henry favored red. Red was evocative, aesthetically pleasing, and contrasted well with various hues and shades. Henry wondered if there was a movie that was in black-and-white except for like bloodstains, that'd be neat.


Henry looked down at his red converse, which were brand new. They were nice shoes, went well with the rest of his clothes. Red eyeliner, though? That was a little odd. It seemed...girly. Not that there was anything wrong with girls or feminine appearances or feminism or females, but Henry didn't think he'd look good with red eyeliner. What other color would look good?

"Oh, maybe like gold? Gold is cool."

Yard Sard
((Jane Madison continued from (For a Film)))

Jane was ambivalent towards yard sales. On one hand, they could be a bit trashy, with sleazy people and junky stuff. On the other hand, it was often more fun than shopping at a regular store; you never knew what you were going to find! Taking a walk on a Saturday was something Jane liked to do for that reason. She liked to see if people were hosting yard sales, just in case she found something nice. Yesterday was payday, too, so Jane had some cash on hand.

So when she walked up to the yard sale in Nathan Lovegrove's yard. She didn't know Nathan himself very well; he was a quiet guy, and they didn't interact much. She also spotted Mia Rose talking to him; Mia was a sporty girl, and Jane didn't know her much either. She was pretty chipper though. "Oh, hi." Jane said loudly, waving at the other two. Mia had a dog with her, which Jane approved of.

"How goes it?" Jane asked, approaching the two with her hands on her hips. "Mind if I look around?"

You're nothing if you're just another
Henry looked up and down the rows of various makeups tubes and canisters for a few moments, squinting in scrutiny of surreptitious...wait, what did that mean again? Secretive, or something. What he meant to say was that he was squinting in scrutiny of surreptitious...differences. Darn, he didn't think any words started with an S and meant different!

Curse you, alliteration.

Anyway. Makeup. Henry couldn't really tell the difference based on the makeup colors. "Hmm, you're right, these all look the same. Maybe they're different when you put them on, though. You know, when it's a thinner layer instead of a big tube of it. In which case you'd probably have to buy them all to try them out." Henry shrugged, shifting away from the shelf.

Looking back up at the other boy, Henry added, "Alternatively, there is no difference and it's a ploy by marketing to get you to buy them all to try them out, in which case you could probably just buy any of them and it'd be fine. Anyway, glad to help!" Henry turned away, then paused. Then he turned back. Whoops, forgot something.

"Uh, yeah, so, what do you recommend for me?" Henry smiled.

TvTropes Mafia Sign-Ups
I'll play, why not.

There's No Time Here in Space
Audrey liked Henry's trivia, which made him grin with pride. Ben was a little quiet, but he seemed nice and also looked like he thought positively of Henry's factoid. That was nice, it was nice to have people like it when you shared. Sharing is caring and such, especially given that etymologically speaking both were Germanic in origin and as such were quite close. Language!

"Ooh, you two should make a baseball movie! Like Sandlot or something." Henry exclaimed as Audrey and Ben started sharing hobbies. "I could help out...but it might end with a bat murder spree or like, possession. Just saying." Henry held his hands up in...something. Why did he do that again? He lowered them.

"Sorry, I like horror movies. Creepy stuff is fun!" He grinned sheepishly. "A horror/sports film would be pretty neat though. Definitely unique. Oh, hey, you guys seen Unfriended? That's a killer movie. Literally and metaphorically!" Unfriended had just come out not too long ago, and Henry had loved it. 2014/15 had been good for horror movies, actually.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Bryony seemed distracted. Well, maybe that was an understatement. It took a while for her to register Alice's presence, which seemed odd. The poor thing must be worse off than she'd thought.

"It's okay." Alice said reassuringly. She offered a smile, and tilted her head to get a better look at the little statuette. It was a nice little hoplite-type helmet, rendered in metal. It was pretty neat, actually, Alice could see in her mind the helmet laying on a destroyed battlefield. Very symbolic, actually. Ooh, inspiration!

Wait. Shit, Alice got so wrapped up in the little trinket she forgot about Bryony. Mentally berating herself, Alice added, "It's a neat statue. If you want it, it's a nice little thing. How much is it?" She reached over and picked up the statue, checking the price tag. It wasn't that much, surprisingly. "Yeah, I say go for it."

She smiled again. Hopefully she could get to the bottom of why Bryony was so distressed, but for now, she was willing to make small talk and help her feel better for now.