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Let's Talk About Death
Finished Madeleine.

I didn't particularly enjoy this scene. The actual setup was solid, but nothing spectacular. It was really just another gunfight, almost generic in a sense. I think my big problem was that it seemed sucked of emotion. I got very little feeling of character from either participant, Maddy or her killer Ericka. They both seemed pretty bland, and it just didn't make for especially enthralling reading.

I'll take another.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Gwen O'Connor if there's still room?

V6 Concepts Thread
I too have a new concept.

Alice Rice: Growing up poor was tough, especially because her parents argued a lot over the financial strain. Alice spent a lot of her youth reading, which she does to this day, and as she grew up she started trying to write fanfiction as well. Not very good fanfiction, but fanfiction nonetheless. She also works at a movie theatre and uses this position to write reviews. Alice is more outgoing of late, but is still somewhat quiet and passive, and some people think she's a bit of an Eeyore, though she's just not the most excitable person.

Let's Talk About Death
Finished Bill's death.

I enjoyed the setup of this death. One person, Bill, thinks another, Rhory, killed someone, and tries to kill her but she flees into the mirror house. Meanwhile, two others have wandered in and end up trying to intervene but Bill kills both of them.

My personal favorite part of the scene was Marion's death as she attempts to trick Bill into believing he was out of rounds when in fact he was not, as he proved by shooting her. It was a surreal moment and very clever, different from a lot of other deaths I've seen. Logan's death was less creative, but I still enjoyed it. Not having any other knowledge of Logan his death scene gave me a good idea of who he was which I liked.

I can't really say the same for Bill. I sort of get who he is, but at the same time he's a little flat. I do feel that I'm missing out on something in his story that made him want to kill players so strongly, because without that justification he's missing a lot of character.

Overall, a good scene but the actual death I was reading it for wasn't spectacular. I'll take another I guess if that's a thing.

Let's Talk About Death
I'd be willing.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
The decision to write a poetry death baffles me too.

Nina Clarke if you please.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Gwen O'Connor if you please <3

So this happened.

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Meanwhile, in solo top island

V5 Final Four Predictions
Maddie Wilcox, Ami Flynn, Katarina Konipaski, Hansel William.

My reasoning is that with this endgame, while it contains some of my favorite characters, we'd also see something we haven't seen much of as far as I know; not quite an all-villains endgame but one where everyone is looking out for themselves? I think V4 sort of had that but not quite, so this is sort of an extension of that I guess.

Maddie's focused on surviving, Ami's proven to not be above violence, Hansel is a villain with a really neat twist and Katarina fills in with a straight-player while also being interesting. With these four we'd have a neat dynamic that could lead to all sorts of interesting things going down. Not to mention the writing for this endgame would be really good and I'd love to see these characters make it far.

This endgame would be a bloodbath and I'd love it.