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(For a Film)
Jane found herself trying to avoid staring in surprise. They didn't always get along, but he'd hit something right on the money with that. It was just...how many times had she heard people bring that up in the last few months? It was nuts. "Oh my god, I know! It's so bullshit!" She exclaimed. "Like, that's so true."

Jane looked at Jae with surprising sympathy. "It's totally fine if you don't go to college if it's not for you." She said slowly, trying not to trip over her words. College had always been sort of expected for her; from grandpa telling her she was so bright that it'd be a shame to not go, to her parents telling her how proud they'd been when she got accepted.

And she wanted to go. She did. But now she realized she didn't have to if she didn't want to. But poor Jae, who knew what kind of expectations were heaped on him? Not to be racist, but it wouldn't surprise Jane if he had a lot of familial responsibilities piled on him, if he had a traditional family from the East or something.

"If you decide not to go, what do you want to do instead? Any ideas yet?"

There's No Time Here in Space
Henry liked this girl; she seemed nice, and she was willing to talk to him with enthusiasm about things, which Henry loved. If you weren't enthusiastic about stuff, what were you doing with your time? That seemed like an awfully boring way to go about your life, not having enthusiasm. Enthusiasm! It was a fun word to think enthusiastically.

"No big deal, easy mistake. I liked that movie, but the first one was scarier, which was cool. I like scary things, you know? They get the blood pumping!" Henry laughed. "Oh, but if you don't that's totally cool, I get it. It was still a good movie." He smiled. "But yeah, when we find the real aliens that'll be really cool. That wasn't a pun, by the way."

Suddenly, a new person arrived! "Oh, sure! More the merrier!" Henry said to the new person. He'd seen this person before, at school probably. A senior? Mayhaps. Curious, yet lest thou art...where was he going with that again? Whatever, old-timey speech was cool buuut now was a bad time for it.

"Nice to meet ya! I take it you two are ice cream buddies?" Henry said in jest, since they were both eating cookies 'n cream. Also because he wanted to jest. Jest was a good word, like jester. Jesters were cool, unless they were crazy ax-killer jesters.

Then they were awesome.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Everything Georgia Lee Day has done thus far has been strong. She's got a defining voice and no small amount of depth, and feels very real and deep. I kind of both hate her and feel bad for her, since she seems like one who struggles internally a lot.

Vinny/Enza is a really interesting character as well; not only did I have an extremely enjoyable thread with them, but I've followed everything else they've done as well. They're charming, funny and serious all at once.

While Irene was in play, she stood out a lot to me. She was strange and funny, but kept it manageable, so it didn't seem excessive. Her writing was also top-notch at creating a strong characterization.

Noah Whitley is an odd concept, but I think it works. His oneshots had me giggling with their imagery, at least, so that was fun.

Caleb Diamond has possibly the strongest first post in V6 pregame so far, though. I don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't read it yet, but I definitely recommend his first thread, it slayed me.

Overall, V6 pregame's had a lot of strong works, and I can't think of anyone who isn't in some way good. All the characters have quirks and personalities that excite me when I think of their island time, which is a great sign in my opinion.

There's No Time Here in Space
"Yes, I am!"

Henry was pleasantly surprised to find a companion to eat ice cream with. Audrey was someone he sort of recognized too! She was in one of his classes, or had been at some point. Yeah, he definitely knew her from something. She seemed nice, he'd never had a problem with her, so a conversation seemed like a fun time. After all, it was fun to make friends with new people!

"Nice to meet'cha Audrey!" Henry said, grinning. He extended his left hand, the one not holding an ice cream cone because it'd be awkward to shake hands while holding an ice cream.

Still smiling, Henry asked, "What kind of ice cream do you have there? Oh, and what's your opinion on aliens?"

Isaac Brea
Name: Isaac Brea
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Track and field, guitar, woodworking, partying, pranks

Appearance: Isaac is 5’10” tall and weighs 179 pounds. He is in very good shape, with long and muscular legs and lean from running and his other activities. Isaac’s hair is short and dirty blonde; he wears it in a feathered, disheveled style. His eyes are narrow and forest green. Descended from a Swedish family, Isaac is classically attractive, with a Greek nose, a full lips, thin eyebrows and an angular diamond-shaped face. Isaac is Caucasian, but his skin tans to a light bronze. He is usually clean-shaven and well taken care of, with generally good hygiene, since Isaac is somewhat vain about his appearance.

Isaac dresses casually in the warm Arizona weather, and is usually adorned in button-down shirts, khakis, jeans and t-shirts. In colder weather he wears hoodies or vests. On the trip he was dressed in a red sleeveless shirt, a gray pair of biker shorts, and black sneakers. Isaac also has a small tattoo of a skull and crossbones on his right shoulder, which he got shortly after his 18th birthday.

Biography: Born to Aaron and Lisa Brea, Isaac was raised in Kingman along with his fraternal twin Rick and sister Jasmine, who was three years older. Aaron, a carpenter, had more flexible hours and was usually working at home in his shop when Lisa was at work, and as such spent more time with the boys. Lisa, conversely, was an elementary school teacher, but never had the twins in her class.

Isaac was problematic as a child. Prone to mischief, he was often involved in arguments and fights, and frequently lied about his involvement in conflicts. Teachers intervened, but Isaac’s behavior rarely improved; instead, when he was discovered to be in causing problems, he simply began apologizing to avoid punishment. When discipline was enforce, Isaac tended to throw tantrums to get his way, which usually was less successful.

Aware of the behaviors their child was exhibiting, Lisa and Aaron wanted to give him discipline, but struggled to come to a resolution on how. Aaron wanted to enforce stricter punishments, while Lisa encouraged more peaceful action. This disagreement led to little actual action being taken, leaving Isaac to more or less behave as he saw fit.

Growing older, Isaac’s more tantrum-prone behaviors mostly subsided, but his tendency to get into trouble did not. He often played pranks on his family, particularly Jasmine, who usually didn’t take kindly to such behavior. His parents, unable to decide on a proper method of discipline, had little energy to devote to discipline Isaac, and his behavior remained problematic, though not usually harmful or dangerous. He tended to involve Rick in his schemes as well, though his brother only occasionally took part.

Most of Isaac’s parental influence has come from halfhearted attempts to teach him discipline. Most, such as martial arts and boy scouts, were quickly abandoned. The only thing that’s remained is his guitar lessons. He quickly picked up on playing, enjoying the showiness of playing and the feel of the music. He owns an acoustic guitar, and usually plays with friends to show off. He does occasionally practice by himself, though, since he does enjoy playing.

The other thing Isaac started at his parent’s request is woodcarving. Aaron, a carpenter by trade, tried to instill a sense of patience in Isaac by encouraging him to engage in woodwork. Initially resistant, Isaac was surprised to find that the style of art was more fun than he expected and gave him a good outlet for him to enjoy dismantling things. Using his father’s shop, Isaac frequently engages in hand-carving small figures or statues, with moderate success.

Entering high school, Isaac had cemented his reputation as a prankster, class clown and something of a jerk. Quick to tell jokes, often at other’s expense, Isaac firmly resisted the idea that he might offend others, a bit too full of himself to realize his sense of humor might hurt people’s feelings. He frequently played pranks as well, ranging from genuinely clever to more petty. His grades were never great, barely scraping by in most classes with D and C grades, though he performed better in English simply because it required less memorization, usually able to get a B. He often causes problems with the teachers; Isaac hates being told what to do and often engages in defiance if he feels that he’s being bossed around, though is usually visibly repentant enough to avoid severe penalties.

However, Isaac did begin to engage in one more activity; he joined the track team. Initially encouraged by his brother, Isaac found that the field sports such as long jumping and sprinting appealed to him as more interesting events requiring more nimbleness than stamina, something he excelled at. Isaac was a decent athlete, though not remarkably dedicated, being somewhat lax in training. Still, he performed well in most meets, and was fairly talented.

In general, Isaac is of moderate popularity, with many friends and many more foes. Those who can get past his occasional unpleasantness are often inclined to find him great fun to be around, but those with less thick skin see him as crass, arrogant or rude. He favors hanging out with partiers and athletes, being both a regular attendant of parties as well as a partaker of alcohol. Isaac enjoys drinking, but is careful to avoid being found out, and never engages in overly risky behavior.

Isaac has no interest in getting a higher education; instead, he plans to become a carpenter, wanting to do hands-on work rather than what he considers a less fulfilling job. While his father appreciates Isaac following in his footsteps, he regrets not raising his son with a sterner hand, while Lisa wishes Isaac could see eye to eye with them. His parents have long since given up trying to mold him to their expectations, and are no longer determined to enforce discipline. Isaac, for his part, is generally more considerate of their wishes now, and tries to avoid getting in trouble, but the relationship is frosty at best. Jasmine, in college to become a computer technician, has minimal contact with Isaac, and both generally ignore each other. Isaac and Rick get along quite well, though Isaac’s more rambunctious traits occasionally get on his brother’s nerves. They are usually close, however, and often engage in musical duets to entertain friends or themselves.

A troublemaker by nature, Isaac has a somewhat inflated ego and tends to be cocky and somewhat pompous. He thinks highly of himself, and has trouble admitting he’s done wrong. Isaac is usually full of energy and gets bored if he doesn’t think things are interesting enough, often engaging in problematic behavior to amuse himself. He’s fond of causing trouble in class, for instance, and tends to make off-color jokes simply to see other’s reactions. While not an outright bully, Isaac rubs many people the wrong way, and those who don’t find him funny usually don’t enjoy his company. Isaac doesn’t usually acknowledge that he’s hurt someone’s feelings, generally considering it their problem rather than his, though he is less abrasive with people he likes.

Advantages: A sprinter and long jumper, Isaac would likely have no issue making a quick escape even in harsh terrain. Isaac’s twin brother is also a guaranteed ally if they meet up, as the two have a close bond. He is surprisingly cunning, and could come up with a ruse and catch people off-guard.
Disadvantages: Isaac has an earned reputation as a troublemaker, and his often coarse personality has earned him many enemies. Isaac’s arrogance could hinder his rational decision making, as could his desire for excitement over pragmatism. He is used to getting his way and has problems with being told what to do.

There's No Time Here in Space
((Henry Spencer continued from Having Fun Isn't Hard))

Aliens probably existed.

Maybe not like, ET Phone Home aliens, or War of the World aliens, or any other pop culture aliens. They'd probably be crazy-weird, since even if they evolved in earthlike conditions they'd likely have totally different structures than Earthlings. After all, if you give two people a problem, they'd likely solve it in different ways. Thus, two different planets, two different ways of surviving. And that wasn't even factoring in different extinction events and other uncontrolled changes!

That's how one of his conspiracy theorist friends explained it, anyway. Henry could get behind that. Though, to be honest he wasn't as behind the whole, "government covering up alien arrivals for XYZ reasons" thing that said friend usually segued into. Like, those were fun to hear about? But Henry figured the government would tell them, hopefully.

That was sort of the point, though, was that they didn't. Hmm, Henry figured the politicians were better than that. And if not, they probably would've slipped up at some point. So if aliens somehow got to Earth, Henry liked to think they'd have found out already. Plus, aliens probably existed, but they probably weren't capable of faster than light travel yet. So they'd be too far away to get here anytime soon.

So long story short, government=good, aliens=real, theories=fun but kind of cynical. Now, where was he? Oh, right, ordering ice cream. Which reminded him, didn't people once claim an alien captured by the government enjoy strawberry ice cream according to that one broadcast in the 1980s? That was kind of neat. Maybe strawberries came from outer space! Then again-

"Hey kid, are you going to order?" Oh, right. Ice cream line, impatient service person. Poor guy, selling ice cream but not being allowed to eat any. Henry should probably be nice to him. "Sorry, I'll have a...let's make it a strawberry cone, medium." After paying, Henry sat down at a nearby table out of the bright sun. It was still a touch brisk out, but it was warming up fast, and Henry was a little warm under his jacket. So ice cream was a welcome treat.

(For a Film)
Jane nodded, and entered the theater without a word. Walking to her spot by the ticket register (not jumping over the counter like a buffoon) Jane took her spot silently and started working at setting up shop, so to speak.

The minutes passed slowly and painfully.

Eventually, Jae piped up, almost to Jane's relief. Small talk, even awkward small talk with someone you didn't really like, was better than nothing, and Jane actually appreciated him starting something. Not that she'd ever tell him, of course.

"I'm going to Mansfield. It's in Pennsylvania." Jane paused, then added, "I just kinda wanna get out of Kingman, and it's one of the only places I got accepted to. But hey, at least I got accepted." Jane smiled a little.

"What about you?"

Having Fun Isn't Hard
Henry's eyes widened.

Curse his periodic inability to recognize social cues! He hadn't realized these two wanted some private time. Hmm, maybe they were dating? Possible. They might just be friends, though. Best to not jump to conclusions! Regardless, though, he ought to apologize and leave them to their business.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to intrude. I was just making conversation." Henry said in a hushed voice. Turning around, Henry moved away from the table and started towards the bookshelves. Hopefully he'd find some cool factoid-filled book of some kind. Before he did that, though, he turned back and called quietly,

"Oh, and good luck on your hypothetical date!"

((Henry Spencer continued in There's No Time Here in Space))

(For a Film)
"Looks like." Jane said in a neutral tone.

She and Jae didn't often interact outside of work, but when they did, it usually ended poorly. Luckily, at work they'd established a sort of peace treaty. No fighting, no bickering, no yelling. They both needed the work, and it wasn't worth risking their jobs for something as silly as a conflict of personalities.

"Almost time, huh." She said, not to Jae in particular. Brushing her hair out of her face, Jane walked past Jae towards the theater entrance. After a moment, she stopped at the door and turned around.

"So are you going inside, or...?"

Not On Target
((Blair Moore Pregame start))

The rows and rings of Target’s clothing department were quaint, really, in that cheap-and-mass-produced-retail-store kind of way. They were lined with tacky, probably really low-quality stuff, but they were passable. Blair normally avoided the place, because who wanted to go around in a Target outfit? People with no sense of taste. Blair had taste. Lots of it. So she bought clothes online or in that one cute boutique down the street.

Unfortunately for Blair, though, a fashion emergency was underway, and she had been forced into Target in search of a new tee. Not just any tee, though; this was a very specific, pale pink tee which was comfortable and sexy. Blair liked being comfortable and sometimes even sexy, and she’d liked her tee. But it’d been ruined in a tragic spaghetti sauce incident. She’d incidentally nearly burned her hand in the process, but hands healed; clothes did not. The tee was ruined.

So now she’d been forced to hunt down another one, but the local boutique was lacking. See if Blair shopped there anytime soon. Luckily, she’d discovered that Target actually carried that brand of tee, and Blair had rushed there immediately. The internet was wonderful like that, with its free information and convenience. But that was wasn’t important; what mattered was that Blair NEEDED her favorite tee back.

Of course, now she had to actually find the specific top, which was no small feat. And Blair had scanned the area for like 10 minutes to no avail. “Urgh,” Blair grumbled, wrinkling her nose upon discovering an ugly lime green tube top. Who’d ever wear that? Trash, of course. Not Blair.

Coughing into the crook of her elbow in a practiced fashion and taking a slightly wheezy breath, Blair glanced around. It didn’t look like any of the workers were nearby, so she couldn’t ask them. With a groan, Blair went back to looking. She was slightly out of breath from wandering around for a while, so hopefully she could find her tee soon.

(For a Film)
((Jane Madison continued from The Tyranny of Grocery Bags))

Jane didn't mind working the theater too much. Yeah, it could suck, but hey! She wasn't working at MacDonald's, so there was that. Pay was better and the work was usually less disgusting, unless she was cleaning the bathrooms. That was a nightmarish task she avoided like the plague. Especially given she'd probably get the plague by being in there too much. Seriously, the amount of bodily fluids she'd had to clean from the ceiling was both impressive and depressing.

Luckily, today was a Saturday shift, and today Jane was working tickets, which was pretty simple. Take money/card, insert into register, smile at people and don't flip out. Much better than bathroom duty. Ugh.

As she approached the theater, a foul smell hit her. Jane had always hated smoking; it was horrible for your health, and what's more the smell made her gag. It was just an unpleasant habit. As Jane arrived, she recognized the other student working the shift today, Jae. Despite their similar names, Jae and Jane were not close. He was one of those surly goth kids that not only smoked, but was just...unpleasant to be around for Jane.

Still, at least a semblance of friendliness was expected. Could be worse; could be Caedyn.

"What's up?" Jane said in a not-terribly-enthusiastic voice. "You heading in?" After all, the shift was starting in a few minutes. Jane was running a little late, but she'd been sleeping in after a night out. Not a great excuse but hey, she was on time and not hungover, so what's the big deal?

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Well I think he'd get along great with my upcoming character Isaac Brea. He's a loud, jokester type with a propensity towards tasteless or mocking jokes and can be kind of a bully. I think they'd get along great.

Alice Baker would find him uncomfortable to be around, since she's the wallflower type. They'd likely not interact much.

Henry Spencer is a mixed basket, but I can't say they'd interact a whole lot. Both stand out visually, but that's about it.

Jane Madison would likely think poorly of Michael, seeing him as crass and unpleasant. They'd interact sparsely and unpleasantly.

If Michael made a racial or misogynist joke in Blair Moore's presence, she'd probably start something, but they'd likely not interact much besides that.

(Yes I have too many characters shush >_>)

The Tyranny of Grocery Bags
Jane let out an angry growl and stomped the ground while clenching her hands into fists. She was pissed. She was furious. How dare that trashy little bitch do this to her? Make her look like an idiot, mock her and demean her and make up lies about her! Ugh, who did she think she was?! It made Jane mad.

No, no it didn't.

Jane sniffled, suddenly. She wanted, very unexpectedly, to cry. She wasn't mad, she realized, or not just mad. She was humiliated; her stomach hurt, she felt like crying. Fuck if she was going to cry, but she kind of wanted to. She felt like an idiot; Caedyn had played her like a piano, and Jane fell for it like a moron. An idiot. Stupid little Jane, letting someone push all her buttons like a computer.

"I hate her." Jane muttered.

Then she snarled, "I hate her!" and whipped around to Brendan. He was a victim too, but it was hard to feel sympathetic for him when the situation was far more personally directed towards Jane. She went to speak, but then went silent. A moment passed. She didn't want to blow up on him, poor guy.

Taking a deep breath, Jane said, "Caedyn's a bitch. Thanks for the help. See you later." Then she left, still fuming.

((Jane Madison continued in For a Film))

Blair Moore
Edited! Thanks for the critique!

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
In which everyone was really jealous of Deamon.

Except Ricky

Not Quite the Zeitgeist
Alice pursed her lips.

While the other girl was quite cheerful, Alice wondered if she'd offended Kizi somehow. While it was certainly kind of her to want to avoid disrupting any conversation about art that might spring forth, truth be told it only served to make Alice feel somewhat curious. While she didn't suspect a spiteful intent, she wondered if Kizi felt hurt by not being adequately included. Alice hoped not; she'd feel terrible if that were the case, just absolutely ashamed.

Kizi had to have other interests, obviously. Nobody got through life doing literally nothing. Even if you sat in a corner and watched paint dry all day every day, you had an interest. Admittedly it was the most boring interest imaginable, but it was something. So Alice cocked her head and smiled gently at the other girl, hopefully making her feel more welcome.

"C'mon," she said in a quiet but playful voice, "you've got to do something, right? What do you like to do?"

Oh no, she thought as Jen's face caught her eye as she tilted her head, I can't leave her out too. God, she was awful at this sort of thing. Conversations were so tough for Alice, it seemed, despite everyone else managing just fine. There were so many rules and things you had to do, it was exhausting. "What about you Jen? Anything you do in addition to drawing?"

Alice smiled. "Maybe you two have something in common?"

The Tyranny of Grocery Bags
...Wait what?

Was she seriously insinuating that Brendan and Jane were...no way. That was just...no! Not that Brendan was awful or anything, but really? That required a level of jumping that would make a kangaroo blush. What on earth was...oh, wait, it was Caedyn. Therefore, it was safe to assume she was either A: Being an idiot, or B: trying to set her off on purpose.

Either way, it pissed Jane off. Who did she think she was? "Seriously, you just have to butt in on people, don't you? What's up with that?" Jane stepped towards Caedyn, her face contorting into a snarl. "No, we're not dating, and no, you can't call me a "little people", like, what is this?! Uggh." Jane groaned, and rolled her eyes at the other girl.

Then, just as she was about to speak, Jane realized what she'd done. Caedyn was trying to set her off. And it had worked.


Suddenly blushing, Jane stepped away from the other girl and moved next to Brendan, trying to keep herself from breathing too heavily. Damn it all, she just had to open her mouth.

Having Fun Isn't Hard
Hmm, these two seemed busy. Let's see what they're up to!

Henry made his way around the chairs and peered over Bridgette's shoulder to get a better view of the paper on the table she seemed to be working on. It appeared to be a drawing, which was pretty cool. It looked like...an old guy? Oh, it was some kind of monk. Cool, cool. He was dressed oddly, though, like some kind of strange tunic thing? Huh.

"Wow, cool, you do art stuff?" Henry exclaimed, more quietly than his initial greeting. "It's a neat drawing, but I don't draw much, so I dunno how it works. Like, how do you do that kind of stuff?" Art was cool. Henry wished he could do it with a degree of effectiveness, but his drawings usually looked like noodle people. Hmm, he could go for some noodles...Oh, never mind, Amigara Fault's noodle people. Noodles were no long attractive. Well, they weren't that ugly before they went into the faults, but post-'THIS IS MY HOLE' they were kind of gross and weird. Not delicious.

Henry briefly looked over at Danny, who seemed to be scribbling out rude stuff on the table. Henry could get behind that. Then he glanced over at Bridgette and inquired, "Do you ever draw food? Like, say, spaghetti and meatballs?"

Darn, he was hungry now. He'd already had lunch, but now he wanted more food.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Darkest Dungeon makes me sad inside. Also terrified. And stressed.

The Tyranny of Grocery Bags
Aw, he was so shy it was kind of cute. "No, it's fine, I like walking too. Unfortunately, that's not why I'm here!" Jane chuckled, looking down at her now collected groceries. It was nice that he'd helped her out, after all. She shouldn't give him a hard time for being insecure. Hell, wasn't she just being insecure a moment ago? What with the whole 'I can't handle this!' crap she was going on about? "Yeah, I do the theater. Mostly backstage stuff, but-"

An approaching person caught her eye.

Oh god. It was Caedyn Miller.

Caedyn was one of those people. Jane hated them. They were in your face at all times, jumped to conclusions at the drop of a hat, and caused chaos for kicks. Plus, Jane was pretty sure Caedyn was a furry, which was just creepy. They...did not get along, especially because Caedyn was actually a decent actress. Well, better than Jane.

"Um, excuse me." Jane said coolly, sliding the grocery bag into the crook of her elbow to brush off her blouse. Caedyn was trying to push her buttons, but Jane recognized it from a mile away. She knew full well that she looked fine, so no point letting it get to her. "I picked up groceries because I have responsibilities to attend to."

She turned to Brendan. "His name is Brendan, and he was nice enough to help out when I dropped a bag."