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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think I've learned a lot from V5. Like Mara, my previous writing endeavors were much lower-level on the quality scale, so I think V5's been a fantastic learning experience. I'd say my biggest growths have been in development and arc-writing. From V5 (and to an extent TV2) to REvo, my ability to characterize my kid and give them a story has been greatly improved, so I'd say that's mostly what I learned from V5.

Don't Expect Too Much
Sure why not. Give Gwen O'Connor a look, her links are in my sig and threads should all be linked properly.

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I suck at Soraka.

Espi Reads: V5
Natali was short and sweet. I think her story did what Zarina aimed for with her; she had a nice, quiet story and a nice, quiet death. She made a good trio with Adam and Maynard, balancing the three out quite nicely. A pretty good story overall, if too brief to really be much more than pleasant.

Owen will probably take a while, sorry for the delays.