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New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I'm starting college!

Thus, I will likely be much less active for some time, as I need to attend lectures etc. Also, this means I'll only be available for league sporadically when I visit home.

What a Day
((Blair Moore continued from Not On Target))

Blair was eating her lunch outside, in the sun, because the cafeteria was disgusting.

Simple, right? You could just leave it at that. But noooo, a gust of wind just magically appeared to ruin Blair's lunchtime peace and quiet. It just happened to blow Blair's hair in her face so while she was sitting down at a nearby picnic table, she was distracted and misplaced her tray. Into midair. Causing it to fall on the ground and spill tomato soup and grilled cheese on the dirt.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Blair snarled before she felt the familiar clogging of her throat. She let out a wheezing, hacking cough. Goddamn it, she was getting another infection. She'd need her fucking antibiotics and today was going like shit already. Not just with the lunch, but she'd gotten pop quizzed by Mr. Dukoff and bombed, and she'd lost her notebook for math and was totally lost all class, and what's more, she had to go see Miley perform at some dumb kid's concert after school. Wonderful.

Thank god she had an appointment with Dr. Cole today, she really needed to vent.

But for now, Blair was content to stew at her table, leaving her now-ruined food on the ground where it had fallen, soup seeping into the ground.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
((Alice Baker continued from Not Quite the Zeitgeist))

The art museum was a lovely little place. Alice had been lucky enough to have some of her works displayed in the café, despite being a junior, so she was a little biased. That said, she did like the works of art, and sometimes looking at the paintings or sculptures inspired her own sketches.

Today, though, Alice was lacking her sketchbook. She wasn't even in the museum wing. She was at the gift shop, browsing the gifts and knickknacks. Alice was not a spender. She'd go out for dinner or lunch if she had some cash and was feeling up to it, but usually she liked to save money. Ideally, in the future she'd be able to save up for travel and such, maybe see Paris or London or other famous locales. But she didn't spend frivolously. So why the gift store?

Alice's mom's birthday was coming up, and Alice needed a gift for her. Mom was hard to shop for; she liked pottery and decorations and practical things, but not electronics or things she had already or things she saw no purpose for. Alice had agonized at various shops of late, and eventually opted to visit then museum gift shop. Surely they had some handmade china or something!

Alas, Alice had not found anything of the sort, but she'd made the trip so at this point she was willing to buy anything if it meant having something to present. The card was already written and decorated, but without a gift, Alice would look cheap. So she kept at it, right up until she spotted her friend Bryony, seemingly in a mini crisis of her own.

"Oh, hi Bryony." Bryony was a similarly shy soul to Alice, and they got along well when drawing, even though they rarely spoke during their hangouts. Today, though, Bryony looked rather distraught. Alice knew she'd been feeling a little down lately, but wasn't sure why. She should check in. "What's up?"

Not On Target
Blair didn't glare at Irene for suggesting she go to lunch with Scarlett of all people, but she wanted to.

"Nah, if you're busy I'll just wrap up my shopping. Thanks for finding this for me. See you later Irene!" Blair smiled sweetly, and walked off towards the register. Hmm, blowing them off was kind of a bitch move, but Blair was a busy girl! Plus, Irene was willing to throw her to the sharks of nerd talk, which required some form of retaliation. It was only fair.

After swiping her debit card and buying her new tee and a couple pairs of shorts she'd picked out beforehand, Blair looked back at the other girls. An odd sense of regret was washing over her. She shouldn't be so mean to her friends. Well, Scarlett was hardly a friend, but she kind of brushed off Irene, which was a bit nasty.

Eh, who cared? It wasn't like Blair would never see the other girl again. Hmm, what should she do for lunch? Panera's was good, but it was so carb-laden. Whatever, a salad would be fine, and maybe some soup. And some pasta. Blair was starved today, and cheating once wouldn't screw her up too bad.

Besides, she thought with a bitter feeling, it wasn't like she had to worry about long-term health issues anyway.

((Blair Moore continued in What a Day))

There's No Time Here in Space
And then Henry's head exploded.

Not really, but that'd be an interesting cold open, right? Normal chatting, ice cream, then BOOM! Suddenly gorn. In reality, Henry was fine a moment later. "Yeah, just brain freeze. Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, actually, which is the scientific name. It basically means the cold is messing up the nerves in your palate."

Henry paused, and took another mouthful of ice cream. "The most interesting part," He mumbled through the cherry yumminess, "Is the referral of pain from the constriction of blood vessels in your mouth to the cranium." Henry swallowed. "Oh, but enough crazy science-babble."

Henry smiled. Unfortunately, not everyone was as fascinated with unusual medical trivia as he was. "Cookies and cream is okay. I don't like the really sweet ice creams, personally. Like, I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate. Oh, did you know white chocolate's not real chocolate? Strictly speaking, it has no cocoa solids, which are the things that make chocolate chocolate."

(For a Film)
As a number of small children invaded, the conversation died off. Jane was oddly disappointed; it was nice to talk to someone so...honest about things. Jane appreciated that about Jae, even if he could be problematic in any other situation. Plus, kids were annoying to deal with, so that wasn't fun.

Handing out tickets to the worn-looking parents with a sympathetic smile, Jane idly wondered if this was her future. Being a parent was something she might experience some day, but hopefully not anytime soon. She wasn't even sure she wanted kids, like, ever. Still, if she met the right person...

Jane's thoughts drifted like that, and she went about working quietly for the rest of her shift.

((Jane Madison continued in Yard Sard))

Not Quite the Zeitgeist
"Oh, okay. Later." Alice said as Kizi ran off. Jen seemed lost in thought, and Alice didn't want to break her out of her distraction; sometimes daydreaming was nice, and Alice didn't know if Jen would get annoyed if she was distracted from her thoughts.

So Alice pulled out her book again, and started reading, taking another forkful of pancakes and chewing thoughtfully while reading. After a moment, her plate was cleared, and Alice was pleasantly full.

"Hey, see you later, Jen." Alice said quietly, and stood up, leaving behind a tip before moving to the counter to pay for her meal. It was an interesting little encounter, but Alice would be glad to get home and relax with her fanfic for a while. Trying to keep a conversation afloat didn't really do it for her.

((Alice Baker continued in The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over))

(For a Film)
Jane nodded in sympathy.

"Yeah, it sucks. I don't even know what we could do differently. Spend more time with people we don't have anymore, I guess?" Jane was thinking of her grandpa, naturally, but did Jae have anyone like that? Maybe. God, it was weird to imagine him having a touching moment with his great-aunt or something, given how they usually got on.

"I'm just overwhelmed sometimes with how much harder it's going to be. Like, working 9 to 5, and doing bills and all that crap we don't have to do normally. Like, it's one thing to do chores and work part-time and go to school, but..." Where was Jane going here? It was hard for her to decide how she felt.

"A break sounds pretty nice. Just get away from it all, travel and see the world. Or, y'know, go on a road trip." Jane smiled a little.

Not On Target
Thank god for Irene, saving the day in more ways than one. Blair would totally hug her if they weren't in public and, more importantly, if she wasn't about to have another fit.

"Hold on." Blair said in a strained voice, and turned away. Luckily this one wasn't so bad, as Blair coughed into the crook of her elbow in a practiced manner, but a little bit of phlegm came up that she had to swallow or spit out. So she swallowed. Yeah, not pretty.

"Sorry." Blair said, grimacing at the tightness in her chest. Inhaling as deeply as she could, Blair forced a grin back onto her face and looked back at Scarlett, who appeared lost in thought. Poor thing, that kind of effort couldn't be good for her.

"But yeah, thanks again! Hey, later on when we're done shopping, you wanna grab some lunch or something?"

Isaac Brea
Edits made!

Not On Target
"Oh, yeah?" Blair responded, trying not to look a little weirded out. "Well I don't know if she's my type..." Blair had nothing against gay people, duh, but she didn't feel that way. Not that there was anything wrong with that, and oh boy she was digging a hole for no reason. Whatever. Not like any girls had actually flirted with Blair before. She wasn't a flirt target in general really. How unfortunate.

"I'm looking for a tee. My old one was tragically ruined, so if you see a light pink-" Blair paused as she finally got a good look at what Irene was holding. Holy shit, this was her lucky day.

"Oh my god! That's it! That's my tee!" Blair damn near ripped it from Irene's hands, she was so excited. Instead, she moved towards the other girl like a shark with prey in her sights, taking a handhold of the tee where it dangled from Irene's hands. "This is literally the exact shirt I was looking for! Holy crap, where did you find it?"

So pleased with Irene's accidental retrieval of Blair's prize, she completely forgot Scarlett's presence. Oh well.

You're nothing if you're just another
Walgreens. A wretched hive of scum and villainy except not really, it wasn't that bad. Like, Henry never had much problem stopping by for candy or sudden groceries or anything. It was air-conditioned, which was good in the hot late summer of Arizona. Plus people usually didn't ask him if he was lost or needed his parents or something. He was 13 years old, not a little kid! 13-year olds could go to the store by themselves, sheesh.

Henry was doing just that, actually, by the time he spotted the older boy while walking around the corner with a little red basket full of cookies and other junk food. Henry was a food person; he liked snacking, a lot, so he often spent his allowance on snacks when he wasn't buying books and such. Immediately, he felt a kinship with the other boy. He was looking at makeup, which Henry was hoping to start messing with soon if his dad let him. He was also wearing a leather jacket like Henry's (it was his first, though he'd need to get a new one soon, it was getting too small for him), and he had lots of belts and buckles on. Clearly, they shared an aesthetic appeal.

Henry made his approach, trying to smoother down his slightly messy black hair. His bangs were just starting to grow past his eyes, so he didn't have the cool, "half your face is covered" look yet, but he was decent enough. "Hi there. What're you looking at?" Henry asked with a smile. "I'm thinking of trying out some-" glancing over at the stall in question- "eyeliner soon. Any tips?"

Nailed it.

(For a Film)
Jane, lost in thought, took a moment to register what Jae said. When she did though, her thoughts snapped back from "philosophical/life goals" to "god this is weird" because once again she and Jae were almost in sync.

"Mhm, I get you there." Jane said quietly. "We've been in school out whole lives, and now we're moving on and it feels like we ran out too fast." Jane smiled bitterly.

"This whole thing is, is hard, y'know? Change is scary and hard and you can't stop the future from arriving right on schedule. We've gotta be adults soon, and we can't stop it."

Jane chuckled softly, and added, "I mean, that's getting kinda existential, but you know what I mean?"

Espi Draws
Posted Image

Here's my One Piece character, Payne.


Posted Image

And THIS is Payne drawn with MS Paint. With a mouse, as I don't own a tablet. It turned out pretty well I think given I never draw digitally!

I wanna be king of the pirates!
I'm good with Monday, yeah.

I watched the start of the dub when I was like 12, so I'm familiar with some of the stuff, at least in theory. *Goes off for wikia binging*

I wanna be king of the pirates!
I'd be interested if you're up for dealing with me even more than usual :P

Not On Target
Benadryl what? Ohh, for the heart attack. Yeah no, good try but no. Blair cracked a smile, though; that was a pretty funny screwup, you had to admit. She felt a little bad about freaking out Irene, though; her whole "my genes hate me" thing wasn't something she was super open about because really who needed the pity? But a fit like that? No big thing, she wanted to say, wait till you see her with a cold. But Blair said nothing about it.

Pushing a rebellious strand of red hair out of her eyes, Blair gave a semi-sincere smile at Scarlett and Irene's clumsy introductions. Honestly, if you didn't know someone, come out and say it. Don't dance around making stuff up. That ruined Blair's fun time.

"Oh, I'm fine. Just a tickle. But yeah, Irene," Blair said, sensing an opportunity to make mischief. "I'm pretty sure you did say something about Scarlett and your sis doing something together, right?"

Now, was it true? Blair had no idea. But it'd be funny, so it was worth bringing up. Plus, if she could make Miss Perky Scarlett freak out, even better!

Not On Target
Hmm, this one wasn't the right brand but it was pretty-holy shit!

Suddenly a person burst through the clothes like the Kool-Aid guy but for tacky things. Startled, Blair stepped back and let out a little gasp. Then, she recognized the person, and laughed. Her giggle attack soon devolved into a cough fit that doubled over, but fuck if it wasn't worth it.

"Oh, shit, Irene, you gave me a heart attack." Blair choked out before righting herself and flipping her hair back over her shoulders. More quietly, she added, "Yeah, I noticed." Irene was certainly a big step up from Scarlett. She was a riot, the kind of spaz that endeared you and was hilarious to watch once they got going. Hopefully she could play these two off each other for some actual entertainment.

"Hi, uh, Scarlett. How goes it?" Blair said, plastering a smile on and looking over at the other girl. "Irene here saw you earlier, by the way. You two know each other?"

Not really a lie; she'd seen Scarlett earlier than Blair had, after all.

Not On Target
Ugh, it was Scarlett. Two Ts, but no tees yet. Blair hacked into her elbow again, and focused on the clothing racks.

Scarlett was one of those weird, cheerful geeky people Blair got annoyed with. She mentioned Star Wars a lot if Blair recalled, which was a laugh. Like, hon, the movies came out in like the 80s. Why would you still talk about them when there's great modern stuff to appreciate? Ugh, weird retro people were the worse. She saw them on Whovian sites, too, and they drove Blair nuts. Like, good for you, you liked William Hartnell best. He's been dead since 1975, get over yourself.

Regardless, Blair didn't like Scarlett, so there was no real reason to say hi back or, you know, acknowledge her existence. Annoying people were like bug bites; ignore them and they go away, let them bother you and they get worse and stick around forever. So Blair paid no heed to Miss-Mcafee or whatever, and kept on looking for her tee.

Aaaaany moment now and Scarlett would just...disappear, like the little twerp she was.

Not Quite the Zeitgeist
These two were making things difficult. Alice was feeling good today, still eating her pancakes, chatting with friends. But they weren't saying anything! Alice was starting to feel like she was expected to carry the conversation. Alice hated carrying conversations. It was stressful and difficult, coaxing people into talking. She felt like an interrogator. But if these two weren't giving her anything, she needed to at least try to help them open up.

"What about...language arts, Jen?" Alice said with a hint of a smile. She'd noticed the pun, naturally, but she wasn't going to pick fun. Puns could be nice, and who was she to make fun of someone else's sense of humor? "You do any writing or anything?"

Oh, speaking of languages, Kizi said something about them. Alice's eyes lit up. "Oh, do you do writing? I've been working on a fan-well, a sort of a short story you could call it." Truth be told? It was a fanfic of Twilight.

Ugh, she knew. But it was an improvement attempt of sorts; she was lukewarm on the series herself, oh god she hated the fandom, but having read the saga she saw a lot of potential for fanfics, and she'd gotten to work recently after like a month of planning and longer of tossing around ideas. She was getting excited for it, really.

But hell if she was going to tell anyone about it.