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SotF Murdercast
Great work!

And I, too, would love to guest if you would have me. I am free basically whenever.

((Skipping because I'm at day 10 and I don't want to get in trouble here))

Theo could read between the lines. Sort of. He more or less got what Steven was saying, and it made him nervous. Steven was implying he was playing, and Theo was pretty sure he'd killed someone, based on what he was saying. Steven was eyeing him, too, watching the both of them in a really unsettling manner.

Theo was suddenly less comfortable here. Sure, if it came down to it, he...might be able to kill one or both of them, but was he physically capable of it? He had no weapons, and presumably both of them were armed. He didn't know Kat very well, and she'd killed, and Steven he was mostly unfamiliar with, and he'd dome the same. He couldn't trust them, really.

If they turned on him, hoping that taking out the top killer on the island made them special...

Theo could end up dead. That would make everything a waste.

Theo opened his mouth, to excuse himself. He froze up, not wanting to make either of them more hostile. Then he spoke. "So, uh, Steven, right? Yeah, if you really want to kill people, just...don't tell people that. It makes you a threat." He backed up, and walked slowly, confidently, away, calling back, "And right now, I don't have time to deal with threats, so later!"

As soon as he was out of view, he broke into a sprint as quickly as possible.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Memories of the City))

Sugar and Spice Critiques
Mind critiquing Theodore Fletcher? I'd like it spicy, like fine Italian sausage. Threads in the sig.

EDIT: BLARG HOW DO I READING COMPREHENSION well either way when you get to Theo.

Right then, so Kat was still willing to kill people. Theo thought he was, too, so they had something in common, right? She was someone to be wary of, clearly, but not someone Theo couldn't trust, since she'd made her intentions perfectly clear. At least she wasn't lying about it or anything.

Steven approached, casually. Theo knew Steven was into the newspaper, and writing, but they weren't the best of friends and honestly did it even matter anymore? Logically, old relationships were meaningless now, seeing as Megan had killed yesterday. So he needed to not let emotions and friendships cloud his judgment, right?

He needed to be in it to win it, because it was too late to turn back.

Kat was counting on him, but he wasn't sure about what. Were they going to kill Steven? Theo doubted it, since she could've probably opened fire right then and there and gotten a shot in. Partners in crime, maybe? A team of two, killing their way to the end, until the finale where they fought to the death? That sounded exciting, certainly, but the final showdown sounded like an inherently bad way to win.

Logically, he should kill Kat here and steal her stuff. But emotions were in his way, because she was nice to him, she didn't attack on the spot, and Theo wanted to trust her. So...he was going to do what it took to stay alive, but he'd stick with her for a bit if she wanted him to. And if not...all bets were off, or at least they should be.

Theo was lost in thought for a second, but as Steven approached he snapped out of it. "What do you want?" He asked. A simple, clean question, making them get right to the point, no crazy crap and deceit. Just explaining one's self.

New League of Legends Thread


What Could Have Been
So since Nina is dead, I'mma share some stuff I wanted to do with her.

Nina Clarke, Player-hunter:
I probably made this really obvious in her profile, but this was Nina's purpose at the conceptual stage. She was going to make it to Day 2, realize people were playing, and try and hunt down murderers and bring them to justice and by that I mean kill them. This was eventually dropped, though I sort of regret it; I toyed with it for a while but I never really found a place for her to go, "killers must DIE" though there were hints of it with Mara/Finn, and I nodded to it in her death.

Nina Clarke, Escapee:
This was something I considered for a bit. Nina was going to meet up with a certain escape planner, and they'd have fun-time-escape-fun-times. I ended up deciding I didn't want to do a big escape thing, because I thought it'd be easier for a new writer to just do normal stuff i.e. get killed. But it was in the works for a while.

Nina Clarke, self-defense killer:
This was something I thought it'd be fun to do but never had real plans for it. I wanted Nina to be attacked and, in the process of defending herself, kill her assailant. I never really found an opportunity for this, and it just sort of slipped my mind since I already had a major killer going on.

Nina Clarke, someone with an actual fucking plot:
Nina's issue for me was that she had an awesome start and end and the middle was gooey and malformed. I was constantly looking for someone to pair up with, but I always seemed to find that the groups just didn't really work in-character, so Nina always ran and/or walked away. Her interactions with basically everyone who isn't Maddie ended in more or less the same way; she leaves them behind, and it hurt her in a lot of ways, in my opinion.

V5 Second Announcement
Nina made a mistake, and that's all it takes.


Nina kept going until the other girl rolled over and stabbed her.

It caught her off-guard, to say the least, when she was suddenly gutted like a fucking fish.

Nina felt the blade embed itself in her stomach, really right between her sternum and her stomach, and immediately let out a shriek. She had never hurt so bad, not even when she broke her hand. It felt wrong, just the feeling of metal inside her, cold and the burning. Then it pulled out of her chest, and she saw through blurry, running eyes that red was flowing from her chest.

Oh. Dear god.

Maddie had stabbed her, probably fatally. Nina was kneeling, clutching her chest and sobbing as more blood spilled out, and Maddie just lay there. Nina crawled forward, towards the other girl, she was only a foot or so away when her arms gave out and she fell flat on her face, unable to move. Her breathing hurt, she was going numb. As her body shut down, Nina managed an introspective.

Nina had fucked up. She should've accepted Maddie's apology, should've just let her give her the weapon and leave, should've just let her run, shouldn't have done anything she did. Every move she made was a mistake, every action stupid, and it led to this, this horrible pain that Nina wanted to just stop. Nina felt regret, a bitter feeling, painful, but not as bad as the stab wound.

Nina could no longer move, barely even breathe, she was blacking out, but she didn't want to die, she was scared, she had so much to say and so much to do and so many things that would never happen for her all because she had gotten unlucky they all had and now they were all going to die and it was nothing she could do.

Nina's eyes slowly slid shut as the blood loss caused her to pass out. A few minutes was all it took for it to cause her brain to shut down and stop her breathing forever.

Nina had made a mistake and it ultimately ended up being the worst kind of mistake. It had cost her the most important thing in the world, it had cost Nina her own life.

And thus, Nina Clarke would never have the revenge she never should've needed. She died instead.

123 students remain

((GMing also approved))

Nina was just realizing that Maddie wasn't obeying when


she felt a crushing blow strike her in the face. she staggered, felt her hand lose its grip and she fell flat on her ass. nina groaned, trying to sit up but her head hurt too much.

she saw Maddie bolting for the door.

"Get back here you little bitch!"

Nina staggered to her feet and chased the other girl. After a few seconds, as Maddie reached the door to push it open, Nina slammed into her, bringing both girls to the ground in a pile. Nina, luckily, was on top of Maddie.

She realized Maddie had the gun-knife in her hand, and knew what she had to do. She started slamming her fists into the back of the other girl's head, not thinking, just attacking. She wanted to beat this girl into submission, do anything it took to get her revenge.

Maddie...agreed? Nina was almost surprised, but somehow it made her angrier. She wanted an excuse to get angry, mentally grasped momentarily for an excuse to stay angry. She wanted to take out all her pent-up frustration and despair on this girl.

Easy target.

"No, I will not let go of your hand." Nina snarled. "In fact, I think you should drop your bag right now, and I will take my weapon back myself." She squeezed Maddie's skinny wrist tighter, and reached over for Maddie's bag. A funny feeling filled Nina; she felt powerful, in a sick way. She'd never really had a temper issue, so she never really needed an outlet.

But after being drugged, robbed, threatened at gunpoint, verbally abused and now faced with a dirty criminal, all the while the threat of violent death looming over her, she finally cracked. She was so fucking sick of this bullshit, of trying to be nice, and now she was...she was done.

She'd make Maddie pay for what she'd done. And...and then...and then she'd make the killers, the sick, murdering bastards, they'd pay too. She'd punish them.

The thought almost made her feel good.

and scared.

((Minor GM'ing of the hand approved))


Nina glared Maddie right in the face for a moment after the other girl finished talking. Oh, she had something to say to Maddie. She wasn't going to let this slide. Nina was sick of people giving her bullshit, of all the fucking crap she'd seen so far. People were dead, stealing, murdering, for all she knew they might well be raping, too, because there was no law left on this island.

Nina wasn't going to let a thief get away from her. Not after what had been done to her.

She reached for Maddie's wrist, realizing it was inching towards the opening in her bag. She had an idea, now. "Okay, here's what you're going to do. I might, might be willing to let it go, if and only if you hand over my weapon and whatever else you stole from me."

Nina took Maddie's wrist in her hand, grabbing it tightly. Her expression was cold.

"Are we clear?"

New League of Legends Thread
Wanted to share my item set names and general setup because I was bored.

Posted Image

Starting items:
Important stuff:
Generic Final Build is cut off.


Nina barely had time to process the sudden rush of light into the room when she sneezed. Nina wasn't a big sneezer; when she sneezed, it sounded almost petite, "achew!" rather than "AAAAACHOOOO".

It was apparently enough to catch the eye of the entering person. Nina stood up from the chair and turned slowly to identify the source of light that had appeared. She wondered if a window or wall had collapsed, but that didn't make sense because there was no noise





was she doing here how the hell why what this island was so big how did they meet up again what

the bitch who'd robbed her before.

"Hey!" Nina shouted as she stormed across the room to face Maddie. "Hey, Maddie, the fuck is wrong with you?" She demanded. After a few moments she stood directly across from the other girl, though she was shorter than Maddie so it was somewhat less threatening than she'd hoped. "How dare you drug me? How dare you rob me? How dare you?"

Theo could read between the lines easily enough to tell, if she did see something, it wasn't worth their time, and if someone was up there, they'd have to be stupid to attack them.

So he turned his attention back to KK, ruffling his now-filthy hair. She seemed...unstable, but Theo wasn't one to judge. He chuckled a little upon hearing her joke, but it was suppressed by the fact that she'd casually prepared a badass-sounding threat for him. Which was a little disconcerting.

She was...glad he felt that way? Glad he was apparently willing to kill more people? She...did know she sounded really fucking freaky, right? Speaking so casually and all, glad he was willing to kill again? Weird.

Was he willing to kill again? Theo doubted it mattered at this point. People would attack him, and it was more-than-likely that he'd have to kill people even if he wasn't going to attack. So it was fine...right? Self-defense was a legal excuse for killing someone in the real world?

Didn't excuse Gabby, Dan or Xavier, though.

"You're still playing too, right Kat?" Theo asked.

((Nina Clarke's story continues from Walk the Streets so Mean))

Nina had left the two assholes a while ago, and wandered off by herself for the rest of the day. She hadn't met anyone, somehow, which wasn't especially good or bad.

Tons of time to think, though.

Nina wasn't sure what she was going to do. Die, of course, unless there was a rescue, but Nina didn't want to count on it. So she had to have a plan. What she wanted to do was to live up to her mom's wishes, so killing was a terrible plan, as was anything stupid or obviously immoral. Not to mention it wasn't going to keep her alive if she gunned people down for no reason.

(Though certain people *coughtheodorefletchercough* hadn't figured this out yet)

So when Nina found out that Theo killed again, it made her laugh. What was wrong with him? Murdering for the fun of it, what a twisted bastard. Other deaths caught her eye, too; Summer murdered Naomi? Why? Did she hate her enough to kill her in apparently a brutal enough way to win a prize?

Nina stood in the aged lobby of what was otherwise a nice hotel. A shame that all this was wasted by people too busy dying to care about such a nice place they were in. She sat down on an upholstered chair, stretched, and waited.

For what, she didn't know.

Theo had mixed feelings in regards to KK's response to him. On one hand, yay, she wasn't going to kill him while he was unarmed!

On the other hand, she was going to make him explain himself.

As KK sat down, Theo followed suit, looking over at her. He took a breath, went to speak, and ended up being totally silent for a few seconds. He just...he wasn't sure what he was fucking doing anymore. Like, he kept bitching and trying to ~*Redeem himself*~, but at the same time he had not had a non-hostile interaction with another human being in 2 days save for like a 3 minute talk with a cheerleader, and she probably thought he was fucking insane.

Maybe he was?

Theo suppressed the unexpected giggle that came. Was he crazy? He acted it, certainly, but was he actually like, brain-damaged or something? Did he suddenly develop a disorder? That was possible, right?

Since Theo didn't exactly know why he wasn't going to shoot her (besides, y'know, not actually having a firearm but he wasn't going to tell her that), Theo decided to make something up.

"Well for one, I may still be killing," (was he?) "but it's not exactly something fun or enjoyable for anyone involved including me. Uh, for another? I don't think I could pull my gun on you without getting blown apart by that giant-ass-"

Theo saw a shape moving in the distance.

"Hey, what's that?" He pointed.

Theo wasn't really sure he'd expected someone to climb out of an alleyway.

He was almost certain that, of all the people to climb out of an alleyway, it'd never be KK Konipaski. Theo knew her from track; she was skilled in the art of politics, among other things, but they'd never been super-close. It was probably because of their political viewpoint differences; she was a lot more conservative than Theo, who was a registered Democrat.

He also knew she'd murdered another girl, earning her a prize of some kind presumably that giant-ass handgun thing. She also had a scythe, and if Theo remembered the announcements right that was how she killed the girl what's-her-name.

But she seemed friendly, although it could be a rouse, but Theo was glad to see someone not willing to attack on site. "Hey KK. Yeah, long time no-see. How've you been?" Theo stretched, and stood up to face her. He scratched the back of his head.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from Ya Gotta Make That Play))

Theo sat, almost pathetically, arms drawn into his sweatshirt as he listened to the announcements. He was in it, again. Stupid, he was probably never going to have a pleasant conversation with anyone for the rest of his life.

He was too busy killing people.

It was dumb, really; this whole thing. Summer, she'd run for class president, had killed Naomi, who had become class president. A stupid grudge shouldn't have mattered but it led to a brutal murder. His good friend, Megan, had shoved someone down stairs? It startled him, he hadn't expected it, but he supposed she had a reason. Joachim...the name stuck out. He'd met him in the library once, couldn't say his name.

He'd been with Megan, too.

He didn't know many (if any) of the victims besides that.

Theo shivered. He wanted food, and he was fucking freezing in the early morning chill; he wanted to go home, and he almost wanted to cry. He'd never get home, fuck if he even deserved it.

Theo would literally do anything to erase the past week from his life and go home to his sister and parents and cat and internet and gaming and his Seattle and all that.

But he couldn't just wish it away.

So Theo shook his head, and gazed at the ground, and wondered if it'd be worth it to fight his way to the end or not.

V5 Second Announcement
Well I wanted to hero someone tonight. A shame there's so many good choices.

I sacrifice my NINA CLARKE to save Kam So'oialo.

Send death ideas, although I have something planned, I am open to suggestions/

EDIT: Thanks for the ideas, really appreciate it, but I've got a plan worked out.

New League of Legends Thread